20 Things About The Kar-Jenner Kids (That Their Fans Didn't Know)

The Kardashians and Jenners might be the biggest celebrities of the reality television generation, but there is a new generation that has all of our attention at the moment. Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Rob, and Kylie all have kids of their own these days, and every birth and birthday and social media post can be breaking news and cuteness overload all at once.

We've seen a lot of moments of these children's lives on Keeping Up With The Kardashians — the first of the bunch, Mason, was even born on camera during a TV special. But that doesn't mean that fans know the full story. The kids all have their unique personalities and interests, although they do a lot of sharing too. In some ways, their lives are a lot like regular people — they fight with their siblings and play with their cousins and have to obey their moms' screen time restrictions. But in other ways, they live lives the rest of us can only dream about. They even have closets we would be envious of.

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Each Kar-Jenner has a different parenting style, but they definitely share the love as one big happy extended family.

Here are 20 things about the Kar-Jenner kids (that their fans didn't know).

20 True Is A Little Sister


Most people are well aware that True is Khloé Kardashian's long-awaited first child. But they may not know that she's already a little sister. That's because her dad Tristan Thompson has a son, and when you hear this story, it'll make what happened surrounding True's birth sound like deja vu.

According to Heavy, Tristan got together with Khloé while his first baby mama was six months pregnant or so. Jordan Craig said the two had broken up months before, but we're sure it still made it difficult to deal with the birth. Tristan's son Prince is a little more than a year older than True.

19 Saint Has Allergies


A lot of moms these days have to deal with allergies, and the Kar-Jenners are no different. While most of the kids are healthy, Saint has scared his mom and dad a few times with emergencies. This April, he had to be rushed to the hospital with an allergic reaction.

Grandma Kris said the episode was alarming and they think that the little guy is allergic to grass. That isn't much fun for a little boy, but hopefully, doctors will be able to help him still enjoy the outdoors while staying healthy. Many kids end up growing out of allergies to grass, so we hope it doesn't last long.

18 Stormi's Closet Is Off The Chain


We're all well aware that the Kar-Jenners are fashion icons, and we've drooled over their closets while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So we aren't too surprised to learn that they have made sure that the best labels are in their kids' closets. But of course, they have gone above and beyond what is really necessary.

According to Insider, Stormi's shoe closet was ridiculous by the time the girl was 5 months old. Yes, that is months before the average toddler takes her first steps, but Stormi had already amassed $22,000 in shoes. Kylie showed off the closet on IG and tagged a bunch of celebrity friends, who we're assuming gifted the crazy collection. At that point, Stormi was just starting to wear shoes, so it's possible she never even worse some of those kicks.

17 Mason's Special Name Meaning


A lot of the Kar-Jenner kids have some names that are out there. The first one—Mason— seemed pretty tame, and it actually became extremely trendy after Kourt had her first kid. But that doesn't mean that Mason's name isn't special.

Fans might be surprised to know that Mason, which means "stone worker" in English links really clearly to the family. The Kardashians are very proud of their dad's heritage from Armenia, so it's definitely worth noting that Kardashian means "stone worker" in his native tongue. That name is the only one that Kourtney ever considered for her surprise first baby. And we think that she made the perfect choice.

16 Triplet Cousins


Just like regular people, the Kar-Jenner sisters were ecstatic to be pregnant at the same time, and they have made a point of raising their girls—whom they call the triplets—to be even closer than cousins. In 2018, Chicago West, Kimand Kanye's third baby, was welcomed in January, and Kylie had her baby Stormi in February. Khloé's little girl True was then born in April, making it three babies in four months in the Kar-Jenner clan. The family resemblance is uncanny with the cousins, who often have play dates that we assume will just get cuter and cuter over the years.

15 North's Preschool Costs As Much As A Car


Most parents start saving when their kids are young for hefty college tuition, but for the KarJenners, the big tuition bills start early. According to Romper, North's preschool cost $28,000 annually. The school apparently had 66 acres and was on a mountain top near the West's home.

