20 Things Farrah Abraham's Kid Does (That The Other 'Teen Moms' Would Never Allow)

Farrah Abraham has never been a conventional mom, so it follows that her daughter Sophia will be a little unconventional as well.

Farrah's been a solo mom since before Sophia was even born (Sophia's dad passed away before her arrival). But despite her rough start on 16 and Pregnant, Farrah has gone on to become a hands-on mom.

Whatever critics might say, she does spend a ton of time with Sophia, is invested in her daughter's wellbeing, and is already planning for her girl's future. Of course, the pair are also snapped by paparazzi in some not-so-favorable situations (or outfits, as the case may be), but it's all about the perspective.

Other kids from the Teen Mom franchise might play sports, eat junk food, and stay up late, but Sophia is having an entirely different childhood than most of them. Whether it's positive or negative, Farrah is doing things her own way, and with Sophia so clearly in the spotlight, it's easy to see the differences between her and other kids her age.

They may have all been born and grown up on the "set" that is Teen Mom, but Sophia is doing all kinds of things the other moms on the show wouldn't ever let their kids do — here are 20 of them.

20 Getting Dressed By A Stylist


In early 2018, Farrah's social media had Sophia Laurent Children's Boutique products all over it, but these days, the actual store has shut down, and the website is inaccessible. Still, when you have launched your own clothing line, it's kind of expected that you know what works and what doesn't fashion-wise.

But whether it's a crop top or some cute overalls and cowboy boots, Sophia wears what her stylist says to, according to Cheat Sheet. Taking a page out of Blue Ivy and North West's books, Sophia gets dressed by an expert, although we're not sure this outfit is one of the professionally curated ones.

19 Has A Social Media Account


Sophia's not even a tween yet, but apparently, Farrah thinks that her daughter is old enough to have her own social media accounts. In Farrah's defense, Sophia's IG account clearly says it's managed by her mama, but with the spelling errors and sometimes awkwardly worded posts, we're not so sure that's true.

Either way, Sophia has social media accounts with her name all over them, featuring plenty of images of her, and that's something most teen moms really aren't interested in. Rather than promoting their kids via separate social media pages, most moms just share cute snaps of their kiddos... being kids...

18 Stars On YouTube


All it takes is a quick online search of Sophia's name, and you'll find that she's not only got her own social media handles, but she also records YouTube videos. The one above is a magnet mask reaction video, complete with Sophia's name in the headline.

Clearly, Sophia is the only kiddo from Teen Mom to have her own YouTube channel and, seemingly, the freedom to post what she wants. Then again, with Farrah's angling every one of her social media posts toward product placement, maybe this just works for Sophia, too. And while it's great when parents make cash from their kids' fun videos, it's a bit icky, too.

17 Promotes Products With Mom


Another glance through Sophia's social media accounts and you'll see lots of snaps of Sophia with specific products. Here she's having some kid-sized fun with glitter all over her, but glitter face paints aren't the only thing Sophia promotes on IG. She's been featured in her mom's promotional posts for fitness supplements, too.

Of course, critics were quick to jump on Farrah for that one, but she maintains that Sophia was just in the photo and doesn't actually use the fitness supplements. Either way, we don't know of any other teen moms who have used their kids to promote products, health-related or otherwise.

16 High Fashion In High Places


Farrah is always rocking designer duds these days, including Versace and others, so it's not exactly surprising that Sophia follows suit. So while other Teen Mom kiddos are growing up rough-and-tumble and playing outside in their Gap or Old Navy duds, Sophia's wearing some serious designer clothing.

The other way Farrah's clothing-related parenting has proven totally different from other moms'? Sophia often wears some rather mature 'fits, including crop tops and short skirts. Farrah maintains that Sophia can wear these items, however, so it's not a case of permissive parenting; rather, Farrah intentionally gives Sophia the space to rock whatever is stylist-approved.

15 She Can Get Lippy


In one clip from Teen Mom, Farrah and Sophia were out to eat with Sophia's grandma, Debra. In case you're not up to date, Debra is no longer married to Farrah's dad; the two split in 2010. And in 2017, Debra married her new love, David Merz. During this girls' date, the three were discussing Debra's upcoming wedding.

