20 Things All Millennial Moms Do That Make Their Lives Harder

There’s a newfound respect for the millennial mom. It’s very clear that things have changed in a very interesting way since the average millennial mom was growing up. Now that she has children of her own, it’s safe to say they she’s facing a completely different ballgame than when she was a little girl with not a care in the world.

Millennial moms face much different issues than moms did back in the day, and interestingly enough, there are a couple of things that they do to contribute to the #millennialmomproblems. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are in no way blaming any mom for the issues she has.

Still, it’s no surprise that the society we live in puts the pressures on her to take action and be present in multiple forms such as putting her child’s every move on social media to giving in to body shaming carried out by Internet trolls who can’t help but indulge in perpetuating Twitter fingers. In a nutshell, millennial moms have got it pretty tough. And most can admit they do a few things to make being a millennial mom even more difficult. Take a look at 20 things millennial moms do to make their lives harder.

20 Tell Social Media Every Move

It’s already difficult enough to keep a life on social media before becoming a mother, but when a mom feels pressured and gives in to that pressure of showcasing every little move her child makes, that has the potential to make motherhood even more difficult.

Instead of living in the moment and enjoying her child’s first steps, many aim to share it with the world and let them know their child has made progress. But we can’t blame them. Whether it’s fortunately or unfortunately, that has proven to be the way of the land for the last decade or so.

19 Compare Baby’s Progress With Others On Social Media

Given the power of social media, just as most moms want to share their child’s moves with the world, it’s easy to compare and look at what other children are doing that her son or daughter might not have accomplished yet.

If she sees a snapshot or a video of a child who is the same age as her own speaking a mile a minute, while her child has yet to develop full sentences, or walking while hers is still dominating the crawling game, she can make her life a lot harder by falling into the comparison trap and worrying if she’s doing right by her child.

18 Feel Pressure To Bounce Back Quickly Post-Baby

This can be the absolute worst. It makes it even harder when celebrities are showing off their snatched wastes just days after giving birth to multiple children at a time (hey, Beyonce). Still, whether it’s a comment on social media that speaks to the mom’s post-baby body (that she’s already self-conscious about) or those awkward moments when someone in the grocery store thinks she’s still pregnant, millennial moms these days are under much more pressure to try to escape body shaming.

When she gives into it, it’s just one of the ways she makes her life that much harder; especially when it becomes nearly impossible to ignore it.

17 Go To College

While new studies show most women are waiting later in life to get married and have children (and vice versa), there are still women who are still pursuing their education when they have a child. It’s safe to say that it’s difficult to go back to work after pushing out an entire human for hours.

But sometimes schools and universities aren’t as gracious as employers. So this adds pressure to the mom to jump back on the education train sooner than later. Even though she’s completely able to do it and prove that it’s not impossible (it can even lead to a tear-jerking success story later), it undoubtedly makes her life a little harder.

16 Not Taking "Me Time"

Considering the millennia lifestyle is said to be one of a microwave society who wants what they want, when they want it, it’s no secret that moms of the millennial age will want to jump back into her pre-baby lifestyle.

Whether it’s hanging out with friends constantly or going back to work for some actual adult interaction, millennial moms have a tendency to put a strain on themselves when they don’t take time to relax with me-time.

We’re not sure if they realize it, but they just brought an entire human into the world. It’s okay to take as much downtime as needed after that.

15 Think They Have To Be Just Like Their Mom

It’s safe to say that a millennial mom’s mother and grandmother and so on will have unsolicited and countless advice on how she could and of course should raise her child. Given the culture of millennial moms and their parents, it only makes sense that most will feel pressured to think they have to do things just like their moms did it.

Most of us have heard the phrase, “That’s what I did with you and you turned out just fine.” But if a millennial mom doesn’t realize her own parenting style and gives into the pressure of being just like her mom, it only goes without saying that her life won’t be much easier.

14 Deal With Work-Life Balance

This can definitely hold true for those millennial moms who work from home. The typical and traditional work setting isn’t as popular as it was when a millennial mom was still growing up. Do they still have “Bring a child to work day?” Inquiring minds want to know. Either way, it’s a pretty strong notion that a millennial mom will be tempted to work from home in her earlier days of taking on motherhood.

Considering the attitude of a millennial mom (and any mom) they’ll want to prove they can do it without missing a beat at almost any cost. Whether it’s a subconscious form of job security, or simply being so passionate about her job she doesn’t want to turn it off, a millennial mom should certainly be intentional about having a balance.

13 Stress Over Information Overload

It’s clear that we live in the age of Google. And Yahoo!, WebMD and other forms of information for the woman’s body are very closely behind. Basically, there is no lack when it comes to the information a millennial mom can search for and be directed to within seconds. Still, this can serve as a negative thing as well.

A sneeze could indicate a health issue if a mom looks in a certain place, when it reality, it might just be something like the common cold. Instead of going to the Internet, millennial moms might want to take different precautions and speak with their child’s doctor.

12 Leaning Too Much On Technology

There are so many jokes and memes about children playing on phones, iPads and watching television for hours on end. From the memes of a child asking an adult if they have any games on their phone to the suggestion that televisions and Netflix binges are the best baby sitter, it’s so common that there has to be a little truth in it.

Interestingly enough, one of the stigmas about millennial moms is that they depend on technology too much. It’s easy to hand a child a phone or an iPad so they can clean up in peace, but this can also turn into something that makes their life much harder.

