20 Things Farrah Abraham Did On 16 And Pregnant (That Other Moms Just Wouldn’t Do)

Nowadays, Farrah Abraham is known for her stints on reality TV, ventures into the adult industry, and her entrepreneurial mishaps. And, of course, we can’t forget about all the reasons she’s made headlines in the past decade, from boyfriend drama to feuds with fellow celebs! It’s safe to say that Farrah is known for a lot, both bad and good. But we have a feeling many fans forget Farrah had a humble beginning as a teen mom on MTV’s docu-series 16 & Pregnant.

Farrah was a fresh-faced teen when she appeared on the first episode of the first season of the hit show. The episode documented the teen’s journey being pregnant during high school, including her tumultuous relationship with her mom and confusing relationship with her daughter’s father. It showed her giving birth to her only daughter Sophia and the struggles she faced caring for a newborn while still a teen herself.

If anything is certain it’s that Farrah has sure changed in the past 10 years since her episode aired, whether it be her cosmetic enhancements or headline-making career moments. Still, if you re-watch her old episode, it’s easy to see the celeb had the same bold, dramatic personality then as she does now- we guess some things never change! Keep reading to discover 20 things that were documented on Farrah’s 16 & Pregnant episode that might be surprising (and that we’re sure the other teen moms didn’t have to deal with).

20 She Crashed Her Car

Even before she was a household name, Farrah had a lot of drama happening in her life, which is probably why she was picked up for a reality TV show in the first place. Within the first few minutes of her 16 & Pregnant episode, Farrah revealed that she crashed her car before filming, meaning she’s had to rely on her family members to drive her around.

Despite being pregnant, it didn’t seem like the teen slowed down her schedule, as the cameras showed her being driven everywhere from a party with friends to her cheerleading practice. We wonder when she had time to fit in her OBGYN appointment!

19 She Took Online College Classes

When the gossip from her fellow classmates became too much, Farrah and her parents made the decision to switch her to community college to finish her high school diploma. Casual, right?

Nowadays, Farrah rarely strikes anyone as book smart. But the teen clearly must’ve had decent grades in order for her to finish her diploma online and at a college level, no less.

When the college advisor warned Farrah having a baby and taking online classes might be too much to manage, the star was quick to let him know she could do it. Farrah’s stubbornness may usually get her in trouble, but this was one instance where it actually served her well.

18 She Broke Up With Her Baby Daddy Prior To Filming

Many of the girls featured on 16 & Pregnant were eager to show off their young romances with the father of their baby… but Farrah wasn’t one of them. Unlike most of her co-stars, the teen called off her relationship with her high school boyfriend, Derek Underwood, telling cameras that he was too “immature” and “jealous” to handle her pregnancy.

It has remained unclear whether she broke up with Derek before or after she found out she was pregnant. And, while her ex is never shown on camera, one scene did show Derek trying to reconcile with Farrah over the phone prior to the birth of their daughter, but Farrah wasn’t interested in meeting face-to-face.

17 She Didn’t Want Him To Know She Was Pregnant

Most girls tell their boyfriends first if they discover they’re pregnant, but not Farrah. It appeared during her episode that she was actually trying to hide the baby news from her ex.

In one scene, the reality star revealed she’d only told her parents and two close friends about her pregnancy, but word eventually spread to her entire school. Her ex eventually heard and began texting her demanding to know if she really was pregnant.

The camera then focuses on Farrah who implies that she never wanted him to find out- at least not this way. The young mom-to-be then becomes focused on discovering which one of her friends let the cat out of the bag.

16 She Never Discussed His Accident

Heartbreak hit Farrah’s life right before she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia, but many fans are still surprised that the reality star chose not to speak about it on camera during her 16 & Pregnant episode.

We now know that Farrah’s baby's daddy, Derek, unfortunately, passed away in a car accident only weeks prior to his daughter’s birth. Farrah was portrayed as wanting nothing to do with her ex on the episode. So, when he passed during filming, Farrah and her family made the decision not to mention the incident at all.

Viewers were left to believe Derek had been shut out of the pregnancy completely and it wasn’t until Teen Mom’s first season that the sad truth was revealed.

15 She Considered Adoption

Many of the 16 & Pregnant girls made it clear from the beginning that they planned on keeping their baby. But one scene from Farrah’s episode showed the teen was still considering all of her options.

During a discussion with her parents, Farrah’s mom Deb encouraged her to think of adoption, warning her she wasn’t aware of how exhausting parenthood was going to be. In true Farrah fashion, the teen shut down her parent’s suggestion by saying it can’t be that hard as long as you have everything figured out. In another scene, Farrah nonchalantly said, “We’re keeping it” in response to her mom asking if she’s made a decision.