In the footage, Sophia is shown rolling her eyes and making some rude remarks to her grandma. Farrah doesn't exactly react to the behavior, but she does take Sophia aside later and ask her how she's feeling about Grandma's upcoming nuptials. But most teen moms wouldn't have let their kiddo showcase so many eye rolls, especially on camera.

14 Has A Separate Life From Her Mother

Us Magazine

Fans of Teen Mom will recognize this quote, but it's worth repeating: Farrah once said of Sophia, per InTouch Weekly, "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine." At the time, Sophia was four. This was around the time that Farrah planned to move away for college, leaving Sophia behind with Debra.

The thing is, despite their young ages, the rest of the teen moms seemed to recognize that children are a big commitment and they need you even when it's inconvenient. Farrah, on the other hand, pushed Sophia toward independence as soon as it suited her.

13 There's No Banned Reading List Here!


As Cheat Sheet explains, Farrah notes that she doesn't control what Sophia reads... or listens to... or even wears. While the personal stylist curates her wardrobe, Sophia has been seen in crop tops and bikinis, and she listens to and reads whatever she wants as well.

In this way, Farrah is definitely different than other teen moms, some of whom don't even want their kids on camera for the show. In contrast, Farrah lets Sophia do practically anything she wants, placing no limits on her daughter's experiences or potential hazards. We definitely understand why the other teen moms tend to give Farrah the side-eye when it comes to most of her parenting practices.

12 Gets Major Tooth Fairy Cash


Your average kid might consider themselves lucky to get a dollar or two from the Tooth Fairy. But Sophia? She gets hundreds of dollars in cash, plus some jewelry and other goodies. Farrah definitely went overboard in this area of parenting, and it's not something most other parents would do, even if they had the financial means.

After all, it's a lot of cash to be throwing at a pre-teen, and what could the kid possibly use the cash for anyway? Farrah and Sophia already live a pretty extravagant lifestyle, so a lot of critics thought that this was just too much and totally sending the wrong message to an impressionable Sophia.

11 A Super Young Bikini Model


While Sophia is relatively covered up in this image, despite being dressed as Ariel, that's not usually the case with her swimwear. Farrah caught serious heat for showcasing snapshots from a modeling shoot Sophia did in a bikini. Not only that, but Sophia also had a face full of makeup, something else Farrah catches heat for.

And while we can see Farrah's perspective on the topic—no one should be looking at her kiddo in a negative way anyhow—there is something to be said for treating children like children rather than dressing them up for photo shoots. At least, most of the other teen moms agree with that sentiment.

10 ...Or The Fact That She Models At All


Then again, Sophia's swimsuit modeling isn't the only thing she does that's vastly different from the other kids of Teen Mom. Every teen mom is all about self-confidence and empowerment, but Farrah takes it a bit further by having Farrah in tons of modeling shoots.

And while not every teen mom will want their kid in a bikini, none of them are having their kids model at all, either. Clearly, Sophia goes where mom goes, and that also means she's present at a lot of the photo shoots Farrah does. But that doesn't mean she has to be in all the (highly publicized) images.

9 Makeup At Any Age


Another factoid Cheat Sheet highlighted is that Sophia wears makeup. And while she's nearing tween age now, this started back when she was six. Sophia discussed publicly how she confronted the school about their issue with her full face. She maintains that unless the school principal was going to go makeup-free daily as well, there was no reason to ban Sophia from wearing her favorite products, as well.

While we wish we could have heard how the whole conversation played out, it seems like there was never a satisfactory solution reached. And that would indicate that Sophia is totally into her makeup and that Farrah backs her up.

8 Switched To Homeschool


Whether it was the makeup issue or a combination of things—perhaps Farrah's views on her child's autonomy were part of it—Sophia is now homeschooled. Farrah shared this snap on Sophia's first day of fourth grade, complete with Sophia's school work on her laptop plus a bunch of supplies.

Although we're not sure what type of homeschooling Farrah is doing, exactly, we do know that none of the other Teen Mom kids are homeschooled. And although plenty of them are probably capable of doing so—especially the mamas who don't work outside the home—for some reason, Farrah's the only one to choose it.

