20 Things All Moms Wish Were Not Parenting Trends

There are so many different beliefs on the best way to raise kids that it can feel like there's no way to get it right. Should parents be around their kids 24/7 or should they give them space? Is private or public school a better choice? What kinds of toys should children play with, and are screens good or bad?

Since people feel so differently about how to raise children, there are more than a few parenting trends. The past few years have seen a lot of intense, bizarre, and just plain confusing trends that moms and dads have been following. Most parenting trends can be summed up as things that either cost a lot of money or seem impossible for regular people to actually follow (or both of these things). There's also the fact that celebrities tend to set these trends in motion and then regular parents feel insecure and start wondering if they can parent correctly without following these trends. Of course, the answer is always yes because trends come and go but good parenting is forever.

There are countless recent parenting trends that many moms agree are just too much. Moms definitely wish that the following 20 things were no longer parenting trends.

20 Saying Other Moms Are Parenting Wrong


According to E online, a big parenting trend has been moms talking about how other moms that they know (or even moms that they observe on social media) are parenting wrong.

Moms wish that this wasn't a parenting trend because it seems so mean-spirited. This is the problem with gossip: you wouldn't want other people talking about you, so why would you talk about other people? Instead of feeling like another mom is giving her kids too much sugar or deciding that they should be raising their kids a different way, many moms would prefer for everyone to just get along and support one another.

19 Attachment Parenting, Particularly Co-Sleeping

Parents Magazine

E online also says that another parenting trend is attachment parenting, co-sleeping in particular. This is inspired by some celebrities as there are many celebrity mamas who talk about sleeping with their children in the bed with them, from Kourtney Kardashian to Gwen Stefani.

Attachment parenting may sound great to some parents, but other moms are probably thinking that it's not the most practical idea. The moms who don't think that co-sleeping makes sense would rather everyone sleep in their own beds and want to be more chill instead of following a particular philosophy. If that's how you feel, that's totally okay.

18 Eating Placenta


E online quoted Gaby Hoffman who said, "All I've been doing is breastfeeding and eating chocolate chip cookies—and eating placenta, which helps."

Yup, eating placenta is actually a parenting trend, and it's something that many celebrity moms are talking about on a regular basis. It seems like the majority of moms would say no to this parenting trend. If you're wishing that this wasn't even a thing and that you didn't have to hear about it since it's so gross, you're not alone there. Do you think there is really any good reason to eat the placenta? It's totally fine not to do this.

17 Using Only Cloth Diapers


According to High Style Life, cloth diapers have become another huge parenting trend.

While everyone agrees with trying to be more environmentally friendly and not use so much plastic, cloth diapers seem tough to get used to. You know that you're going to be changing a ton of diapers as a new mom but you do actually want to throw away every dirty one. The idea of washing them and reusing them is a bit gross, right? It seems okay to skip this parenting trend and stick to regular diapers while trying to cut down your environmental impact in some other ways.

16 Baby Photo Shoots Where Cake Gets Smashed


Today's Parent notes the parenting trend of babies smashing cake in photos: "Now, my goodness, they are like wedding photos! There are tipis and bunting and humongous, expensive balloons. There are tiny tiaras, tutus and flower crowns purchased off Etsy, icky picnic blankets and sun flare. Not to mention $50 cakes bought just to be squashed, regurgitated and then rejected. Can we please go back to simpler times?"

Many moms would say, yes, let's forget this trend altogether. Throwing your baby's first birthday party is an exciting time and while there's nothing wrong with going all out and making it a memorable occasion, you don't need an elaborate photo shoot of your baby smashing cake. The regular photos will be sweet and cute enough.

15 Communicating Without Using Words To Potty Train - Sorry, How?

Pursuit Of Research

Another parenting trend that celebrities have brought to the forefront is Elimination Communication. As High Style Life says, this is a new way to potty train kids: "It is about communicating to your baby in other ways that using words: facial expressions, body movements, practiced response… It may sound difficult at first, trying to communicate with your baby without using words, but once you master it, you will drastically reduce the amount of diapers you need. Gisele Bundchen says that she uses this method and that she finds it great."

