20 Things Farrah Abraham Did On 'Teen Mom' (That Other Moms Just Wouldn't Do)

If we've seen Teen Mom, then we know Farrah Abraham and we're familiar with her story (and the behavior that people talk about when they reference her). Farrah had her daughter, Sophia, at the age of sixteen, and appeared in one episode of MTV's 16 and Pregnant before joining the spin-off, Teen Mom, and then Teen Mom OG. Since then, Farrah has written a book, released an album, and appeared on a few other reality series such as Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach. She has also had different businesses over the years, such as a frozen yogurt and furniture store (which are now both closed).

There are certain celebrities who always seem to be surrounded by drama, and that definitely applies to Farrah. She may not be on the show anymore (and had quite the exit) but fans of Teen Mom will never forget her dramatic behavior, conversations, and emotions. It was hard to ignore her time on the show, that's for sure.

All moms raise their children the way that they see fit... but there are many things that Farrah has done that are honestly pretty out there. Here are 20 things that Farrah Abraham did on Teen Mom that other moms just wouldn't do.

20 She Put Baby Sophia In Her Apartment Complex Hallway

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According to Ranker, there is an early episode of Teen Mom when Farrah put Sophia in the hallway of her apartment. This was back when Sophia was a baby. The website explains, "However, Abraham lost some sympathy with fans upon moving into her new home. She set her baby daughter, Sophia, in the hallway of her new apartment complex before going in to unpack, shutting the door behind her."

This isn't something that other moms would do since you would, of course, bring your baby with you wherever you were going. If you were moving to a new house or apartment, you would carry your baby with you and hold her while unpacking or setting things up.

19 Farrah Got Her Daughter A Pony (And No Mom Would Actually Do This)

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It's become almost a cliche at this point that little kids want a pony. People will joke about their childhood birthday or Christmas wish lists and will say that they never got that pony that they were dreaming of.

No mom would actually get their daughter a pony. It's totally unrealistic and it's more of a dream than a reality. But Farrah actually got Sophia a pony, which is something that has been mentioned in many episodes of Teen Mom. According to Cafe Mom, many have been "up in arms over the fact that Farrah bought her daughter a pony."

18 Farrah Has No Clothing Rules For Sophia (Who Also Has Her Own Social Media)

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Moms know that if they let their kids dress themselves, they will put together lots of clothing that don't really look great together. Did they really want to wear three t-shirts and two dresses?! Of course, you want your kids to have some autonomy, but as their mom, you're going to decide what clothing is appropriate at what age.

C. Sheet says that Farrah has no clothing rules for Sophia and that she has her own social media accounts, too: "Sophia is allowed to do anything she wants. This includes social media, where the 9 year old child is active." Many moms would say that is too young to have social media accounts.

17 Some People Say Farrah Had Sophia See Her Late Father's Grave Too Many Times

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It's super sad that Sophia's dad, Derek, passed away and that Sophia never got to meet him. According to The Hollywood Gossip,  "Farrah Abraham frequently took Sophia to visit the grave of Derek Underwood, Sophia's father, at a very young age. This is nice on the surface, but critics say she has too frequently milked it for attention and continues to paper over facts surrounding her late boyfriend..."

It seems like it would be hard for Sophia to continually visit Derek's grave, especially since she's too young to really understand. It does seem like too much, and maybe other moms would wait until she was a bit older.

16 Farrah Is So Against Her Mom Getting Married That Sophia Has Heard Her Talk About It And Is Copying Her

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Teen Mom Talk Now mentions a scene on Teen Mom when Sophia is a bad mood when Farrah, Sophia, and Debra go out to a restaurant. Sophia sounds very grown-up, saying "Oh my god, I can't believe you" and getting really upset.

Since Farrah is so against her mom getting married, Sophia has totally picked up on this behavior and is copying her. The fact that Farrah is so open about her feelings about this event isn't something that other moms would do. Moms would be careful not to talk about subjects like this in front of their kids because they know that kids are always listening.

15 Farrah Actually Said Sophia Is Stupid On The Show

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Cafe Mom mentions something that Farrah said on Teen Mom that honestly makes us do a double take: she said, "Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It's not my issue right now."