Since the airing of her episode, Farrah has also revealed her mother encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy at one point.

14 She Worried The Baby Bump Would Impact School Photos

While many of the teen moms on 16 & Pregnant were shown to be concerned over finances or where they’ll live once they become moms, Farrah had other worries on her mind. Specifically, she was concerned about how long it would take her to shed the pregnancy pounds.

In a scene where she was roughly 6 months along, Farrah asks her mom how long it will take for her body to go back to normal post-baby because she had her senior photos to think about. “1 month?” she asked her confused mother, who responded by saying it could take a lot longer than that. “Well, we shall see,” Farrah replied, clearly unimpressed with the answer.

13 She Ditched Her Friend Group

Thanks to her diva-ish personality, Farrah has never struck anyone as the easiest person to get along with. So it should come as no surprise that she was having friend drama even way back in the day.

On her episode, Farrah went so far as to ditch her friend group, despite going through a time where she probably needed all the love and support as possible. Farrah was upset at her friends after her bestie Zabrina let the news leak that she was pregnant. When she felt that the cheerleading team wasn’t treating her the same, she caused a big scene by letting them know she was done with them.

Farrah ended the scene by storming out of the pizza parlor they were all hanging out in. Little did she know such dramatic antics were laying the foundation for a decade-long reality TV career.

12 She Had An Interesting Reason Not To Breastfeed

It’s no secret that Farrah loves her looks- just search a before and after photo of her nowadays and you’ll get what we mean. And the star was the same even when she was a teenager.

We’ve already established how body-conscious the teen was feeling about all the changes that were happening to her during the pregnancy. But she was also concerned how being a mom would affect her figure post-baby. In one scene with her doctor, Farrah inquires into whether breastfeeding would leave her chest saggy or not, revealing this was the reason she wanted to use formula pronto.

While the doctor said that pregnancy not simply breastfeeding is what can change the shape of your chest, Farrah looked unconvinced. Perhaps that’s why she got a chest enhancement only a few short years later!

11 She Had A Regular Part-Time Job

It’s hard to imagine the Farrah we know today ever having a normal teenage job. But the star was shown to be pretty normal during her 16 & Pregnant episode, as she even had an after-school job in addition to being a cheerleader and getting good grades.

Farrah was evidently still working up until she was 6 months pregnant, as several scenes showed the teen working hard at her office job, though it was unclear what her official title actually was. Towards the end of her episode, it was also said Farrah would be going back to work once the baby was a bit older.

Though we know Farrah never went back to work (she signed on for the first season of Teen Mom instead), she was only one of few 16 & Pregnant girls who had a part-time job while the show was filming.

10 She Was Still Dating At 6 Months Pregnant

Just because she was pregnant and recently got out of a relationship didn’t stop Farrah from having an active love life on her episode. While she was only a few months away from her due date, the teen agreed to go on a date with her co-worker, Roberto (though she says she wasn’t looking for anything serious).

What makes this more interesting is that, earlier in her episode, this was the guy who her ex Derek accused her of getting too close with. He demanded to know if Roberto was going to a Haunted House with Farrah and her friends, to which the pregnant teen responded by saying he was just jealous and immature.

Considering Farrah ends up dating this guy, it doesn’t seem like Derek was overreacting. All Farrah’s parents had to say was to remind her date that she was 6 months pregnant… as if her belly didn’t give it away!

9 She Got Stood Up

Despite her resolve not to let her love life be affected by her pregnancy, Farrah hit a roadblock when the guy she was romancing decided to stand her up before their date.

It was implied that Farrah had been getting flirty was Roberto (who was never seen on camera) for some time, especially since her baby daddy was concerned about him. However, this didn’t stop the flirtatious co-worker from bailing on their plans for getting ice cream hours before they were supposed to meet up.

Farrah received a text while she was out to dinner with her parents that let her know the date was off, even though she was going to leave dinner early to meet up with him. The teen’s parents weren’t too disappointed, though, as they reminded her she had bigger things to worry about than a guying ditching her.

8 She Continued To Cheerlead

Despite all the drama she was facing at school, Farrah continued to cheerlead well into her pregnancy.

The celeb’s 16 & Pregnant episode opens with shots of her participating in a cheer in her full uniform and also working out with her team during practices (yep- she was still lifting weights 6 months into her pregnancy!).

Not every teen has the opportunity to continue with their normal extracurricular activities upon finding out they’re pregnant. So it’s great for Farrah that she got to experience this little slice of normalcy despite the fact that her situation was anything but common.