Does this sound both confusing and hard to put into practice? Most moms would hear about this potty training method and think, "No way. Let's just stick with the regular process."

14 Giving Kids A Lot Of Money For Losing Teeth

Mead Family Dental

It's always exciting when you're a kid and you lose your first tooth. You think that the whole process is really cool, and you also can't wait for the tooth fairy to give you money. These days, parents are giving their kids quite a lot of cash for losing teeth.

As this writer for Today's Parent says, "My niece’s friend got $20 for a tooth last month. Um, no. The national average is still under $5, and it needs to stay that way."

That seems like a lot of money, doesn't it? Moms can agree that giving out $5 is more than enough.

13 Mom/Daughter Matching Outfits


There are many celebrity moms who like to dress in matching outfits with their daughters. Kim Kardashian West and North match sometimes.

This would be hard for regular moms to do and it seems like it would become pretty expensive. How would you even find matching outfits? Would you have to get them custom made? That would definitely be out of your budget. This also seems like a parenting trend that is primed for a photo op on social media, and a lot of moms would rather not post everything that they do. They are way too busy for that.

12 Toy And Product Subscriptions

First Aid For Life

Yahoo says that toy and product subscription services are becoming trendy. Like others of their kind, this means that you would sign up to receive products once a month for a fee.

This is way too much and seems expensive. While these services seem like a deal at first, if you sign up for enough of them, you'll be spending way more money than you planned to.

This is another thing that many moms wish wasn't a parenting trend. There is too much pressure to always sign up for the latest and best thing.

11 Half Birthday Parties Or Celebrations

Cakes Discovery Engine

Does your kid celebrate their half birthday? Probably not... and yet this is still a parenting trend.

Today's Parent says of this trend, "There was a time when half birthdays were only noted for kids who were born near a holiday—the idea being that that holiday unfairly overshadowed said child’s actual birthday. But, increasingly, half birthdays are being celebrated willy-nilly by any parent of any child born any time during the year. According to the Internet and Pinterest, this is a real thing."

It would be great if half birthdays weren't celebrated (and if there were no parties). Moms do an awesome job throwing their kids epic parties for their actual birthdays, right?

10 Gender Reveal Parties


Gender reveal parties have been a parenting trend for a while, and now the new parenting trend is not to throw them.

While not everyone wants to have these parties, many moms do want to. Many moms think that they're fun and still want to announce the gender of their baby this way. Sure, trends come and go and so many in the next year or so parents will want to have these get-togethers once again. In the meantime, if you want to throw a gender reveal party, there's no reason why you can't. It's still a cute and fun idea and it allows you to get creative.

9 Babymoons


According to Woman's World, babymoons have become a big parenting trend in the past few years and many couples plan them.

This is definitely something that many moms wish wasn't a parenting trend. Not every couple can afford a vacation, especially right before having a baby. This puts pressure on expecting couples and makes them feel like they have to go on a babymoon when maybe it's just not the right time to spend so much money. It's also possible that you're having a difficult pregnancy so travel is out of the question.

Maybe by 2020, these parenting trends won't be a thing anymore?

8 Kids (And Even Toddlers) Having Their Own iPads

Dad the Mom

In a Reddit thread about parenting trends that aren't so great, someone posted that this really bugs them: "iPads for toddlers."

In some families, every kid (including the toddlers) have their own iPads. That could mean that one family has as many as four or five iPads. That seems really excessive, right? If you want to let your kids play on the iPad sometimes, then sure, get an iPad. But it seems like enough to have one iPad for the whole family to share. More than that is just overkill and would also be too expensive for many families.

7 Saying No To High Chairs, Singing, And Battery-Operated Toys

According to Parenting.com, a new parenting trend is "RIE" which is a philosophy that stands for Resources for Infant Educations.