Other moms wouldn't call their kid stupid. It's really hard to imagine any mom saying this to their child. For one thing, you want to teach your kids manners and it's important that they learn to be polite to everyone. For another, you don't want them to use the word "stupid." And, of course, there's the fact that calling your kid stupid is simply a mean thing to do and you really wouldn't want to.

14 She Was Okay With Six-Year-Old Sophia Still Having Her Pacifier

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Cafe Mom says that six-year-old Sophia still had her pacifier, which is definitely very late.

It doesn't seem like other moms would feel this way and be as okay with this as Farrah was. According to Parents.com, "Experts agree that pacifiers are entirely appropriate for soothing Baby. Still, pediatric dentists recommend limiting pacifier time once a child is 2 and eliminating it by age 4 to avoid dental problems."

It seems that most moms would agree that four is definitely the maximum age to use a pacifier, so it's no wonder that Sophia using one at six raised some eyebrows.

13 When Farrah Had Sophia, She Really Wanted To Date (And New Moms Would Be Focused On Raising Their Baby For A Bit Of Time)

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In season one of Teen Mom, Farrah really wanted to date again, even though she had just had Sophia and many people would say that was too soon.

This isn't something that other moms would do. New moms are totally focused on raising their baby, and it's so special to have a newborn and have that time together that they don't really want to think about anything else. (And it's a very tiring time, of course, so that plays into it as well.) It seems like solo moms would definitely wait a bit before thinking about dating again... especially since it can be tricky.

12 Farrah Is Annoyed With Living At Home After Having Her Baby

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In the early days of Teen Mom, it was impossible for fans to miss the fact that Sophia didn't want to live at home. She was annoyed that she was living at home after having her baby.

This is tough to understand because she was a teen mom. It makes total sense that she would live at home while raising her baby and figuring out her future. No other mom in that situation would complain that her parents were helping them out. Sure, there would be some tough times and there would be a lot of tensions running high and maybe some arguments, but still.

11 She Wants To Live In L.A... And Moms Wouldn't Want To Uproot Their Children

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According to Wetpaint, Farrah wanted to move to L.A., and this is something that was part of some episodes of Teen Mom OG.

When we watched the show, we saw Farrah living in a house in Austin, which she sold in 2017. She had been talking about moving to L.A. and we saw her looking at houses.

A lot of other moms wouldn't want to uproot their child and move them away from their house and school. Kids get really used to routines and moms want to keep those things the same. Sophia is definitely old enough to have friends and a whole routine down pat.

10 Farrah Gets Into It With Her Mom In Front Of Sophia (And That's Sophia's Grandma, So It Seems Weird)

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Farrah is perhaps the most famous for having words with her mom, Debra, pretty much any moment that cameras are rolling on Teen Mom. The two are always exchanging words that would honestly forever change a lot of mother/daughter relationships, and it seems like there is no end to the arguments.

The fact that Farrah argues with her mom in front of her daughter is something that other moms just wouldn't do. After all, that is Sophia's grandma, and it seems like moms would want to keep the peace and have a more harmonious family environment. It's definitely best to have any serious discussions away from the kids.

9 Farrah Totally Insisted That Her Boyfriend Simon And Sophia Got Along

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According to Cafe Mom, "Farrah pushed Sophia into bonding with her boyfriend, Simon, way too quickly, and before Sophia was comfortable. Even Simon said it was too much too fast, but did Farrah listen? You can probably guess the answer to that one."

It's strange that Farrah insisted that Simon and Sophia get along. Other moms wouldn't do this because they would realize that it's really tough to introduce your new partner to your kid. That takes a lot of consideration and it might not be the right time for a while. You want to make sure that everyone is really comfortable.

8 Farrah Literally Put Makeup On Sophia

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, "Controversy regarding Sophia's 'decision' to wear makeup at school arose during the most recent season of Teen Mom, with Farrah later defending herself - sorry, her daughter - with a Twitter post reading, “Don't [h---] on #Hair #Makeup @MTV So cute.'"

Farrah has not only been okay with Sophia wearing makeup but she has literally put makeup on Sophia (as we can see in this photo).

Other moms wouldn't do this since many can agree that Sophia is too little to wear makeup. Some moms would even say that pre-teens are too young to wear makeup, and Sophia isn't even that old yet.

