20Know If You Qualify As High-Risk

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A high-risk pregnancy refers to a pregnancy in which there is an increased chance that you or the baby may suffer health complications, thus putting the pregnancy as risk. Though the term sounds scary, it’s just a way for doctors to identify that you might need special attention or carry

during the pregnancy.

There are various factors that put you had a higher chance of having a high-risk pregnancy. If you suffer from health problems such as kidney disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer, it puts you at a higher risk. Drinking, smoking, or abusing illegal substances, even in the past, may also contribute.

Doctors will likely deem you a high-risk pregnancy if you’ve had fertility or pregnancy complications in the past, such as multiple miscarriages, pre-eclampsia, or pre-term labour, or if your baby has a genetic condition. Being under the age of 17 or older that 35 can also increase the risk of pregnancy complications.

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