20 Things All Millennials Pack Before They Reach The Hospital

Some of the most exciting times of pregnancy are those last few weeks before the due date. Expectant moms find themselves nesting and preparing for the arrival of their baby. Perhaps the most thrilling item on their “to do list” is to pack the hospital bag. It can be daunting to know what to include but millennial moms know all the tips and tricks when it comes to getting their bag ready for the big day.

This isn’t your mom’s list. When it comes to childbirth, these ladies go for style and comfort. Gone are the days of wearing boring hospital gowns and putting up with the dry air in the delivery room. Millennial moms are going for glamor and comfort with custom birthing gowns and refreshing facial mists. No longer are they pushing through labor with little to no control over the environment. From calming playlists to essential oils, these mamas are doing childbirth their way.

It’s all about that first selfie posted on social media and millennial moms pack all the goods to be camera ready. From a full array cosmetics to cute matching mom and baby outfits, the current generation of mamas are more prepared than ever before. Please enjoy this list of 20 things millinials pack before they reach the hospital.

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20 A Birth Plan


Expectant moms have a lot more control in the delivery room than the generations before them. If a woman desires no interventions, she can make her wishes known. Many millennial moms pack a birth plan in their hospital bag. What exactly is a birth plan?

According to americanpregnancy.org: “A birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of your preferences for the birth of your child. Providing a copy of the plan for everyone directly involved in the birth will help them better understand what is happening and give them the opportunity to resolve issues before the big day.”

19 A Cute Hospital Gown


Gone are the days of wearing an ugly hospital gown while you’re in labor. Ladies these days are opting to go with a more fashionable choice. From florals to polka dots, anything goes when it comes to the patterns that are available for expectant moms. Labor and delivery gowns have become all the rage. I mean, what better way to be camera ready on your baby’s big day?

From a loose cotton gown to an empire-waist nightie, millennial moms are looking amazingly chic in the delivery room. It doesn’t hurt to look cute when you first meet your new baby.

18 Labor Socks


Let’s face it, hospitals can be chilly and you’ll want some socks to keep your feet cozy during labor. Most hospitals issue a plain pair of booty socks with treads on the bottom to help you keep your footing while you walk around on the slick floor. Well, those socks just won’t do for today’s modern mom. Another item that millennial mamas are packing in their hospital bag are these adorable labor socks.

They have a clear message on the bottom that can help mom’s birthing coach remember what to say while they hold her leg. These are just too cute for words.

17 Coconut Water To Drink During Labor


For the last few decades, expectant moms were not allowed to eat during labor. Most women sucked on ice chips or took sips of water. These days, millennial moms take advantage of updated guidelines that permit healthy snacking during labor. Many of these ladies choose to drink coconut water in the delivery room.

According to WebMD, coconut water is a better choice when it comes to replacing lost fluids instead of many sports drinks or even water. So, be sure to pack some in your overnight bag. It’s a great “pick me up” after hours of labor and will give you energy when it comes time to push.

16 Eye Mask And Ear Plugs


It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep in the hospital. Nurses burst into your room at all hours to check on you and the baby. While it’s nice to have someone checking in, it makes sleeping difficult. Millennial moms have a found a way to catch some zzz’s, despite the constant rotation of visitors.

Be sure to pack a sleep mask and earplugs into your hospital bag. If your baby is “rooming in” you shouldn’t use the earplugs so you can hear your newborn’s cries. If your partner is in the room, slip that eye mask on, put those earplugs in, and take a nap.

15 Bluetooth Speaker


More and more millennial moms are choosing to tailor their birth experience and are listening to playlists of their favorite songs as they work through labor. Other pregnant ladies are opting to listen to positive affirmations during contractions. So, they don’t leave home without a portable Bluetooth speaker. That way, they can set the mood in the delivery room.

It’s very effective to use music to create a relaxing environment and it’s important to have the right gear to facilitate that. By bringing your own speaker, you’re in charge of what your baby first hears when they enter the world.

14 Phone Chargers And USB Cords


The new generation of moms relies heavily on their cell phones and for good reason. They’re very useful before, during, and after labor. From using the stop-watch to time contractions to using the camera to take that very first selfie with the baby, it’s all about having that cell ready to go. So, more and more expectant ladies are packing phone chargers and USB cords in their hospital bags.

That way, you’re all charged up to text the baby announcement to family and friends or to post a Snapchat video of your newborn with a cute kitty cat filter.

13 Body Pillow

photo (27)

An amazing item that totally eases the aches and pains of pregnancy is a body pillow. Expectant moms are adding these to their lists of hospital gear. They’re as long as your body and offer amazing support to tired legs and a heavy belly. This makes it a very useful tool during labor. It may be a pain for your partner to carry but the benefits are totally worth it.

Most of them contour to wrap around your body, which can give you some serious relief while you work through contractions. Be sure to add one of these to your checklist.

12 Comfy Slippers


When it comes to millennials packing their hospital bags, comfort is key. The hospital can be a cold place and there’s nothing worse than hobbling your way to the bathroom on a chilly floor. So, more and more young moms are taking some comfy house slippers with them. These slippers also might come in handy if you find yourself pacing the halls during labor.

The cuter and fuzzier, the better. Why not make yourself as comfy as possible while you recover from childbirth? Besides, cold toes are the absolute worst. You’ll be so happy that you packed a pair of slippers.

11 Matching Robe And Onesie Set

Via: Etsy

Not only are millennials moms buying cute delivery gowns, they’re also adding a matching robe and onesie set to their hospital bag checklist. These days ladies are all about looking as glam as possible in those first pics with their newborn. You can even buy sets that include a matching dress for big sis. How adorable is that?

