20 Things Jodie Sweetin's Kids Do (That Candace Cameron Would Never Allow)

Jodie Sweetin has been in the news lately because she and a bunch of her Fuller House cast members—including Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron Bure—appeared at the 2019 Kids' Choice Awards. They received an award together for the reboot of Fuller House.

During the acceptance speech for Favorite Funny TV Show, according to AOL.com, Candace said that her fictional TV family "sticks together." Many people believe that the Fuller House cast was sending a message of love and support to Lori Loughlin, who is in legal trouble thanks to an FBI sting operation, Varsity Blues, which uncovered serious college admissions violations.

Now, it's time to look at Jodie's parenting style. What can her kids do that Candace Cameron Bure would never allow?

First off, Jodie and Candace are dear friends. While they are buddies, they don't have the same parenting philosophy. Jodie does all of the typical mom things but doesn't have the same strict parenting rules as Candace. Her kids are able to enjoy a sense of freedom that Candace Cameron Bure's kids have never been able to experience. Jodie's daughters get to do fun and meaningful things without getting into trouble.

Learning about Jodie's kids and what they can do, along with Candace's parenting tactics, will help moms-to-be and new moms decide how they want to raise their own children.

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20 The Music They Listen To Isn't Monitored By Mom


Jodie and her kids can do a little Carpool Karaoke to whichever songs they like best. In Candace's house, the music habits of kids are closely monitored, according to Lifeway.com.

Candace lays down the law when it comes to music. Her kids can't listen to anything with parental advisory warnings due to very adult lyrics. Jodie and her kids may not want to listen to that type of music anyway, but Jodie doesn't have a specific rule about which songs her kids can enjoy.

Jodie's parenting style is more relaxed overall. Her daughters, Zoie and Beatrix, look very happy, so Jodie seems to be on the right track.

19 They Can Express Their Personal Style


Jodie's daughters have fun with fashion. When Candace's kids were younger, they had more rules about what they could wear. Candace believes in modesty and chose to dress in a modest way while performing on Dancing With The Stars. Candace has always encouraged her daughter, Natasha, to cover up and cultivate inner beauty, according to the Christianexaminer.com website.

Jodie's girls are young and wear cute and trendy things, including NASA hoodies, camouflage t-shirts, and sweatshirts covered in adorable doughnut prints. They don't have to conform to any particular style to please mom. Zoie (age 10) and Beatrix (age 8) are free to wear what they like!

18 They Can Pig Out On Pizza


Candace Cameron Bure wants her kids to eat healthily. Jodie is happy to let her daughters pig out on pizza. In fact, she'll get right in there and join them, by scarfing slices and posting pics of pizza parties to social media.

Candace thinks that kids will live on junk food alone unless they are not allowed to, according to Lifeway.com.

Jodie's pizza parties with her kids really underscore the big differences between these two Fuller House moms and their parenting styles. Who's right or wrong? Do you think junk food should be banned, or do you think pizza nights are fun family activities that help moms and kids to bond?

17 They Are Social Justice Warriors In Training


Jodie wants to empower her girls to make a positive difference in the world. This is not just empty talk to sound good in interviews. Jodie practices what she preaches. According to News.amomama.com, Jodie took her girls to March For Our Lives L.A. in 2018. This peaceful march was all about trying to initiate changes to firearm laws, for the sake of children and their safety.

Jodie and her kids were proud to be at this event. They were all smiles at the march. In 2015, Candace Cameron Bure wouldn't share an opinion about firearms on The View, even though the topic was already being discussed.

16 They Learn From Mom's Mistakes


Jodie Sweetin has really been through the wringer. She's had ups and downs. She is quite willing to talk about her hardest times when she partied a little too hard. Sweetin's openness is commendable. She's been on a journey of recovery and she wants to share all that she's learned, according to Thefix.com. She's not so overcome with presenting a wholesome image to the world around her as Candace Cameron Bure is.

Since Jodie is so raw and real (and honest with her daughters about all that she's been through), her children are able to learn from mom's mistakes. Candace doesn't show the skeletons in her closet so openly.