7 She Bossed The Doctor Around

Farrah has gotten herself a reputation for being slightly bossy in the entertainment industry, so it’s really not surprising that she was a bit caddy to the doctor delivering her daughter.

During her labor scene, the doctor is shown holding newborn baby Sophia and about to place her into her mother’s arms. “What do you think?” The doctor asks Farrah, showing her Sophia for the first time. Rather than extending her arms to hold her daughter, Farrah has a different response. “She has something on her face, so you might want to get that off,” the new mom tells the doctor, referring to some gunk still left on the baby.

Yep, only a diva like Farrah would ask a doctor to clean off her new baby before holding the baby herself!

6 She Didn’t Invite Derek’s Family To The Delivery

Although it’s been established that Farrah didn’t want much to do with her baby daddy during her pregnancy, many fans are still surprised that she didn’t invite his family to meet baby Sophia in the hospital (at least not on camera, that is).

The teen had everyone from her grandparents to childhood friends visit her in the hospital after giving birth… everyone except her daughter’s paternal grandparents and extended family.

Given the tragedy the Underwood’s were dealing with behind-the-scenes, it’s hard to know what the reasoning behind this decision was. In the later seasons of Teen Mom, Farrah has made it clear she makes an effort to have Sophia’s paternal grandparents involved in her life, which is in stark contrast to her 16 & Pregnant episode.

5 She Left The New Baby Alone On A Table

Being a new mom has its learning curve, and evidently, Farrah was still getting the hang of things when she left Sophia unattended on the dining room table.

The young mom had to grab something while changing the infant’s diaper, but rather than carry the baby with her, she just left her lying on top of the table. This is clearly a safety risk because it’s easy for babies to roll over and accidentally fall.

Farrah’s grandfather, who had been present, called her out on it. “Farrah you’re going to have to watch her because when she gets a little bit older and starts growing you can’t leave her alone like that,” he warned her. Farrah replied in agreement, “It’s probably not a good idea.” Hopefully, this was a one-time mistake!

4 She Hated That Everything Was About Sophia

It’s clear that Farrah loves being the center of attention… but no one expected the new mom of feeling like her infant daughter stole her spotlight.

When Sophia was only 3 days old, the reality star complained to the cameras about how much work and attention a new baby requires. “The past 3 days have been all about Sophia,” Farrah whined. “I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to get any sleep at all.”

The teen mom was clearly burnt out from being up with a newborn all night and finally admitted her mom may have been right in saying that having a baby is more exhausting than she was expecting.

3 She Was Mad Her Mom Didn’t Care For The Baby At Night

Farrah clearly didn’t expect the amount of work that goes into caring for a newborn. Later in her 16 & Pregnant episode, the teen expressed how frustrated she was that she had no help during the night… just moments after she’d called her mom a “control freak” for offering too much advice and help.

Specifically, she was upset because her mom wasn’t able to stay up with Sophia during the night- it was unclear if Deb had to work or was going out with friends. Either way, Farrah was unimpressed she was being left to do the brunt of the child-rearing.

“When the sun goes down, she disappears and it’s all me taking care of Sophia,” Farrah told the cameras, making it seem like she was just as responsible for the new baby as she was. In another scene, Deb says she won’t stay up at night with the baby because she needs her own rest.

2 She Threw A Tantrum While Buying A New Car

Farrah’s biggest priority after giving birth was getting a new car. She felt that her parents were controlling her and she had no freedom since she had no way to get around on her own. Though her mom told her they should wait until Farrah starts working again, she eventually gave in and took her daughter car shopping.

However, it was Farrah’s attitude during the shopping trip that left many viewers unimpressed. While driving to a car lot, Farrah got frustrated with her mom and proceeded to call her a variety of names and freak out all on camera. “I’ve had enough of your belligerent, anti-Christ attitude,” Deb yells at Farrah, all while still driving.

For those who know a thing or two about Deb and Farrah’s relationship, this isn’t out of the ordinary. But many fans were shocked at the lack of respect Farrah had for her mom, particularly because all of this happened while they were going to buy Farrah a new car.

1 Her Grandparents Intervened After Fighting With Her Mom

Well, this is a family feud if we ever did see one!

The on-screen fight between Farrah and her mom Deb escalated when the teen demanded her mother pull the car over. Farrah then got on her phone and called her grandma, who she asked to come pick her up because she didn’t want to ride in the car anymore with her own mom.

The dramatic scene ends with Farrah storming out of the car and waiting on the curb until her grandparents pick her up (they’d been watching Sophia this entire time). Interestingly, her grandparents appear to side with her, agreeing that her mother has control issues. Farrah eventually goes back to the car dealership with her grandfather to pick out her new ride.

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