20 Things Mom Can’t Do With The Newborn (But Many Still Do)

Newborns are precious, tiny little human beings that moms can’t help but fall in love with. They are so sweet, innocent, and pure. Babies are meant to be cherished and loved, but they can also be a lot of hard work too.

It is sometimes hard to tell what they need since they are not yet able to verbalize their wants and needs. It is also hard for some moms to decipher between what’s okay and what’s not okay to do with their newborn.

It seems like every day people are coming out with new rules about what is no longer acceptable to do with your child. Some of these things are within good reason, but not all moms listen to safety protocols that help protect their child. There are plenty of things that moms aren’t supposed to do with their newborn, but many mom’s still do these things anyway.

If mom is wondering about what stuff she isn't supposed to do with her newborn, we have compiled a list of 20 of thing – there is everything from bathing the newborn before their umbilical cord falls off to not participating in oral hygiene care for a newborn. Some of these entries mom may already be aware of, while others may contain new information for her. Please, continue reading to learn more.

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20 Bathe Newborn Before Umbilical Cord Stump Falls Off

When your little one arrives, you may be tempted to give your newborn a bath as soon as she gets home. However, this is something that you should avoid doing at all costs. Your baby already gets a bath right after she is born.

Most hospitals already tell moms this, but just in case you are not aware, you are supposed to avoid giving your newborn a bath until her umbilical cord stump falls off naturally. The belly button area should be kept dry to help prevent the chance of your child developing an infection in the umbilical cord area.

If your baby does get dirty and a bath is inevitable, you can give your newborn a sponge bath and pat the belly button area dry with a towel. You should also avoid touching the area to further reduce the chance of infection.

19 Allow Everyone To Kiss The Newborn

Almost everyone loves babies, especially newborns. It’s hard to resist giving a baby a little smooch on their face. Unfortunately, this is something that should be avoided at all costs. This is because newborns have immune systems that are not yet fully formed and are, therefore, weak. It can’t protect them for germs the way older children or adults can.

There are a lot of germs and bacteria in our mouths that we can accidentally transfer to a baby just by simply kissing their face. Not to mention some serious viruses can be passed to a baby. If a person were to have a cold sore around their mouth, whether they realize they have it or not, a baby can contract it if that person were to kiss the baby’s face.

18 Let The Baby Sleep On Their Tummy

It is well-known that you should never allow a baby to sleep on their tummy. Sadly, some moms allow this. When newborns sleep on their bellies, the chance of them developing SIDS increases. Once a baby is a bit older and she is able to roll over both ways and is also able to hold her head up on her own, the risk of SIDS significantly decreases.

Just because either your other children were okay sleeping on their stomachs or your friend's kids are okay, does not mean that it can’t happen. It is better to be safe than sorry.

17 Putting Too Much Clothing On The Baby

It is understandable that you want to keep your baby bundled up and warm, so you may try to put extra layers of clothing on your little one when you are getting ready to take her out. Sometimes it’s appropriate while other times it is not.

If it is summer time, your baby only needs to be in a onesie – the short sleeve one that snaps over the diaper – or outfits that are short sleeved with short bottoms. For girls, as an example, it may be an adorable skirt for her bottoms, while boys may be in some kind of shorts.

16 Leaving On A Soggy Diaper Too Long

According to AmericanPregnancy.org, “Babies [urinate] approximately 20 times a day for the first several months of their lives.” That is a lot of wet diapers! We do not expect you to change your newborn’s diaper every single time they tinkle the tiniest bit, but it is important to make sure that you changing your little one’s diaper frequently, however.

You should be changing your little one’s diaper every two to three hours to avoid things like diaper rashes. These rashes can be extremely uncomfortable for a baby – or anyone at that – and it has the potential to make for a very cranky newborn.

15 Forgetting Appointments

Some moms seem to not take their newborn’s follow up appointments and check-ups very serious, but they really should be. The newborn follow-ups are there to help make sure that any questions you may have, get answered by a professional, it is there to make sure that your baby is growing properly, getting vaccinated, and so many other things.

If you have a hard time remembering appointments set an alarm or two on your phone to go off the day of the appointment. You can also write it down in calendars, if you need to stick Post It notes around.

14 Using Bumpers In The Crib

Crib bumpers were once thought to be safe and that they would help protect your little one from getting her head stuck in between the crib slats back when they were more spaced out. However, crib slats or now closer together making crib bumpers mute.

In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their sleep guidelines to recommend that parents never use crib bumpers. Some parents still use them despite the AAP’s guide, creating an unsafe environment for their child.

13 Letting Baby Sleep With Their Favorite Teddy

When your little one grows fond of a specific stuffed animal or toy, it’s only natural to want to let your baby sleep next to it as a means of comfort every night. However, it is not recommended and allowing your newborn to sleep with their favorite toy can increase the risk of SIDS.

This is because a newborn’s neck muscles are still weak and they are unable to hold their head up on their own, which can lead to a baby’s airway getting blocked by their stuffed animal since they are incapable of moving their head away.

12 Allowing Baby To Sleep In The Baby Swing Or Car Seat

Far too many parents allow their newborn to fall asleep in the upright position in their child’s car seat or baby swing. This can be a bad habit to get into because newborns neck muscles are so weak that they cannot support their own head.

