20 Things Moms Do Online That Will Affect The Baby Someday

When one compares the amount of time parents spend with their children today and a few decades back, they will realize that some of today's parents hardly spend any time with their children. One thing to note here is that the "spending time" in this case does not necessarily mean being there physically; it means so much more than that. Spending time here means deliberately interacting with each other and sharing experiences throughout the time these two are together.

Arguably, the main reason for this situation is the advancement in technology and the availability of Internet-ready devices in our homes, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Today, it is normal for a baby or a child, to spend all his or her time watching his or her favorite cartoons on the television, while his or her mom is free to do what she wants. The cartoons are often very entertaining and educative, so parents see this as a great way to keep their young ones busy, which is not necessarily the best way to raise children.

Since a baby or a child is usually busy watching TV, moms seek comfort and entertainment in their phones. These moms spend most of their time on different social media platforms, engaging in different activities that may affect their babies somehow. Here are 20 things moms do online that will definitely affect their babies some day.

20 'Sharenting'

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Even though most parents know that their online posts are creating a digital footprint for their kids, it's still hard to resist sharing. Sharenting is the process where parents, mostly moms, overuse the Internet to share photos, videos, and status updates about their child or children.

This content can include content from when they were born to their current age. While most have good intentions of doing this, their actions might very well affect the children later on in life. Some kids prefer living a private life and may be embarrassed over the content their moms post, in addition to the fact that they never gave consent for the pictures to be posted.

19 Online Content Can Be Used For Cyber Targeting

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Moms want the best for their children, and as a result, might share some things online because they are proud of their kids and the milestones they have achieved over the years. Many friends and family might appreciate the content, but this sharing is likely to affect the children when they are a bit older.

Regardless of how the child feels about the photos or videos his or her mom posted online, strangers always see and have access to the same information. Malicious people can even use it to make fun of or insult the child as he or she is growing up. The intention of a mom posting a photo might have been to give guys a good laugh but instead, it can lead to some serious negative consequences.

18 Online Content Might Be Disseminated

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Moms are always their children’s biggest cheerleaders. They never intend to do anything they feel will harm their kids, but they often do things online that have the potential to affect their kids when they are much older. It is often very difficult, if not impossible in some instances, to control information once it goes online.

Moms can try to delete the content but as long as someone saw it and took a screenshot of the post, he or she can disseminate it beyond her reach. In addition, deleted content does not go away completely, it lives on the Internet archives. With that in mind, Moms should consider what they do online and how it might affect their child when they grow.

17 Advice Mom Receives Online

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Regardless of what anyone does online, people will always have something good or bad to say about it, especially if the individual in question has a following. Mom might innocently post a video of her and her baby in her car going for a drive and because people online have opinions on everything, her followers will start to offer her unsolicited advice, which can at times be negative.

Some will say she is using the car seat incorrectly or she doesn’t know how to take care of her kids and so on. However, what most moms don't know is that such videos, which they innocently post have the potential to affect their children's lives later on in life. No child wants to read negative advice concerning him or herself with his mom online.

16 Sharing Questionable Content

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A mother was also a child at one point in her life, and she might have done things she regrets now that she is much older and wiser. One of the silly things she might regret is posting questionable photos or videos, or even sharing negative and hurtful jokes, which could affect her kids in the future.

Some of the funny things a mom posts online might embarrass her and her children when they eventually do gain access to such information in the future. Most children look up to their parents, since they are usually their first role models, and when they see iffy content about them online, it is sure to tarnish this image of them and their reputation.

15 Online Content May Affect The Child’s Employment Opportunities

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Technology has truly brought so many changes these days and employers everywhere are trying to keep up. Moms may share photos or videos about their children, which can affect their future employment opportunities. Every post that moms share online can reveal qualities and characteristics that interviewers may not discover during interviews, but will sure discover when they go through the potential candidate's profiles online.

Employers are looking for employees with good character, which is often hard to identify in one interview. Furthermore, potential employees also know everyone puts on their best face forward during interviews, so they may seek the applicants online to find out more about them. They can come across some content their mothers put up, which can cause the potential employees to lose their chance at working in their organization of choice.

14 The Friends She Has On Social Media Platforms

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Some moms create and share many videos and posts with informative content online and because of this, they end up attracting many online friends who want to follow and keep up with their content. However, even such content is sure to affect their children someday.

For example, when a child grows up and gains access to his or her mother’s online profile, he or she might want to have as many followers as his or her mom has. This might lead the children to try following their mother's example by creating content, which they expect will do as well as that of their moms. If their content does not pick up, such kids can beat themselves up and feel as if they are not good enough. They may even struggle with self-esteem issues as a result.

13 The Reaction She Gets From People Online

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Moms sometimes post things online about their babies that are adorable in every way or are sure to make other people laugh. However, since she does not have total control over who gets to watch the content and who does not, the strangers who get to see and comment on the photos can sure hurt the baby when he or she grows up.

Some of these people say mean things about the mom and her children, which is not fair. No child will feel good when he or she sees people online reacting negatively to a video his or her mom posted about him or herself. Other people's reactions are sure to affect her.

12 Being A Role Model Online

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Some moms are well aware that what they do online can and is sure to affect their child or children someday, and as a result, make it their goal to be great examples. Such moms deliberately share useful and meaningful content online that will teach good morals and encourage all their readers to be kind.

These moms not only share this information because their children will grow up one day and read it, but they do it just because they want to be a positive influence in the world. Moms who love the Internet should strive to be positive role models, and this is sure to affect their babies in a positive way some day.

