20 Things Delivery Nurses Do That Make The Hospital Stay Uncomfortable

No one ever said that delivering a baby was easy, there are so many factors that make it one of the hardest things a woman will ever do in her life. If a woman is having her first baby, then it is bound to be long, painful, and very uncomfortable. One of the things that makes it slightly better is that mom-to-be is in a hospital.

A lot of people feel comfort during childbirth when they are in the hospital. They have medical professionals all around them, they are right where they need to be if there was ever an emergency and they have all the pain meds someone can handle. The doctors and nurses are there to watch mom and her baby and make sure everything is going well.

It is well known that nurses tend to be more involved in childbirth than the actual doctor. They are the ones that are always there, and a mom-to-be may not even see her doctor until it is finally time for the baby to make their grand appearance. Since mom sees the nurses so much, it is only normal to expect some uncomfortable and even embarrassing moments. After all, not much about childbirth is pleasant.

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20 'I’m Going To Get A Mirror'


Imagine this scenario, mom has been in labor for hours (maybe even days) and she is about to start pushing. Pushing can be one of the hardest parts when it comes to delivering a baby and it is around this point that mom doesn’t really look her best. So, we can imagine her shock when the nurse says she is going to get a mirror.

Mom-to-be may be thinking that she doesn’t really care how her hair or makeup looks at this moment, so why should she need a mirror? Well, the nurse is likely bringing a mirror over so that mom can watch the moment her baby crowns or even exits. It is a sweet gesture, but it can sure leave an uncomfortable feeling in the room.

19 No Bathroom Privacy


Nurses want to know everything, they want to know all the details about what is going on with mom and her body. They have good reason to want to know, they are only trying to make sure that mom and baby are fine, but it can get pretty awkward. Going to the lady’s room when you are delivering a baby can be a group activity and your company may be the nurse. If you have not had an epidural yet, they may follow you into the washroom to make sure you are okay.

If you get an epidural, then you will likely have a catheter in until that baby comes out. Once the baby and catheter are removed, the nurse is going to keep a close eye on you when you use the washroom. They want to make sure you are not dehydrated, and they want to make sure you are stable enough on your feet.

18 Awkward Body Guard


Things can get pretty messy in the delivery room and it is a time when not a lot of women look their best, so it is often not the time that she wants a lot of visitors. Family and friends are always excited when a new baby is about to enter the world and sometimes, they ignore the pleas of mom to not come until she is ready. This is one example of when your nurse can be your best friend.

Nurses are great at acting like a bodyguard and they can help you rid your room of any unwanted visitors that may not be getting the hint. While this is a great service, it can be pretty uncomfortable especially when there are follow-up conversations about it later with the snubbed family members.

17 Always Looking


If you have any guilt left, then you have either never had a child or have not delivered yours yet. All sense of modesty will completely go out the window when you deliver a baby. The nurses will always be looking at you, and not at your face. They will constantly be checking to make sure everything is fine, and sometimes they may call someone else in to have a look, too. Can you say awkward?

The good news is, this moment of discomfort will likely not come into effect until after you have had the baby. While you are in labor, you will likely not care where they are looking and for how long. It will be after when everything is settled you will realize just how much of you was on display.

16 Cleaning Up Is Never Fun


This is going to cover the most dreaded part of childbirth and that is the fear of letting it all go on the delivery table. It happens, and it happens often. The reason it happens is because you use the same muscles when you push a baby out. It is actually seen as a good sign by the nurse because it tells them you are pushing correctly.

The good news is that a mom doesn’t usually realize she has done it unless someone tells her. The nurse quickly cleans it up and everyone moves on. It is still uncomfortable. In a moment of full disclosure, my second labor involved this situation, and my husband told me. If he had not told me, I would have never known, but I still felt really uncomfortable looking my nurse in the eye after that.

15 The Bear Hug For An Epidural


An epidural may just be the best invention ever made, and any laboring woman who has had one that worked will agree. An epidural is a great way for a laboring mom to catch a break during childbirth. A moment when she can relax for a bit before she has to start pushing, which is a lot of work. However, getting an epidural is no easy task.

A woman has to stay completely still while it is being inserted. The nurse may offer some help with this. They will have a woman bend over and will envelop her in a big bear hug to help her stay still. If this is a woman who has a very sensitive sense of personal space, she may find this extremely uncomfortable.

14 Very Touchy-Feely!


This one is going to be a big problem for anyone who has issues with being touched by people they don’t know. Nurses may be great and nice and friendly, but they are essentially strangers to you. When you have a nurse, they will be constantly touching you. They will be performing the checks they need to in order to check your progression.

They may also just place a reassuring hand on your shoulder or hold your hand when you are pushing. While these are nice gestures, they can make some women uncomfortable if they don’t like to be touched. Of course, you always have the right to tell them not to touch you but that is bound to make it all kinds of awkward.

13 Reacting To Noises


Nurses may be professionals, but they are human too and sometimes they may make a slip that could make the whole room uncomfortable. When a woman gets an epidural, that means that the lower part of her body is essentially frozen. She has very little control about what is going on down there. This means that certain bodily functions may slip out.

It is very important that in these moments, the nurses remain ultra-professional, but they are human, and they may let their face slip to indicate that they found it humorous or slightly gross. If mom-to-be sees this, it is a very uncomfortable situation.

12 When They Dare Tell You To Be Quiet!


A lot of women are loud when they are in labor. In fact, I don’t know of any woman who was able to make it through childbirth without making a sound, though I know they are out there. Some even say that making noise during childbirth may actually help the process along. I am not quiet when I am delivering a baby, and something stands out from my latest delivery that was very uncomfortable.