Car seats and baby swings are meant for short-term use, not for an entire nap. It is better to err on the side of caution than risk anything happening to your baby.

11 Leaving Clutter All Over

You may be wondering why or how having a cluttered floor has anything to do with this anything on this list, but it has to do with the safety and wellbeing of your child. Many parents allow their newborn to lay on the floor – usually on a blanket – and that’s okay. There is honestly nothing wrong with that.

However, there are two different things that could potentially be an issue if your baby is on a cluttered floor. The first is more obvious – they newborn could accidentally get their hands on something shouldn’t have. The second is a little less known – anyone walking by the baby on a cluttered floor has the risk of tripping. No one wants to accidentally fall on top of their child, but it has happened before.

10 Using A Changing Table Without The Straps

Most changing tables come with straps, but often times parents choose to not use them for their own reasons. As a parent, you really should be using those straps because they are there for a very good reason.

They are there to help keep your child safe and strapped to the table, especially when your newborn gets to the age where she is wiggling all over the place or when she is beginning to learn how to roll from side to side or front to back.

It does not matter if you are at home or out grocery shopping; if the potential is there for your little one to fall you should always remember to fasten the belt.

9 Letting The Baby Cry It Out

Every parent is different in how they choose to raise their child. In particular, some parents decide to try to use the “cry it out” method where they believe that their baby will learn how to self-soothe. This isn’t exactly the case, though.

When you think about it, newborns have no other means of communication besides crying since they can’t verbalize their wants and needs.

When a parent ignores their baby’s cries, they may be missing something important such as the newborn needs a diaper change, they are hungry, not feeling well, or they are too hot or cold. You should always make sure your baby’s needs are being met.

8 Leaving The Baby Alone Near Water

When you are giving your baby a bath, you should make sure that all your supplies are in the room with you and within an arm's reach. You should never, ever leave your baby unintended and near water for any reason.

Most parents think that their baby will be safe because he or she is in a baby bathtub. This is not always the case. Parents need to be extra careful and watch their babies at all.

7 Cleaning The Baby’s Nose With Fingers

Your little one lots of boogies in their nose and all you want to do is stop to clean it. You may think that using your own finger to clean your baby’s nose may be the best and easiest way to go, but it could have some inherent consequences.

There is a lot of bacteria and viruses that are often all over our hands regardless if we realize it or not. You don’t want to go shoving your finger in your baby’s nose and expose them to all these bad germs. Many parents still tend to use their fingers anyway. It is best to use a suction bulb to get all of the gunk out of your child’s nose.

6 Letting Newborn Sleep In Bed With Mom

This next one is very divisive, but newborns are meant to sleep in their own crib or bassinet and not in their parent’s bed. Co-sleeping can actually become an issue for a little one. There are many issues that can arise when parents decide to co-sleep with their little bundle of joy.

To ensure that the baby is always safe, they should sleep in their own crib to minimize the chance of any accidents happening.

5 Not Cleaning The Baby’s Mouth

When you think of hygiene care for a newborn, what comes to mind? The first thing you may think about is giving your baby a bath or changing their diapers, but some parents tend to leave out the fact that oral hygiene is just as important as everything else.

It does not matter that your baby doesn’t have teeth yet, because caring for your baby’s gums is very important.

You should never use your fingers to clean your baby’s gums, either. You can take a warm – but cool to the touch – washcloth and run it along your little one’s gums. They also sell these things that just slip on to your finger to help clean the gums. The choice is yours, as long as you make sure to clean their gums!

4 Using A Smartphone While Nursing

Welcome to the modern age when we millennials turn to our cell phones for everything, including as a way to beat boredom. Many moms turn to their cell phones as a way to pass time when nursing their little one and they often tend to forget that nursing is not just a way to feed their child, but as a way to bond with them as well.

You wouldn’t go on a blind date where you are trying to get to know someone and be on your phone the whole time, would you? That doesn’t make for a real way to gain a connection with someone. So, why would you do this to your baby?

Plus, if you are on the phone, you could be missing important cues from your child while they are feeding.

3 Allowing The Newborn To Be Alone With Pets

Most people who have pets and have just brought a baby home try to get their beloved family pet used to the newborn. Once they are familiar with the baby, some parents feel comfortable leaving their baby alone with the pet, but this is not a good idea.

Animals loved to cuddle, and sometimes they may try to cuddle with their new friend – the baby – but doing so can be an issue. To err on the side of safety, it's best to monitor all interactions between the baby and the pet.

2 Letting Everyone Touch The Baby’s Hands

Babies are notorious for putting their hands in their mouths, and people just love to hold newborns itty bitty hands. However, there are a lot of different bacteria and viruses that are on people’s hands, and not everyone washes their hands as they should. This can sometimes be a bad combination for a newborn's immature immune system.

It is not 100 percent safe to allow everyone who visits your child to touch your baby’s hands since there is a major possibility that the baby will put their hands in their mouth. When babies do this, they are taking all those germs into their mouth and they are none the wiser.

1 Shaking The Baby

This next entry does not happen to most moms, but it is still something that moms should never do with their newborn. Moms should never, under any circumstances, shake their child.

If you are having a tough time and your baby won’t stop crying, lay her down in her crib and just walk away for a moment to compose yourself. Yes, we know that you are never supposed to technically walk away from your child, but if you feel like you are about to burst, you need to walk away for a moment.

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