20 Things Mom Should Do From The Moment The Baby Is Born

Pregnancy and parenting are both things that are known to change the lives of the men and women involved. From the start of the pregnancy, the child's mother must be aware of things she can and cannot do while carrying the unborn child. Furthermore, the expecting parents spend much of the pregnancy making their home child-friendly. Additionally, they must make sure they have all of the products that they will need during the first few months of the little boy or girls’ life.

In addition to trying to make sure the mother and the baby are in the best health while she is pregnant, expecting parents usually plan out some of the important details of the future of their family. They decide what name to give the baby, and what parenting style they plan to use. Having a child on the way can be almost as busy as taking care of one once they are born.

A lot of these things are talked about often, such as maintaining good health for mom and her children, as well as planning the future for their families, are extremely important things. But something that is not any less important is the things mom should do as soon as her new baby is born. Here is a list of things for mom to do when the baby makes their arrival.

20 Skin-To-Skin Contact Is Important

One important thing mom needs to make sure she participates in is skin-to-skin contact with her baby. This is also referred to as kangaroo care, and the reason the mother should be sure to do this right after birth is because there are multiple benefits to it for both the child and his or her mother.

One of the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for the mother of the baby, other than getting to hold her new little one, is the fact that her chances of having postpartum depression are slightly lower. Perhaps that is one reason why this is a great way to start the bonding process between mother and baby.

19 Wait To Cut The Cord

For a very long time, babies have had their umbilical cords cut immediately after he or she was born. This is a pretty eventful thing for a baby. Up until birth, the child is dependent upon the umbilical cord for a lot of things unborn babies need, so becoming totally independent can be a big change for the child.

But, when the baby is born, the parents will have to decide when they would like the cord to be cut. It turns out that waiting a little bit can be beneficial.

Approximately one in six babies born in America suffer from an iron deficiency. Children who did not have their cord cut immediately are less likely to suffer from this, as waiting a couple more minutes before cutting the cord allows more time for blood that is rich in iron to flow to the baby.

18 Think It Over Before Getting The Vitamin K

There are a few decisions the parents of a newborn must make right after birth, unless they have already made them previous to the birth of the baby. One of these decisions is whether or not the new baby needs to get the vitamin K shot, which is usually administered shortly after the birth takes place.

The reason for the shot is not a bad one. It is given to babies so that their blood is capable of clotting, and so that they do not bleed into their brain during the first few weeks of their lives, which is an extremely rare occurrence.

However, one of the reasons why it is important to think this decision over is because of the ingredients that are in the vitamin K shot. This shot contains phytonadione, which is a synthetic version of vitamin K. The vitamin K shot has even caused some newborn fatalities.

17 Mom Should Voice Her Wishes Concerning The After-stuff

The placenta plays an important role in pregnancy, as it is what helps unborn babies receive the nutrition they need. Additionally, the placenta also helps to rid the unborn baby of their waste, which is part of why the placenta plays such a big role in the gestational development of a child.

However, the benefits that a placenta can provide do not stop once the baby is born. Actually, there are a number of things the mother can do with the placenta after birth that will allow her to receive some benefits from it.

The mother can make jewelry out of it, she can plant it, she can eat it, or she can have it encapsulated. Furthermore, she can also turn her placenta into art, or she can make a salve out of it. A salve is an ointment mothers can use for various things, such as rubbing on rashes or scars form cesarean sections.

Many different cultures do different things with the placenta. The mother should make her thoughts on what to do with her placenta known to her healthcare provider as soon as the baby is born.

16 Mom Should Decide Where She Stands On The Hepatitis B Boost

Typically, healthcare providers have the best interest of the newborn and his or her parents in mind during and immediately after birth has taken place. This is why things like vaccinations may take place within the first twelve hours after the child is born.

The hepatitis B shot is meant to ensure that the children who receive it will not have get hepatitis B when they are older. Furthermore, it prevents them from having liver disease, or cancer that stems from hepatitis B.

But, parents can try to prevent the shot from happening, if they are more comfortable without their child receiving it. One way it can be prevented is if the mother gets tested and her result is negative, as the baby can only get it from his or her mother or a blood transfusion that contains hepatitis B. Though, the mother will have to provide her test results as proof.

If the mother should decide against the vaccine before birth, she needs to make sure that the staff is aware of the agreement she has with her healthcare provider prior to giving birth there. However, some places are more relaxed with their rules concerning whether or not the baby should automatically receive the vaccine, and they may give the parents the chance to choose after the child is born, so it is important to have the decision made for sure right after the baby is born.