15 They Don't Have Social Media Restrictions


Jodie has talked to her daughters about the realities of social networking, according to Yahoo.com. She wants them to understand that the lives that they see portrayed on social media aren't always accurate reflections of real life. In other words, Jodie understands that people showcase positive things on social media and generally push the darker elements of life into the shadows. At the same time, she's less intense about putting social media restrictions on her kids than Candace is.

Candace monitors her children's social media accounts. She says she had full access to them when her kids were younger and even "friended" her children's buddies on social media, just to keep tabs on them.

14 They Don't Feel Pressure To Be Perfect


Candace Cameron Bure expects a pretty high level of perfection from her kids. In fact, her standards are through the roof. Candace's children have to follow lots of rules in order to please mom and dad, according to Lifeway.com. They need to be active physically, they have to "fulfill their roles as students," wear clothing that is parent-approved and so on.

At Jodie's house, the vibe is so chill. Jodie has so many great things to say about her daughters. She thinks that they are fierce, amazing, and interesting. She wants them to embrace life with a positive spirit. These kids don't feel pressure to be perfect because mom loves them just as they are.

13 They Aren't Taught To Put Men Above Women


Candace has talked about her decision to be a submissive wife, according to Usmagazine.com. Candace Cameron Bure says that she is happy to let her hubby lead the family. Naturally, a lot of feminists take offense to this kind of family setup. In Jodie's household, she finally seems to be in a happy place in her relationship, but she doesn't take a backseat to her partner and her daughters know this.

Jodie is strong. She's not taking second place to a man, even though she loves him. She's come too far to give away her power as a woman and a mother.

12 They've Lived With A Solo Mom


Jodie hasn't always lived with a partner, according to her Wikipedia page. She's had times when she was on her own. Her kids have lived in a "solo mom" household. Kids who live in solo-parent families often develop a strong sense of respect for their mothers, who typically have to balance work, parenthood, and housework.

Jodie has come a long way and she's now a good role model for her daughters. She appreciates the life that she has now because she's overcome so many huge challenges. Her daughters see her resilience and learn from it. They know that women are powerful. Candace is very successful and inspires some women, but she's never had to go it alone.

11 They Can Skip The Strict Workout Routines


Candace Cameron Bure is married to a former pro athlete. Valeri Bure used to play in the NHL. Pro athletes understand discipline. They train to stay fit and often keep the same rigorous fitness routines after they've retired. Candace's hubby is probably a key reason why she's so committed to working out with her kids. According to People.com, Candace loves the Stokes fitness method, which features lots of strength training. She encourages her kids to make physical fitness a strong priority.

At Jodie's house, there is more time to relax. Jodie is active on social media and often posts pics of her and her daughters lounging on the couch, under blankets. They aren't gym rats.

10 They Get To Watch Mom's Big Comeback


Jodie's had hard times. She had to grow up in the public eye. When Full House ended, she was looking for ways to feel fulfilled and made bad decisions. She's said she felt like there was a void after the show wrapped, according to Thefix.com.

Her bad decisions made her life so much harder. She spiraled downwards and had relationship problems and financial problems. She battled bravely for a better life, by entering recovery. She wrote a book, worked in treatment recovery, and now she's on Fuller House. That's quite a comeback. Her daughters get to watch all of her hard-earned success. This must be thrilling for them!

9 They Had Cameo Appearances On Fuller House


Jodie was so proud when she brought in her two daughters for a special cameo on Fuller House. Zoie and Beatrix looked proud, too. According to Yahoo.com, both Jodie and her co-star, Andrea Barber, were able to get their kids featured onscreen during the taping of the Full House reboot. It was a "full circle" experience for Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, which will always be a treasured memory.

These lucky kids became members of the Fuller House family. They followed in their mother's footsteps. There's a real downside to being a celebrity's child, but perks, too.

Candace's kids did not have cameos on Fuller House.

8 They Can Talk To Mom About Tough Topics


Jodie is open with her daughters about her recovery and she's also open about other topics. According to People.com, she's happy to talk about tough topics with her daughter, including the birds and the bees, because she'd rather Zoie and Beatrix get information about tough topics directly from her. When she supplies this information to her kids, she reduces the risk of them getting misinformed via other sources.

