20 Things All Labor Nurses Think When On The Job

Most people wonder what it's like to be a labor and delivery nurse- especially pregnant moms. Some moms out there might have had various experiences with these hardworking individuals. Some might have great respect for nurses, while others might have formed strong bonds of friendship with the nurses that helped them deliver their babies. But what are nurses actually thinking about during the day?

The world of nursing is incredibly interesting, and it's about time that moms took a magnifying glass and had a closer look.

The truth of the matter is that nurses are all different. They have different points of view, and they each might have a different opinion about their unique career. At the end of the day, nurses are just regular human beings. As much as they might seem like total superheroes, they are vulnerable people who feel strong emotions - both negative and positive.

Nurses are also some of the most intelligent people in the hospital. They might not be doctors, but they often have more experience and more hands-on training. This means that it's always very insightful to hear what nurses have to say. So let's check out what these nurses are thinking about on the job.

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20 They Love Seeing Parents Meet Their Baby 


There are many moments during a nurse's day that are purely magical. But in the words of one nurse, there's one moment that outshines all others. And this is the moment when the parents meet their newborn baby for the first time.

Experiencing that firsthand is obviously amazing, but being a nurse during that moment is pretty awesome as well. In that moment, all that hard work was suddenly worth it. One nurse explains that amazing feeling, and it's actually pretty touching:

"There is nothing like seeing parents meet their baby for the first time and waiting for that first cry"

19 They Love Bringing New Life Into The World 


Ever wonder why people choose a career as a labor nurse? It might be for many reasons. But for one nurse, she absolutely loves the feeling of bringing new life into the world. It's pretty much the most important job in the world, and she's right to feel great about it.

"My favorite parts (can't pick one) are the obvious: bringing new life to the world, the connection you make with the mom and the independence you have. The doctors are not at the hospital except to "catch" the baby. This means the parents' success or failure is largely dependent on your interventions during their labor. It is way more hands on than other nursing areas in that way."

18 They See Some Seriously Strange Baby Names


It goes without saying that a lot of nurses out there must see some pretty strange things at the hospital. But one nurse admits that some of the strangest things she's witnessed in her career were actually baby names!

We can only imagine how many strange baby names nurses have seen over the years, but one nurse has a story about the strangest name she's ever heard. This is a name that might have sounded good to the parents, but this nurse didn't exactly share their optimism!

"I think the weirdest baby name was Achilles, which I know is also a Greek name, but I couldn't stop thinking of Achilles heel lol."

17 Nurses Love Being Treated With Gifts!


Many parents feel totally indebted to the hardworking nurses of the delivery room. And it totally makes sense why. These individuals put everything into their work, and they're genuinely dedicated to making sure everything goes smoothly.

Some parents might even feel like giving nurses small gifts as a way to say thank you. But is this really acceptable? Do nurses find this weird? One nurse explains that they're totally okay with accepting gifts... Especially food!

"You can always bring anything for the staff and it will be appreciated. For me, the most meaningful thing is a little note. :) But nurses love to eat, so you can't go wrong with food or pens!"

16 They Won't Judge You If You Don't Want An Epidural


Many pregnant women might worry about catching judgment for certain decisions they make during labor. Nurses have seen it all, so it makes sense that they might judge mothers who make poor decisions in the delivery room.

But when it comes to epidurals, mothers don't need to worry about being judged. One nurse admits that they will never judge a mother who chooses to go without an epidural. They accept that decision, and do the best they can.

"We absolutely do not feel that you are wasting our time by being at this hospital without an epidural! There are a ton of things that can go wrong in labor that need to be monitored for that are not related to an epidural. We will support any mom and her wishes."

15 They Want Mothers To Do The Best They Can


Many mothers are completely blown away by just how helpful and supportive nurses can be in the delivery room. Nurses are there to give medical help, but they're also there to provide emotional support when necessary.

But nurses aren't going to just let mothers do whatever they want. One nurse admits that she wants women to "stick it out" and do their best to go into labor on their own. This is to avoid a C-Section if at all possible.

