20 Things About Pregnant Celeb Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has been the subject of a lot of media fascination lately, because she's displaying a sizeable baby bump. Multiple sources who spoke to reporters at People.com have confirmed her pregnancy, by The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus.

While Diane's been very quiet about her pregnancy, it's clear that her figure has changed dramatically. She's usually a typical model size, so the change doesn't go unnoticed. Diane seems very happy with her life right now, after moving on from a long-term relationship with former Dawson's Creek star, Joshua Jackson, and becoming the live-in love of Norman Reedus.

Anyone who is curious about Diane and her life will enjoy this list. It's packed with facts about the German-American actress/model and her relationships, early years and career.

Diane stands out thanks to her classic beauty. It's the reason why she scored the coveted role of Helen of Troy in a Hollywood epic (Troy) that co-starred Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. Helen of Troy was known for her irresistible allure. She had a "face to launch a thousand ships". Diane's beauty is major, but she's moved beyond being just a pretty face, by honing her acting skills and winning acclaim from even the toughest movie critics.

Now, she's preparing for a whole new chapter in her glamorous life.

20 She’s In a Relationship with Norman Reedus


If you love The Walking Dead, you should know that "Daryl Dixon" is in love with Diane Kruger. The character of Daryl Dixon is played by Norman Reedus, and Norman is known for dating mega-beauties, including Danish supermodel, Helena Christensen and Rose McGowan. Now, he's gotten serious with Diane Kruger. The paparazzi hounds this couple, who tend to look very happy in each other's company. Diane appears to be very pregnant at the moment, so it won't be too long before Diane and Norman meet their new baby. No due date has been released by the couple. We also don't know if it'll be a boy or a girl.

19 She And Norman Bought A Townhome In NYC

Rich celebs can afford awesome New York City real estate. Norman's net worth is estimated to be 18 million dollars. Diane has an estimated net worth of 24 million. This is why this couple was in a position to splurge on a Big Apple townhouse. The townhouse is located in downtown Manhattan and the expecting parents snapped it up for over eleven million dollars. The paparazzi has tracked the couple as they house-hunted, bought a house and then started moving. The new townhouse features eight fireplaces and 3,800 square feet of space. It's the perfect West Village nest for a baby son or daughter.

18 Sources Confirm She’s Pregnant With Norman’s Baby


For months, Diane Kruger has been "papped" with a growing belly that made everyone suspect pregnancy. She stayed under the radar by issuing no public statements about being pregnant or not being pregnant. As time passed, her belly grew to the point that her pregnancy was obvious to all.

Sources have confirmed that she's expecting Norman Reedus' baby. Diane has the right to stay quiet about her pregnancy if she wants to. She's not hiding out. She's always running errands in NYC, with a baby bump in evidence. Hopefully, the couple will make a formal announcement when their baby is born.

17 She Was With Joshua Jackson For Years

Diane dated "Pacey" from Dawson's Creek for a full decade. It did seem like Diane might stay with "Pacey" (real name: Joshua Jackson) forever, but things didn't work out for the couple. A gossip story about Diane being spotted smooching Norman Reedus while she was still with Joshua Jackson made the rounds online years ago. Before we all knew it, Kruger's romance with Jackson was history and she was showing up at events with Normam Reedus. Diane says she and Jackson broke up months before their split was formally announced. Diane has been with Norman for a couple of years now and Joshua Jackson has moved on, too.

16 She Probably Inspired Anne Hathaway’s Character In Oceans 8


Did you enjoy Anne Hathaway's funny performance as "Daphne Kluger" in Ocean's 8? It was a great performance and the name Daphne Kluger sounds quite a bit like Diane Kruger, doesn't it? Anne's character was an over-the-top fashionista with a bit of a diva attitude. Diane Kruger is known for being heavily involved in the fashion world. Everyone thinks that Anne's character was inspired by Diane Kruger. Most people who are into fashion noticed that Daphne Kluger's name sounded almost the same as Diane Kruger, and drew their own conclusions. It's a bit too similar to be unintentional or just a coincidence.

