20 Things Moms Shouldn't Do During Post-Pregnancy Bed Rest

A woman undergoes many changes during pregnancy and birth and needs to recover once the baby is born. The whole process requires some time to heal, and this is the reason many women experience a lot of discomfort after giving birth.

Women also experience excess fatigue and sleepless nights, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy. In addition, giving birth can be exhausting and women go through a lot when delivering a baby. There are the mothers who give birth through cesarean section. These moms need to take it easy after birth so that their scar can heal well. Let us not forget the hormones that put women in all sorts of moods after birth.

Taking all these into consideration new moms need plenty of good rest after coming from the hospital for their bodies to heal and return to normal. They also need to conserve their energy so that they are able to attend to and care for their newborn babies. To ensure that they rest well, mothers should not engage in any of these activities.

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20 Stay Awake

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Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are natural processes that stress the body. Moms need ample time to recover and reset. At least for the first one to two weeks, moms should focus on letting their bodies recover. During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms cannot afford to stay awake and out of bed for long periods.

It is sometimes tempting for a mother to stay up with the baby in order to care for her baby well but it is also equally important that she sleeps as much as possible. The mom can maybe wake up to feed, change and put the baby to sleep otherwise her partner and family should do most things so that mom can rest some more.

19 Worry Too Much

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Babies depend entirely on their mothers for everything. There are times mothers doubt themselves and worry that they are not doing their best to take care of their babies. Thoughts like “is the baby feeding enough” or “am I doing the right thing” will normally cross their minds. Moms cannot afford to worry too much during their bed rest period; instead, they should focus on recovery.

While this may be impossible especially for first-time moms, they should at least try. Worrying too much can lead to sleep deprivation, which in turn can hinder the healing process. Moms should try to relax and get as much rest as possible. They should understand that if they don’t get proper rest they cannot attend to their newborns well.

18 Lift Heavy Things

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During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms cannot do any heavy lifting, this is because they are still in the postpartum phase and their muscles are still recovering. Instead, they should focus on staying in bed and getting plenty of rest before they can lift even a bucket full of water. It is advisable that new moms should not lift anything heavier than their babies.

Moms who have had cesarean births, especially, should avoid heavy lifting at all cost. A C-section is a major surgery that leaves the mother with a delicate incision that requires a lot of care. Any strenuous activities can lead to injury, so caution is advised.

17 Strain When Using The Washroom

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Many moms get constipation post-pregnancy. This normal yet annoying discomfort is due to the several changes in the mother’s body that take place during and after birth, which in turn slow down digestion. As much as mom is on bed rest, she must answer nature’s call. However, she cannot strain herself while using the bathroom post-pregnancy.

As much as it is difficult to have a bowel movement, it is important that she does not strain especially while taking a long call. In such a case, the woman should ask their doctor to prescribe drugs that can help with digestion. Moms in such predicaments should also drink plenty of fluids and eat foods rich in fibre.

16 Give Up On Nursing

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Giving birth is an exhausting task and mothers should get plenty of rest so that their body and stomach can start getting back to their original shape. Early post-pregnancy breastfeeding aids this process significantly. No matter how tired mom is, she cannot give up on breastfeeding during post-pregnancy bed rest.

Moms are advised to exclusively breastfeed their little ones during the first six months. This should not be a strenuous activity while on best rest. Although at times breastfeeding can be tasking and frustrating, moms should never give up on it unless advised by a doctor. A lot of patience and trials are required before a good latch, eventually, when the baby achieves this, he or she will be able to feed well going forward.

15 Eat Unhealthily

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Bed rest is highly recommended by doctors after birth. While at it, it may be tempting to dial for food delivery, which most of the time is junk food. During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms cannot afford to eat unhealthily.

A new mom establishes milk production the first week after birth, so, they need to drink plenty of fluids and eat a balanced diet made up of whole grains, lots of fibre, fruits, vegetables, and protein in order to produce nutritious milk for the baby. A balanced diet also helps the body recover and gives mom the energy she requires to take care of her baby.

14 Stay In Bed The Whole Day

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Post-pregnancy bed rest should not be as confining or as stringent as bed rest prescribed during high-risk pregnancies and other ailments. Mom cannot stay in bed for long periods without stretching their legs. As soon as a mother is able to walk around even after a cesarean birth, then she should do so.

Any major surgery can put a woman at risk of serious issues, and walking or moving around reduces risks. Walking can hardly ever be overdone. A few steps a day is advisable followed by plenty of rest. With time, mom will have more and more energy to move around and return to her normal schedule.

13 Do Strenuous Exercise

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Moms cannot indulge in any strenuous activities during post-pregnancy. Exercising is not a good idea during the first few weeks after birth. Intense body movements at this point will only make the healing process take longer.

New moms are normally so eager to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies but they should understand that this, just like pregnancy, takes time. The body first needs plenty of bed rest to recover and recuperate. Once mom’s energy levels are up, she can start with simple exercises like taking short walks. There is no need to hurry the process, with time, her body should return to normal.

12 Have An Unsafe Bubble Bath

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Since new mothers are prescribed bed rest post-pregnancy, they may be tempted to take on activities that encourage further relaxation like having a hot bubble bath. It may seem relaxing, but moms cannot have hot bubble baths during their post-pregnancy bed rest.

A good soak can be relaxing but what moms really need is plenty of bed rest instead. A hot bubble bath can put a new mom at risk of getting an infection. She should remember that her post-birth wounds are still fresh and could easily be infected. Moms who have had cesarean births should keep their incisions dry, at all times, to avoid infections.

11 Be Hard On Themselves

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Before giving birth, moms usually make many preparations in anticipation for the arrival of their young ones. Others may even come up with a routine of how their days after hospital will go by. Babies are unpredictable and at times fussy so moms have to keep aside or throw all or some arrangements out the window. This can cause mothers to be hard on themselves.

