20 Things All Moms Must Own To Have Post-Perfect Babies

The moment the double pink lines on a pregnancy test appears, an overwhelming wave of emotions will wash over soon-to-be parents on the long list of baby items they will need to buy - and in a short amount of time, for that matter. Between the perfect nursery, safe and secure car seats and strollers, the costly pumps or pads so that mom doesn’t leak through her shirt, it's understandable why new parents are so anxious and hormonal!

Then, there are other baby items that are an absolute must-haves if she wishes to attain an excellent (and sometimes rewarding) social media feed. In order to achieve a generous amount of money and sponsored goods simply by using her own family pictures, she will need to purchase the proper equipment and props to accessorize each image. Of course, who can forget about the iconic scenes and events like apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides and snow angels that create a post in itself. 

Luckily, there are ways of gaming the social media system and capturing great quality pictures in order for potential product brands to want to use a mom for their upcoming campaign, without costing thousands upon thousands of dollars. There are also specific items that will make a mom go from a regular parent with ordinary baby stuff to a huge social media name with a large engagement. If a mom is not that into having an active social lifestyle, then at least she'll have fashionable and trendy pictures to show the children, which means no photos that will turn cheeks red at Thanksgiving in twenty years!

Here are 20 things that are parents-to-be should own to raise picture-perfect babies:

20 A Stroller System and Ride On For Accessories

Once mom is healed and ready to take on the outside world, she will need a very good but inexpensive stroller system. If she has a toddler, the stroller companies now make mini wheeled platforms that attach to the base of the stroller. As a matter of fact, they look like mini skateboards! As she casually walks in her black leggings, plaid shirts, Uggs and matching kids along a wooded path with autumn leaves surround her - this family is selfie ready!

The stroller system is a key component when trying to capture the most picture-perfect social media worthy image, but it is also very useful for other reasons. First, buying a stroller system allows you to buy one matching set, rather than a car seat that has one look and a stroller that has another. I mean, who wants a stripped car seat with a floral stroller anyways? It also allows you to feel confident that the car seat and stroller are a fully compatible with each other. 

19 An Unlimited Supply Of Wipes

First, let’s make this public service announcement very clear: Diaper wipes are life. They clean literally everything from the dust inside your car, spills, sticky who-knows-what that is, messy faces, dirty toes, boogie noses and ultimately, the derriere. So, if you’re going is to become a D Lister celebrity (which is a social media celebrity with mostly paid followers,) then you will need to carry the baby wipes everywhere you go.

All jokes aside, baby wipes will make your day either fantastic or flushed down the toilet, no pun intended. Forgetting the baby wipes or running out of baby wipes is simply unheard of in a mother’s life. Even if you were to, say, forget the diaper bag in the front entrance and while you’re driving to the grocery store and your baby has a major blow out, it’s a guarantee that you have another pack in the trunk of your car for these types of emergencies. Luckily, baby products are evolving and they now make water wipes (they’re even called Water Wipes.) The liquids in these wipes are pure water instead of harsh soaps and chemicals like other brands.

The future is now, mom.

18 The Entire Disney Collection (Preferably on VHS)

If you’re the type of mother who wants to share their entire parenting journey on a social media platform, then this entry is a definite must-have. Every mommy vlogger has the entire Disney collection, regardless if your child’s a boy or girl. Of course the ideal picture would be to have your months-old baby standing in front of the Disney collection, contemplating which soundtrack they want to memorize and sing-a-long to until their next growth spurt.

Nowadays, these so called influencers try to look all retro and they upload vlogs with their Disney collection on DVD, but sweetheart, you’re not Disney OG enough to film it. If you’re a mommy vlogger and you want to maximize your subscriber reach, post the original VHS movies.

And, we can’t forget to mention how much we secretly are obsessed with the nostalgic feelings that we get whenever we watch Ariel comb her hair with a fork.

17 The Trendiest Baby Outfits

It’s a guarantee that you’ll get some cute clothes during your baby shower but you’ll also receive some not-so-cute things. Those eyesores will be the outfits that are only used during emergency outfit changes from blowouts or spaghetti lunches, or when Aunt Lucy comes around and wants to know “why isn’t the baby wearing the sweater I bought?”

To maintain a certain social media look, one must dressed wearing nothing but the trendiest of outfits. We want our babies to be trendsetters. And while many parents will agree that it’s not about looks but rather than how comfortable their baby is, for those of us who strive to the most amount of “likes” will need to make sure those outfits are on point.

Right now, Target is dominating the baby clothes department among mommy vloggers. They’re not only stylish but super inexpensive too!

