20A Stroller System and Ride On For Accessories

Once mom is healed and ready to take on the outside world, she will need a very good but inexpensive stroller system. If she has a toddler, the stroller companies now make mini wheeled platforms that attach to the base of the stroller. As a matter of fact,

they look like mini skateboards! As she casually walks in her black leggings, plaid shirts, Uggs and matching kids along a wooded path with autumn leaves surround her - this family is selfie ready!

The stroller system is a key component when trying to capture the most picture-perfect social media worthy image, but it is also very useful for other reasons. First, buying a stroller system allows you to buy one matching set, rather than a car seat that has one look and a stroller that has another. I mean, who wants a stripped car seat with a floral stroller anyways? It also allows you to feel confident that the car seat and stroller are a fully compatible with each other. 

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