20 Things About The Simpson Family...Revealed

These days, singer Jessica Simpson is involved in more than just music. But that was not always the case.

After all, even Jessica was once a struggling performer who worked hard day and night to get the fame and fortune she so craved. Everyone knows her music, and many people have seen the movies that she has been in, but nearly everyone forgets that she was not always that big of a success.

There are quite a few moments that helped Jessica push her stardom forward, and one of them happened when she and her now ex-husband Nick Lachey hosted a show called The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour.

During one episode of the show, Jessica performed a version of “Who Will Save Your Soul” with the person who originally provided the vocals for the song, Jewel. According to cnbc.com, Jessica considers that to be a very pivotal moment in her professional life.

Since that moment, things have really taken off for her, professionally. But that does not mean that the singer has not had to deal with a little bit of drama here and there. As a matter of fact, her entire family has been involved in some pretty interesting situations over the years.

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20 Joe Had A Wife, But Now He Has A New Partner


When Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were growing up, their parents were still together. But people do tend to change as they grow older, and that means that situations sometimes change as well.

Joe is no longer with the mother of his children, whose name is Tina Ann Drew. Instead, some people have speculated that he is seeing someone named Jonathan Keith. In fact, according to thehollywoodgossip.com, Joe brought Keith with him as a guest when Jessica married her second husband, Eric Johnson.

His decision to bring Keith to this event was not well received by some of the other guests. However, Jessica didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

19 Dancing Put Too Much Pressure On Ashlee


Nearly everyone knows that intense pressure can cause a person to have some physical health issues. That is even more true for people who grow up being pushed into the spotlight.

For example, Jessica’s sister Ashlee, who is also a singer, went through some tough times when she was about 11 years old. Ashlee claimed that when she was attending ballet school, she spent a great amount of time hanging around other girls who were not eating as much as they should have, and therefore she followed in their footsteps for a little bit. However, according to cosmopolitan.com, the singer’s parents eventually put a stop to that.

18 Jessica Never Got To Be A Kid


These days, it seems that Jessica is having a wonderful time raising children of her own with her husband, Eric Johnson. In fact, she recently gave birth to their third baby, whose name is Birdie Mae Johnson.

According to mother.ly, her older siblings are named Ace and Maxwell. Perhaps the singer might make sure they get to do a lot of fun stuff, considering that fact that Jessica never really had much time for a real childhood herself.

Since Jessica’s dad is also her manager, she has basically been working her whole life. In addition, they have not always been very close to one another.

17 One Of The Simpson Sisters Wrote A Song About Lindsay Lohan


Songs are a great way to send a message to someone, and apparently, Ashlee Simpson-Ross agrees. One of her most popular songs in the early 2000s was “Boyfriend,” which definitely sounds like it is written about a specific situation.

When the song came out, actress Lindsay Lohan and actor Wilmer Valderrama were a couple. There were some rumors that the song was about Lindsay and Wilmer, and it kind of was.

According to etonline.com, the track was meant to convey the message that Ashlee was not trying to steal Lindsay’s boyfriend. Though, the two of them had actually been hanging out at the time.

16 One Of The Simpsons Has Hygiene Issues


Jessica Simpson might be a very successful singer, as well as a good businesswoman, but that does not mean that she has good hygiene. According to people.com, the mother of three is not exactly setting a good example for her children when it comes to brushing teeth.

The pop star said that since her teeth are so white, she only brushes them about three times a week. Apparently, Jessica does not like her teeth to feel “too slippery.”

On the days when she does not brush her teeth, she cleans them with a shirt. But she does use mouthwash and floss.

15 Joe Lied About Ashlee's Age


Taking dance classes can be a wonderful and fun thing for any kid to do. However, that does not mean that it is okay for a child’s mother or father to lie about their child’s age in order to get him or her into the classes.