16 Shoes That Completely Stand Out

Shoes are one of those baby items where if you have money, you’ll buy multiple pairs but if you’re budget is tight, your baby will most likely go without shoes until he has no choice but to need them. You see, shoe companies have targeted parents by making the most outstanding pairs of shoes for our babies’ tiny little feet that we must buy but they cost the basically the same as adult shoes! Luckily for adults and our grown up feet, we don’t have to buy a different pair of shoe every other month when our feet grow.

This is where the debate comes in among parents. Some parents will agree to wait until their baby is walking and needs shoe in order to buy them shoes, and you’ll have other parents buying their babies brand name shoes and even high heels for babies!

Of course, if you’re going to make your baby an online star simply by posting their picture online, you’ll need shoes and make sure it matches their outfits!

15 Olivia Pope-Inspired Glasses 

After a very long day with a very tired baby, the only thing left to do is to wash the dishes sit in the sink while you put your feet up on the high chair across with a big glass of red or white! That’s a fact. And we’re not talking about a regular glass, we’re talking about Olivia Pope inspired glass-sized beverages.

If you’re unaware of what an Olivia Pope glass or who Olivia Pope is, then you’re an extremely busy mother and I feel your pain. However, Olivia Pope is the strongest female character on television, whose show was recently cancelled. And her signature after work meal was popcorn and red wine in a huge wine glass, almost like a fish bowl.

14 A Collection of Books

From the moment she found out she was pregnant, she began to baby shop. When mothers begin to baby shop, especially at the beginning of their pregnancies, they will purchase the gender-neutral items (that they can otherwise afford at the moment,) like the trendy diaper bag with ten pockets and an Ikea 8-cube bookshelf. Slowly but surely these cubes would be filled with a wide range of nursery books and extremely colorful picture books that will influence your child’s future dreams. Of course, the books will include the entire collection of Disney stories and Robert Munsch books.

Yes, I do like green eggs and ham.

13 Double Electric Pump and The Holster

Breastfeeding is a full time job. In fact, it’s a job that entitles you to not get paid and but at least you can walk around topless all day. The liberty of your girls is essential to nurse your baby because it’ll save you time from having to unhook your bra straps and remove your shirt, only to sit in a room, cold and exposed while your lady bits are being yanked and bitten left and right.

That is why the first gift on your registry should be a double electric breast pumps, especially for those mamas who are constantly on the go. The next item on your registry should be the holster bra, simply because you don’t have enough time in a day to sit and wait until the electric pump pumps you like a milkmaid. Hello, those exploding diapers won’t change themselves while you’re pumping. Strap up, turn on that pump and keep on going!

12 Labels Everywhere and on Everything

Purchasing labels for babies and children is one of the most entertaining mom-like activity that any parent can do. It makes your life look organized to the outside world, especially the daycare teachers when they see you arrive to drop off in your husband’s sweatpants, fluffy slippers, unbrushed teeth and a cup of coffee in one hand.

Nowadays, label companies now allow you to customize the label images, so much so that you can even create an avatar of your child. Above all, label companies have stepped up the game and have now even created labels that indicate which shoe goes on which foot, that are labeled on or completely waterproof, and a variety of different school bag or diaper bag tags.

11 Soothing Lotions That Actually Soothe

It’s easy to get carried away with delicious fragrances that you think will make your baby smell like roses and unicorns. However, not all soothing lotions actually soothe a baby’s delicate skin. Some creams contain toxic chemicals or minerals that are bad for your baby and for the environment. Do your research and follow in love with the entire brand, not just the cream, before you start shopping. It’s best not to constantly change lotions and creams as it damages the skin and changes PH levels of the skin. Better yet, find a brand that’s eco friendly and chemical free. They may cost a little more than regular brands, but at least you know your baby’s skin is actually being hydrated using natural ingredients.

10 At Least One Paw Patrol Toy

It’s best not to fight this one. It will happen, so just give in earlier rather than later and buy the Paw Patrol toy or bed sheets. Every child goes through the Paw Patrol phase, regardless of their age or gender.

And if you don’t personally succumb to the Paw Patrol trend, someone in your family will buy the entire T-shirt collection and pyjama set. Let’s not forget the lunch box and school bag to match for when their first born grandchild goes to daycare, in five years.

9 A Gorgeous Diaper Bag That Lets You Still Feel Like A Woman

Having a newborn automatically means that you will have a ton of stuff to carry around with you everywhere you go. Although some of your noisy body friends won’t understand why you’ve packed three pre-made bottles, a brand new pack of wipes, four different outfits, and half a pack of diapers, we know as mothers that these are the bare essentials for having a newborn.

