20 Things Moms Can Do While Pumping

It’s a revolution! Pumping doesn’t have to be a bore. Considering some moms dread the idea of spending seemingly never ending hours on end pumping for the newborn child they are nursing, it’s only understandable and pretty much a given that they’ll get super bored just thinking about it.

Thankfully, what some moms and future moms alike don’t know is that they can actually do some exciting and fun activities while they pump. While nursing stations are all the rage, and we strongly recommend having one to make sure all supplies that are needed and ready and available stat... but that doesn’t mean a nursing mom has to stay at her station and twiddle her thumbs watching the time slowly go by the entire time. Instead, they can partake in activities like getting much a few much needed zzzs, or even breastfeeding at the same time. It’s the way of the land.

Even though we completely understand moms, especially new moms, wanting to take precaution and focus completely on pumping, we’re certain that it won’t take long for mommies to try certain activities while they pump. So check out a few things mom can do while pumping! We promise they’re completely safe.

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20 Eat!

Toddler in high chair

Yes, it might sound counterproductive or even like it’s defeating the purpose of pumping, but it’s true, moms can eat while pumping! If moms think their excuse to give in to their pregnancy cravings goes away after giving birth, that’s not always the case. Yay! In fact, according to Pumpables, it’s not only completely okay to eat, it’s perfectly normal to want to give in to those pangs. There’s no need for a nursing mom to have to wait until she’s finished. She has the liberty to dig in whenever she pleases. Plus, it can make for some fun times.

19 Ride In A Car

Yes, pumping can even be done in the car. For those moms who want to ride along while running a quick errand, or who simply don’t want to mess up their schedule, this answers any questions of where pumping can occur. The opportunities are almost endless. So don’t let a car stand (or sit) in the way of a much needed pumping process. Like other places in public, as long as it’s sanitary, we’re certain it has the okay, according to Kid Simplified. Plus, while both breastfeeding and pumping in public are controversial topics, pumping is certainly more common. (But no mom should be ashamed to breastfeed in public either)

18 Surf The Internet

There’s no need to just sit idle while pumping, with the exception of the moms that really want to. (At the end of the day, it’s their prerogative!) Chances are, a majority of moms have missed out on any current events and news, so pumping is a great opportunity play catch up. Whether it’s scrolling on social media to pass the time, indulging in any news alerts, or even something as simple as researching a new recipe or playing a favorite game, Semi Delicate Balance says it’s completely okay to do all of the above and more for moms who are surfing the web while pumping.

17 Enjoy Mommy & Baby Time

For the moms that can’t get enough of their baby (which we’d like to think is every mom out there), Very Well Family says it’s a good idea to interact with the baby while pumping. It’s soothing and doesn’t have to be a high power activity. While pumping, feel free to do things like sing, read, and talk to the baby. It might not take long before he or she is interacting as well. Before long, pumping and nursing can become very special mommy/baby time. If moms thought they couldn’t get enough before, we wouldn’t be surprised if they found excuses to start pumping more after these adorable interactions.

16 Order Groceries

Pumping is like the gates of Heaven opening up and giving moms everywhere the okay to multi-task. Pumping is a great time knock some of those tedious items off of the to-do list, such as making a grocery list. Moms can even take it a step further and order groceries, according to Munchkin! Stores and shops like Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and even local grocery stores like Kroger, Walmart, and Meijer give customers the chance to order groceries online so they don’t even have to go into the store. Some even go above and beyond that and deliver, depending on the location of course. Still, ordering groceries while pumping can make any mom feel super accomplished.

15 Give Herself A Mani/Pedi

Taking a trip to the nail salon probably didn’t seem like such a big luxury until a nursing mom (or any mom for that matter) gave birth. So, for the moms who are nursing, pumping is the perfect time to indulge in a little much needed self-care. Pumpables says it’s completely okay to paint your nails and even your feet (if it’s not too painful) while you’re pumping. No need to worry about any cross-contamination or anything of that sort. Instead, moms should really consider the enjoyment and fun of doing something for themselves in a time where they are expected to give so much.


14 Actually Relax

Remember when we said it was every mom’s prerogative to do what she wanted while pumping? Well, that includes relaxing, according to Semi Delicate Balance. We totally get how tempting it is to be even more of a busy bee while pumping. After all, it might be the only time a new mom has to gather her thoughts of what needs to be done around the house and more. Still, no mom should feel about kicking off her shoes (and/or socks) and just relaxing while pumping. Clearly, baby will be taken care of (that’s the whole purpose of pumping!) so mommy can catch any needed time to just woosah and relax.

13 Read

This one is certainly for the moms who are looking for something soothing to do while pumping, according to Very Well Family. If eating or pampering isn’t her thing, maybe reading is the way to go. From novels to the news, it’s definitely a great method to take her mind off of things, even if it’s just for a few moments. Moms shouldn’t be afraid to dive into a new book or even read a magazine from cover-to-cover while pumping food for their child. Plus, it’s much better (and probably healthier) than letting her mind wander and worry about anything, which is bound to happen during this phase of motherhood.

12 Listen To A Podcast

Podcasts are like all the rage these days. And pumping is a great time to listen to them. Whether it’s for entertainment, inspiration, or both the number and variety of podcasts is endless. Before some moms know it, pumping time will have come to an end. According to Munchkin, there’s a plethora of podcasts on iTunes. Some the site suggested include Magic Lessons by Liz Gilbert or the This American Life which is dubbed as a traditional or classic podcast. Either way, there are tons of options to choose from to make pumping an even more enjoyable process. So, listen up!