However, that is exactly what Joe did when Ashlee was little, according to thetalko.com. She attended a prestigious ballet school (the one which kickstarted her unhealthy eating habits). But her dad told the school that Ashlee was a year older than she actually was at the time. Because of this lie, she was the youngest student to ever be admitted to that school.

14 Jessica Ditched High School


There is no doubt at all that one of the best ways to be successful in life is to get a good education. However, good educations are not quite the same for everyone.

For example, some people go to college and get awesome jobs that are related to what they studied before they graduated, but not every successful person goes to college. At least that is the case for Jessica Simpson since she ditched high school to follow her dreams of being a singer. According to eduinreview.com, the singer left the high school she had been attending, and later she got her GED.

13 Jessica Is Totally Relatable When It Comes To Pregnancy


Usually, it is hard to imagine what life must be like for those who are rich and famous. But Jessica, who has given birth to three children, has been pretty open about much of her experiences, at least when the topic of pregnancy comes up.

She has spoken publicly about some of the unfortunate things that come along with expecting children. Furthermore, the singer has also had to deal with some pretty frightening health issues during her pregnancies.

According to usatoday.com, Jessica was actually hospitalized more than once when she was carrying her third child. The singer discussed her health often with fans on IG.

12 Ashlee Really Focuses On How She Looks


Everyone’s looks change over time at least a little bit. Also, some people tend to focus a lot on what they look like, especially when they are well-known celebrities.

In fact, Ashlee Simpson-Ross is one of those famous people. The star has always seemed to focus a lot on her outer appearance. Also, some fans have spread a few rumors about her looks, but she didn’t seem to mind.

According to people.com, the star claimed that everyone always has an opinion about the way some celebrities look. She also said that the most important thing is that we each feel good about ourselves.

11 Jessica Put On An Act For TV


Jessica Simpson is a lot more than just a singer. She is an actress, a mother, and a businesswoman.

In addition, she and her ex-husband, singer Nick Lachey, were reality television stars when the concept of reality television was still new to everyone. They starred in Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica for a couple of years, which arguably opened the door for a lot of other reality television shows later on.

Jessica had a lot of infamous moments on the show, including the time when she wondered whether tuna was chicken or not. But according to billingsgazette.com, she is much more intelligent than she appeared to be while on television. Jessica knows she is a bit ditzy, so she really played it up a lot while she was starring on her show with Lachey, and she became much more popular because of it.

10 Ashlee Wanted To Be The Exact Opposite Of Jessica


It seems that Jessica and her younger sister Ashlee share the same bright blonde hair color. Plus, these days both of them are raising awesome kids, and they also both have jobs in the entertainment industry.

However, that is pretty much where their similarities come to an end. While Jessica is definitely goofy and loves to have a lot of fun and laughs, Ashlee seems to be the more serious one.

Also, her fans may have noticed that Ashlee has a very different musical style than her older sister. According to therichest.com, Ashlee has always been very different from Jessica in a lot of ways, and that might have been because she wanted to differentiate herself from Jessica.

9 Ashlee Felt Like She Was Living In Her Sister's Shadow


No one can deny that the Simpson family is extremely famous. But one of the most famous members of that family is Jessica Simpson, and that seems to have made Ashlee think that she was living in her older sister’s shadow for quite a long time.

In fact, she even made a song about it that was called “Shadow.” But according to today.com, Ashlee started to have a successful professional life of her own when she released her album Autobiography back in 2004. Ashlee claimed that she doesn’t sing just because her sister does, and they both have very different musical styles.

8 Jessica And Ashlee's Parents Called It Quits


Maintaining a healthy marriage can be difficult for some people, especially when their private lives are in the spotlight. That is the case for Jessica and Ashlee’s parents, Joe and Tina.

The pair split up approximately seven years ago, and it appears that Joe had a bit of a hard time dealing with his new life afterward. Joe, who some people call “Papa Joe,” found himself in some muddy water legally after all that drama went down, which was a surprise to everyone around him, according to usmagazine.com. Apparently, the split happened right after their second granddaughter, Maxwell, was born.