If you want to have a keepsake photo that is Pinterest-worthy then be sure to jump on these hospital outfits. From pretty florals to colorful chevron patterns, mom and baby will look fab in their first snap. Be sure to buy a matching receiving blanket to complete the look.

10 Postpartum Underclothes


After you’ve given birth the nurse will probably stuff you into a big pair of white mesh panties. You might scoff at first but they feel so good that you really don’t care if you look cute or not. Millennial moms are taking matters into their own hands and packing disposable maternity panties like the ones shown above. That way you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Although those mesh panties are pretty amazing, I’m not going to lie. It’s nice to have options, though. So add these to your hospital bag and your toosh will thank you.

9 Cosmetics


No self-respecting millennial mom would forget to pack a cosmetic bag in their hospital bag. It’s important to feel your best and even better to be camera ready. According to the folks at TODAY, a beauty blogger named Alaha Karimi, applied makeup to distract herself while working through contractions.

You may not go to that extreme but you’ll want to at least put on a little mascara and lipstick for those keepsake photos. Other items you’ll want to be sure to pack are lip balm and a good facial moisturizer. The air can be pretty dry in the maternity ward so you’ll want to stay refreshed.

8 Essential Oils

My Darla Clementine

Many millennial mamas are turning to aromatherapy to help with pain management during labor and delivery. This involves massaging essential oils into your skin and inhaling the scent. Only a handful of essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and according to Healthline.com, these oils are perfect to use during childbirth: frankincense, clary sage, peppermint oil, myrrh, and lavender.

Be sure to check with your doctor or doula before using any essential oils. Once you have their approval, don’t forget to pack them in your hospital bag. These oils will help calm your nerves and reduce anxiety in the delivery room.

7 A White Noise Machine


It can be really difficult to get baby to sleep while you’re in the hospital. From the nurses coming in and out of the room to the beeping of machines, there are plenty of distractions to keep baby awake. These days, moms are packing a white noise machine in their hospital bag.

According to babysleepsite.com, “White noise is very similar to womb sounds such as your heart beating, blood flowing, mommy breathing, the muffling sound of mommy’s voice, etc. These womb-like sounds can be comforting to your baby, particularly newborns who have not yet gotten used to the outside world.”

6 Flameless Tea Lights


Okay, I can admit that this sounds a bit extravagant and unnecessary, but many millennial moms are taking a set of flameless tea lights with them to the hospital. The lights in hospital rooms tend to be bright and fluorescent. If you set a few flameless tea lights around the room, the lighting will be softer and ensure that baby can stay asleep because the nurse won’t have to turn on an overhead light.

It also creates a calm atmosphere in general. Mom can keep things calm and mellow by controlling the lighting in the room. You’ll be so glad you have them.

5 Nursing Instruction Door Hanger


This is another one of those items that may feel superfluous but actually will really come in handy during your stay in the maternity ward. Moms who choose to breastfeed their newborn can let the nursing staff know their wishes when it comes to feeding their baby. These door hangers will prevent confusion and send a clear message to the doctors and caregivers.

It’s a kind and gentle way to announce that you don’t want your infant to be given a pacifier, supplements, or bottles. That way, mom and baby can peacefully learn to breastfeed together without any nipple confusion.

4 Breastfeeding Essentials For Mom

Speaking of breastfeeding, it’s absolutely crucial for mom to pack all of the essentials that she will need to begin breastfeeding her newborn. Millennial moms know the importance of these items and are sure to pack them in their hospital bag. From a nursing pillow to lanolin cream, add these things to your list to be prepared.

You will need nursing bras, nursing jammies, nipple cream, cooling nursing pads, and a water bottle since nursing moms have to stay hydrated. Some moms even pack milk lactation bars to ensure that they have an ample supply of milk from the beginning.

3 Baby Layette


It can be daunting to know what to pack for the baby but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Your hospital bag doesn’t necessarily have to be jam packed with baby items. There are a few things that should absolutely be included when it comes to the baby’s layette. First and foremost, bring diapers and wipes.

You should also include a hat, mittens, burping cloths, a few pairs of sack pajamas (for easier access during diaper changes), and a swaddling blanket. Don’t forget to pick out a super cute outfit for your little one to wear when they go home. You want them to look adorbs in the keepsake pic.

2 Postpartum Essentials


Millenial moms know how important it is to take care of themselves after childbirth. So, they pack an entire array of postpartum items in their hospital bag. Be sure to pack plenty of maxi pads, the thicker the better. It can be scary to use the bathroom after delivery so bring a stool softener to keep things running smoothly.

Some ladies pack adult diapers, Tucks medicated pads, and witch hazel to help to care of things “down there”. Ice packs will be your best friend as well as sitz baths. You can make yourself much more comfortable if you pack these things.

1 A Cute But Comfy "Going Home" Outfit

Millenial moms know the importance of packing a cute but comfortable outfit to wear when you leave the hospital. What’s the best type of clothes to put on in the aftermath of giving birth? Most moms pack loose clothing because the last thing you’ll want it to step into a tight pair of pants. A stylish tube dress could be curve-friendly.

These days, anything goes when it comes to postpartum clothes. You could probably get away with walking out of the hospital in a sassy pair of pajamas. The important thing is that you feel good and confident in what you wear.

References: Americanpregnancy.org, Webmd.com, Healthline.com, Today.com , and Babysleepsite.com.

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