But North wasn't always interested in attending, and Kim has talked in interviews about bribing her girl with the promise of makeup. "I’ll put on fake makeup, and she won’t know because she’s not looking in the mirror, but she thinks it’s all on her face, and we’ll be driving to school, and she’ll say, 'Mom, do I still have it on?' And I’m like, 'Yes, you sure do.'" That sounds surprisingly familiar to some moms.

14 Mason Had A Bad Reaction


Saint isn't the only Kar-Jenner that has been rushed to the hospital for an allergic reaction. His cousin Mason had a really severe and alarming reaction to peanut butter once, Kris said. She said it was the first worrisome late-night phone call that she received about any of her grandkids.

Peanut allergies are on the rises these days, and doctors have changed their recommendations about how to introduce the food to babies to try to avoid reactions that can include blocking the kid's airway. "He had a peanut butter allergy for the longest time," Kris said. "He's fine now. The [most frightening] is always the first time."

13 Dream Splits Time Between Mom And Dad


Many of the Kar-Jenner kids have to deal with their parents' rocky relationships, but the only one who has a split custody agreement is little Dream. She's the daughter of Rob and his former flame Blac Chyna, and after their very public and very brutal breakup, they agreed on a split custody arrangement.

Dream spends half the week with mom and the other half with dad. And since Rob is a solo dad, it seems like he gets a lot of help from his mom and sisters, so she gets a lot of cousin time. Rob and Chyna have fought a lot over money too, with Rob saying he can't afford the big child support payments since they broke up and lost their spinoff show.

12 North And Saint Don't Always Get Along


A lot of oldest children struggle to become big brothers or sisters, and that's been very true in the Kardashian West family. Kim has been open about the struggle of her oldest child North in having to split mom's attention with her younger brother Saint.

"She thinks she’s outsmarting me. She’ll say, ‘We’re having a tea party, mom. No boys allowed. Dad can’t come too then — no boys!’ And then she’ll slam the door on her brother’s face and he’ll just start crying,” Kim said. It's gotten better compared to when he was a baby, but Kim said awaiting baby No. 4 that North is excited because Saint will have a brother and will leave her alone.

11 Mason and Reign Share Birthdays


December 14 is a big day in the Kar-Jenner family. It's the birthday of not one but two of Kourtney's kids — her oldest child Mason and her youngest Reign. The boys were born exactly five years apart on the day just a couple of weeks before Christmas. And they have shared a number of birthday parties, just like regular families, although a lot more over the top.

"How crazy is it that I have two boys born on the same exact day? It is truly so special and meant to be. They changed my heart forever. Happy birthday to the coolest brothers I know!!!” Kourtney wrote on her app in 2016. And Aunt Khloé added another special sentiment that the date is more than a coincidence: "Born to be besties!!!"

10 Penelope And North Love Jojo Siwa


Any mom of a little girl knows that big bows and colorful style are linked to a top teen Youtuber, and it turns out that North and Penelope are fans just like our own kids. We first met Jojo Siwa on Dance Moms, but now she's a sensation who has a line of dolls and toys that little girls can't get enough of — including Nori and P.

The Kardashian cousins recently attended Jojo's over-the-top Sweet 16 party, wearing some super cute colorful clothes and matching bows. Apparently North is so much of a fan that Kim arranged for Jojo to babysit her, and they had the time of their lives playing dress up and making slime, according to AOL.

9 Kourtney's Kids Share A Bed


With Kar-Jenner money, there is definitely enough room in the house for every kid to have their own bedroom, and maybe even their own wing. But for Kourtney's kids, even though they might have their own playroom, they all share a bed. It's one of Kourt's attachment parenting tips and she said it's made her life a lot easier.

Kourtney began co-sleeping when her first son Mason was an infant, and she said it helped her to get more rest while he was learning to sleep through the night. In a Romper article, Kourt said that she didn't plan it, but it came naturally and continued with her other kids. Doctors warn that bed-sharing can be dangerous for newborns because of the possibility of suffocation, but it worked for Kourt, and it seems like the kids continue to sleep with her many nights.

8 Chicago's Surrogate Had Stipulations


After two high-risk childbirth situations, Kim and Kanye decided to have their third child via surrogate, and interestingly they went through the same process that other moms and dads go through, including a monetary situation that is about the same. But they did have some rules for their surrogate.