15 She Should Decide If Baby Gets Eye Ointment

The birth of a new baby girl or boy can seem like a blur, as it is such a life-altering moment that seems to move incredibly fast. Part of this is because there is so much going on at once, especially once the little girl or boy has been born.

One thing that happens after birth is the baby receiving an ointment for his or her eyes. Ilotycin is put in the eyes of newborns to protect them from getting pink eye.

However, if the mother should decide that she does not want her baby to receive the ointment, or that she wishes to wait a bit longer to have it done so that the child can see her more clearly, that is fine. Parents who decide on this should discuss with their doctor to ensure that it is the best thing to do.

14 Mom Needs To Know How She Can Decline The Baby's Bath

Typically, children will receive their first bath not long after they are born. Normally, the bath is performed by hospital staff members. But, something important to know is that this can be done differently, or it can be declined all together.

For parents who would like to take part in the bath, they can request that the hospital staff allow them to help with it, or they can ask that it be done in the room with them, if it is normally done elsewhere. But, of the mother of the child wishes, she can also ask that the newborn bath not happen at all. Additionally, delaying the bath for about 24 hours may be a good idea because of the fact that vernix, which is what is on the baby's skin when they are born, is beneficial for babies.

13 Make Sure Mom Eats Enough

Everyone needs to make sure they eat enough. Having less calories than you should can be dangerous, and eating in excess can be harmful as well, and that is true no matter who you are. But new mothers definitely need to make sure they eat a good amount of healthy foods.

When a woman goes through pregnancy and birth, her body undergoes a lot of important changes. Part of the recovering and healing process for the new mom is making sure she has a good diet, and that she maintains it, because she needs to remain healthy for herself and her new little one.

All expecting moms should eat nutritious foods. But the need for a healthy and balanced diet does not a stop there, especially for women who choose to nurse their babies, so that is something women should keep in mind after giving birth. A nursing mother needs to eat foods that are rich in fats, proteins, fruits, and whole grains.

12 Keep The Visits To The Minimum

When a child is brought into the world, it is perfectly natural for his or her family members to want to see the baby right away. After all, welcoming a new baby into the family can be a very exciting event! But, something new mothers (and the rest of the family) should keep in mind is that it is a good idea to keep the visitations to a limit.

There are a lot of good reasons to limit the amount of visitors your newborn receives. Perhaps they are carrying germs, which can be worse for a new baby than it usually is for older people. Furthermore, the first week or so of a baby’s life is a great time for the parents and the child to bond, and having outside visitors may disrupt that bonding time.

11 Continue Taking Prenatals

Many people have to take some type of vitamin in order to ensure that they are getting everything they need in their diet. This is especially the case when it comes to ladies who are trying to conceive, and ones who are already pregnant.

Vitamins that are made for women who wish to get pregnant, and also for those who are already pregnant, are referred to as prenatal vitamins. One important thing to take note of is that mothers who have just given birth, especially those who want to nurse, should not stop taking their prenatals because they are no longer pregnant.

Additionally, women who are not nursing their newborn can also benefit from doing this. That is because taking prenatal vitamins helps to restore iron that the mother may have lost when she gave birth.

10 Do Light Exercises

Depending on what type of delivery the mother chose to take part in, she may be able to exercise sooner rather than later. Firstly, though, it is important to know that women who had cesarean sections or complications during birth should discuss it with their doctor before they decide on a date to begin working out.

However, those who have uncomplicated, traditional births can start quite soon after the baby arrives. Since it is good for mom to stay healthy for both her and the baby, doing light workouts is a great idea. In this case, the mom can begin working out as soon as a few days or so after the big event.

9 Mom Should Sleep When She Gets The Chance

A lack of sleep is something that every new mother and father is all too familiar with. Between feeding a new baby, trying to keep the house clean, making meals, and all of the other responsibilities that life brings along with it, sometimes sleep just does not seem like something we have time for.

But, there are some ways that new parents can try to catch a little bit of shut eye. For instance, some new moms and dads choose to have their baby in the nursery during the first night or two after birth. That is nothing to be ashamed of, as recovering from birth can be a big deal.

Some additional tips are avoiding extra activities that do not need to be done at that moment, and sleep while the baby sleeps. Many of us have heard that last one a lot, but it is good advice. Having a clean house is not as important as getting enough sleep.

