20One Lactation Specialist Spotted Something That No One Else Saw


Moms might get all kinds of amazing advice and tips from lactation specialists. One such mom realized that the area the baby latches onto was too short, and the milk supply was dropping. But one one would have noticed that if she didn't get the help of a lactation specialist!

class="m_-3083847780245416049gmail-m_9156964353445436058gmail-s90z9tc-10 m_-3083847780245416049gmail-m_9156964353445436058gmail-fHRkcP">"Turns out one mom had short [nips], her baby boy couldn't suck them into the back of his mouth, so he wasn't getting much milk and her supply was dropping. No one else noticed or thought anything was wrong, even with the troubles she was describing. If it hurts to nurse, go see a lactation consultant immediately! Not a nurse, doctor or midwife, a certified [...] nursing expert."

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