20 Things Moms Should Be Doing By The Time The Baby Turns One

Babies are adorable and make good company especially when they are giggling away, bubbling words and having their own happy moments. As they grow older, they begin to study and learn their environment, lifestyle and even explore their surroundings. Babies develop very fast, and before mom and dad know it, they are in college, have a nine to five job, get married and have their own families.

By the time they turn one, they should be walking and their demands increase by the day. They have mastered some of the areas that they frequently visit and have their own secret mischievous ventures. However, before they grow older, mom and dad may want to capture every moment of the baby's life and savour it. It is an inevitable process that every parent goes through and sometimes may wish would last longer before they could release them. Whether it is hiring a babysitter or completing their studies, there are certain things that mom and dad may desire to do or may have put on hold and plan to achieve.

This would be an opportune time to complete certain tasks, being that babies are not as demanding as a toddler, who parents may have to spend more time trying to ensure that they do not get into trouble. Also, at this time, there is a lot of investment planning towards the child's future and other needs that may crop up. Mom and dad can invest in their education, personal savings, medical care, among others or as desired. Let's look at 20 things that parents can do before the baby turns one.

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20 Get A Babysitter

By the time the baby turns one, there is so much that the baby has learned and the bonding sessions with the parents have grown stronger and deeper. Getting a babysitter of your choice would require a lot of planning and investment so that the baby and mom are comfortable and at peace.

At the same time, the transition of separating with your baby can be messy. It is a good time to get an experienced person with good references and training, whom you will be comfortable with and you are satisfied with how they take care of the baby. By the time you want to run errands or resume work, the baby would have no problem with the adjustment.

19 Teach Baby A Few Tricks

As the baby grows, they develop their motor skills and are able to learn a lot before they get to one year. Every day brings with it something new in their lives. They are able to listen and dance to music while trying to sing along. They learn how to crawl, take tiny progressive steps which will finally give them the freedom to move around the house and explore it to the fullest.

They also learn how to feed themselves and communicate what they want.  Babies can also learn how to keep themselves clean, based on their potty training. The language barrier may be a hindrance, however, it is easy to understand their needs or wants when they point at it. They can respond to their name, and identify people they are familiar with. The class sessions between parents and baby are very important, especially before they turn one, so as to guide parents on how to relate with the child as well as meet the child's needs and wants.

18 Upgrade Baby's Wardrobe

Kids have trillions of choices on what to wear. They can never lack an outfit from generation to generation. Their stylish trends keep being updated and attract the eyes of everyone who takes a peak. When the baby is almost reaching one year, most of their baby outfits are either losing shape or becoming small. There is a need to upgrade their wardrobe and get clothes for toddlers.

The baby will be turning one, which means, they have or are learning to walk and have learned their way around handling objects. During this time, you are in control of keeping the baby looking clean and neat. However, when they become toddlers, there are chances of doing more of their laundry than ever. Their upgraded wardrobe may have double or more clothing items than when they are babies. Likewise, they grow faster than when they are babies and you may require larger sizes of some clothes.

17 Create A Super Cool Toddler Playroom

When a baby becomes a toddler, they move around the house so fast and create a hurricane in every room within minutes, especially when they are looking for their toys or playing with all their toys. One thing is they rarely forget what they were holding last when they go to sleep, so they are most likely to return to it when they wake up.

Chances are that you may have to tidy up the entire house while collecting toys wherever they are dropped. Having a playroom means most or all the toys will be kept in one room, it will be toddler-friendly and safe and can be easy to maintain. It can be part of an open plan space or as desired. To make it more friendly and not limited to kids, you can add a television, radio, or video games elevated from the ground so that the baby cannot reach them. You can watch your favorite programs while watching the baby, at the same time, they do not feel isolated.

16 Record More Videos (While You Still Can)

Babies grow so fast and by the time they reach one, you just hope that you can capture every moment. There are memories that one wishes to keep for a very long. Some treasured memories could be like when the baby smiles without their teeth or laughs, or drools and kicks while playing, or even when they are with dad and having the time of their life and when they pout or are inquisitive or when they are smiling while asleep.

