20 Things Moms Can Get For Free From The Pediatrician If She Literally Just Asks

Who wants to spend money on something when they could have easily gotten it for free or for a better deal? It just makes everyone a little angry inside, right? Especially when they already have spent every last penny in their wallet preparing for this new baby! Don’t get me wrong, I know most parents are overjoyed about this little one entering the world, but no one can prepare for how much raising a child will actually cost!

Hopefully, mom and dad are stocked up on many items from baby showers, family, friends, and coworkers. Babycenter.com shared an eye-opening statistic that parents spend about $10,000 on their baby the first year. Yikes, just wait till child care starts to kick in! So, why not save a few bucks on some free items parents can snag from the people around them! Just like at the hospital, there are free things parents can get from the pediatrician if they literally just ask! The doctor's office isn't a time to be shy. It's a place to be open and honest about what's really going on with both mom and baby. That also means that it's no time to be shy about asking for free giveaways.

20 Formula

Chug, chug, chug! You probably expected to get formula from your pediatrician. Even if you don’t plan to use formula, take it home with you! You don’t know when your baby might develop an issue with your milk or you want to leave your nugget for a weekend at Grandma’s house. It is better to have it on hand then to have to run out to the store last minute! Formula may come in handy, and it can be very pricey! Plus, if you don’t end up using it, there are plenty of mommies who you can give it to! Everyone loves free hand-me-downs!

19 Baby Soap

Rub-a-dub-dub! One of the most fun times as a parent is bath time. Well, that is if your child actually enjoys bath time! The tub can be a time full of giggles, experiences, and memories if you have the right toys and products. A few rubber ducks, form letters, and a boat can make this time exciting. Tear-free soap may be the reason your child is traumatized by bath time. Luckily, your pediatrician has exactly what you need. Baby soap that your child will love. The kind that can make bubbles and help you create a little mohawk with those baby hairs!

18 Lotion

We use the expression “as soft as a baby’s bottom” for a reason. Their skin truly is delicate, precious, and beyond gentle. It is important to properly take care of your babies skin. Many babies have dry skin around their ankles and hands. This dry skin can lead to painful splits and itchy dryness. Using perfume and dye free lotion is important to keep your baby safe and away from any chemicals. Your pediatrician has proper lotion for your baby. Ask for some because it is safer to use what they give you then to play trial and error with the drug store brands! Be sure you are not bathing your newborn to much and creating dry skin.

17 Vitamin D and A

Let us just add another task to your list of caring for your baby! Providing your baby with Vitamin D is so important. They are only getting formula or breastmilk when they are first born. They are lacking other nutrients to help them grow. Babies need to be given droplets of Vitamin D as soon as they are born. Caringforkids.com explained that, “Babies who don’t get enough Vitamin D are said to have a deficiency. If the levels are low enough, they are at risk of getting rickets, a disease that affects the way bones grow and develop.” Vitamin A is important for your babies vision and bone growth. It will also help protect them from bad infections. Why buy these vitamins when you can get the drops for free!

16 Nasal Saline

Sick babies are zero fun. It is so hard to watch them be in pain and discomfort when you can’t help them. Thankfully, when flu and allergy season comes around and your baby is clogged up, the pediatrician can provide you with nasal saline. Parents.com shared that this helpful product is, “composed mostly of saline solution, which causes the blood vessels in the nose to contract and dilutes mucus and reduces swelling in the sinus area.” Keeping this handy in the home will be a lifesaver when the time comes. You will be so happy you grabbed this at your appointment when you can put your screaming child at ease.

15 Acetaminophen

Just like the other creams, vitamins, and products you can get, acetaminophen is another great one. Acetaminophen helps reduce fever and relieve pain in your little one. Be sure to check the correct dosage of this liquid medicine as you distribute it by weight, not age. This is also a great tool to have for when your child starts teething. We also love that this is in liquid form and super easy to give to your baby. This handy free product is great to keep in the medicine cabinet and even mommy will even enjoy it for any little aches or pains she has from labour still!

14 Diaper Creams And Wipes

Just like diapers, you can never have enough wipes and creams. You need these in every purse, bag, and room in the house! Wipes are expensive and you go through them very quickly. They are also great to have to wipe hands off at the park or your kiddo’s face when you are out to dinner. Take as many free packs as you can because you will constantly be throwing them in your shopping cart each week no matter what. Diaper creams are obviously important to help avoid rashes and infections. Both of these are a must! Say yes to all free things you can get!

13 Band Aids


Band aids are like magic to a child. I kid you not, keeping a band aid in your purse will save your life. Blood or not, a band aid stops tears and helps stop any pain in the child’s head. If you want to really be a super mom, Peppa The Pig ones will go over very well. Anyways, the pediatrician has drawers full of band aides and of all different sizes. You will be surprised by the amount of scraps, tumbles, and bruises your adventurous one will get. Be prepared! Even if you can just get a handful, they will be an item you are happy you got!

12 Their Time Back

How many times have you been to an appointment and waited way to long. It is so frustrating! Your whole day seems scattered and you are losing valuable time while you sit there using their spotty wifi watching soap operas in the background. Awful, right? Time is valuable, and we want to give you back your time for free! According to parents.com, Mondays are crammed with appointments due to kids who got ill over the weekend. Tuesday through Friday have shorter wait times and fresh staff. Also, book the first appointment in the morning or right after lunch. Don’t blame the doctors for being late, they are just giving patients and parents the attention they deserve!