It is important that in the days following childbirth, moms should take things easy. They should allow themselves to go with the flow and understand that things might not always turn out as they expect, which still okay.

10 Refuse To Ask For Help

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One of the best ways to recover from delivery is to take advantage of as much help as possible in the early weeks. During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms cannot refuse to ask for help. Asking for help from friends and family is not only okay but also vital to the recovery process.

During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms should not worry themselves with cooking and cleaning the house. They should not substitute the time needed for recovery with cleaning. If there is no one to help, moms should consider hiring help who can take care of house chores while they rest and take care of their babies.

9 Not Abstain

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Doctors recommend abstaining from adult time right after birth, because of the bleeding and the tears that occur during childbirth. The body requires a lot of time to recover and the last thing the mom should do is strain any weak muscles. Moms should therefore not engage in any adult relations soon after birth.

Engaging in intercourse during the first weeks after giving birth also puts the mother at risk of getting an infection. The birth canal and any other wounds need time to heal. Therefore, moms should wait for the doctor’s clearance before engaging in any such relations since healing and recovery come before everything else.

8 Skip Meals

During post-pregnancy recovery, moms cannot skip out on meals. Juggling a newborn baby with postpartum recovery can be a handful to any new mother. This does not mean that they should forgo eating. A mother’s diet after birth is crucial, she needs to nourish her body in order to have energy and eat well in order to produce enough milk for the baby.

Some mothers do not necessarily forget to eat; they do it intentionally to cut off a few pounds. Post-birth is not the time for moms to limit their food intake. Eating healthy meals combined with breastfeeding can actually help mothers lose excess during post pregnancy. It is important to give the body the energy and nutrients it requires especially at this time.

7 Forget The Sitz Baths

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Ladies who give birth normally can tear and swell during the process. Doctors usually stitch up any areas needing stitching following the birth of the baby. During post-pregnancy bed rest, such moms cannot forget to take their sitz bath. Even on bed rest, moms should take at least one sitz bath a day. No person wants to prolong their recovery process so if there is anything that can be done to speed up the process, then it is welcomed.

In a sitz bath, only the woman’s bottom and hips need to get into the water. The process normally involves filling a tub with shallow warm water then adding salt or baking soda. The mother is then required to sit in this solution for a few minutes. This process promotes and speeds up the healing process. It also relieves pain and swelling.

6 Wear Tight Clothing

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It is tempting for new moms to want to get back to their pre-pregnancy clothes. During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms should not wear tight clothing. Doctors recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing. Any tight clothing may cause soreness and tenderness especially in the case of cesarean incisions.

A new mom hardly goes back to her usual size and shape during the first week after birth. The uterus takes a few weeks to contract. New moms need to be cautious about their bodies, so wearing loose clothing until the uterus returns to its normal size is advisable. Their bodies also need room to breathe and recuperate.

5 Keep Emotions Bottled Up

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Some moms usually undergo emotional roller coasters post-delivery. This is the result of being exhausted from childbirth and hormonal imbalances. If a mother feels a sudden change of emotions post-pregnancy, it is important for her that she shares these feeling and emotions with her partner and/or doctor to avoid postpartum depression.

Moms can sometimes feel like they do not have control over their lives. This is normal and they should not stress about it. The mood swings usually go away after a few days once hormones stabilize. Some women inevitably go into postpartum depression and need to seek professional help. It is therefore important to seek help as early as possible.

4 Stress Over Getting The Baby On A Schedule

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When pregnant, moms may have heard about the benefits of putting a baby on routine as soon as they arrive from the hospital but moms cannot afford to worry about this. After birth, a mother’s focus should be recovering and taking care of the baby. The mother can use the routine as a guideline and wait for the baby to be a few weeks old before she can enforce the routine.

A baby should also be given time to adjust to the new world before attempting to put him or her on a schedule. Sometimes adopting a routine can prove to be stressful for both mom and child. The baby should sleep and eat when he or she wants until the mom recovers fully.

3 Do The Household Chores

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After giving birth, moms need plenty of bed rest. Whether they have had a cesarean or normal birth, or whether they have labored for a few hours or even days, rest during the first few weeks is mandatory. This is because the mom’s body needs plenty of time to recover.

Many women feel the need to keep everything around the house nice and tidy, however, during post-pregnancy, moms cannot clean and tidy up like they used to. This is because they are nursing several wounds and do not have a lot of energy to organize things and attend to the baby. Nevertheless, resting and taking care of the baby is much more important than the dishes. Moms can ask their partners, friends or family members to help with chores around the house while they rest or look after the baby.

2 Entertain Many Guests

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It is important that a new mom gets plenty of rest during the first couple of weeks after coming home from the hospital. One of the things a mom cannot do during post-pregnancy bed rest is to entertain many guests at this time. As much as people want to come and see the little one, moms should refuse and reschedule to a much later date when she has fully recovered and regained her energy.

Bed rest means staying in bed and moms should accept that they barely have enough energy to take care of a baby let alone entertain guests. When the baby is resting, moms should take advantage of this time and take a nap instead of entertaining guests. People also need to understand that moms need space and time to adjust to their new life with the baby.

1 Hesitate To Call The Doctor

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It is better to be safe than sorry. During post-pregnancy bed rest, moms cannot afford to hesitate to call their doctors when they have a concern about their bodies. It is very easy for moms to ignore their own health in the first week post-pregnancy because they are only focusing on their new bundle of joy.

If a mom experiences any unusual pain in her incision or birth canal, she should not hesitate to tell her doctor. It is always better to go for a check-up and confirm everything is okay than to get a complication later on. If mom is healing well, she should focus on getting enough rest and recovering.

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