20 Things Moms Should Stop Doing When The Baby Hits 12 Months

As soon as the baby arrives, mom's and dad's lives are thrown upside down. Creating a schedule is not going to be possible with a new baby as they get hungry at any random hour of the dad and well into the night. There won't be such a thing as a feeding schedule and a napping schedule for at least the first three months.

However, once your baby matures and develops, a schedule can finally be created. This mostly happens because babies quickly realize the difference between day and night. Your baby will get hungry at set times, and your baby will need to nap at different times throughout the day. As your baby keeps going and maturing, their needs start to change, and once they turn a year old, their needs actually start changing drastically.

In fact, babies that are from 12 months of age or one year to three years are considered toddlers. That is one step above a baby. That also means because once your baby turns one year old, some of the things that you have been doing for your little one must stop. Now, let's talk about 20 things to stop doing (or to start doing) as soon as your baby turns one year of age.

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20 No Need To Hold The Baby All The Time

It has been said by many sources that you cannot spoil a baby under a year old by holding them too much, especially when it comes to newborns. In fact, they need to be held as that helps them become secure.

However, according to WebMD, once a baby turns a year old, they really don't need to be held all the time unless they are not well or are going through a difficult transition like a new sibling coming into the picture.

The fact of the matter is, one-year-old babies, love to be held and will even demand it. If they hit all their milestones at the right times, they will learn to manipulate their parents into holding them just for the simple reason that they love it. It is fine to hold them for a little, but the rest of the time they need to be on their own so they can learn independence.

19 Using A Baby Swing

Just like it is a bad idea for babies that are a year old or over to be held constantly because they expect it, according to WebMD, it is also the time to stop putting them in the swing. They will still love the motion of it and they will keep depending on it to stay calm.

Babies under a year old can benefit from the swing because it helps them stay calm, and they do enjoy it. However, a baby that is a year old will have outgrown that swing, and that is the time to put the swing away and help your toddler find other more age-appropriate ways to find joy like playing with a new favorite toy.

18 Burping After Feedings

It is a known fact that newborns need to be burped in between feedings whether they are being breastfed or formula fed. That is because their stomachs are so small and they will swallow air while feeding. Therefore, the air bubbles in their stomachs need to be released so they have room for more.

According to KidsHealth, babies under six months of age especially need to be burped and some babies older than that may need a burping occasionally. However, by the time the baby is a year old, their stomachs become large enough to handle the gas from the extra air they swallow. They will be able to burp on their own if they must.

17 Letting The Baby Nap Too Often

one year old napping
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Babies need sleep, and babies need naps during the day. As the baby grows, they begin to sleep more at night and end up cutting their nap times down for the daytime. According to Baby Sleep Site, babies that are from four months old to close to a year will 13 to 15 hours of sleep per day, and some of that sleep means getting three shorter naps in a day.

By the time a baby is a year old, then the naps should not be longer than one hour each and should be then cut down to twice in a day. They need about 12 hours a sleep a day, and you want to make sure they get most of that sleep during the night. Therefore, that means nap times have to be cut. If they sleep too much during the day then they will not sleep much at night, and their sleep schedules will become messed up. That is why it is important to not allow your 12-month-old to sleep more than twice a day, and for an hour long as well.

16 Stop Taking Photos And Start Recording Videos

You have probably been taking a lot of photos and less video of your baby. However, by the time your baby is a year old, your baby is starting to talk a little, and walk, and make funny faces. You will want to get those huge milestones on video.

According to Fit Pregnancy, it is important that you get those big moments on video because your child down the road will be curious about what they did when they were little. Not to mention, you will have many nostalgic moments down the road, and you will want to indulge in those times by watching videos of your one-year-old starting to walk and saying their first words.

15 Letting The Baby Use A Pacifier

toddler pacifier
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If your baby used a pacifier, then it needs to go by the time they turn one. However, instead of taking the pacifier away cold turkey, it is best to wean the usage. Pacifiers are good for soothing young babies and bringing them comfort. However, long-term use can cause them to become too dependent. That is why when the baby turns a year old, it is time to start taking it away.

