20 Things Moms Find Annoying In Their Toddler (That Are Actually A Sign Of A Healthy Development)

Moms, as well as moms-to-be, gravitate toward sites like this one because they offer them certain insights into the world of parenting. Some of these insights can be helpful for overcoming challenges or even can offer them the chance to compare and contrast their own situations.

But a lot of the time there seems to be a lack of honesty when it comes to just how annoying being a parent can be. It's not all sunshine and roses. Additionally, it's not all gloom in doom. In fact, a lot of the time parents are stuck between the two. This space is often where they find themselves very agitated by their own kids, even though they love them. This is especially accurate when it comes to toddlers, as they are old enough to know better, but not old enough to change their behavior.

This article will talk about these precise scenarios, except it will delve into why it's good that moms are a bit annoyed with their toddlers. Why? Well, because a lot of the time, the things that annoy parents the most about their kids are actually really good for their development. That's right. Many of the things that we all find unbearable about our kids are exactly what is going to help them grow. So, without further ado, here are 20 Things Moms Find Annoying In Their Toddler (That Are Actually A Sign Of A Healthy Development).

20 Making A Complete Mess


Every mom totally gets annoyed with the fact that kids love to make a mess, especially when it comes to the kitchen and food. Seriously, eating time can take four or five times as long as it takes to prepare the food as well as eat it. But this annoyance isn't without its growth. A detailed study published in Developmental Science claims that the physical act of making a mess can be an educational experience for kids, especially those of whom who are under the age of three. Researchers watched over 70 toddlers and found that those who made a mess with their food were then able to gain knowledge on the words associated with those foods faster.

19 Battles With Siblings

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Having one kid is tough, but having more than one can feel like the universe is conspiring against you. This is especially true when the siblings start to argue. And when you have kids around the same age, this is totally inevitable. But many experts suggest that squabbling amongst siblings can actually be good for their development. This is because they learn how to settle conflicts through things like compromises and sharing. All of these techniques can be very helpful for kids to learn before they go out into the real world and start interacting with other kids where conflict resolution may appear to be far more challenging.

18 Being Totally Dependent On Mom And Dad

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We are mammals. This means that we tend to be more dependent on our parents, especially our mothers, than other species. This can get annoying for some moms who just want a little bit of peace and quiet, but their toddlers are sometimes hanging off of them. But this is a normal part of a child's development. The oldest child, especially, has been found to be more parent-oriented even as they grow up. This can cause issues later in life, but when kids are toddlers, they need to know that their parents, especially their moms, can be reliable sources of love, guidance, and nurture. It's vital for their health and their developmental growth. Slowly but surely, they will learn that they can fend for themselves.

17 Re-Reading The Same Books

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How many times can a child hear "Goodnight Moon"? Seriously, what's with toddlers can wanting to read, or get read, the same book over and over again? The same is with television shows, sing-a-longs, and other activities that they've done over and over again. Repetition is popular amongst toddlers but it can e get really annoying for moms and dads. But it's actually really good for their development. Hearing the same words and phrases over and over again, whether in a book or a television show or movie, can help them identify and associate those words. It's great for speech development as well. Repetition is one of the best ways kids learn.

16 Picking Their Nose

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Ick! How many times do we need to watch kids pick their noses? This is especially annoying to see when out in public. The last thing a mom wants to see is her toddler picking their nose around that other parent that's always judging. Well, there's nothing inherently wrong with a kid picking their nose. Sure it's yucky, but it's actually good for their development. They are exploring their bodies and figuring out how it all works. This is quite normal when they are toddlers. It's when they get older that this behavior starts to become something more troublesome. It's okay to encourage kids to use a tissue instead, but don't get too annoyed with them. They are just doing them.

15 Always Answering With "No"

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We probably shouldn't be mentioning the most annoying thing that toddlers tend to do in the middle of this article, but frankly, it just couldn't be withheld for much longer. The fact that toddlers like to answer their parents' questions with "No" or "Nope" over and over again makes most moms want to take their hair out. But the fact is, they are mostly unaware of why they're doing it. It's important for their development because they are asserting their own independence for the very first time. Obviously, it's important that they become independent people at some point. This is just the beginning of their journey toward it. Yeah, it's tough on the parents but it'll eventually be a good thing.

