20 Things About Madonna's Kids That Her Fans Didn't Know

No other woman defines pop music and culture for a generation like the illustrious Madonna. Madge, The Pop Queen, The Material Girl, whatever she goes by, one thing is always certain: Madonna wins at life. She is never one to step out of the limelight and she lives by strict rules and boundaries. The Material Girl has spent decades telling the whole world to look at her, listen to her, and take notice.

We can't help but wonder if Madonna's six kids listen to her as well as the public does? Considering she is a solo mother raising kids that range in age from school age to adulthood, we doubt that she commands the kitchen like she commands a stage. Then again who knows. If anyone is going to slay parenthood, it very well might be our girl, Madge. While we know a whole lot about Madonna's open book life, we know less about the life of her eclectic family.

Here is what we do know about Madonna's four daughters and two sons. Let's just say this: we highly doubt that there is ever a quiet day in this household with such a collection of strong and unique personalities.

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20 Daughter Lourdes Speaks French

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Madonna's little girl is all grown up, gorgeous and taking the world by storm. Little Lourdes is twenty-one years old, a model, a business mogul and author and also speaks fluent French. Most girls her age stumble over their native language, but Lourdes isn't your average girl. She definitely has her mother's ambition, and that drive helped her master English and then French. Madge doesn't even speak French. Aside from French, Lourdes also knows some Spanish and Italian. A smart cookie that Lourdes is. We bet her knowledge of several languages serves her well in the fashion industry.

19 Sting Is Rocco's Godfather

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Plenty of famous parents call upon their celebrity pals to step in as Godparent to their tots. Bestowing the honor on other famous folk is common practice in Tinsel Town. Michael Jackson and the legendary Quincy Jones were Lionel Ritchie's picks for his daughter Nicole's Godfathers. Lady Gaga is Godmother to Elton John's son Zachary. She does the whole doting Godmother deal with the little guy, singing to him and giving him nightly baths. Bono is the Godfather to Brad and Angelina's twins, Knox and Viv. Sting and his wife Trudie are the Godparents to Madonna and Guy Ritchie's son Rocco.

18 Lourdes Published A Book When She Was Six Years Old

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Fifteen years ago Madonna tried her hand at writing, and the result was a series of books called The English Roses. The stories revolve around four girls who aren't very fond of a fifth girl because they are jealous of the newcomer. A fairy Godmother switches the girls' places, and the books read like a fairy tale with a lesson learned in the end. Lourdes not only served as her mother's muse and inspiration for the books, but she also helped Madge with the writing. It's pretty cool that Lourdes had author credit before she could ride a two-wheeler.

17 Madonna Gets Fashion Advice From Her Firstborn Daughter

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Madonna definitely has a knack for extreme, eye-opening fashion choices. We all remember the cone bra right? Thankfully Madge has one fashion critic in her corner who lets her know which outfits are a thumbs up and which are a thumbs down. It's Lourdes. Yes, Madonna's number one gal has a real talent for knowing what is in Vogue and she makes sure her mother knows too. We wonder if Lourdes is on the payroll for doling out all that fashion advice?

16 Lourdes's Name Has A Very Special Meaning

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Little Lourdes was named in tribute to Madonna's mother, Lourdes's grandmother, who always dreamed of visiting Lourdes, France. The devout Catholic desired to set foot where Mary, the Madonna, supposedly appeared in 1858. Sadly, Madonna's mother passed away before ever having a chance to travel abroad to France. Madonna's naming of Lourdes was indeed a beautiful gesture towards the Grandma that she never got to know. Madonna can come off as brash, but she still has a soft spot under that cone-shaped brazier of hers.

15 Her Children From Malawi Caused Quite A Legal Stir

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Many people were perplexed when Madonna was able to legally adopt not one, not two, but four children from the African nation of Malawi. According to the law in that nation, one can only be fit for adoption if they have lived in the country for longer than 18 months. Madonna, of course, did not meet this requirement for any of the children from Malawi. This factor got waved in Madonna's case, and while the former ruler of the nation had some pretty unsavory things to say about the humanitarian and mother, the current Pres. gives Madonna nothing but praise.

14 Mercy's Parents Wanted Her Back

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When Mercy's mother passed away suddenly, and her father chose to hand over rights because he had fallen on hard times, they never dreamed that they would never see their girl again. While the family claims that they didn't know Mercy's placement away from them would ever be permanent, Madonna's camp also says that the pop star wasn't kept in the loop regarding the wishes of the family. We are guessing that if the family continues to pursue the return of their biological child, Madonna won't go down without a fight. In her mind, this is her daughter.

13 Four Of The Six Kids Are Adopted

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Madonna has six children to her name, and her family came about through all sorts of unique avenues. Her first two children are her biological kids. Daughter Lourdes was born to Madonna and her former partner, personal trainer Carlos Leon. Rocco is the son that Madonna had with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. The four kids who came after them are all adopted. First, there was David Banda, then Mercy. Both of these children are the same age and come from the African country Malawi. Madonna also adopted twin girls Esther and Stella who previously resided in Malawi.

12 Stella And Esther Previously Lived In The Same Malawi Orphanage As Their Brother

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Stella and Esther were living in an orphanage in Mchinji, Malawi before they became the children of one of the most famous women on the planet. The girls had been living at Home of Home since they were five days old. HoH was the very organization that helped Madonna become a mother to her son David Banda. After the presiding judge asked Madonna some very intense questions regarding her age, health, and intention regarding adoption. Eventually, it was decided that the twins would be Madonna's legal children.