Celebrities love this trend (Jason Alexander and Tobey Maguire included) and as Parenting.com quotes, "The end result, advocates say, is not just more competent and self-aware children, but a more peaceful world."

This philosophy also means no high chairs, toys that are operated by batteries, and singing to and rocking babies. What?! This really doesn't seem like something that moms want to follow. Singing and rocking your baby is such a lovely bonding moment between the two of you, and not using high chairs doesn't make much sense.

6 Elephant Parenting


Elephant parenting is another fairly recent parenting trend. Have you heard of this before?

The Loop quotes Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar, who wrote about it for The Atlantic: “If you’re wondering what ‘elephant parent’ means, it’s the kind of parent who does the exact opposite of what the tiger mom, the ultra-strict disciplinarian, does." She says it's "parents who believe that they need to nurture, protect, and encourage their children, especially when they’re still impressionable and very, very young.”

It's easy to see that many moms would wish that this wasn't a parenting trend. Of course you want to love your children and support them, but this sounds like a bit too much, and it could be seen as coddling your children.

5 Lawnmower Parenting


Have you heard of Lawnmower Parenting? It's what it sounds like: according to Everyday Family, "According to the viral post that inspired the term, lawnmower parents are guilty of 'mowing down' any obstacles that their children may face so they never actually to encounter any adversity."

When it comes to parenting trends that moms wish didn't exist, this seems like another one of them. Every mom has encountered someone who has done the lawnmower parenting thing, even if they didn't have the exact word for it. You know the type: the mom who asks a teacher to change a bad grade or doesn't want their kid to ever not succeed. You don't want your kids to ever be sad, of course, but you know that tough times make a person strong.

4 Worrying About Serving Only Super Healthy, Organic Food

Parents Magazine

Every mom has to decide what kind of food they want to feed their family, but it's definitely true that in recent years, a big parenting trend has been feeding kids only organic and super healthy food.

It's easy to see that this is a parenting trend that moms wish would go away and never come back. This trend seems to exist only to make moms feel insecure and make them think that they aren't giving their kids enough healthy food. If they serve broccoli for dinner and it's not organic, it's like they have not done a good job as a parent. Of course that's not true at all, so that's the problem with this particular trend.

3 Birthday Parties That Have Scavenger Hunts


According to Red Tricycle, birthday parties that include scavenger hunts have become a big thing.

Do moms really want to set these up? The answer is probably "no way." This would be a lot of work for a mom to produce and plan. Moms already do so much for their child's birthday party: ordering the cake, putting out healthy and fun snacks, ordering pizza or making lunch, and putting together loot bags. That's not even mentioning finding a theme and decorating the house or backyard to match. Why make the birthday party even more difficult, complicated, and exhausting? A regular party will be fun and a scavenger hunt doesn't seem totally necessary.

2 Having Elf On The Shelf At Christmas


By now, everyone knows about Elf on the Shelf, the very popular toy elf who you can put anywhere in your house. The idea is that this elf watches over your children and lets Santa know whether they are naughty or nice. These elves seemed to be everywhere this past holiday season.

Honestly, a lot of people find this odd and don't like the idea of telling your kids that someone is watching. For many moms, this is a parenting trend that they wish wasn't so popular, and they would rather focus on other Christmas traditions and forget about this toy altogether.

1 Hippie Parents


Another recent parenting trend seems to be all about hippie parents. As Baby Gizmo says, "Trends such as allowing kids to make all their own 'decisions,' and never telling them no because it will harm their self-esteem (or something like that)."

While it's awesome to give your kids the confidence to tell you what they want and don't want to do, at the same time, you're the mom. You have to be the authority figure sometimes and that's just the way that it is. It's not possible for every mom to follow this parenting trend and let their kids decide everything that is going on. And always saying yes to your kids is not only realistic but it's not a good idea.

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