Kim asked that her surrogate deliver the baby in Los Angeles where her other kids were born. And she requested that she eat organically like her family — although Kim said she certainly understands indulging in cravings. Kim was in the room for her daughter Chicago's birth, and Kanye stayed nearby to meet the baby just afterward.

7 Kylie Is Super Protective Of Stormi


This truth shouldn't surprise anyone after Kylie went to extremes to hide the fact that she was pregnant, but after welcoming her daughter Stormi, she went to great lengths to protect her little one in her first few months. According to Cosmopolitan, Stormi stayed inside Kylie's house at all times, and visitors had to obey certain rules.

They had to turn in their cell phones, wash their hands and even wear medical masks to protect the little one from germs. The visitors' list was pretty limited, but that's somewhat typical in the early days of motherhood. It was flu season after all when Stormi was born.

6 Kourtney's Kids Have Technology Restrictions


Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick have a lot of the same rules that other kids follow, although we imagine mama Kourtney is a bit stricter than the rest of us. She posted on her blog that she does have a game room for her kids, and they are allowed to play video games for 30 minutes on weekdays and an hour a day on weekends.

Kourt said she used to let her kids play with iPads at restaurants and such, but she decided to ban them during meals so that the kids would be more engaged in family discussions. And she makes them turn off the technology a couple of hours before bed.

5 Kim Sets Screen Time Rules, Too


We all know that the Kar-Jenner empire was built on social media. But as the kids became parents, they have all prioritized their lives differently. Kim's daughter North has been known to capture one of her mom's IG shots, but she has a lot of different rules when it comes to her own screen time.

In 2018 Kim mentioned at an event that she has spoken to a child psychologist about her kids' lives in the public, and she plans to set hours for cell phones just like her parents' had hours for talking on the landline when she was growing up. She also practices what she preaches, putting away her phone and their technology for special times together as a family.

4 North And Penelope Steal The Show


With parents like theirs, it wouldn't be surprising if the Kar-Jenner kids end up with professions in the spotlight. Some of them are already showing a knack for stealing the show. Kim's daughter North and Kourtney's daughter Penelope apparently got rave reviews for their performance during Kanye's church service.

In a viral video, the girls who have been inseparable for years, shared the mic, rapping a few lines from the music and then doing a dance. The girls got into the spirit and didn't seem to have any nerves being in the spotlight. We'll see if they end up in the public eye later on in life.

3 True's Life Is A Beach


True Thompson is the first Kar-Jenner baby to be born outside of California — she was born in Ohio so that dad Tristan could be available to come to the birth during basketball season. For a while, True traveled back and forth between Los Angeles and Cleveland with her mom. But a few months ago, Khloé and Tristan broke up and since then life's been a beach.

Khloé has been sure to introduce her daughter to fun in the sun and sand. She's done her best to keep the drama away and transition her daughter to being a California girl year-round.

2 Kids' Eco-Friendly Lives


The Kar-Jenners are really health- and eco-conscious, although we hear that Kourtney might be the most strict in making sure that her kids are doing their part to try to help the earth. They all seem to eat organic food and stress the importance of having an all-natural lifestyle (well, maybe not Rob), but Kourt's kids are also gluten-free, and they don't have dairy or sugar.

Kourt also serves her kids' food on stainless steel plates and even straws to cut down on environmental waste and any plastic consumption. She eats honey each day for health reasons, and even has her kids wear hand-me-downs so that they don't waste resources, according to Mommyish.

1 Kris Has Witnessed Every Birth


All the Kar-Jenner kids have one thing in common: they are adored by Grandma Kris. In fact, Kris has been at all the babies' births, even little Dream, who was born via C-section. The momager has been busy keeping up with all of the babies.

The first two Kar-Jenner births—Mason's and Penelope's—happened on camera. But the more recent kiddos had more private entrances to the world. We did get a glimpse of Kylie's and Khloé's delivery rooms, but cameras were off for the big reveal. Only Kris has witnessed each joyous event, as her children welcomed nine little ones into the world.

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