To capture such moments requires more than just a photograph. You can use your camera or phone camera to capture the moments. The best way is by either walking around with the cameras or living them in common strategic areas where you usually frequent with the baby.

15 Keep A Baby Diary- You'll Cherish The Memories Later

Before the baby turns one, there is so much you have discovered the baby can do and exciting moments that may not be captured on video or camera. It just calls for one to keep a diary that indicates the baby's milestones, and things they do out of the ordinary. Sometimes they just pronounce words differently, and it is easy to forget them years down the line. However, when you refer to them, they give you a chuckle and bring back old memories. You can add photos of the baby included for special memories as well or funny songs and moments you shared together. You can carry on with the diary until they are in preschool or depending on how long you can keep track.

14 Enjoy Your Shopping Time

Shopping could not be more enjoyable with a baby before they join the toddler journey. They are so peaceful and would not know what you are picking or not picking from the shelves. You can monitor the baby while you stroll around the market for items to buy. By the time the baby is older, they have discovered what is good for them, what they need and what they want regardless of whether they know how to operate it or not.

At this time, you are free from sudden tantrums that may even cause a scene, you are not running around chasing a toddler with your shopping right behind you or trying to monitor what they are picking. Although that time may eventually come, enjoy this moment while it lasts.

13 Identify The Pre-Schools Of Your Choice

Everyone wants the best for their kids-the best clothes, home, friends, toys even school. With kids, no one wants to take anything to chance, and the result is a desired wholistic child who is ready to take on the world and be the next inventor or transformer in their time. Choosing a preschool is one of the steps to take to ensure the child gets the most out of education that will guide them to their destiny.

There are so many terminologies out there that may confuse you when choosing schools, at the same time, other people's experiences with their selection may be an easy guide. The thing is, what would you like your child to be, and that may give you an easy step to selecting the best for them. It also gives you an opportunity to invest towards it before the child joins a school.

12 Enjoy Some Precious Me Time

When the baby is still under one year, it means you have the upper hand. They will have to work with your schedule and not the other way round. If this is so, then within your baby's schedule lies a moment you are all by yourself and all you need at that moment is to relax. That is the most ideal opportunity to come up with ideas to enjoy time alone like enjoying your music, reading a book, taking a nap or going on a date with your spouse. Unlike after the baby turns one, their demands are higher and they will keep you on toes at least most of the time.

11 Enrol Your Little One In Playgroups

Whether Community, Supported or Intensive support type of groups, playgroups are beneficial to a child's development and is a gateway to preparing a child for school. It creates a sense of belonging to his eternal environment or society as well as being an open avenue to socially relate with other parents. The child can move from playdates to playgroups depending on your desired interest. They may end up developing a click of friends and build strong ties as they grow older. It is good to know what you are looking for in a playgroup before joining one, and you can ask those who have had similar experiences for more guidance.

10 Have A Sleep Schedule For Baby

Having a bedtime routine for babies comes easy when you begin as soon as the baby is born. It's normally a tasking moment when the child is learning how to sleep within a schedule due to all the surrounding exciting opportunities. Sleep schedules can give you more time to yourself, or work on different activities in the house, or equally take a nap and relax or rejuvenate after a long day.

As the child grows older, they are able to maintain the same schedule and the body will get used to the timing as well. This can also include their feeding and play time in the schedule. By the time the baby is one, they have already adapted to the schedule and may continue the same for quite some time.

9 Start Building An Educational Fund

Having an education fund or policy for your baby can be very useful in the future. You can plan for a plan that may meet the child's needs as soon as they begin school to the time they graduate from college. The decision to invest with an insurance company or setting aside money for the kid's education will require a lot of research that will give you the right plan to suit your needs. The benefit of the education plan is that the child can continue with normal learning while in school, even when you have no source of income within the stipulated timeframe as per your agreement.

8 Babyproof Your Home

Sometimes we keep saying, we need to get that place blocked so that baby doesn't fall and end up not doing it. While the baby is still learning to walk and has not discovered the lifestyle of adventures, this is the best time to babyproof all unprotected areas that the baby may fall prey to. There are so many different areas around the house and you can hire someone to baby proof your home, or you can simply do it yourself with items around your home. First, identify the areas that need to be protected and may attract the baby's attention like the kitchen, the sockets and the bathroom, which are places we frequently visit, and the baby has already observed and registered what happens in those areas. When they begin to walk, they desire to do site visiting within the house and especially in the areas you normally spend time together.