According to the Mayo Clinic, if a toddler keeps using a pacifier, it can cause dental problems which means the child will likely end up having to have orthodontic work done in the future. That is an expense that many parents would love to not face!

14 Say Goodbye To Baby Bottles

baby bottles
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Before your baby was a year, all your baby knew was that they would drink out of a bottle or from a nipple. However, once a baby is a year old, they should start using the sippy cup and the bottles should go.

According to Netmums, it is even suggested that babies at six months of age should start to learn how to drink from a sippy cup, but not every baby would be ready for that. However, by a year old, that is really the only place where they should be drinking from. Therefore, that is just one step towards growing up and becoming more independent.

13 No Need To Avoid Solid Foods

When you are introducing new foods to your growing baby, eggs are usually one of the foods that doctors recommend holding off on. That is because eggs are allergenic and if your baby has a reaction, then it can be deadly. However, according to MomTastic, the yolk of the egg itself is safe to give to babies at around eight months old. And babies can start to be given egg whites as soon as they turn a year old.

If there is no history of food allergies, especially egg allergies, then the odds are the baby will not be allergic to eggs either. But, it is best to not take a chance on giving the baby egg whites before the baby is one year of age. If the baby ends up having a runny nose and has hives after eating a small piece of an egg white, then that may be an indicator the baby could have an allergy and will have to be seen by a pediatrician.

12 Ditch The Bottle Warmers!

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Just like it was suggested from Netmums to ditch the bottle when the baby turns a year old, the bottle warmer has to go as well. There is absolutely no point in having it just to warm up liquids in a sippy cup. At a year old, your baby will be able to drink from colder drinks because their bodies are maturing, and they can definitely handle it.

That said, if you are a parent of a one-year-old and you have a friend or a family member that is expecting, then you can always give them your bottle warmer. That is unless you plan to have more kids yourself down the road. But for the time being, put it away.

11 Don't Stress Over Honey, Honey!

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As your baby becomes older, you are anxious about them having to try new foods. And one of those foods that are not recommended to be given to babies under one year of age is honey. But the good news is, as soon as your baby turns a year old, you can allow them to enjoy the sweetness that the honey taste brings.

According to MomTastic, babies can't have honey in their diets because of its containment of Clostridium botulinum spores which can cause botulism poisoning to infants (or infant botulism). However, babies by the age of 12 months have enough immunity built up into the systems, which allows them to fight off infant botulism. As of one year, it's completely safe to give infants honey.

10 Worrying About Putting The Baby Down

baby sleeping on back
Via: WhatToExpect.com

Right after having a baby, whether it is your first or your third, you will have worries. You will worry about that dreaded day when your baby is sick. But most new parents or those with babies under one year of age get primarily thinking about SIDS.

According to Baby Center, babies that are between one and four months of age are the most at risk. Additionally, 90 percent of cases happen by six months of age. Therefore, when the baby turns a year old, that is not something you have to worry about anymore. And remember, this is extremely rare and the odds are highly in your favor that it won't happen!

9 Never Leaving The Home

One of the reasons that parents of babies under a year old are hesitant to take their babies to different places- especially during cold and flu season is because of the fear of the baby catching something. And when babies under one year of age catch the flu, it can be deadly. If they catch the sniffles, it is not serious.

However, by the time your baby is a year old, it is best for them to be exposed to different environments, according to Fit Pregnancy. Not to mention, this is the time when they need to start building their immunity. Yes, that means they will get sick and if they catch the flu they will need to go to the pediatrician if there is a high fever involved. But kids need to get sick so they become stronger when they are older by having built up immune systems.

8 Allowing Too Much Screen Time

When the television was on when your baby was under a year old, they probably enjoyed the relaxation of it alone. They would not be able to understand what they were seeing or hearing on the television. However, once your baby is a year old, according to Netmums, they will begin to learn and absorb words said quite well.