However, no mother wants to carry around a bulky diaper bag that looks like a men’s duffel bag, and let’s not even get started on the standard over-the-shoulder diaper bag with pockets on the side and cartoon characters on the cover. Listen honey, you will live through enough cartoon characters for the next fifteen years of your life. Put away the standard diaper bag and get yourself something a little trendy and definitely cute. It’s the only way that you’ll feel feminine again for the next little while.

8 Hooded Towels May Look Tacky, But Will Save Your Life

Bathing your sweet baby can be such a beautiful bonding moment. However, if this is your first time or if you become anxious when bathing your baby - breathe, relax, it’ll be okay. According to studies, newborns can feel people’s energies so when you feel stressed or upset, it’s more than likely that your baby will also be cranky in response. Therefore, during bath time, breathe and enjoy your tiny little one making coos and blowing bubbles. Gently lather your baby with beautifully scented soaps and rinsing off the soap bubbles with a warm washcloth. When you’ve done and your baby is ready to come up, wrap them up in a large towel, most importantly, a towel with a hood. Those genius hoods act as a veil to protect your baby from head to toe, and it also keeps them warm until you’ve put on fluffy pyjamas. And we can’t forget to mention that the hooded towels make them look even more adorable, as they are wrapped up like little frogs or monkeys or elephants.

7 A tablet

Throw away those ideologies that your child won’t have a tablet until they’re in high school Unfortunately, children of all ages now own and know how to accurately function a tablet, maybe even more than you in all honesty. Above all, tablets are used as a way to silence your child or children in public places, especially restaurants when your child is about to scream to the top of his or her lungs or decide that it’s not time to run around the entire restaurant. Download a few puzzle games and find your child’s favorite songs, and let them have it. It’ll save you from a mental breakdown. Just remember to closely monitor your child’s activity, put a lock on any apps that they can purchase add-ons and limit screen time. They’ll survive even though they’re using a tablet.

6 Lots Of Food Rewards Points

If you’re like any normal family, your grocery budget has just gone from 125$ for you and your significant other, to minimum 250$ a week for you, your significant other and very hungry little baby. It sounds like a dramatic budget hike, but you’ll notice that the refrigerator that was filled on the Sunday is not emptied on the Tuesday. How? I have no idea, it just happens.

Then, take into consideration the formula cost, diaper cost, wipes and small purees that are packaged for an easy on-the-go snack for your little baby which are all things that will also go in your really cute trendy diaper bag!

5 A Home Near A School District


This may sound like a stretch, however if you’re going to become some huge mommy vlogger, you’ll need a darling little house to go with the appropriate pictures. Let’s not forget to mention that it should be clean too!

The only way to make parenting easier is to live near your future school-of-choice’s district. This will allow for you to run a little late and still get the kids to school on time and put your mascara on while they run for the closing front door! Hey, we said you should live near a school district not that you’d make it on time.

4 Colour-Coordinated Outfits To Match Your Feed

Your social media feed wouldn’t be perfected without pajama-matching with your newborn baby. Whether it’s for the holidays or to celebrate a special occasion, it is still the cutest thing a mother and baby or a family of four can do together. It’s the little things that count in a child’s life and having those memories to look back on will simply make them smile.

Luckily, this fashionable and adorable trend doesn’t simply stop at pajamas but rather dives into shirts and sweaters, dresses, hats and even shoes!

3 Pop-Up Tent and Ball Pit

These objects of play are not only delightful and perfect for a child to be photographed in but also for them to play with endlessly. These pop-up tents and ball pits that connect with tunnels are a way for children to grow their imagination.

In fact, according to Fisher Price Play, a child will develop their entire identity through play experiences by imaging and creating who they are and who they would like to be. Playing will also help them learn social skills and self-confidence. So go out and buy the tent and the ball pit, even if there is no room left in the living room, it’s good for the children!

2 A Great Camera


Clearly, as per every social account, it’s important to have a great camera. Although they tend to be costly, the only encouraging thing I could say is: at least you’ll have nice family pictures to show your children when they’re grown.

Luckily, cell phones work just as perfectly and there are many apps that will help you get Insta-perfect pictures to add to your feed. Regardless of the methods used to take your children’s pictures and the perfect selfies, it’s a great way to create lasting memories and a lot of fun for the family.

1 A College Fund

Starting a college fund for your children can never be started at a wrong time. There are some parents that even begin the moment they hear the fantastic news that they’re pregnant! A college fund allows your children to pursue higher education and achieve the future careers that they dream of without it costing them a small fortune.

In fact, high school graduates tend to not go onto higher education, college or university, because of the cost per semester and per book, and not to mention tuition! Luckily, there are way to begin when your little one is just a few months old at a simple 10$ a month! You won’t regret it.

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