7 Complete Your Own Studies

The baby has grown and learned a lot. By now, they have a routine schedule that gives you some time to add more activities or relax more. However, there are some things that you could have put on hold and this would be an opportune time to work on them. One of the pending activities to complete would be your college diploma or degree.

Completing your studies as a Mom may be challenging and you may not do it alone. Should you desire and decide to complete your studies, you can ask for help around the house or with the baby as you spend some time on your studies. You can also take a few lessons or units until you are stable enough to take more or are almost completing.  You can work out a program with the institution which would meet your needs and targets and still take care of the baby.

6 Read With Your Baby

Baby's Day Out was a movie that created different emotions and excitement as one watches the baby go from one adventure to another. The places the baby visited reminded him of his favourite book that was read to him every day. While reading to the baby they learn new things and open their world to streams of knowledge. Kids are generally attracted to the colours in the book and familiarity of the images comes with how frequent the book is read. As you read with them, they are able to develop their speech while strengthening their memory. At this time, they have no favourites, so you can read any storybook that comes their way.

5 Play City: Let Them Loose To Explore And Play

Children are most likely to develop their cognitive skills while playing with other children. They can quickly catch up with speech, walking and develop their emotional character. Playgrounds are a good source of a child's development where they meet with others in the same age bracket and creatively have fun as they play together. Whether indoor or outdoor, whichever playground you decide may be suitable for your child, the best thing is that they learn and play and have a good time with other children. Playgrounds also expose the child to the realities of the world and how to relate to other people. They develop confidence in conquering challenges along their way.

4 Swim With The Baby

When you watch the Disney cartoons, the ducklings dive straight into the water with the mother duck just as soon as they hatch. The routine goes on until they become experts in that field. The hustle of looking for a sitter or being left out of the fun is long gone. In the times we live in, there are many swimming instructors and places you can take your baby to learn how to swim and everyone enjoys the pool together with the baby.

The trick is in introducing the baby to water during bath time, and while in the pool, take baby-steps in introducing them to the water. Once the baby gets his/her grip, they become confident and it becomes their workout regime. Just carry the baby's swimming bag with its essentials, and get ready for some interesting time with the baby. In the end, the entire family gets to enjoy a day out at the poolside.

3 Weaning: Start Introducing New Baby Foods

Sometimes babies desire more than breast milk and can be cranky for more. After 6 months, the baby can gradually begin with soft foods working their way up to other foods. The good thing about weaning is that the baby gets to venture into a new diet and becomes independent with time. They take their meals at their pace even when it is going cold. They learn from our eating habits and by the time they are one, they already know the system from cooking, plating and eating as well as clearing the table. Weaning the baby also reduces the extra preparation hours for baby food and food for the rest of the family.

2 Exercise With The Baby

Your body has undergone different physical changes and pressure due to the extra baby weight. The desire to get back in shape after delivery sometimes can get to you. However, if you have been having an exercise routine before and during pregnancy, then bouncing back to your regime may not be a problem but as advised by your physician.

Postpartum exercises should not be hastily done. You can begin with brisk walks at least two to three weeks after delivery especially if you had a C-section and as advised by your physician. The beauty about exercising with your baby is that you are always watching them, and you do not have to get a baby sitter all the time. You can do less strenuous exercises like stretches, lifting light weights or even dancing. Whichever regime you choose, it will be a fun time to spend with the baby.

1 Travel Around The World

Traveling with a baby is much easier than with a toddler. You can wear them anywhere you go and you do not have to keep chasing them around and miss out on your trip. The baby does not require extra meals or a ticket to travel or an extra seat, and it makes it easier to travel with lesser worries. It would be advisable to consult your physician before you travel, on the right time to travel with your baby. Traveling may be quite an experience for the baby through the different locations and sites you may visit and different people you may meet while trying to adapt to different environments.

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