20 Things Katie Holmes Doesn't Allow Suri To Do

Suri Cruise has been brought up by her mother since the divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012. Suri was 6-years old at the time and has rarely seen her father since. Katie has primary custody of her daughter and has been very much a single parent in Suri’s life.

However, despite Suri only having one parent in her life, Katie provides a very strong presence and rock for her daughter. Katie comes from a very solid, loving family and clearly, she wants her daughter to benefit from that influence. She spends as much time as possible with her daughter and has moved away from acting to directing in order to spend more time with Suri. They live in New York where Suri attends school just like a regular kid.

They may have a charmed life in terms of money, but for Katie it seems that love and a stable childhood come far above any material assets she may pass on to Suri. She saves her gala dresses for her daughter and has made many of her clothes. Suri has regular classes in ballet and gymnastics and enjoys arts activities. They eschew the Hollywood lifestyle and if they do appear on TV or at big events, they maintain a low profile and never court publicity.

20 She Can't See Her Dad Often

Since the acrimonious divorce between Katie and Tom Cruise, Suri seems to have had little contact with the Hollywood actor. It is claimed that Scientology came between Tom and Katie and the religion demands that anyone (like Katie) who disassociates themselves from the faith be shunned. This also applies to anyone connected with such a person, which of course eliminates Suri.

Tom has used his film commitments as an excuse for not seeing his daughter in the past, but he has barely seen her since the divorce. No one really knows the details of their divorce settlement, other than Katie has primary custody and Tom has visitation with conditions according to Nicki Swift.

19 She can't Behave Like a Megastar

When Suri was younger and her parents were still together, there were many rumors of day trips to toy shops and thousand-dollar invoices as a result. Suri was seen carrying expensive toys and staff who had worked for the family described Suri’s spoiled lifestyle and how her parents spoiled her. She once apparently had a Christmas wish list that extended beyond $100,000!

If those rumors are true, they are certainly not true today. Katie and Suri are rarely seen at public events.

Suri seems demure and well mannered and very far from the diva child that was portrayed years ago.

18 She can't Wear Designer Clothes

While Suri and her mom always look elegant and beautifully turned out, Suri’s days of sporting designer handbags and high heels are well behind her for now. Katie is bringing up her daughter to live a more streamlined lifestyle, and the fancy clothes and expensive accessories have been replaced by smart, understated garments.

Suri dresses in a very appropriate style for her age in sweet, simple outfits that give her comfort to behave like a 12-year-old.

For formal events, Suri will wear an expensive gown, but this is a rarity. She is a beautiful girl and her clothes accentuate her great looks.

17 She Can't Make Red Carpet Appearances

Katie does not show off her daughter on the red carpet as some celebrities do. When the pair attended the American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala in New York together, Suri and Katie left together without courting the spotlight.

Katie might promote her film work by posing on the red carpet and hanging out with famous friends. However, Suri stays in the background if she is attending any events with her mom, according to Popsugar. Katie does not feel the need to be in the spotlight to further her career, preferring to focus on her daughter’s welfare first. Indeed, the couple were seen watching the Oscars on TV from their home rather than attending the event.

16 She can't Be Closed-Minded

Katie believes in parenting Suri to be a good human being. She listens to her daughter with respect according to UPI. She is encouraging Suri to understand how other people live without luxury. The mother and daughter work with the homeless and thinking of others is part of their daily lives.

Suri was prominent at the New York Pride March where she sold lemonade with her friends to those attending the march. Refreshments included rainbow crispy cakes that kept the attendees going as they enjoyed the day. Apparently, Suri was charming and sweet and greeted everyone with a smile and good wishes for the day.

15 she can't Spend Too Much Time in Los Angeles

Katie and Suri spend the majority of their time in New York, where they have a home. Despite Katie’s career as an actress and director, she prefers to shy away from the film obsessed environment of Los Angeles and Hollywood and keep Suri’s life more normal in the Big Apple.