The nurses tried to encourage me to be quiet. They would say that the baby needs to come into a world that is full of peace and not screaming. If I wasn’t in so much pain, there may have been some words spoken. Comments like this, that are said with the best intentions, can make the air of the room very tense.

11 When They Explain How To Push


If it is a first-time mom giving birth than this is all going to be new to her. She has no idea what she is doing and while our bodies do a lot of the work for us, we need to know how to help it along a little bit. This is where the nurse comes in, as they try and explain how things work and what mom can do to help her body along.

They may come in and tell mom-to-be how to push and this is a conversation that can be really uncomfortable. The nurse is going to say that mom needs to push exactly like she would if she was going to the bathroom. Generally, we don’t like talking about anything to do with the bathroom, so this is bound to be an awkward and tense conversation.

10 Getting Poked All The Time


A lot of women need an IV during childbirth and it is for numerous reasons. The main reason a woman would get an epidural is if she was getting dehydrated. An IV ensures that mom is getting enough fluid, and this is especially helpful if she is getting an epidural. IV’s can also carry fluids to a mom who may need some help progressing labor along.

An IV is never comfortable, and a nurse coming in to put in an IV is bound to make things a bit uncomfortable. This is especially true if they have a hard time finding a vein and they end up poking mom more than one time.

9 Uncomfortable Questions


Be ready to answer some questions when you are in labor and they are not going to be comfortable questions. Again, we know that these questions are important, and we understand why they are asked, but it doesn’t make it any easier. The nurse is going to want to know about your amniotic fluid (if your water broke), she may ask about your mucous plug, and she may even want to know about your bowel movements.

These are all important to her to know how the labor is progressing and how your body is handling it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to talk about without turning 50 shades of red when asked.

8 Keep Waking You Up!


Depending on when you go into labor, you could be there throughout the night. If you are in early labor, or have gotten an epidural, there may even be a chance to take a little nap while you wait for the time to push. However, if the nurse has anything to say about it there won’t be any sleeping going on.

They will be coming in to check on you about every hour, and some of these (if not all) will include cervical checks. These checks are impossible for anyone to sleep through so no one will be getting any rest anytime soon which will not make anyone very happy at all.

7 There's Something About Those Gloves!


Hospitals and any medical building tend to make a lot of people uncomfortable in general. They don’t like the smell, the beeping noises that come from every room and the sight of a doctor is enough to make them want to faint. For some reason, the sound of a nurse putting on a pair of plastic gloves can be enough to make anyone squirm.

This seemingly simple act can make a comfortable room very tense in a matter of minutes. This is probably because we know that when those gloves go on, there is going to be some kind of test or uncomfortable assessment about to take place.

6 Bring In The Peanut Gallery


Nurses only get to become nurses by going to school and learning. Part of the learning is some practical work in the field. They will follow and shadow other nurses while working in order to learn how to work in the field. This is great for them, but it can make a mom in labor a little uncomfortable.

A woman already feels incredibly vulnerable when she is in labor and that is only made worse when she is asked if she minds having a room full of people come in so that they can “learn.” Now, every woman has the right to say no and refuse all the onlookers, but then she may feel a bit uncomfortable. It really is a lose-lose situation.

5 Time To Check!


One of the biggest reasons for having a baby in the hospital is that mom can be constantly monitored to make sure that everything is progressing the way it should be. Part of this monitoring is cervical checks. That is when a nurse will come in periodically and check a woman’s cervix to see how she is dilating. These checks can be important to make sure that the labor is progressing as it should and that nothing is stalling it.

This may be the most uncomfortable situation between a woman and her nurse in the hospital. Not only is the moment uncomfortable but it will happen often during the time a woman is in labor. She may start to groan every time the nurse comes into the room.

4 Foreign Language


Nurses live in a medical world, and a medical world has a wide array of terminology. Most of what they talk about has to do with the human body, so they become used to talking about different aspects of childbirth. A woman giving birth is not used to talking about her body and certain things it is doing (or not doing).

A nurse becomes desensitized to the language of the delivery room and will stop noticing that talking about bodily functions and parts can make the atmosphere in the room a little awkward. If it is enough to make a woman who is delivering blush, we can only imagine what it is doing to dad-to-be who is just a bystander.

3 One Awkward Nurse


When surfing the internet for all types of information and inspiration it is easy to come across some real-life stories of very uncomfortable and awkward moments with nurses. There are a lot out there and they just don’t seem real. One moment I came across involved a moment with a nurse after the baby was born.

This woman who had just given birth was approached by her maternity nurse who stated that her younger brother (who was earlier holding her baby) was really cute. Not only was that her husband, and not her brother, her husband was much older than she was. Since she had just given birth, she knew she didn’t look that good, but she never thought she looked that bad.

2 Bringing In The Gown


Luckily, there is a solution to this uncomfortable situation. There are very few things in the world that are more uncomfortable than a hospital gown. The gown feels like it is made of paper, and it leaves very little to the imagination. Every time the nurse brings one of those out the whole atmosphere just gets a little more uncomfortable.

The solution to this problem is that mom-to-be can buy a gown from a retailer that is specifically made for us during childbirth at a hospital. They claim to be much more comfortable while still be accessible for the hospital staff. The only problem is that they are usually not cheap, and not all hospitals will let mom wear one of these.

1 Talk About Anything Else!


One of the biggest things that nurses do that can make the delivery room uncomfortable is they can just talk about anything other than what is going on. I know this is confusing but let me explain. When a woman is in labor, nothing else in the world matters. There are no other issues going on and we are sure that the world outside doesn’t even exist anymore.

So, when a nurse chats to her colleagues or your birthing partner about the weather, what movie they are going to see when their shift ends or what they ate for lunch, it is pretty uncomfortable for mom. She wants the room to focus on her, as it should.

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