11 Breastfeed

If moms can eat while pumping, it only makes sense that they can breastfeed as well. As Pumpables put it, why not kill two birds with one stone? It not only can be done, it can be done in an easy method where both mommy and baby come out as victorious winners. Why not take advantage of one breast leaking while baby is latching to the other? Plus, let’s be honest, there are very few moments when Mom and her newborn are on the same page. Baby is eating, mom is pumping, it’s a win all around. And we’d bet that moms will take a double win whenever they can get it.

10 Connect With Friends

We think it kind of goes without saying that a mom with a newborn in the house is totally not as social as she normally is. There’s even a stigma that some moms miss things as simple as adult conversation while nurturing and caring for an infant. Thankfully, there’s no harm in reaching out to a few friends while pumping, according to Aero Flow Breast Bumps. Whether it’s inviting them over for a little while or giving someone a call, it’s safe to say the feelings of any mom missing her friends and loved ones goes both ways. And a phone call can go a long way.

9 Drink Up!

Pumping is also a great time to drink what is probably a much needed bottle of water. It’s so hard to stay hydrated, and even remember to do so, while nursing. So while you have a little down time and quiet time during pumping, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on any hydration needs, according to Semi Delicate Balance. It kind of goes without saying that drinking a bottle of water while pumping can also be refreshing! Moms can think of it as taking care of baby’s needs as well as their own. It doesn’t get much better than that.

8 Wait For A Flight

This and other things moms can do while pumping dispels any myths and stereotypes that pumping can only be done at home. Even for those moms on the go who are super busy and let baby travel with them (and of course the ones, which includes a majority, who are sticklers and don’t want to let a trip infringe on a solid schedule), pumping can even be done while waiting for a flight, according to Kid Simplified who is all for moms pumping and breastfeeding in public. The only thing to consider is to make sure the place is sanitary, but we know moms have that covered already.

7 Sleep

One of the best things a mom can do while pumping is sleep! Trust, it’s only natural and expected for a mother who has an infant to be exhausted. Her whole schedule and equilibrium is completely thrown off after giving birth. So if a mom needs to take a minute (or three or four) to wind down and take a nap while pumping, there should be absolutely no shame in her game. Pumpables says that moms should actually take the opportunity to take a nap while pumping, and don’t let being hooked up to the machine stop the much needed nap party.

6 Take An Online Class

This is so possible while pumping! And this is a great point for the moms who are doubling school and motherhood; and even for the ones that want to take up a new habit they’ve been yearning to figure out or simply learn something new while staying home with the baby. Hey, just because motherhood comes into the picture doesn’t mean any career aspirations, near and far, have to be put on hold. Aero Flow Breast Pumps not only agrees but suggests for moms to take an online class while pumping. It’s the perfect chance to take advantage of me-time… pump and all.

5 Binge Watch TV


It’s safe to say any mom with a newborn has missed some of her favorite television shows. While she might feel like she’s living under a rock and in hiding from all normalcy and adulthood, pumping is one of the best times to catch up on a television show or start a new one, according to Very Well Family. Thanks to streaming services, there are a plethora of options that moms can take advantage of, especially if pumping takes a little longer than desired. It has the double duo ability to make time fly by as well as entertain any super mom who’s trying to do it all.

4 Workout

Why not get in a couple minutes of simple exercises? Now, let’s be clear, we’re not saying to go full on for heavy and hard hitting cardio. We still think it’s a great idea to take it easy. But there are effective workouts that can be done while pumping. According to Pumpables, some of the best workouts to do while pumping are lunges, squats, and even lifting small dumbbells. When moms are in the middle of not taking showers and recovering after giving birth to a human, there aren’t many moments they’ll have to work on their fitness. Fortunately, pumping is one of those moments when they can!

3 Reflect And Meditate

Ah, picture this: Pump in hand, baby is all good, and all a mom has is herself. What better time to reflect and meditate? Whether it’s on her birthing experience, which is lifechanging in itself, or on goals she wants to reach as the baby gets older, just sitting back, relaxing, and reflecting and meditating on life is one of the best things to do while pumping. Who knew pumping couldn’t only get the job done but leave any mom feeling so inspiring? We’d venture to say it’s a great idea to think of pump time as meditation time. Plus, Aero Flow Breast Pumps says meditation is a great way to combat postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress.

2 Spend Time With The Other Children

It’s very likely that during this phase, the other children in the household might be feeling a little left out. While they might completely understand why Mommy has to give so much attention to the newest member of the family, it doesn’t take away from their desire to have time with her too. So, why not do it while pumping? Very Well Family says It’s a great chance to let them know that they are important too. Whether it’s playing with their favorite blocks or board games (depending on their age), or even reading a book together, we’re certain they will appreciate any extra time spent with them.

1 Go On A Picnic

Don’t let pumping stand in the way of any much needed romantic time with a partner. If a date day calls for a picnic, the pump can come along too. That doesn’t mean the conversation, or any of the fun has to stop. Just bring the machine in tow and it will be a done deal. The opportunities are almost endless when it comes to pumping in public. But if there’s a question of whether a park is a great place, Kid Simplified said it totally is. Whether it’s a date day or some overdue quiet and comfortable me-time, a park and a picnic while pumping might be quite the triple threat, in a good way of course.


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