Katie’s focus these days is geared towards fashion and makeup and she has launched a fashion label and been named as the ‘face’ of makeup brand, Bobbi Brown. As she moves her career away from film she can spend less time in LA and more time with Suri in New York.

14 she can't Take Money for Granted

There is no doubt that Suri will never have to worry about money. Her parents’ net worth runs into millions of dollars. However, since her parents’ divorce, Katie has never seemed to shower her daughter with money or spoil her.

Suri sold lemonade for the Pride March in New York for $2 a cup. She was evidently polite and well-mannered, and these are qualities that Katie values very highly.

She would rather that her daughter is well-behaved than showered with money. The pair have a privileged lifestyle, but they do not seem to fritter money away and Suri appears to be growing up with a healthy respect for the value of money and the reality that many people struggle to find enough.

13 she can't Have Anything to do with Tom's Beliefs

Katie cut herself off from Scientology when she divorced Tom Cruise and does not want Suri to be involved in it. It appears to have impacted Suri seeing her father and reports say that Tom and Suri have not seen each other for five years. Tom’s belief system prevents him from having anything to do with someone who has rejected his way of life.

There have been rumors that Tom is considering leaving to be reunited with his daughter, and that Katie would welcome this move. However, Hollywood Life also reports that Katie is aware that this is a slim chance as Tom is so deeply entrenched in it.

12 she can't Hang Out with the Hollywood Crowd

There are few, if any, pictures of Suri with any Hollywood superstars. Katie does not hang out with famous friends or encourage her daughter to have playdates with their children.

Their New York base offers Suri the chance for a more normal lifestyle, with friends from school or her other classes.

While Katie may or may not be dating Hollywood giant, Jamie Foxx, she is determined to keep the relationship private and not to be drawn into the world of celebrity friends for her or her daughter. She reportedly had a clause in her divorce from Tom that prevented her dating for five years after the divorce. So, if she is with Jamie, she has kept it under wraps for good reason.

11 she can't Take Her Education for Granted

Katie believes it is important for Suri to have goals and to pursue them. She encourages her daughter to focus on what she is passionate about and to relish the feelings she has when she achieves her aims. She believes that part of her role as a parent is to reward Suri for her efforts, not just the results.

Suri does well at school and Katie does not worry about her behavior or commitment to study.

She has described her daughter as ‘a great girl.’ Suri is keen on ballet, dance and gymnastics, and has been seen regularly going to classes, always attended by her mom or her grandma.

10 she can't Be Away From Mom!

There is rarely a picture of Suri when her mom is not present. If Katie isn’t by her daughter’s side, it may be her grandmother or another family member. Katie is determined to spend as much time with her precious daughter as she can.

She has said on numerous occasions that Suri is the focus of her life and her priority, but she practices what she preaches. She has put her acting career on hold to focus on directing that fits better around her daughter. She chooses her activities, her home and her vacations all to ensure maximum time with Suri and to give her the most loving and supportive upbringing she can.

9 she can't Get Lazy or let herself be bored

Suri has plenty of extracurricular activities and, as noted, attends gymnastics and dance classes. Her mom takes her to theatre, ballet and the movies and keeps Suri stimulated and busy. Even if Suri comes to work with her mom, or is on set while Katie is directing, she keeps books and art supplies handy, so Suri will not be bored.

Katie has learned how to sew from her mom and she and Suri make doll clothes and enjoy planting in the garden. Katie also reports that Suri has to do chores in the home. She makes her bed, takes her dishes to the sink and does her laundry. Katie believes this is an important part of her daughter’s routine and helps to give her a stable, balanced childhood.

8 she can't Have Regrets

Katie has expressed in interviews that she has no regrets in her life. She believes, according to The Daily Mail, that all the actions she has taken and all the events in her life have led her to where she is today. As she is very happy with her life with Suri, she believes it would be foolish to regret what has brought her to that point.

This is a belief that Katie passes on to her daughter. Suri may regret that she no longer sees her father, but Katie is doing all she can to protect her daughter from the pain of that loss and to encourage Suri to be grateful for the love she has in abundance in her life from other people.