11 David Banda Has Returned Home To Visit His Small Village

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Madonna adopted David from a small village in Malawi when he was only a baby. He has grown up in the posher parts of the world, but this last summer he and his famous mom returned to his humble roots. David and Madge spent some time int eh exact spot where they first met years ago. She even posted a picture of the pair hugging in front of the precise crib David used to sleep in during his days living at the Home of Hope. David was the first of four kids that Madonna adopted from the southeastern African nation.

10 Lourdes Has A Half Brother From Her Father, Carlos Leon

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Lourdes has five siblings from her mother, but none are full siblings. Four are adopted, and Rocco has a different father. Madonna and Lourdes's father, Carlos Leon, became an item back when she was filming her epic film, Evita. It wasn't long before Lourdes was a bun in Madonna's oven. Madge and Carlos went their separate ways when Lourdes was about a year old. Lourdes's father has since remarried and has given Lourdes a half-sibling. He and designer Betina Holte welcomed little Meeko in March of 2015.

9 There Has Been Some Strain Between Rocco And His Mother

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It's hard to believe that baby Rocco is now a full-fledged adult, turning 18 years old this year. He was once the baby boy who got toted around in his mother's arms, but these days the relationship between the young man and his famous mother is strained at best. Things became so turbulent between the music icon and her firstborn son, that he even moved in with his father, Guy Ritchie, back in 2016. Thankfully, social media points to a cease-fire and Rocco and mom seem to be on better terms these days.

8 Mercy's Only Mother Has Been Madonna

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Mercy James was born to a woman who sadly passed away only eight days after her birth. Madonna is the only mother that Mercy has ever had or ever known. After her mother's passing, Mercy had only a single father who didn't feel as if he could care for her well. Sadly, Mercy's family believed that their baby girl would not be permanently taken from them. The miscommunication caused quite a stir, especially considering Madonna is an American citizen and only people who reside in the country for a period longer than 18 months can legally adopt Malawian babies.

7 Lourdes's Modeling Work Is On Point

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Lourdes is making a name for herself in the modeling world, and no one is surprised at this. She is stunning and exciting to look at, so high-end fashion was an obvious choice of career. She started young and has worked her way up to pose for Stella McCartney, walk for Gypsy Sport and fill the pages of Vogue Germany. Of course, modeling is only one of the occupations that Lourdes devotes herself to these days. This gal has her hand in just about everything.

6 Lourdes Launched A Beauty Line At Age 14

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Lourdes was only fourteen when she followed in her ambitious mother's footsteps and took the bull by the horns, debuting her beauty line. The line featured body lotions, body washes, mists, lip glosses, and nail polishes and appeared at stores like Macy's. The beauty line, called Material Girl Beauty, was heavily influenced by the Material Girl herself who lent the look a fresh, eighties vibe. Another famous celeb kiddo, Kelly Osborne, served as the face of the line.

5 David Banda Covered Some Of His Mom's Greatest Hits... And It Was Epic

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Of course, Madonna's kids are going to sing along to her songs at some point. She is a pop legend, and it's nearly impossible not to belt out Borderline or Holiday at one time or another. Madonna's middle child, David Banda, got down to one of his mom's tunes and it was adorable, endearing and epic. In celebration of her beloved son, Madonna posted a video of Banda getting down to her 1983 hit song. Check it out here. It's the best thing you will see all day. The kid has some moves and knows every word, just like us children of the eighties.

4 Rocco Once Joined His Mother On Stage

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Before Rocco and Madonna spent some years estranged from one another, they were whooping it up on stage as BFFs. Rocco shook his groove thing as his mom's back up dancer in a finale show in London's Hyde Park. Looking at the images of mom and son doing what they love with one another makes the rift that followed shortly after all the sadder. Years later Madonna would break down at one of her New Zealand concerts because she missed her teenage son so much after we went and shacked up with his father permanently. Thankfully the two seem on the med these days.

3 Rocco Has Done Charity Work With His Mother

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Madonna has always done her best to make sure that her children don't grow up too entitled or spoiled. It's always been important to her to have her kids join her in her humanitarian efforts around the globe. Rocco joined his mother in her charity work in South America at one point as well as over in Africa, where four of his siblings were born. Madonna does a whole lot of questionable things with her life, but encouraging her children to help others in need is one value that we can definitely get behind.

2 The Twins Play Piano

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Okay, perhaps "play" is a bit of a strong word for what Madonna's twin daughters were doing on the keyboard. The proud mama let the world see her kids' light as they banged away on the ivories. Stella and Esther have plenty of time to perfect their craft, and with a mom like The Material Girl, they could be singing and performing alongside the family matriarch in no time. Madonna seems to think that the twins have a deep love for music and she will no doubt culture it over the years to come.

1 David Banda Is A Great Soccer Player

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Madonna's middle child, David Banda is about to enter his teen years. He is also honing in on his athletic prowess. It turns out the kid is one heck of a soccer player. Madonna is so supportive of her kid's talent that she upped and moved to Lisbon, Portugal so that he could have the opportunity to play with the best of the best. Madonna seemingly enjoys watching her kid take over on the field and play his game. We never took Madonna for a soccer mom, but she does tend to surprise us every chance she gets.

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