20 Things Moms Shouldn't Do With The Newborn (And 5 Pediatricians Don't Recommend)

It always seems that the information on what can and can't be done with a newborn changes on a day-to-day basis. What was acceptable yesterday may no longer be suitable to do today. Since new guidelines are constantly added, while old ones are updated, it's important for anyone anticipating having a baby in the near future to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Congratulations on beginning your brand new journey to motherhood. It doesn’t matter if you have just recently greeted your little one for the first time, are closing in on your due date, or if you are just looking to gain more knowledge and information about newborns because you have come to the right place. Being a new mom can be very challenging at times. It honestly doesn’t even matter if this is your first baby or if this is your second or third child because there will still be trying moments as a new mom.

We have compiled a list for you of 20 things moms will regret doing with their newborn. Plus, we even included five more mistakes that moms sometimes make that will drive doctors absolutely berzerk. Please continue reading to see what we have on the list for you today.

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25 Filling The Bottle With Cow’s Milk

Moms will end up regretting giving their newborn cow’s milk because they are unable to digest it properly. This kind of milk has high amounts of different minerals and protein that can cause problems for the newborn's immature kidneys.

Plus, cow’s milk does not have the essential nutrients that infants need such as iron which is found in formula and breastmilk to help a baby grow. Please, don’t mistake the fact that since it is healthy for older children and adults that it would be healthy for newborns as well.

24 Entertaining Too Many Visitors After Birth

So, you just gave birth to your baby boy or girl, and you just arrived home from the hospital. You’re exhausted and adjusting to motherhood. Now, it seems like everyone you know wants to stop by to see your little one.

The reason you will end up regretting having house guests all the time, especially if you are breastfeeding, is because you are just getting situated with new life changes that may even be a first for you. People are going to tell you how you should hold, feed, and take care of your baby. Sometimes, you have no idea if someone has a cold or even a budding virus starting.

Everyone will want to touch and hold your baby. Plus, both of you are healing from the birthing process. Take it easy, people can see your baby after you, and he/she have some time to recover.

23 Forgetting To Burp

Mother burp baby boy after eating breastfeeding

After having a baby, you have to got learn to do certain things in order. One of those things is to remember to feed and then burp the newborn. While most moms usually remember to burp their little one, some honestly forget about it.

If you accidentally forget, there is a good chance that you will end up regretting it because when a newborn is not burped after a feeding, the gasses in her stomach do not get a chance to be released which can cause stomach aches, bloating, pain, and one cranky newborn.

22 Too Many Baths

Via: Daily Mail

Some moms get this massive urge to try to bathe their newborn as soon as they are both home from the hospital, especially some first-time moms. However, if you decide to give your newborn a bath shortly after their arrival, you may end up regretting it. Newborns are not supposed to be submerged in water until their umbilical cord falls off because of the risk of it getting infected.

Infections are dangerous to newborns because their immune system isn’t mature yet. It shouldn’t be a risk you are willing to take. Plus, newborns don’t do much, so there is really no need for a regular bath. But if you have to wash your little one up, a sponge bath is just fine.

21 Giving Up On Breastfeeding

You most likely decided that you wanted to breastfeed your little one well before they were brought into this world. If you are serious about wanting to use this method for feeding your newborn, and it is something you have your mind set on, don’t just give up when the going gets rough. It may be something that you will end up regret doing later on. If you are having a hard time getting your baby to latch, you’re really sore, or if you don’t think your supply is at its best, don’t quit just yet.

Try contacting a lactation consultant first. Try to keep in mind all the benefits breastfeeding has to offer. Try to give it your all before stopping indefinitely because once you start bottle feeding, after a short period of time, there is no going back once your supply is gone.

20 Water Instead Of Milk

Via: Manchester Evening News

Water sounds so innocent, doesn’t it? Moms may be wondering why in the world they may end up regretting giving their newborn water. Well, babies should not start drinking water until they are at least six months old because it actually interferes with the ability for their body to be able to absorb the nutrients in either breastmilk or formula.

Water also does not have the nutrients they need and could possibly make them feel full so that they do not want to feed. If they don’t feed, they will not be getting the nutrients, they need to grow up healthy.