11 Friendship

Now, wait times in the lobby can also be fantastic. Being a stay at home mom can lead you itching for a little adult conversation and a friend to talk to. The waiting room is full of other mommies all in the same shoes as you! Instead of pretending to browse through the coffee table magazines, make a new friend! Start up a simple conversation, exchange numbers for a playdate, or even just complement another mommy on her cute shoes. The awkward long wait doesn’t have to be so painful! Friendship is free, and the pediatric office is full of mommies looking for their tribe.

10 Coupons

Does anyone else dread the unknown price of picking up their prescriptions at the pharmacy? I sure do! It is like a playing roulette. You could owe a whopping $10, or be dealt a $100 bill. Well, the pediatrician is on your side, and knows having a baby is pricy. If they don’t offer a coupon or sample of the script they write you, ask for one! It might be your lucky day! Plus, if they don’t have what you are looking for, they may have something else to give you! Many moms have walked home with a small bottle cooler! Winning!

9 New Brands

Parenting can be scary! Baby books and blogs list off the top recommended brands and products on the market. Usually these highly rated products are the most expensive too. We think that we have to give our baby the best of everything, but these highly recommended products have cheaper versions that are the exact same! Your pediatrician will give you samples of products to try that you may see fit your baby and life perfectly. Just because they aren’t brand named, doesn’t mean they aren’t good products. You may find a better formula or cream that is even cheaper. Ask your pediatrician if you are not sure!

8 Answers To Your Questions

Every mommy needs a judgement free zone to ask questions, get advice, and share their worries. Trust me, I am sure your mind is exploding from your parents opinions, your Mother In Laws comments, and the dirty looks from your neighbours. Everyone has their own ideas on how to parent! Do you mama! Your appointment is a free time to get those answers, express your concerns, and have someone listen to you. Your pediatrician is there to help you, not judge you. Pediatricians are here to answer your questions 24/7. Many places even have 24 hour call services and online web help!

7 Hand Sanitizer

Okay crazy mom, bring it on! Now, I know you may get a few eye rolls and feel a bit crazy asking each person to clean their hands before touching your baby, but it will be worth it. A few pumps of hand sanitizer is much better than a sick baby and sleepless nights. Babycenter.com explains that, “Hand-washing is the single best way to prevent the spread of illness, and newborn babies are among those most at risk for infection.” Instead of clearing out the soap and hand sanitizer isle in Walmart, ask for a few bottles to throw in your purse.

6 Thermometer

I know thermometers are an item that won’t break the bank, but it is an item that many new mommies forget to have in their homes. Thermometer’s can save you a trip to the doctors and help you worry a bit less about your baby. There are so many different types and kinds of thermometers out there. Be sure you are using the correct style and type of thermometer for your baby. When your baby is feeling under the weather next time, grab your new handy dandy tool and get to the bottom of the issue. It is helpful to be able to call the doctor with an exact temperature and symptoms.

5 Pedialyte

No, this is not for daddy to use the morning after a night out! Although, it is a pretty good drink to cure the Sunday scaries! But, your baby is the one that will benefit from this delicious drink most. Ask your pediatrician for a few bottles or powder packets of electrolytes to help nurse your baby back to health. When babies are often sick, milk can be unsettling for their tummies and cause them to throw up more. Pedialyte is the cure to help them become hydrated once again. From personal experiences, grape is a pretty good flavor too!

4 Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs and Q Tips are great to help mommy clean up the hard to reach areas. Sponge baths are great, but we can’t do them every day! Babies have very sensitive skin, so using cotton swabs are soft and won’t hurt the baby. For example, Q Tips are handy to make sure the umbilical cord is staying clean and dry. Cotton swabs are perfect for cleaning under the chin. Plus, they are soft enough to wipe away the eye boogers that build up each night. A bonus with these items are they never go bad and mommy will find them handy when she needs to clean up her nails!

3 Boxes Of Tissues

Babies wear snot like a cute accessory. Literally, they always have boogers flying and snot running down their face, but they do a dang good job of making it look cute. Pediatricians understand flu season and will help you with all the tricks. They also can provide you with a few to-go containers of tissues or mini purse sized tissue bags. Not the sand papers kind either. Those are the worst. The last thing you need is cheap tissues that make you go from a runny noses to a rashes! Get your hands on some of those soft tissues and wipe away that snot!

2 The Truth

Is my child healthy? Is he or she growing? How does my baby compare to other babies? These are worries every mommy goes through. Luckily, the pediatrician can tell you straight up. Your child is overweight, underweight, struggling with their speech or sounds, and so much more. They have the resources to also get you outside help if needed. Hearing the truth from your doctor is never easy, but knowing the truth allows us to take action. Helping your baby grow properly, develop, and be healthy comes when you know the truth from your pediatrician. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are concerned about something or seeing signs.

1 Stickers, Pencils, and Toys

Even though these knick-knack toys will end up in the junk drawer, they leave a positive experience and smile on your child’s face. It will help make your next doctor's appointment much easier. They will look forward and be excited to leave the next appointment knowing they get a prize! Many mommy’s dread taking their baby to the doctors to get shots and kids don’t always enjoy it either. Prep them if needed and turn this adventure into a fun learning experience. There are great books and cartoon episodes to help relax kids and show them all about going to the doctors! They will love it!

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