20 Things Mom's Kidless Friends Get To Do (That Make Her Low-Key Jealous)

For some women, they wanted to be mothers their entire lives. Staying out late and going on spontaneous trips are fun and all, but there was something missing in their life; a hole they couldn't fill. Well, that "hole" turned out to be children. Before starting a family, a woman envisions all the ups and downs motherhood will bring her, but at the end of the day, it's the most rewarding thing that could happen in a person's life.

And then a woman actually has kids...

While a mother's love for her children will never fade, it's obvious there are things that she just can't do any longer now that she has kids of her own. Staying out late isn't an option anymore yet she doesn't it want it to be — all a new mom wants is a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and the bed to herself. Going on romantic getaways is also a thing of the past (unless a couple lays down the law and sets one up annually). Nowadays if a couple wants to go on a vacation, they need to find one that's child-friendly. These differences in lifestyle can be subtle, but it's small things like these that make a mom low-key jealous of those who don't have kids.

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20 You Can Stay Out As Late As You Want!


One of the best parts about not having kids is you can stay out as late (or as little) as you want. Unless you have a pet, there's no one at home waiting for you or needing your assistance. The night is yours — you decide when you're leaving. For most, setting our own time schedule doesn't seem like a luxury, but to a new mom, it absolutely is.

Even if you decided to opt for a night in instead, pulling an all-nighter binge-watching shows on Netflix, that's a rare opportunity that most parents can't pull off; they're either too tired or their kids are going to hear them binging all night.

19 What's A Baby Sitter?


Babysitters are amazing because they're willing to watch your child whenever you need them, but there are a few downsides to a sitter. For one, you obviously need to pay them for their time. That's more money out of the bank going towards your night on the town. Secondly, unless you know them very well, you're not really sure if you can trust who's watching your child. Are they just there for the money or do they genuinely really like kids? Even when parents are out with their friends with a sitter at home, their child is always going to be in the back of their mind, and that's something those without kiddos are never going to understand.

18 You Don't Need To Worry About Baby Proofing


When women begin the "nesting" phase during pregnancy, most feel the need to baby proof their entire home as fast as they can. However, an infant is not going to be crawling around for a couple of months, so a new parent still has time if they need to baby proof outlets and such. Nevertheless, those without kids don't know what it's like to "unlock" the toilet before using it or moving the gate aside so you can go up the stairs. They can use the restroom, walk up and down stairs, and open cabinets with ease. There's no baby lock system in their way, preventing them from easily grabbing a box of Cheez-Its.

17 Your Body Is Still BK (Before Kids)


Before you have kids, you know your body very well. You know how your stomach reacts to different foods, what makes you bloat, and how long you need to stay in the gym to feel your best. When you have children, however, your body changes entirely. It's making room for a human being for nine months — one's body needs to expand in certain areas to make this happen. After seeing their new body post children, many women feel bad for everyone complaining about their "pre-children" bodies. Regardless if you have children or not, we should all appreciate and love the skin we're in.

16 Uncluttered Homes


Burping cloths, diapers, toys, rockers, bottles... babies and kids come with a lot of baggage. I don't mean that in a harsh way, of course, it's just the reality! They need a ton of junk in order to beat boredom and learn new things! Since a family uses multiple rooms in the house, there doesn't seem to be one room where all these things hide — there are multiple rooms. One minute the entire family is in the living room, the next they're in the kitchen, and then they're playing outside! A clean house only lasts so long when you have kids, and that's something moms miss about being childless.

15 Traveling Is A Breeze


Traveling without kids is such a breeze. Think about it, even if you're only traveling with your partner and the hardest part about planning a trip is where you're going to stay — that's not really that big of a problem. Finding accommodations is something everyone needs to deal with when they go out of town. When traveling with kids, however, that's another story. There are no more quick weekend getaways with your partner or a week spent laying in the sun. Having a week-long vacation means finding things to do every day for your kids; things that will keep them engaged and tired so they sleep the whole night.

14 You Get To Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep


When you don't have kids, you have the luxury of falling asleep and waking up whenever you please. You get to decide if you want to be an early bird or sleeping in until lunch. It's beautiful, really. Even if you do wake up early, you can schedule a few minutes in your day where you can find time to nap. It's all about having choices as a childless person. But it's not so simple when you have kids. Your day starts and ends with your child. When they're awake, that means you need to be awake. Likewise, when they fall asleep, it's your choice to use that time to nap or catch up on errands. It's never "your" decision, it's your child's.

13 There's Never A Child In Bed With You


Regardless if you choose to co-sleep with your kids or not, there's always the chance that your child is going to walk in on you or crawl into bed in the middle of the night. I mean, truth be told, romance can fizzle when kids are born because your bed is no longer just for you two. It's for you two, your kids, and probably a dog. Although a parent adores their child and will most likely always welcome them in their bed with them, long were the days of space to actually lay down in. Those without children have the ability to roll over in the middle of the night and not run into anyone else but their partner or a sea full of pillows.

12 Moving Without Looking Into School Districts


When my husband and I talk about buying houses, thinking about great school districts in the area isn't really a priority on our list. That just goes to show you how having kids isn't really on our list yet. We do, however, have the option to call home wherever we want it to be. Our time is our time — we don't have pets or kids needing us. For parents, however, thinking of school districts is very much a real thing. You don't want to set up shop in a beautiful home, only to find out that the school district stinks or it's not the safest town for children.