19 Sharing The Bed

***Freelance Photo - Postmedia Network use only. - NO SALES. Resale rights remain with photographer *** Alisha Brignall with her 9 month daughter Audrey, the pair currently co-sleep in Calgary, Alberta, June 19, 2014. Photograph by Todd Korol for National Post (Sarah Boesveld story)

Sharing a bed with a newborn is a very controversial topic. Some moms stand by the fact that they heard it was great for bonding and development, but they never think about the major risks involved. There is a chance that if you try to co-sleep with your newborn, you may end up seriously regretting it. There is the potential that if your baby is in bed with you that you could always accidentally roll on top of her or that she could get stuck in your pillows, comforters, or sheets.

This is something that can turn out to be life-threatening for your newborn, but because some moms have never had it happen to them, luckily, they stand by it as being safe. However, look at the parents who lost their little one because of this and they will tell you exactly how unsafe co-sleeping really is.

18 Overdoing The Newborn Gear

Moms sometimes go a bit overboard when it comes to shopping for their baby and stocking up on all the adorable newborn gear. We get it, it can be addicting, and you want your little one to have the best of the best.

Is it really necessary, though? When it comes to overdoing the newborn gear, this may be something you regret later on. For starters, most of us aren’t made out of money. But when you think about it, newborns grow little weeds.

Before you know it, all the experience clothing, booties, and other items meant for a specific size will no longer be of any use to you anymore. Your newborn will have outgrown it in no time flat, and now you have to go shopping all over again and spend even more money.

17 Letting The Baby Cry It Out

In the old days, letting a baby cry it out was a way to try to sleep train them. If you intend to or have already, let your newborn cry it out you may end up regretting it one day. This is because newborns are unable to speak to us so they cannot communicate when something is wrong.

The only means they have to let us know when they need something is by crying. You never know what may be going on or happening if you were to neglect your child’s only means of communication.

16 Using Regular Detergent

Via: my so called crunchy life

A lot of mom doesn’t realize that they need to buy a special detergent when it comes to washing their newborn's cloth diapers. If your due date is around the corner you just gave birth to your little one and decided to use regular detergent, you could end up regretting this simple choice because a newborns skin can sometimes be so sensitive that they sometimes end up breaking out in a rash.

Even worse, they could break out in a diaper wash which can be very uncomfortable for a little one. When left untreated, diaper rashes can get infected cause even more complications.

15 Kissing The Newborn

People have been kissing babies on the face for ages. Everyone loves to cuddle a newborn. But there are some major reasons why a mom could end up regretting letting anyone kiss her newborn. Even if it is someone she knows, and even if it makes her feel bad, she has to stand up for her child's well-being and say no to kisses.

According to Lifehacker, a mother lost her two-week-old newborn daughter all because of one kiss. Someone who had the herpes virus kissed her child and infected the baby. The person in question may not have even known it. This is one major concern that should be avoided at all costs.

14 Letting A Young Child Feed

Via: lamazefamilycenterannarbor

When you already have a young child and then have a newborn, there is a good chance that your other child will want to try to hold their brand new baby brother or sister. You may think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and that; it may even see it as a great photo opportunity. But there are reasons that you may end up regretting this if your child is younger than 5-years-old.

Even if you are standing next to your young child, there is a chance they may drop your newborn. Young children are also usually plagued with germs, and your infant’s immune system isn’t fully developed which can lead to sickness. Overall, it’s just not a good idea.

13 Supplementing With Formula

Before most moms even give birth to their little one, they have usually made the decision to either bottle feed or breastfeed their baby when she arrives. If you choose to breastfeed, you should try to stick to it, unless you honestly can’t for a good reason. You should also not be supplementing with formula.

If you supplement too often, there is the chance that your milk supply could diminish which in the end, you will regret doing because it can force you to switch to formula on a regular basis. Think about it, if you no longer have a milk supply how are you supposed to breastfeed?

12 Waking The Newborn Up For Visitors

After you give birth, you will find that people want to come and see the new arrival all the time. If you have a guest over and your newborn is asleep, and it’s not time to wake her up for a feeding, you may regret waking her up just for someone else's enjoyment. Newborns need a lot of rest.

After all, they are adjusting to being outside of the womb. They sleep anywhere from 16 to 17 hours a day and are usually. If you try to wake up your baby or keep them up longer than they need to be, you may be looking at one cranky newborn. Use the time your little one is sleeping wisely.

11 Letting The Common Cold Into The Home

People get sick, and there is usually no way to predict when a person's body is being invaded by germs from the cold and flu viruses. But if you know that someone is not feeling well, and yet you still allow them to hold and cuddle with your newborn, you may end up regretting it later on.

