20 Things Moms Do In The US (That Moms In Canada Wouldn't)

Anyone would think that moms in the USA and in Canada would not parent their kids all that differently because the culture in both countries is very similar. Citizens in the USA and in Canada both speak English, and those who live in both countries tend to eat very similar types of food, with a few very small cultural differences. Because of this fact, it is logical to believe that Canada and the USA are virtually the same when it comes to culture.

It is a known fact that certain foods like maple syrup and poutine are part of the culture in the great white north. And it is also known that foods like Buffalo wings, Tater tots, and key lime pie are part of the culture that is south of the border. With that said, people know that there are some differences between both of those countries.

However, what a lot of people are not aware of is that there are actually plenty of major cultural differences between the USA and Canada. These differences are actually quite significant. And, that also has a major influence on how moms in both countries parent their kids as well. Now, it is time to find out what moms in the USA do that moms in Canada would not do at all, or would rarely do.

20 Go Back To Work 12 Weeks After Giving Birth

mom and baby

All moms that are working in the US will only be able to spend 12 weeks with their babies after their births. And, then, once the 12 weeks is up, then it is time for these moms to arrange for childcare because they have to go back to work. Not to mention, their short maternity leave is unpaid!

And, according to The Globe And Mail, working moms in Canada are entitled to have anywhere from 17 weeks to 52 weeks of maternity leave. Additionally, they also have their jobs secured for when they return back at work. With that said, US working moms have every right to be envious of working moms who live north of the border for a good reason. They don't have much time to bond with their babies.

19 Spend Money For Medical Care

medical care
First Thyme Mom

It is a known fact that healthcare in general in the US is extremely costly if citizens do not have good health insurance. And, the same applies when it comes to maternity care. With that said, moms in the US must either look for the best health insurance so they don't have to pay an arm and a leg for their care and their hospital stays when they deliver.

According to The Guardian, because taxpayers in Canada are contributing to their universal health care, moms in Canada do not need to pay for getting maternity care and hospital stays. The only times when they would is if they want to have a private or a semi-private hospital room after delivery. And, many health insurance plans in Canada will cover that as well.

18 Indulge A Donut Craving At Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

There are plenty of moms in the US and in Canada during pregnancy will most definitely share similar cravings. And, one of those cravings can be indulging in a donut or two. The only difference is, moms that live in the US will head over to Dunkin' Donuts to satisfy their craving, and moms in Canada will head over to Tim Horton's to do the same.

And, according to This Is Insider, Tim Horton's has some franchises in some of the northern US border cities. However, those who want to go for donuts or pastries in general in the US are going to be more inclined to go to Dunkin' Donuts. That is because that is what they are the most comfortable with since it's been around much longer than any of the few Tim Horton's franchises that are in the US.

17 Save Pennies For Their Kids


Moms that are in both the USA and in Canada want to save up for their kids' future. And, many of them want to teach their kids about money management because that is a very important skill for them to learn about while they are young. This is why they make sure that their kids have piggy banks.

The only difference is, the moms in the USA will be throwing some pennies in their piggy banks and moms in Canada will be putting coins in their kids' piggy banks that do not involve pennies. That is because, according to Narcity, Canada stopped producing pennies in 2013 because it was believed to have been worthless. There are still very old pennies around in the great white north. However, pennies in Canada nowadays are only used for keepsake purposes. They cannot be used for anything else.

16 Would Rather Use A Midwife Over An OBGYN


Because of the fact that managing pregnancy in the USA is not cheap, especially if the mom does not have the best health insurance coverage, many moms in the USA will don't go to OBGYNs for their care. In fact, many moms from the USA end up going to midwives for their care due to the fact that the cost of being cared for by an OBGYN is high, according to The Daily Beast.

As it was already mentioned, medical expenses are paid by taxpayers in Canada, and this is why they have universal health care. The only issue is that the wait list for seeing an OBGYN in Canada may be long in some instances.

15 Buy Their Milk Only In Cartons

glass of milk

Moms in the USA and in Canada are well aware that they need to drink milk or eat safe dairy products so they can get the calcium they need to help support their bones. However, the only thing is that moms in the USA would only purchase milk that comes in cartons because that is all they are used to. Moms that live north of the border may end up buying their milk in cartons or in bags.

And, according to The Odyssey Online, because Canada is one of the few countries in the world that provides milk in bags would make anyone else living in other countries feel like that is a foreign concept. In fact, some of those in the USA would wonder if there is something suspicious about bagged milk. However, Canada has been providing milk in bags for a long time, and it is completely safe.