7 she can't ever Be Without Love

It is quite obvious that Suri is the center of Katie’s world. The love and devotion she has for her daughter is evident to friends, family and onlookers. Katie knows she is father and mother to Suri and as she hasn’t got the support of a father at the moment, Katie seems to have made it her mission to shower Suri with love for two people.

Katie’s family also adore Suri and she is surrounded by love from numerous Holmes family members, who are very present in Suri’s life. The closeness of Katie and her family extends to Suri, and she will never be without a loving relative in her life, even if they are all from her mother’s side.

6 she can't Be Lonely or Feel Unsupported

Katie is very close to her family and is a daddy’s girl who is also close to her mom. She has surrounded Suri with the love and support of her family and they often spend vacations with Katie’s extended clan in Ohio.

Katie’s mom is a homemaker and her father is an attorney. Katie has four older siblings so there are plenty of people to cherish Suri and provide her with family time.

Katie is close to her cousins and has posted pictures of her and Suri with them at family events, such as a beachside carnival, reports Married Biography. Katie wants to give Suri an innocent, happy, carefree childhood, and for her that involves family.

5 She can't Be Spoiled

Katie has said that she doesn’t shower Suri with gifts and that parenting involves leaving treats out of the picture if necessary. She wants Suri to understand how privileged she is, and to care about those less fortunate than herself and practice acts of kindness on a daily basis.

Her parents might be successful actors and have an enormous fortune, but Suri is being taught about the value of possessions and money. Katie ensures that her daughter does her share of chores around the home and does not expect treats. The pair may share a love of designer dresses, but they are reserved for special occasions rather than every day.

4 she can't ever Ignore Her Birthday!

Katie has always celebrated Suri’s birthday in style. It might not be a lavish party, but Suri’s birthday celebrations always involve treats with her mom. For her twelfth birthday, she released an Instagram picture of her daughter in a birthday tiara and took her to the movies and out for a meal to celebrate the day, reported People.

Katie has made a big deal of all of Suri’s birthdays, but in a family-focused, understated way.

Balloons, cupcakes, and presents like a dolls house for her daughter. However, Katie rarely posts pictures of her daughter, preferring to keep her life private. She is evidently supremely happy with her life with Suri and shares that happiness on birthdays, but does not feel the need to show her daughter off.

3 she can't Read the Tabloids

The tabloids and the Internet are full of stories about Suri, her mom and her dad. There are numerous reports about when Tom last saw Suri, why Katie divorced Tom and what influence Scientology had on the couple and their split.

As with many reports that claim to quote reputable sources, many of the rumors are not based on fact or do not come directly from the people involved. Katie will do anything she can to protect Suri and to prevent her from being hurt. Therefore, reading stories about her parents is off the list for her. Katie would prefer to give her daughter the facts and the truth, as and when the time is right.

2 she can't Be in the Spotlight Too Much

From the moment Suri was born in 2006, she has garnered enormous media attention. She was often photographed with her parents and they provided photographers with numerous adorable photo opportunities.

However, since Suri has lived with only Katie, the couple live a more normal life, with Suri focusing on school, friends and her chosen pursuits. There are inevitable moments in the spotlight when Katie promotes her work, but she doesn’t use Suri for photo opportunities. She prefers to keep her out of the limelight rather than parade her in front of the cameras. If Suri does attend a big event or even appear on TV, it is always with her mom and for a good reason.

1 she can't Ignore Who Her Parents Are

As Suri grows up she will never be in any doubt that she has famous parents. Her mother attracts attention wherever she goes, and Suri must be used to being photographed and to people being interested in what she is doing.

As time goes on, Suri will become even more aware of the fame and career of her father. Whether or not he is in her life, Tom Cruise is a megastar and Suri will always be a focus of media attention. While she has not had a Hollywood upbringing and may not choose a media career, Suri will always be a source of interest as the daughter of Katie and Tom Cruise.

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