7 Family Issues Have Caused Jessica To Live An Unhealthy Lifestyle At Times


Life is not always easy, even for a superstar like Jessica Simpson. Recently, she has been having a hard time dealing with the fact that her father’s health is not in the best shape. Apparently, one of the ways she deals with stress is taking part in some very unhealthy activities.

According to intouchweekly.com, the singer, designer, and actress has everything anyone could ever want. But, on the other hand, she has been known to pour all of that right down the drain when things get tough. Jessica has even taken part in binge eating on occasion. The singer’s bad habits have even put a strain on her marriage in the past.

6 Joe Had A Weird Reason For Changing Jessica's Genre Of Music


These days, Jessica Simpson is known as a pop star. However, when she first entered the music scene, she was involved in a completely different type of music, and one that was probably more fitting for the perfect image the singer was trying put off at the time.

But that did not quite work out as the family had planned. Her father ended up making sure that she began making a different kind of music instead, and the reason why is really strange, to say the least.

Joe Simpson was concerned that Jessica’s body would keep her from succeeding, so he had her start making music that was more mainstream instead of religious. According to popdirt.com, the star’s father has a history of saying strange things about Jessica.

5 Jessica Has Had A Lot Of Unsuccessful Relationships


Mr. and Mrs. Eric Johnson seem to be doing well for the most part, but Jessica has not always had such an easy time in the relationship department. Firstly, according to nickiswift.com, pretty much the entire world saw Jessica’s marriage to Nick Lachey fall apart in the early 2000s, even though the pair seemed to be really happy with one another on television.

Then, she found love and affection in the arms of another singer, John Mayer. But it wasn’t long before they had a pretty public breakup as well. She later dated some other famous faces, including athlete Tony Romo, and that didn’t work out either.

4 Nick And Jessica Have Different Stories About What Caused Them To Split Up


When Nick and Jessica called it quits, their divorce was a really dramatic event. They are a perfect example of why many people don’t consider it a good idea to blast all of the private details of their marriage on television.

According to people.com, those who worked with the couple before they split up claimed that there was a bit of tension between Nick and Jessica. Apparently, they were very different from each other from the start.

The two singers have named different things that they believe contributed to their divorce. Jessica thinks Nick was a bad investment, and he claimed that her dad never really liked him.

3 Marriage Problems Run Through The Entire Family


Ashlee Simpson-Ross has definitely been through some tough times, that’s for sure. In fact, one of the hardest things the singer and actress went through in the public eye was her crazy marriage to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.

Though her current marriage to Evan Ross seems to be going well, her first one was not that great. According to eonline.com, Wentz spoke about what he thought contributed to their breakup in an interview.

Wentz claimed that one of the factors that played a role in it was the fact that he was spending too much time at home, and not feeling much like himself. He also said that they were both quite young at the time, and they didn’t know how to get over arguments very well.

2 Nick Is Happy That He Did Not Have Kids With Jessica


Lately, it seems that Nick has really been enjoying being a father of three children, whom he shares with his wife, television personality Vanessa Minnillo. However, the singer is apparently very happy that he and his ex-wife did not have any children when they were together.

According to etonline.com, Lachey said that he and Jessica do not have any contact with each other, and they do not have any kind of feelings for each other, either. Since they did not work out, having children would have made things much more complicated. Plus, divorces are a hard thing for kids to go through.

1 Ashlee Wasn't Feeling Loved After Appearing On 'Saturday Night Live'

people.com and hawtcelebs.com

When anyone mentions Jessica’s younger sister, there are a few things that usually come to mind, and one of them is the time when she was busted for lip-syncing on an episode of Saturday Night Live. A short time later, Ashlee began to feel as though the world hated her, according to people.com.

The singer appeared on the show a while later, and she actually had a successful live performance the second time around. But honestly, that is not as memorable as the first one, which is unfortunate for her. In fact, that episode of Saturday Night Live seems to have overshadowed many of the great moments she has had in her life.

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