7 In An Early Episode, Farrah Tells Crying Baby Sophia To, Well, Stop Crying

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Parenting.com says there was an episode when Farrah told baby Sophia to stop crying: the website explains, "Farrah rushed to get a jar of baby food, but when she offered a spoon of peas, Sophia turned her head and screamed more."

The website says that Farrah "responded by telling her to stop crying and that she wasn’t going to respond to her behavior. It was kind of snarky and like she was talking to an adult who got it. Next, she turned the light off, left the baby crying in the room, on the floor, and walked away."

It's hard to picture moms telling their babies to stop crying. This is simply a normal thing that babies do.

6 Farrah Actually Says That Sophia Is Selfish While Filming The Show, And No Mom Would Use This Word

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We know that Farrah called Sophia "stupid" in one episode of Teen Mom, and as it turns out, she has used another mean word for her daughter. She has also called her "selfish." We can agree that moms wouldn't use this word, either, and that this is an even worse thing to call your child.

According to Cafe Mom, "In a recent Teen Mom OG promo, Farrah called Sophia 'selfish' and said that she was being immature, which ... is kind of what it means to be a kid."

These moments are definitely hard to watch and it's hard to understand why she's using this language.

5 Farrah Waxed Sophia's Unibrow When She Was Only A Toddler

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Cafe Mom also mentions that when Sophia was a toddler, Farrah waxed her unibrow.

Other moms would not only say no to putting makeup on their daughter or letting them have social media accounts but they would also say no to using tweezers on their eyebrows (or a unibrow). Honestly, this doesn't make any sense at all. Toddlers are too little to have their eyebrows plucked, aren't they? Why was this necessary? Couldn't this have waited until Sophia was a pre-teen at least?

According to Cafe Mom, Farrah wrote about this moment: "So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable, most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow :( , I felt bad for her, and I started asking friends ... is this hair just going to fall out ... is it just hormones at this age?"

4 Farrah Seems To Have Gotten Her Mom Arrested

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According to Fame 10, Farrah seems to have gotten Debra arrested. The website explains, "Farrah’s relationship with her mother has been a consistent source of drama through all seasons of the show, beginning with their episode of 16 and Pregnant." The website continues, "While the actual [incident] was not on television, Farrah did talk about the incident in subsequent episodes."

Moms wouldn't do this since it would be upsetting for their kids and would bring too much drama and negativity to the family environment. This is a pretty extreme situation and it doesn't seem like other families would let things get to that point.

3 Farrah Was Kicked Out Of A Party And Was Upset (And No Mom Would Behave That Way)

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According to Wetpaint, Farrah was kicked out of a party, and she was really upset. The publication quoted her as saying to Heather, one of the producers, and Debra, “It’s because I’m part of the Teen Mom cast. It’s about the mom controversial stuff. I gave Sophia $600 for losing a tooth.”

It's hard to see other moms behaving this way. When you become a mom, you know that your life is changed forever and you wouldn't honestly expect to go to as many parties or social events as you used to go to. Would you care about not going to one party? Not really.

2 Fans Of The Show Say That Farrah Is Mean In General, And It Seems Like Other Moms Make More Of An Effort To Be Polite

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When people talk about Farrah, they talk about her behavior, and there's a Reddit thread called "Why is Farrah so mean?" Fans have definitely noticed that she can be pretty mean in general. Other moms wouldn't act this way and they make more of an effort to be polite. Even if a mom doesn't really like another mom, they'll be polite to them since their kids go to school together.

As one fan of Teen Mom OG posted on Reddit, "I don't understand her, if she's upset with someone why can't she communicate what's bothering her without belittling & degrading other people?"

1 Farrah Had No Problem Shouting At MTV Producers Even If Sophia Or Her Family Was Around

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Farrah is off Teen Mom now, and we would find it impossible not to recall her biggest moment: when she screamed at producers and the cameras caught every moment.

Farrah honestly has no problem shouting at producers (or anyone) when her daughter, mom, or dad are around. She doesn't seem to care who hears her. It's awkward to watch and we're sure that it was tough for everyone who was involved.

Other moms wouldn't do this, either, since it's hard to imagine most people wanting to make such a scene and be quite so dramatic.... let alone moms who have kids around.

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