"I mostly want women to try and stick it out the best they can to go into labor on their own. I have seen so many elective 39 week inductions that end up in a c-section for "failure to progress" or baby in distress and it wouldn't have happened if they could have stuck it out 1 or 2 more weeks."

14 They See Some Awkward Situations... 


Obviously nurses see a lot of awkward situations. But you might be surprised about some of the things which happen in the delivery room. A surprisingly common scene these days is when a man finds out the baby is not his...

And a nurse actually witnessed this happen firsthand. She wrote that it was one of the most awkward situations she had ever witnessed during her time as a nurse...

"The pediatrician came in to examine the baby shortly after delivery. She congratulated the couple, explained a few things, and then mentioned the blood type...which, if Dad was sure of his blood type, there was no possible way that it was his kid. He stormed out..."

13 Sometimes They See Mothers Giving Birth In A Strange Way


Nurses see all kinds of births. Sometimes, the mother doesn't even make it to the delivery room. This is exactly what one nurse witnessed on the job, and her story might surprise you...

"I was a 3rd year medical student and a pregnant woman came to floor in labor. She wasn't that far along, as in she wasn't really wincing in pain or screaming or anything yet. The nurse gets her gown and she goes into the bathroom to change. All of sudden we hear a scream and we run into her room. Her nurse made it there first to find a newborn baby. The first thing I saw was the mother shuffling out the bathroom with an umbilical cord coming of her and the nurse following behind with the baby attached still in her hands."

12 Some Families Are Not So Supportive


One of the most tragic situations is when a family is not supportive of a pregnant mother. During these times, the mother feels completely alone in her difficult journey. One nurse admits that they witnessed this happening, and it was very sad...

"Her mom did not even acknowledge her daughter calling for her. She just sat on the couch and stared out the window. So as the baby is coming out, he called over to the mom on the couch to come witness her grandchild being born (if she wanted). She never even turned away from that window. She just flatly stated, "No." As disappointed or angry that woman may have been at her daughter for getting pregnant, she will never get to redo that moment...and that makes me sad for her."

11 Some C-Sections Just Aren't Necessary 


Ever wonder what nurses think about C-Sections? Well, you might be surprised. One nurse admits that a huge percentage of C-Sections aren't actually necessary at all. She even says that mothers who are wealthy might be able to get a C-Section more easily.

"Maybe 15-20% of c-sections aren't really necessary, but in my case there are a few factors that skew this number. My hospital tends to have patients who are a little more well off (financially), and if a mother really wants a c-section she can usually swing it. Also, doctors will sometimes go for a c-section if they feel like the delivery is taking too long."

10 The Tension Of Labor Drops Away Pretty Quickly 


Can you imagine being a nurse in a delivery room, day in and day out? Imagine how stressful that must be! Because if there's one room that is filled with all kinds of tension, it's a delivery room. But in the words of one nurse, that tension drops away very quickly after the baby is born. And at that point, the tension is replaced by something truly amazing...

"I enjoy being a part something so life changing and special, and trying to make it the best experience for them. It's amazing seeing the tension between two people in labor instantly drop when the when the baby is born. It suddenly becomes about the 3 of them instead of just the couple."

9 Nurses Actually Work In A Pretty Positive Environment


A lot of us probably think that hospitals are some of the most stressful places on Earth. We might even assume that they're some of the hardest places to work in the world. But is that really true? One nurse actually challenges this notion, and claims that her work environment is very positive. Somehow, this makes a lot of sense...

"It's a pretty positive place. we really try to accommodate people's wishes as much as possible, but things of course don't always go according to plan. In those situations we still try to make them as comfortable as the situation permits."