Of course, Candace talks to her kids, too, but Candace's strong spiritual beliefs guide her parental communication style. Her parenting rules all stem from these powerful beliefs. Jodie's communication style is more modern and less inhibited.

7 They Can Appreciate Alternative Lifestyles


Jodie has posed with the very charming Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and has also met Jonathan's co-star, Bobby Berk. Actually, Candace met Jonathan and Bobby, too, but Candace has been dragged online repeatedly for her views about alternative lifestyles. Bobby Berk has said that he doesn't agree with Candace's views, according to Out.com.

Jodie is a different person than Candace. She's very accepting of alternative lifestyles and he children know that. Jodie doesn't waste her precious life judging others. In 2011, Jodie said that she was waiting to get married until there was equality for everyone. Candace expressed support for a bakery that wouldn't make a wedding cake for a queer couple.

6 They Don't Need To Worry About Tough Love


Tough love is part of Candace Cameron's approach to parenthood. Jodie isn't a proponent of tough love. According to the Rachaelrayshow.com website, Candace and hubby, Valeri, have a motto and it's "excuses are for losers." Jodie, who has been through so much and been judged, is never going to choose a motto like that for her family. She believes in redemption, and redemption happens after mistakes have been made and excuses have been made. Redemption is a process.

Jodie gives her daughters love, without the tough love. Her parenting approach is more easygoing. Her home life seems cozy and fun. The kids always look overjoyed and secure.

5 They Can Grow In A Modern Family


Candace Cameron Bure's family is very traditional. Jodie Sweetin's family is extremely modern. Candace has been married once and all of her children are by her ex-NHL hockey player hubby, Valeri. Jodie's has had marital relationships that didn't work out and her two daughters are by different fathers, according to her personal Wikipedia page.

Right now, Jodie's in a happy romance with a new man. Her daughters roll with the changes and learn from them. They know that modern families can be very happy places. Lots of children are in modern families these days. There isn't just one way to be a family.

4 They Can Do A Variety Of Fun Activities On Sundays


Candace Cameron Bure has a set and rigid schedule for her kids on Sundays. The family hits a local farmer's market and then attends church, according to Faith Family

Jodie's family Sundays are not nearly as regimented, so her kids are able to do all sorts of fun activities. Zoie and Beatrix might ski, or go on road trips, or play with their dolls, or explore new cities, or eat pizza. They can change it up whenever they want to. While Jodie is very busy with her many jobs, such as speaking engagements and acting, she always makes quality time for her children on the weekends.

3 They Are Shown Unique Art And Culture


Jodie Sweetin really loves art and culture. Some of the art she likes is quite alternative. For example, she appreciates graffiti sometimes and has admired a funky sculpture of a skull. When it comes to her kiddies, she really enjoys showing them what's out there in museums and galleries.

This is great! Museums are amazing and give kids insight into history, human ingenuity, and creativity. Judging by Candace Cameron Bure's social media presence, she's more into other things, from physical fitness to cooking to skincare and beauty (according to Usmagazine.com) to a dizzying array of entrepreneurial activities. These two Fuller House women have common ground, but they're not the same.

2 They Can Question The World Around Them


Candace's kids basically have to share mom's beliefs. They've been indoctrinated into her way of life. Jodie's kids are, conversely, encouraged to question the world around them. It's great that Jodie wants her kids to be "fierce," according to Popsugar.com, and to form their own opinions about society. Candace prefers her kids to stick to her own status quo, which is about building a life based on strong spiritual beliefs.

While these two Fuller House moms don't always see eye-to-eye, they definitely have each other's backs. They've been so much together over the years. They are so supportive of one another.

1 They're Able To Appreciate What They Have Due To Prior Poverty


Nothing makes a child appreciate the value of money (and the comfortable lifestyle that it brings) like prior poverty does. Jodie's daughters have had a lot less than they do now. Jodie's problems led to financial downturns that were pretty serious, according to Biography.com, and made it very hard to support her family.

These days, she's doing a lot better and has an estimated net worth of 800,000 bucks. That's not mega-rich in terms of Hollywood, but it is a lot of cash. Candace's kids have always been raised with wealth. Candace had money and so did her husband, thanks to his professional hockey playing.

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