This means, your baby will begin to watch television, and you will not only want to make sure the baby is watching age-appropriate programs that are not so stimulating, but you will want to limit the time that your baby watches TV to a half hour a day. This way, your baby won't learn to love TV too much to the point that it could become an addition in the future.

7 Avoiding Cow’s Milk

When your baby turns a year old, there is another milestone to be reached. Your baby can now start drinking cow's milk. That means the bottles and formula can go. If you are nursing and you want to keep nursing, then that is fine. However, you will want to start introducing cow's milk to your baby's diet regardless, according to Netmums.

It is very important at this point on that your baby does get dairy products, as milk is an excellent source. That is because there are important nutrients in milk like calcium that your baby needs in order to grow properly. As your baby gets older, their diet needs will keep changing.

6 Relying On Formula

baby eating solids
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When your baby is a year old, they will need to be introduced to solid foods, which means they will start to eat the foods that you are eating -- bye bye pureed baby food! According to Netmums, this will have to be done slowly.

Be sure that pieces of harder foods like meats, apples, certain vegetables like carrots are cut small enough so they can chew it effectively so they won't have the potential to choke on a piece that is too large.

This is also a time to start researching ideal foods to give your toddler and find some healthy meal ideas as well.

5 Babying The Baby

brave baby
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If you have not allowed your mother or mother-in-law to take care of your baby while you take the time for yourself, now is the time to start doing that. According to Fit Pregnancy, by the time your baby is a year old, it is time to teach them to become braver and to be less dependent on you.

This means to start allowing those who you trust to care for your baby while you are not present. Your baby at this point needs to be used to being in settings without you around. Remember that one day your little one will be going to school. If you want to reduce the odds of them dealing with separation anxiety, this is the time to start getting them used to being away from you.

4 Skipping Out On Traveling

Mother with her baby boy in an aircraft

Once your baby is a year old, they become very aware! That means you are going to want to start taking your baby in unfamiliar areas so that they can begin to explore what’s out there. According to Fit Pregnancy, you don't need to go on any kind of exotic trip.

However, it is a great idea to even take your baby to another area of the city just so your little one begins to learn there is another area of the world that isn't familiar at all. After all, you want your child to become a well-rounded individual.

3 Not Creating Your Own Family Traditions

When your baby was a newborn, there was no such thing as a set routine. And, even once your baby started sleeping through the night and you were able to create a schedule, your baby was not old enough or developed enough to be aware of any kind of family tradition.

However, according to Fit Pregnancy, by the time your baby turns one year of age, you will want to start creating family traditions. Your baby will be more aware and this is how a family bond is established. For instance, you can designate Friday nights as a time for the family to bond by ordering in Chinese food (and milk for the baby) as a family tradition. As your baby becomes older, they will appreciate these times.

2 Shopping Cart Covers Are A Must!

cart cover
Via: Kidsnsuch.com

By the time your baby turns a year old, they will be old enough to sit in the cart child seating area or to be in the cart itself and enjoying the ride if your grocery list is small. However, according to The Reader Digest, you will want to make sure that you get a protective seat cover if your baby sits in the cart.

That is because others have handled those carts before you have, and their hands are filled with bacteria which could be passed onto your baby! Even though it has been mentioned already that older babies and toddlers need to be exposed to germs to they strengthen their immunity. Some germs lurking around on the cart can be dangerous, so it is best to get a cover, and even antibacterial wipes to use before even placing the cover on the cart.

1 Don't Put It In The Back Closet!

keepsake box
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When your baby turns a year old, as tempted as you may be to donate your baby's old onesies that no longer fit or old clothes to make space, don't get rid of all of it. You will want to keep at least several pieces of clothing as keepsakes.

According to Fit Pregnancy, if you are worried about those keepsakes getting lost, you don't need to. There are companies around that can make those keepsakes into a quilt that you can keep for good.

If not, you can get a basket and put those keepsakes in there. This way, you will remember how tiny your baby once was when you look at those baby clothes in years from now.

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