8 Jaundice Is Actually A Big Concern


According to healthline.comJaundice is actually very common in newborns. But is it really something to be concerned about? Some people might think it's no big deal, but one nurse has a very different opinion:

"I personally don't think jaundice is something to dismiss. Staff probably tend to be cavalier towards it because a majority of babies tend to get jaundiced, and while they are in our care it's easy to treat. When I'm working I see babies all the time under the photo therapy incubators. We encourage frequent feedings which can help reduce jaundice, and nightly we test their bilirubin count to make sure it's not increasing."

7 Nurses Won't Judge You If You Want A Home Birth


It might seem like nurses are huge supporters of mainstream medicine. After all, they work in a hospital! But what do nurses actually think about things like Home Births? Well, you might be surprised at their opinions. One nurse admits that she's actually pretty supportive of home births, and claims that they can be safe.

"It's definitely an option to have your baby at home, especially because the second baby tends to go much faster. As long as there have been no maternal or fetal complications and you're able to find a midwife that performs home deliveries, it should be no problem."

6 They Won't Judge You For Other Things, Either


We all know that there are some moms out there who have unique views about pregnancy and giving birth. And nurses see ALL types of people come through their doors. But what about those women who want to keep the placenta? Well, in one nurse's words, she tries not to judge... But she still doesn't understand the logic behind it...

"Yes, some people like to keep the placenta. I don't like to judge, but i've never really understood how people can/want to do this. I mean the placenta is pretty much a slab of meat. So i'm sure there is a lot of protein and iron. It just isn't my cup of tea. So when they ask to take it home with them, i just bottle it up and don't ask questions."

5 Sometimes They Get Jealous Of The Mothers


Imagine seeing happy mothers give birth to beautiful babies every day. It's a wonderful thing, but what if you secretly want a baby of your own? One nurse admits that she goes through conflicting emotions when she sees other moms give birth, and that she sometimes gets jealous... Because deep down, she wants a baby of her own, and these moms just remind her of that fact...

"Sometimes I get jealous of the women who are giving birth. I want a baby so badly, but I haven't found the right guy. I'm still young, but I definitely wish I could be in the mother's shoes sometimes."

4 They Think They Have The Coolest Jobs In The World


It's truly awesome to meet someone who loves their job. Sadly, it's rare in this day and age. But a lot of nurses out there really do love their jobs, especially labor nurses. One nurse in particular isn't shy when she says she has "the coolest job in the world." Hey, who are we to argue with that?

"Being a labor and delivery nurse is the coolest job in the world. We assist in bringing new life into the world, and see couples become families. When things go wrong, we make them right if we can, and if we can't, we are there to help families with the grieving process. It is truly an honor to be part of these events."

3 They Cry When Things Go Wrong


A lot of people might assume that nurses build up a certain numbness when it comes to tragedies. Nurses see a lot of bad things happen in hospitals. But do they ever truly get desensitized to it? One nurse admits that she cries with the family when something goes wrong with the family.

This shows us that nurses aren't cold and emotionless. They're human beings, and they feel sadness just as much as anyone else.

"When something goes wrong, we cry along with the family. It comes with the job, and some things you just can't leave and forget. It stays with me always."

2 There Are Good Days And Bad Days - But The Good Days Are Amazing


Sure, there are bad days at the hospital. But when it comes to being a labor nurse, the good days far outweigh the bad ones. And in many ways, that's a pretty common theme in all of life. There are ups and downs, but it's important to focus on the positive things. One nurse admits that the good days are definitely worth it. Seeing families come together is just amazing to witness.

"The good days are so good. There is nothing like seeing a family grow-- there are moments before the last contraction and push, where you look at the mom and partner and think "your world is about to be rocked."

1 They Really Dislike Rude Families


Nursing is a job which involves interacting with all kinds of different people. And yes, some of those people aren't going to be polite. This is just a reality of being a nurse. But that doesn't mean nurses have to like dealing with rude people! This nurse tells us exactly what she thinks about rude families:

"I dislike rude families. I also dislike having to be on call several times a month. There are some stressful situations like hemorrhages and emergency c-sections, which I don't like in the moment obviously, but it is such a relief to get it under control and end with a good outcome."

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