7 Goes Wherever Mom Does


When Sophia was younger, Farrah would often go out without her — just refer back to the entry about Sophia having her own life at age four! But these days, Sophia goes everywhere with Farrah. From contract negotiations to medical procedures to traveling internationally, Sophia is always by her mom's side.

This is in stark contrast to other teen moms, like Catelynn, who left home to care for her mental health for a time, or Kailyn, who traveled internationally without any of her kids, totally solo. Nope, these days, Farrah is all about her girl time with Sophia, and it's kind of a welcome change from her previous stance, even if not all of their excursions are kid-friendly.

6 A True Jet Setter


Farrah and Sophia are always jet setting all over the world, like in this pic from France. It's kind of a fast-paced lifestyle, to be sure, so it's understandable that Farrah turned to homeschooling her daughter to accommodate their lifestyle.

But no other teen mom from the franchise has done it, making Sophia another standout kid. She gets to travel all over the country and enjoy exotic experiences alongside her mom. Clearly, her world is a whole lot bigger than just the day-to-day home life we used to see on Teen Mom in the early days. Then again, her mom has a whole lot more income to spend on travel these days, too!

5 Not Many Kids Her Age Can Say They Own A Pony


Critics weren't really surprised when Farrah bought Sophia a pony... But it was a bit of an extravagant eighth birthday present. Now, Starburst is over two years old, and apparently still part of the Abraham fam. And although Sophia used to be the only Teen Mom kid to have a pony, another tot is joining the ranks these days!

So far, Sophia and Novalee, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra's daughter, are the only two kiddos from Teen Mom to have a pony. But unlike Cate, Farrah doesn't seem to have a background in horses, and she also won't be riding this little pony the way Cate plans to ride horses with Nova.

4 Business Gals On The Prowl


Like we said, Sophia is practically always with her mom, and that includes everything from their international trips and fine dining to mom's medical appointments. Farrah has had some body modifications done, in case you hadn't heard, and Sophia has been there for a few of those appointments.

Sure, it sounds super awkward, and it's definitely not something the other moms would do (even Kailyn or Briana, who have also undergone treatments), but Sophia's used to tagging along everywhere, so she probably just posts on IG or something while she's waiting for her mom to finish up with her business.

3 Walks The Red Carpet


Although most of the Teen Mom cast has walked a few red carpets in their days, we don't usually see the kids doing it! And while Farrah has attended MTV events, she also seems to go to a lot of other industry events, too, bringing Sophia along for the trip.

And Sophia's not there to play around: she shows up dressed to the nines, even getting photographed separately from her mom. Then, they go on to enjoy awards shows, concerts, and more, rubbing elbows with celebs and even taking selfies with them. All of this while the other Teen Mom kiddos are likely at home in bed!

2 No Kids' Menu Here!


Sophia drank a fancy juice drink with her mom at this restaurant in Dubai, per Farrah's IG, but this is far from her first fine dining experience! Sophia jets all over the world and enjoys exotic food and fun cuisine for every meal.

The pair often share their food pics online, and in addition to this gold-flecked apple juice in Dubai, Sophia's also had brightly-colored hamburgers at Sugar Factory, decadent floating brunches on the water, and fancy tea setups for a birthday celebration. But we can't really blame Farrah, because she has always been interested in food and cooking — so she's likely whipping up some homemade meals at least a few times per week, too.

1 Flies High (In More Ways Than One)


There are snaps on Farrah's IG of her and her girl flying first class, but then there's this. Most moms, teen or otherwise, wouldn't let their young kids fly in an open plane... But Farrah's not most moms, and rather than box Sophia in the way that most parents do—both for their kids' safety and proper development—Farrah seems to feel that there's nothing her daughter can't do.

Of course, there might be some things Sophia shouldn't do, but that's totally up to Farrah, and since Sophia seems to be a relatively well-adjusted kid despite her reality TV upbringing, it's tough to judge the Teen Mom star for her unconventional parenting.

Sources: Cheat Sheet, MTV

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