14 Take Their Kids To Olive Garden

Olive Garden
A Mom's Take

Eating out is something that both families in Canada and in the USA enjoy doing occasionally. And, plenty of people, in general, enjoy eating out at restaurants that serve pasta, pizza, and breadsticks. And, moms in the USA can most definitely enjoy taking their kids out to the Olive Garden every now and then. And, that is something that moms in Canada do miss out on.

According to The Globe And Mail, the Olive Garden franchises in Canada started disappearing in the late 1990s because it wasn't working out. Instead, families in Canada can enjoy the experience of having the same kind of cuisine at East Side Mario's instead.

13 Stay Home When It's A Snow Day

snow day

Moms in the USA, for the most part, do not like snow days because that means that they are cooped up in their homes with the kids. Not to mention, driving in snowy conditions can make them nervous since they may not have many snow days, to begin with. That is why they choose to stay home on those days.

However, according to Macleans, many moms in Canada feel quite differently. In fact, they embrace the snow and enjoy going out to the backyard with the kids to build a snowman, make snow angels, or go tobogganing elsewhere- even if they have to drive in the snow to go to a park to do that. Moms in the north USA may feel the same way, however, most that live in the majority of the country do not feel at ease with snow since they don't get a lot of it very often. That is why they feel the safest when they stay home.

12 Cope With Being Extra Warm During Pregnancy


Pregnant moms in Canada and even in the northern USA have one advantage over the expectant moms that live in other parts of the USA have. And, that is that because the weather gets cold during winter time in the north, they feel a lot more comfortable during their pregnancies, temperature-wise anyway.

That means pregnant moms that live in most of the USA, especially in the mid to the southern parts of it will be too warm for their liking during their pregnancies. Their winters are usually quite mild, and in some parts of the USA, their winters are warm such as in California and in Florida. And, pregnant moms living in those areas have to constantly stay around fans to stay cool. Otherwise, they will be incredibly uncomfortable. Not to mention, according to Macleans, those that live in Canada could not imagine having a warm winter since that is a foreign concept to them.

11 Won’t Buy Children’s Books That Were Printed Prior To 1985

Dr Suess

Moms in the USA and in Canada (and in other parts of the world) know how valuable books are to their kids, so they will purchase many of them to encourage their kids to read. However, the one thing that moms in Canada will do that the moms in the USA cannot do is purchase books that were printed before 1985. With that said, moms in Canada can buy their kids older books whereas moms in the USA can only purchase books that have been printed within the last 30 years or so.

According to Narcity, books that were printed before 1985 have been banned in the USA due to the concern over them having possible traces of lead which can lead to many health issues. In Canada, this does not seem to be a huge concern which explains why these books are still available for purchase in the great white north.

10 Won’t Buy Their Kids The Kinder Surprise Candy

Kinder Surprise

Moms in the USA can buy their kids many fun toys and snacks, but unfortunately, Kinder Surprise is not one of those that are available for them to purchase. That is because according to Narcity, snacks like Kinder Surprise that have embedded toys can be a hazard for little ones. With that said, this is why the USA has put a ban on this type of snack actually since 1938, according to the same source.

However, moms in Canada can get their kids those Kinder Surprise treats for their kids because they are available for purchase there, and there is no word on them being banned anytime soon in the great white north.

9 Enjoy Thanksgiving Traditions With Their Kids In November

US Thanksgiving

Families in Canada and in the USA can enjoy their Thanksgiving festivities. The only difference is, in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October, whereas in the USA, the holiday is celebrated in November. Not to mention, families in the USA really get into the Thanksgiving celebrations the same way as they do with Christmas.

And, families in Canada tend to treat the holiday the same way as they would whenever they get a day off from work. In other words, more often than not, moms in Canada don't really make a huge deal out of Thanksgiving. And, according to Narcity, it is surprising that Thanksgiving in Canada is not a huge holiday considering that they have nothing to celebrate in November. They have to wait until the holiday season in December to enjoy any elaborate celebrations.

8 Working Moms Keep Working Without Many Breaks

tired mom at work

Working moms in the USA have a good reason to be envious of their working counterparts in Canada. According to Business Insider, any employee in the USA is literally chained to their desks all day from the time they start work until they are finished. That means they have to eat their lunches while they are at their desks. And, they don't have an opportunity to walk around either.