14 Having A Love For Video Games

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Sorry, moms, the fact that your toddler likes video games and other digital games that they can play on your iPad or smartphone is actually a good thing for their development. Too much of it is a bad thing, of course. It can be hard on their eyes and ultimately very distracting from things that are more important... AKA human interaction. But it's really good for their hand-eye coordination. They can also help with an assortment of other valuable developmental lessons such as how to overcome obstacles in a creative fashion. So, as annoying as your toddlers love of all things games can be, it can be a pretty important part of their development. At least, it can be if it's in moderation. Too much of anything is not good.

13 Being A Dawdler

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When moms are in a rush, the last thing they need is their kid dawdling. It happens to every parent. Whether they are trying to leave the park, leave home, or take-off from their friend's house, toddlers tend to take their sweet time. But this is because they don't have a grasp on the concept of time just yet. This dawdling is a way that they begin to understand time. Sure, it can be annoying to moms, but once they start to see that there are consequences to being late or not getting up in the morning, they begin to shape up. It can be a very slow process, so be prepared to stay in a state of aggravation for a while. Just know that it's important.

12 Reacting To Parents' Moods

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If mom and dad are having an argument, or just struggling with something, toddlers tend to pick up on this pretty fast. Either start to question it, or they mimic the behavior. This can be pretty annoying to some parents. But there is science behind it. Multiple research studies on emotional contagion have discovered that it only takes a matter of milliseconds for emotions like joy, anger, and sadness to pass from person to person. Amazing, huh? This transfer also tends to happen without either person realizing it (Goleman, 1991, Hatfield et al., 2014). So, there are reasons why kids do this that also include developmental ones. This means that kids are actually learning to comprehend emotions and learn empathy from these actions. It also shows that they have a connection with those around them.

11 Every Moment Is Playtime

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Every mom knows what it's like to be always in the middle of a child's play. They know what it's like to be sitting down to a quiet moment and have it altered by a child's desire to play. They know what it's like to be somewhere where playtime is not appropriate, like a funeral or a doctor's office, and still have to deal with a toddler who wants to have fun. As annoying as this all can be, it's actually part of their development. This is how they test the limits of their lives. It's also how they build their creativity and understand how to laugh and feel joy. This is where they truly learn how to be living, breathing, humans. Additionally, they begin to understand that not every moment is appropriate for playtime.

10 Bad Reactions To A Change Of Plans

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Toddlers are at the age where their Freudian ID is at an all-time high. They are constantly desiring what they want and any change to this plan is met with aggravation and sometimes very in-your-face actions. This can be really annoying to parents who just want children to understand that candy will spoil their dinners, or that they have to go to bed when they are told. And so on and so on. But this is what kids are naturally supposed to be doing. That doesn't mean that it can't be curved. In fact, one of the best ways is for a parent to be consistent about their rules and not give in to a child's demands. This is how they learn and develop out of this stage in their lives. But it's important that they go through them.

9 Making Shopping Challenging

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There's no doubt about it, grocery shopping with children is one of the most hassle-ridden activities that moms tend to do on a weekly basis. Because kids are always running around the grocery store or taking things off the shelves, it can be really annoying for moms. All they want to do is accomplish their task without the aggravation and get home. But kids seem to constantly want to come into conflict with that desire. But these actions are actually part of their development. By playing around at the grocery store, they are slowly learning how to actively take part in an activity that they will likely be doing later in life. Additionally, they are learning about shapes and how heavy or light each object off the shelves is.

8 Not Considering Obvious Niceties

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Here's the honest trust: Sometimes moms think that their kids are bad people. Or, that they are on their way to becoming bad individuals. This is because toddlers tend not to observe the natural unwritten rules of the world. They don't care about social necessities. They are fine to throw things around, cut their own hair, mess up rooms, draw on the walls, make loud noises in quiet places, and even pick fruit before it's ripe. Essentially, they are THAT person for about five years. Well, we are sorry to say that these behaviors are how they learn right from wrong. They are also learning how to make and carry out their own planes, and even become independent people who don't do what their parents tell them too.