8 She Needs To Know Others Do Not Determine How She Raises Her Child

One thing all parents can tell someone who is expecting is that they will hear a lot of unsolicited, and sometimes even bad, advice on raising their children. Sometimes this advice comes from fellow parents, grandparents, and people who do not yet have kids of their own.

Furthermore, there are a lot of parents out there who will talk badly about each other just because they cannot agree on how to raise their children. Therefore, it is important for new mothers to remind themselves that no one should be telling them how to raise their kids.

7 She Needs To Be Patient With The Breastfeeding Process

There are a lot of things that can be difficult at first when one has a new baby to care for. One of these challenges is getting used to nursing the baby, unless the mother chooses an alternate way to feed him or her.

Nursing a newborn is a both a beautiful and very natural thing to do. However, just because it is natural for us to do something does not mean that skill is going to be very easy, at least not in the beginning.

New mothers need to know that nursing is going to come with its’ own set of challenges. Sometimes, it is hard to get the baby to latch on. Furthermore, there are different positions for the mother and baby to try, so finding the one that works for you is key, but figuring it out in the first place can be a bit frustrating. This is why it is important for new moms to be patient when it comes to learning to nurse their newborns.

6 Asking For Help Is More Than Okay

A lot of expecting parents, especially those who are new to the parenting game, do not realize just how different life will be after the baby is born. Sure, most mothers and fathers-to-be do a lot of things to prepare for the arrival of the new addition to their family, but it is hard to know how busy you will be prior to the birth of the baby, and many new parents find that things are a bit too much due to trying to take on too much responsibility after he or she is born.

Something all new mothers need to know is that it is absolutely fine to ask for help now and then. Those who may be uncomfortable with the thought of someone else watching over their newborn can ask for help with cooking meals, cleaning the house, or running errands.

5 Take Care Of Things Down There

There are a lot of things women tend to worry about concerning pregnancy, birth, and parenting. One of the most common worries among pregnant women is how the birth is going to go, and how it will affect her and the baby.

It is hard to know exactly how recovery will go for every woman, as we are all different. There are two ways to give birth, and the recovery process will depend on which birth method is chosen.

Mothers who choose to deliver their baby naturally may want to take part in Kegel exercises both before and after the baby is born. This will help the muscles down south during the recovery period.

4 Know That Pushing Won't Stop After Baby Comes

Something new mothers should definitely keep in mind is that when the time comes for them to give birth, if they are doing it the natural way, their baby is not the only thing they will be pushing out of their womb. After the little boy or girl is born, his or her mother still has to push in order to get rid of the placenta.

This is a very important part of the birthing process. If any part of the placenta is left inside of the mother of the child, she can suffer some pretty serious health problems. The possible issues a woman in this situation can face are life-threatening, and they include excessive blood loss, as well as infections.

3 Expect To leak

Women are certainly no strangers to bleeding. After all, females have been having periods since the beginning of time. But, expecting mothers need to know that after they give birth, they are going to bleed, and it will likely seem like a large amount of blood compared to their monthly periods. Also, it will almost certainly last longer than a regular period as well.

Lochia, which is a term used to describe the bleeding and discharge a woman has after birth, can last anywhere from three to six weeks after the big event. For the first few days, the bleeding may seem very heavy, and there may be clots.

However, as time passes, the amount of blood the mother looses should be less and less until it stops. However, if anything seems particularly concerning, speak with your primary care doctor.

2 Mom Should Expect Post Partum Cramping

As painful as the process of childbirth is, healing after it is over can be pretty painful too, though not as much as delivering a child. This is because after birth, the uterus has to get back to the size it was before pregnancy, which can cause some feelings of discomfort.

However, first time mothers may not need to worry about this like others do. New moms tend to have stronger muscles that help them get back in shape quicker than woman who have given birth multiple times, as their muscles may be a bit less strong.

New moms should definitely expect some cramping, which could be mild or a bit more painful than that. They can also prepare for it before they start by purchasing a heating pad and some over the counter pain relief medication. If that does not stop the pain, the mother should speak with her doctor, because he or she might know of something better to do.

1 She Should Have Newborn Photos Taken

Many parents agree that their children seem to grow up very fast. Once minute, they are tiny little bundles of joy and the next minute they are fully grown adults. So, it is important that we take the time to really capture how our children are when they are little.

One of the best and most adorable ways to capture the earliest moments in a child's life is by getting photos taken of them while they are still a newborn. The best time to have a newborn photography session is when the child is between 5 and 12 days old, because after the two week mark, they tend to be more active.

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