15 She Was Born In Germany

Diane goes by the last name, Kruger now, but her last name at birth was Heidkruger. Diane was born on the fifteenth of July, in 1976, and her birthplace was a city called Algermissen, in West Germany. Her dad was a computer expert and her mother worked at a bank. She had a Catholic upbringing.

To this day, Diane feels more comfortable in Europe. She loves spending time in Paris and makes sure to hang out in France whenever she can. She likes the States, but needs to escape to Europe sometimes, because the European vibe is what she was raised with.

14 She Speaks 3 Languages


Like many Europeans, Diane is able to speak multiple languages. She's fluent in German, French and English. This is helpful as she tends to spend time in Europe when she's not hanging out in the Big Apple or Los Angeles. Being able to speak a bunch of languages is pretty sophisticated, but it's not unusual for Europeans. It's really very normal. She surely speaks English with Norman, but may entertain him by switching to German or French now and then. When she's in Paris (a city she loves), she speaks French like a true Parisian, thanks to her impressive French accent.

13 She Rose To Fame As Helen Of Troy in “Troy”


Diane Kruger became famous when she scored the coveted role of Helen of Troy in the Brad Pitt/Orlando Bloom epic film, Troy. Suffice is to say that actresses from all over the world wanted to nab the part of Helen of Troy, because Helen of Troy is one of history's mythical beauties. Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships. Her beauty gave her the power to influence events in a dramatic way, but Helen of Troy was actually a character from an epic poem. She may have been inspired by a real woman, but she was strictly fictional.

12 She Started Out As An Elite Model


Diane's height is five feet and seven and a half inches. That's a little short to be a model, but Diane was able to be a model anyway, thanks to her lithe frame and stunning face. Kate Moss is another model who was a bit short in modeling terms, but charismatic and beautiful enough to succeed. Diane was signed to the Elite agency. She did runways shows, editorial work, commercial ads and everything else that a typical model does. She looked very young in her early modeling shots. She won the German Elite Model Look Of The Year contest in 1992.

11 She’s 42-Years-Old


Diane is one of many famous ladies who've made the decision to have babies in their 40s. While Diane Kruger hasn't given birth yet, it won't be long until she does. Maybe the maturity that comes from being in the fourth decade of life makes it easier to handle the challenges of motherhood. Every woman is different, so it's pretty hard to generalize. It's likely that Diane was very busy with her successful career during her 20s and 30s and simply didn't have time to become a mother. She is ready now and she's bound to have a gorgeous baby with Norman Reedus.

10 She Was The Face of Chanel

You have to pretty outstanding to be offered an exclusive contract from Chanel. Chanel is a status brand that's so Parisian and it's safe to say that most female celebs would jump at the chance to represent the brand. Other famous Chanel models include Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose Depp.

Diane's smooth complexion, piercing blue eyes, flaxen hair and angular features made her a natural fit for the sophisticated brand. Diane definitely rocks Chanel outfits, accessories and cosmetics. Diane's contract with Chanel was announced in 2013. Before she got the contract, she posed for Chanel in 1996, to help sell the French fashion house's perfume, Allure.

9 She Studied Ballet At The Royal Academy In London

Diane's very graceful and her ballet background may just be the reason why! Like Alicia Vikander, she started out in ballet and moved into acting. Ballet teaches discipline and body awareness. It's not a bad way for an actress to develop the right physicality for roles. Ballet is hard, though. A lot of great dancers wash out of ballet academies because the pressure to be perfect is just too much. In Diane's case, she had to leave ballet because of a serious injury. She was just thirteen when her knee was shattered. She needed to find a new direction and ambition.

8 She Got a Screen Actor’s Guild Nomination


Diane gave a superb and memorable performance in an acclaimed and inventive film by Quentin Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds). If you're into Old Hollywood and you've seen the Tarantino film, you may have noticed that Diane was expertly channeling Marlene Dietrich while playing her part. Diane is a very good actress. She brings more than beauty to her roles. She's developed a lot as an actress since "Troy". She's also aging beautifully, so, hopefully, Hollywood will keeping hiring her. Some actresses find that roles dry up when they hit their 40s, although times are changing a bit. There will probably be more great roles in Diane's future, in addition to motherhood.