7 Being A Copycat

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Having your actions or words mimicked constantly can get REALLY annoying. Frankly, to some moms, it seems like this type of toddler behavior is just mean-spirited. But, you've probably heard the old adage, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." Well, in the case of toddlers this is not only true but also vital for their development. Moms and dads tend to be the most consistent and very first people in a child's life, therefore they learn all of the basic things from them. Imitation is how toddlers tend to learn things like speaking, types of movements, and things like shaving and brushing their teeth. Yes, they even learn things that they store in their subconscious until they are old enough to do them and the action comes to them as if they were geniuses.

6 Always Being Hyper

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Much like a toddler's desire to constantly play, their desire to be active and hyper is also something that can get on a mom's nerves. But it's equally as important to their development and also is pretty natural. This is really the first time they are truly understanding the bodies that they were born into. They're getting used to all of the powers that they have woken up with and they want to use them. They aren't yet emotionally or physically tired. They can do these things and they need to. They need to because these experiences are what are going to help them understand the world as well as their own personal limitations. More and more, they will push these limits and grow. This is the way of the toddler.

5 Making Odd Noises

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Peace and quiet is a pretty impossible thing for a mom to enjoy when she has toddlers. Everything in a toddler's life seems to make noise. All of their toys, games, and even some of their clothes are designed to please a child's ear and simultaneously annoy their parents. But there is a reason why kids gravitate toward things that make noise. They learn the cause and effect of noises through these things. They also are learning what exactly each noise sounds like. And then they tend to imitate these sounds, or what they perceive these sounds to be. This is part of their developmental process. So, as annoying as it can be to some moms, it's something that they will have to get used to.

4 Being Really Dramatic

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Sometimes moms can find that their kids are throwing tantrums or overreacting to the smallest thing imaginable. This is something that can annoy them as adults (for the most part) know how to control their emotions as well as release measured reactions to each individual circumstance. But kids are trying to figure this out for the very first time. While they do this, they tend to come across as very over-dramatic. And this can annoys moms beyond belief. But it's important for moms to remember that kids don't yet understand this. It's not their fault for being over-dramatic. Parents should do their best to let their feelings be precisely what they are, no matter how largely negative or largely positive they may seem.

3 Sleeping At Weird Hours

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Once again, there's something pretty annoying about the natural rhythms of a toddler. This is especially true when it comes to a toddler's sleeping habits. Toddlers are still trying to figure out sleep, even when they are at the age that they are. Their bodies are telling them to wake at odd hours to do things like eating or go to the bathroom. Even when they don't accomplish these desires, their minds are up and ready to go. But this can mean that they can get tired out at times when they should be awake. This forces them to try and figure out how to get the right hours of sleep and when they should be doing it in the first place. It's hard to blame kids for this. After all, sleeping issues are something that many adults struggle with too.

2 When The Singing Never Stops

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We've already discussed that kids like doing the same things over and over again. It helps them figure out exactly what they are doing or saying. This is particularly true for sing-a-longs and singing in general. Singing songs is an excellent way for them to grasp word identification, meaning, and even how to structure as a story within the framework of a song. It helps them to develop emotionally, as well. This is because each song has an assortment of emotional hills and valleys for them to climb or fall down. Memory development is another superb thing that it's impacted through a child's singing. But, still, this doesn't mean that hearing the same Disney song over-and-over again doesn't get annoying to their moms.

1 Not Controlling Their Impulses

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A lack of a toddler's impulse control is something that not only annoys a mom but also can make them downright mad. This is because they can go and do things on the daily that really put their mom in a bad light or makes life more challenging. I.E. "Don't touch that $200,000 painting" and they do it anyway.

But we need to understand a few things before addressing this issue. Research tells us that the brain regions involved in impulse control are immature at birth and don’t mature until the end of adolescence. This means that it takes a long time for a child to really understand what they are doing because their development happens over many years. So, as annoying as this can be, it's a natural part of their development.

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