11 You Never Need To Watch Your Language!


I. Curse. All. The. Time. For me, a sentence without a curse word in it takes a lot of thought. When I'm around friends or family who have kids or babies, I immediately start sweating because I don't know what's going to come flying out of my mouth, and who's going to be offended? Then again, this is a luxury of not having kids. I don't need to watch my language! I hang out with adults who typically (more or less) use the same language as me; I don't need to tiptoe around anyone's feelings. Having kids, on the other hand, well, they typically reiterate everything you say, so most parents can't say whatever it is that comes to mind.

10 Have You Ever Seen How Expensive Diapers Are?


Those who are expecting babies tend to try and "budget" for their baby. However, trying to budget for something that you know is going to be expensive is an anxiety attack for me. I feel like there's nothing good that can come from that. Money-saving parents, however, like to know what they're getting into so there are no surprises. Knowing a baby typically uses around 10-12 diapers a day, most parents will set aside money every week so they can buy them in bulk. For those without kids, though, when they have an extra $20, they're probably going to Chipotle, they're not saving for diaper rash cream.

9 Working Is Way Easier Without The Kiddos


Whether you work from home or you work for a nearby company, most moms miss the idea of working. It's not just the financial freedom that comes along with it, it's the chance to be a professional adult, communicating with other professional adults. It's nice to not talk in a baby voice or dumb things down from time to time. Being a parent has its own rewards, of course, but moms can be jealous of those who get to work and do something for themselves every day. Funny enough, those without kids tend to be jealous of those with kids because they can take multiple months or years off work to raise their little one.

8 Appreciate The Clean Car You Have


I'm the kind of person who hates to see my car dirty. With long blonde hair, I tend to shed a bit, and even seeing my own strands of hair stuck to the car carpet annoys the heck out of me. However, having a messy car comes with the territory for many moms. Kids tend to eat some snacks while traveling, which leads to multiple spills and dropped Cheerios all over the car. Someway or another, the interior gets sticky and moms have no idea who it all happened. If those without kids still have a messy car, well, it's safe to say it will be messy for life.

7 You Get To Have So Much 'Me' Time


Having "me" time is so important. I really can't stress it enough. It's hard for a mom to feel like the best mom possible when she's overworked and overtired. When you're stressed and only running on caffeine, the last thing you want to do is be a parent. You want facial and nap. The great thing about being childless is you can take all the "me" time you want. If you have a Saturday morning free, you can join that yoga class or sleep in a little extra longer. It's not so easy with kids. There's typically some sort of schedule that needs to be held accountable, making it tough to do nice things for yourself.

6 Going Through Puberty Twice Is Not A Walk In The Park


We all remember what going through puberty was like, right? Our hormones were everywhere and everything was so dramatic. I swear I would cry if the wind blew a certain way. Puberty is something most people wouldn't want to go through again; however, parents actually do. Not only does a new mom need to go through a change of hormones again, but one day, their little infant is going to grow into a teenager and they'll have to see puberty's ugly head once again. Parents of teens remind childless adults all the time how much work having a teenager is, so if you plan on not having kids, relish in this fact.

5 Spontaneity


When you don't have kids, you can be as spontaneous as you want to be! You can go on long road trips, take a weekend getaway, surprise a friend, go see a movie... But when you have kids, spontaneous excursions aren't so.... well, spontaneous. Having kids typically means having plans. If something is spontaneous in a house filled with kids, it takes a long time to get the ball rolling. A mom needs to feed the family, pack all the essentials, pack the car, grab some snacks to keep everyone happy, know what route they're going to take... A lot goes into a quick, little trip, which is why some parents may say it's not worth it.

4 What's Potty Training?


I cannot stand bathroom jokes. For me, going to the restroom is such a private thing, there's no need to talk about it after the fact. If you need to relieve yourself, excuse yourself and do your thing, but there's no need to come back to the table or the party and explain what you just did in there. This kind of thinking, however, doesn't work well with children. Eventually, your tiny baby grows into a toddler who needs to be potty-trained. It's a time where you need to talk about what's happening in there, why we go to the "adult potty," and why it's so important... Going to the bathroom is so easy and natural for most adults that needing to dumb it down for a child can be difficult, to say the least. Those without kids should enjoy never needing to do this.

3 Cleaning Bottles Is A Time Taker


I know what you're thinking: there are so many gadgets out there that clean your baby's bottles with ease! It's not that hard. Just because washing bottles isn't hard doesn't mean that it's fun! Most parents have multiple bottles, sippy cups, or items for their pump that need to be washed. And considering how often a baby or child eats and drinks, that's a lot of dishes that need to be done! Seeing all those germ-infused plastic bottle is enough to make any mother's head spin. With all the lids and suction thingies, doing wash that many times a day is tiring. For those who have dishwashers and don't need to worry about sterilizing bottles, enjoy it while it lasts.

2 You Can Cook Food You Actually Like!


When I was growing up, my mom typically made whatever she thought we were going to like for dinner, but it more so catered around something my dad wanted to eat. At the end of the day, we didn't really have a choice; if we wanted to eat, it had to be what my mom made for us. However, there are many moms out there who change their cuisine for their kids. If they know their child loves eating chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs, they might make that kind of meal the norm. If their child is sick and could really use some soup, soup will be made for the child, and likewise, leftovers for the parents. That's not the case for childless folks, though. They can make and eat whatever their stomach desires whenever they want.

1 All Your Savings Goes To You — No One Else


Another thing moms and dads miss is financial freedom. When they had savings, it went to their wedding, home, or possible vacations. If and when they wanted to do something, money is usually put aside for those kinds of things. However, when you have kids, that "miscellaneous" fund is now marked for your child. When there's an extra $100 laying around, it will go towards their child's tuition — not a rent-a-car to drive along the coast. Those without kids need to enjoy the freedom of their money while they can. Do everything you want to do now because when those kids come, your wants become secondary.

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