7 She Used To Be Married To Marion Cotillard’s Partner


The world of acting's elite is a small world. There are plenty of celebs who've dated each other and married each other and divorced each other. Diane Kruger used to be the wife of French actor, Guillaume Canet, who is now the partner of A-list actress, Marion Cotillard. Diane and Guillaume were married from 2001 to 2006.  Canet is clearly quite a charmer to attract women of this caliber. His relationship with Marion seems very stable and they have children together. Guillaume and Marion got together in 2007, right after his split from Diane Kruger. Diane has fond memories of her ex-husband, and zero bitterness.

6 She Uses SPF 60 Sunscreen, Even On Rainy Days

Diane stays gorgeous the same way that tons of female celebs do. She shuns the sun. Her method of avoiding skin aging from the sun's golden rays is SPF 60 sunblock. She wears it whether it's sunny or overcast. She wears it when it's pouring rain. Nicole Kidman is another pale actress who uses the same beauty secret to keep her skin looking young. While it feels great to bask in the sun and get a little color, the sun isn't as safe as it used to be. Diane is smart to use a very high SPF level, for the sake of her looks, and to avoid skin cancer.

5 She’s Not Interested in Marrying Again


Diane is romantic, but not marriage-oriented. She thinks it's just a piece of paper and that the piece of paper isn't enough to keep people in relationships who don't want to be in relationships. She seems to be totally over the whole marriage thing. There's always the chance that having a child with Norman Reedus (and this is going to happen pretty soon, judging by the size of her baby bump) will change the way that she feels about getting married. Basically, she's not into religion, so she doesn't feel compelled to exchange vows. She was married, it didn't work, so she's not interested in doing it again.

4 Norman Already Has a Son


Norman has a son who's basically all grown up. His son is named Mingus, after a jazz legend, and Mingus' mother is Danish supermodel, Helena Christensen. Norman seems to have a cordial relationship with Helena, which allows he and Helena to co-parent in a friendly and civilized manner. Mingus must be excited about getting a half-brother or half-sister soon. Mingus seems to take after his Scandinavian mom. He doesn't really have Norman's rugged look. Mingus is fair and his features are delicate. Norman and Mingus seem very close. Mingus graduated from high school in June of 2018, and Norman was really, really proud.

3 She Moved to Paris at Age 15


When Diane won the Elite modeling competition in Germany, she took the natural next step, which was modeling in Paris. She was only 15. Models tend to get into the industry very young. Some might argue that they get involved with the fashion industry too young. Modeling is a tough world, but Diane knows that she's been blessed with beauty. She doesn't view her good looks as a curse or anything like that. Modeling exposed Diane to Paris, which she adores to this day, and also acted as a springboard for a long and successful career in Hollywood. Diane still spends plenty of time in Paris.

2 She Posts About Norman Reedus On Social Media

While Diane hasn't talked about her pregnancy on social media, she has talked about Norman. She seems to love him very much. She misses him when he's away and she doesn't mind letting the world know how she feels. She supports his endeavors and things like that. She wants the world - and Norman - to know what's going on with her. Soon, she and Norman are going to experience the joy and stress that being new parents brings. Norman has experience with babies, so he'll be able to offer plenty of assistance. He has a son and also loves spending time with the babies of his cast-mates.

1 She and Norman Once Interviewed Each Other


There is an interview out there that Diane and Norman did with each other. It includes little snippets of video which show a lot of chemistry between the pair. It's no surprise that they feel in love, if they weren't already in love when they interviewed each other. The interview was lighthearted and they were basically trying to make each other laugh. It's a fun interview to watch and read. They are a cute couple and they'll be really cute parents, too. It'll be so much fun for Norman and Diane's fans when the couple's baby arrives. Walking Dead fans are going to go nuts!

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