11 Making Money Online

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The Internet has literally everything anyone would want to know or find, and it is up to users to use it positively. As a result, many moms are starting to use the Internet to make some good income, whether it is through starting their own businesses online or finding employment and working for some organizations from the comfort of their homes.

Making money online will surely affect a baby positively someday because the baby will understand that it is possible to spend time online doing something of great financial value, and not just to waste time watching useless videos. It is easy for a young person to start making money online is he or she sees his mom doing it.

10 Showing Off Too Much

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Very many people have little respect for people who love to brag about themselves or their achievements because such showing off is always a sign of immaturity. Before the rise of social media, people had very few avenues to show off what they have or who they've become, but these days the opportunities for people to show off are limitless.

Moms can also fall into the trap of showing off, especially with regard to their children, and this will rub other people off in the wrong way. Some of this mom's close friends might end up secretly disliking her and her kids, and these kids will surely sense some form of negativity around the people who dislike their moms and this will affect them.

9 Faking It Online

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Most people, including moms, always love to share images and stories about themselves online that make them appear as if they have a perfect life, and most go on to even lie about particular things in their lives. Such sharing makes her audience think that she's faking it, which is usually the case with many people on social media. However, no mom has a perfect life.

This can really affect a baby someday because when the baby grows up, he or she will know that his or her mom is not an honest person, and this will seriously affect his or her mom's image. Furthermore, the hurtful comments that may be the result of faking it will sure hurt the baby someday.

8 Using Her Online Content To Escalate Future Conflict

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One of the saddest things you can ever come across in the news is a child taking his or her parent to court for whatever reason, though this is happening more often than most people think. Of course, most moms innocently post images of their children on different social media platforms, thinking that their children will always be fine with it.

However, in the event that a child feels as if he or she wants to get back to his or her mother for something she might have done, such a child can very well use her online activity against her. This is the case if she once posted something that her child can consider negative when he or she was still growing up.

7 Her Transparency Can Affect Her Baby Someday

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People all over the world use different online platforms to express their emotions and feelings freely. Although it is good to let things off your chest, it is important to be very careful when doing it online. Therefore, many moms share their feelings, remarks, and attitudes online, especially concerning their children, which can affect their children someday when they find out about it.

A mom's transparency and willingness to share everything online can reveal many of her weaknesses, which she might have tried hard to hide from her children. When her children eventually discover the person their mom actually is online, such children are likely to respect her much less.

6 Moms Set Up Their Babies As Easy Prey

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Some moms get caught up with the excitement of sharing things online that they sometimes share too much information. It might be fun to share photos, videos, and status updates every hour or so but doing so too often can affect you and your children’s security.

Sharing information related to where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going afterward will make you an easy prey in case someone wants to hurt you or your children. Some platforms even prompt users to enter their specific locations at specific instances during the day, which might sound good but is very dangerous. Such information in the hands of a person with ill will can be quite risky.

5 Online Content Can Lead To Identity Theft

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Moms who love sharing their family’s content online think they are just doing so to update friends and family on how they are faring on but in reality, it will affect their children someday. Posting too many pictures online can lead to someone stealing their identity online. We hear of countless instances where some people hack other people's accounts or even begin totally new accounts with someone else's details and images and commit crimes thereafter.

Posting about your child too often is sure to open up the possibility that someone can steal his or her identity when he or she is of age. Moms need to teach their children just how important it is to keep their information private and not share everything with the world through leading by example.

4 Sharing Your Child’s Accomplishments

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Moms are always excited to share photos or videos of their children’s accomplishments, which is sure to have a positive effect on the child someday when they find out about it. Not all kids have the privilege of growing up in a family where both parents are around, and always wonder how their parents felt about them when they were young. Such children long to make their parents proud and share with them the joy of all their achievements.

However, when a child discovers that his or her mom was proudly posting pictures and images of his or her earlier success, such a child is sure to be very happy. All children love it when they get their parents' attention and this can even motivate them to become the best versions of themselves.

3 Invading The Child’s Privacy

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Moms can sometimes do things online without considering the repercussions. When their young ones are still babies or toddlers they might not care what their mothers put online since they are too young to understand what is going on, however, as they grow their thoughts and opinions on things evolve.

They start to develop a sense of who they are as individuals and how the rest of the world perceives them. If mom was used to sharing things about herself or the kids online it might affect them, especially if the content sheds some negative light on them. This is surely an invasion of privacy to some extent.

2 Spending Too Much Time Online

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These days, it is possible for a mom to spend a lot of time online that she might end up neglecting her responsibilities as a mom or even a wife. Since we have so much content online, most of which is very entertaining, it is possible for a mom to be absent whenever her child needs her, yet she might just be there with her child in the same room.

Children demand their parents' attention whenever they are growing up, and this is important to them since they grow up knowing that they matter a lot. However, when a mom's phone or computer appears to be more important than her child, her child is sure to grow up with serious challenges in his or her life.

1 Online Storage Of Lifetime Memories

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One of the best ways moms can preserve the memories they create with their children and their whole families is through sharing the information online. Most online platforms have enough storage space where people can post as many photos as they want.

This memory storage is sure to have a positive effect on her children when they grow up, especially if moms started documenting their children's lives even before they were born. More often than not, the physical photos and videos people keep in their homes can get lost or fall into the wrong hands and it would be sad for anyone to lose all those memories.

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