11 Thinking They Have To Do It All

Whether she’s a single mom or has an amazing husband/partner to help carry the very heavy load of raising a child, there’s also this stigma that a millennial mom feels like she has to do it all on her own. While she might not be alone, there could be something in the back of her head that has her thinking if she doesn’t do it, it might not get done correctly, or at all, for that matter.

From cooking dinner to putting the kids’ down, it’s safe to say moms tend to have the attitude that they have to do everything, when it reality, they might have more help than they think.

10 Stress Between Childcare Costs And Student Loans

Student loans are also something a millennial mom’s parents might not have had to deal with. But in today’s culture, it goes without saying that having a child won’t block student loan centers from giving a millennial mom a ring.

While this might be nothing new, when paired with the ever growing and increasing costs of childcare (especially when it comes to a great, solid childcare facility that a mom feels she can leave her child in with care), that’s a lot for a mother to have to battle. And yet, it’s just one of the things that makes life as a millennial mom even more difficult.

9 Abandon Her Girlfriends

While this action isn’t exclusive to a millennial mom (it might be safe to say that all moms go through a phase in which they let go of their friends to spend as much time with their children as possible), it still definitely holds true for the typical mother in this generation.

There’s this balance between feeling like she has to do it all and feeling like she can’t do any of it and simply aims to wrap her life around her child’s. Either one of these extremes can cause her life to be more difficult than it has to be. A great remedy could be for the mom to lean on her girlfriends for help.

8 Get Less Sleep

There’s so much for a millennial mom to worry about. With new conditions and diagnoses coming out of the woodworks to the seemingly ever growing cases of existing conditions, millennial moms have much more to worry about than they should. And yet, it can cause them to lose sleep. That along with failing to have a proper and satisfactory work-life balance.

Whether she’s living the life as a stay-at-home or flourishing as she doubles between dominating her skills at work and coming home to care for her children, a lack of sleep is another issue that millennial moms face just the same.

7 Skip Out On Romance

Who has time for romance when there’s a child to be raised? Interestingly enough, some millennial moms have valued motherhood over romance, so it only makes sense for romance to take a backseat once a child comes into the picture. Still, if there’s a lifelong partner alongside said mother to help, pushing them away (whether subconsciously or intentionally) can bring problems that neither the mom or her partner saw coming.

Plus, as happy as a child makes a mother, there’s always time for romance if that’s what she wants. She just has to intentionally go for it, no matter how difficult it is.

6 Overspending To Keep Up

From fancy strollers that come with multiple sets of directions to splurging on name brand clothes, millennial moms have often felt the pressure of overspending in hopes of keeping up with their peers, famous and not famous.

Whether it’s because she wants to provide her child with things she was never able to enjoy growing up, or because she wants her child to have things that are just as nice as his or her peers, there are countless reasons why a mom might overspend to portray a certain image. Whatever she reason, it’s likely that she knows it will make her life harder.

5 Listening To All Advice

Whether it’s from a close friend or a well-meaning family member, a millennial mom will have advice from seemingly every direction under the sun. And all of it might sound like great advice. Still, when she gives in to the temptation to listen to it all, it’s only a recipe for problems and a feeling that she has no idea how to care of her child.

At the end of the day, statement Mother Knows Best is as true as it gets. So what a millennial mom could do is just take her own advice. If she wants to seek counsel out of someone she trusts, that’s completely different. But she doesn’t have to give in to every suggestion she receives.

4 Expecting Perfection From Her Child

We completely understand that every mom will love her child inside and out no matter what. Still, considering children seem to be developing the genius status earlier and earlier in life, it only makes sense for a mom to have yearnings that her child be perfect. Yes, she knows that when he or she reaches the teenage years, it’s very possible that they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

But until then, it only makes sense that millennial mother will look for perfection from her child. Considering even the cutest of kids have their flaws, this is also another way a millennial mom makes her life more difficult.

3 Not Setting A Budget

Kids are expensive. There is no doubt about that friends. But how expensive they are really depends on the household. If a mom doesn’t set a budget whether it’s for clothes, baby food, toys, doctor’s visits and just life in general, she might find herself stressed out by the literal cost of being a mother.

It’s only fair to assume that every mom wants to get the best of the best for their child, but the need for a balance could also be very present. Simply setting a budget can help guarantee a mom won’t go overboard with her spending for the child.

2 Not Using Generic Brands For Food

And other items as well. When going to the grocery store, millennial moms might want to post their purchases and finds as part of their latest Instagram story. So it makes sense that they don’t want to buy a generic brand for the sake of how it will appear. Still, saving money is one of the major characteristics that any mom will figure out is super important sooner than later. And one of the biggest ways she can save money is on food.

Plus, generic brands have definitely upped their games. So these days they can be just as tasty and sometimes even healthier than the popular name brands.

1 Not Planning Meals

Similar to buying generic brand items and setting a budget, meal planning can certainly serve as a money saver. But it can also save lots of much needed time. Taking time to plan for meals for the child and the entire household can not only save time in the kitchen, but also at the grocery store.

Millennial moms might find that they are spending hours on end cooking a new meal every night when leftovers could be her new way of the land. This can also promote a healthy lifestyle so that Mom doesn’t feel the need to eat out on those days when the family is working what their meal is going to be.

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