Whereas, those who live and work in Canada are entitled to having a half-hour breaks at lunch or for every five hours. This way, they are able to recharge every now and then which is very helpful too because it helps them become more productive in the end.

7 Have Less Time To Enjoy Their Family Vacations

Family vacation

Another reason that working moms in the USA would easily be envious of their counterparts in Canada is that they are not allowed nearly as much time off of work as they are. According to Business Insider, employees in the USA are offered two weeks of time off at work, but it is unpaid. With that said, if they take that time off, they will lose money.

Whereas in Canada, employees that have been working for less than five years at a company are automatically given two weeks of paid vacation time. And, once they have been working there for five years, then they get three weeks of the same thing! And, some companies will even increase the time even more if these employees have been working there for even longer.

6 Don’t Need To Help Their Kids With French Homework

French homework

Moms in the USA definitely expect that once their kids are in elementary school, then they will have to be around to help them with their English, math, science, or geography homework. However, the one subject that kids in the USA are not required to take is French, unlike their peers that are living in Canada.

That is because French and English are the official languages of Canada, and this is why kids in Canada have to take French in elementary school. That means their moms will need to help them with their French homework or hire them a tutor to do so if they can't. However, according to Parents Magazine, it is a good idea for kids regardless of where they live to learn foreign languages anyway because it helps them to broaden their horizons. However, in the USA it is not a requirement.

5 Start Their Families At A Very Young Age

young mom

Moms in the USA are more likely to start their motherhood journeys a lot earlier than their counterparts in Canada. The reason for that is, according to The Odyssey Online, those in Canada, in general, are more likely to continue on with their education in their twenties as well as establishing their careers.

Now, there are some moms in Canada that did not continue on with their education or establish their careers and started creating their families at a young age. There are also some moms in the USA that did continue going to school later on and also had established their careers, which meant they had waited to start their families. However, it is a lot more common for moms in Canada to start their families later than their counterparts in the USA for those reasons.

4 Prefer To Shop Online Rather Than Go To The Mall

online shopping

Online shopping is one reason that many malls in the USA have been going out of business, and that is because many people there prefer to go on Amazon or elsewhere to make the purchases they want instead of physically going anywhere to shop. And, according to The Odyssey Online, online shopping is the preferred way for those living in the USA to shop, while many shoppers in Canada still prefer to go to the mall or to a plaza.

Now, that does not mean that there are no online shoppers in Canada. There are plenty of them around, which applies to me as well. However, it is a lot more common for moms in the USA to buy their clothing, their shoes, and their kids' toys through online shops than their counterparts in Canada. They would much rather go to the mall to shop.

3 Send Their Kids To Middle School

Middle School

The one thing that kids in Canada are not familiar with is going to middle school because middle school does not exist in Canada. However, in the USA, kids go to elementary school from kindergarten to fifth grade. And, then from sixth grade to eighth grade, they go to middle school. And then, from ninth grade to 12th grade, they go to high school, according to The Odyssey Online.

Students in Canada go to elementary school from kindergarten to seventh grade or eighth grade, and from ninth grade to 12th grade they go right to high school. This may vary by province. However, moms in Canada will not be at all familiar with the concept of middle school like moms in the USA are because middle school is not a thing in the great white north.

2 Can Give Their Kids A Variety Of Oreo Flavors 

Oreo flavors

Many kids love Oreos regardless of where they live. However, kids in the USA have the opportunity to enjoy various flavors of Oreo cookies whereas their counterparts in Canada are limited to enjoying just a few choices, according to Merry About Town.

With that said, there are plenty of moms in the USA who have a variety of Oreo flavors on their shopping lists based on the types that their kids enjoy. And, moms in Canada would not know anything about Oreos that are flavored differently than the ones that have been around for the longest time. And that also means, their kids would not know about these neat different flavors of Oreo cookies either.

1 Shop At Target

Target shopping

It was already mentioned that the majority of moms in the USA prefer to shop online than to shop elsewhere. However, the exception for that is that whenever it comes to them having an opportunity to shop at Target. And, there are plenty of Target franchises that are scattered all over the USA, and it is a popular place to shop over there because it is convenient and the prices are reasonable.

However, moms in Canada cannot go to Target unless they are visiting someone that is south of the border. That is because Target simply does not exist in Canada. And, according to Forbes, Target did open in Canada in 2013 but because it did not turn out to be successful, by 2015 all of the Target franchises in Canada had closed up. Target is not going anywhere in the USA, not anytime soon anyway.

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