After a baby is born, their immune system is not fully developed yet and they are not able to fight off viruses like adults. It basically leaves them defenseless to getting sick themselves.

10 Breastfeeding To Meet Someone Else’s Standards

Choosing between breastfeeding and bottle feeding should always be the mother’s choice and her choice only. After all, it is her body and her decision to make alone. It honestly doesn’t matter what her husband, mother, or best friend think she should do.

What this means is that if you want to bottle feed your newborn, then you shouldn't let anything or anyone get in your way. Do not try to breastfeed your baby based off of what society thinks or because of someone else's standards. If you do, this is something you will most likely seriously regret doing. It may even cause you to resent the ones that you felt forced by. You have to do what is best for you and your baby.

9 Forgetting To Change The Diaper

Most of us learn at a very young age that babies need their diapers changed, and they need it changed a lot. Newborns will go number two anywhere between three and four times a day. On top of that, they will tinkle anywhere between six and eight times a day. That is roughly 12 diaper changes a day!

You may end up regretting not changing your newborn's diaper enough regardless of if it was an honest mistake or if you blatantly did not feel like changing it. Neglecting to do so can lead to your little one getting a diaper rash which can be painful and annoying to your child. It will also make them very fussy. In the more serious cases, it can lead to an infection.

8 Giving The Newborn Juice

There are some juices that are packed with beneficial nutrients. Because of that, some moms believe that it is okay to give their newborn juice. If you believe the same thing and end up giving your baby some, you may end up regretting it. Newborns bellies are made to be able to digest formula and breastmilk for their first few months on life.

Plus, they are the only two things that have the correct nutrients that a newborn needs to continue to grow properly and be healthy. Juice can also upset a little one's tummy causing gas and tummy pain as well.

7 Being Too Relaxed About Car Seat Safety

Via: Daily Mail

Car seat safety is very important, and if you are lax about it, you may end up seriously regretting it. If the worst were to happen and you would get into a car accident newborns are at a higher risk of getting seriously injured compared to older children and adults. It is very important to make sure you read the instructions on how to properly set up the car seat in your vehicle.

You may also end up regretting the decision to have your baby ride forward-facing in the car because the risk of being injured even more during an accident is further increased compared to rear-facing. Being too relaxed about this issue can sometimes turn fatal; don’t risk it.

6 Using The Car Seat As A Crib

So many moms see nothing wrong with allowing their newborn to sleep in a car seat. But according to Parenting.com, some parents warn other moms against doing so because they impossible is possible. Allowing your newborn to stay sleeping in their car seat can actually turn out fatal.

They are moms out there who lost their little one because of this. Since newborns cannot support the weight of their head yet, their head can slide into a position that actually blocks their airway which can cause them to stop breathing. It’s not worth it; as soon as you can move your little one out of her car seat.

5 Putting Fluffy Stuff In The Crib

Some moms get the urge to decorate their newborn's crib and then allowing their child to sleep with pillows and blankets. This is something that drives doctors, pediatricians, and parenting experts crazy, and you may regret doing this one day.

According to Rachel Y. Moon, MD, FAAP, more than 3,500 babies pass away suddenly every year while they are sleeping. Part of that is caused by having things such as blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals in the newborn's crib. Removing all these things and allowing your baby to sleep on her back can greatly reduce the sick of sudden infant death syndrome.

4 Not Asking Questions

Via: Pintaram

Some moms just do not like to ask questions for their own personal reasons when it comes to taking their newborn to their first doctor's visit. If you don’t like to ask questions, you may end up regretting this decision. It can also drive your baby’s pediatrician crazy, especially if you’re a first-time mom because they know there is no way that you could possibly know everything about newborns already. We all have questions now and then. According to Dr. Gina Lamb-Amato, there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you have something you need to be answered, you should be asking immediately. It’s better to make sure that your baby is safe.

3 Skipping Out On Vaccinations

One major thing that drives doctors crazy, or anyone who has ever worked in the medical field, is when a parent chooses not to get their child vaccinated. Skipping out on it is what could cause an epidemic, and there are real parents who will regret not allowing their child to vaccinated.

Dr. Lena Wen, the Baltimore City Health Commissions, stressed to NBCnews.com the importance of getting your children vaccinated. Dr. Wen said that Vaccines are safe.” and that they, “save lives every day.” There is a lot of fake information out there regarding vaccinations not being safe. Make sure you know the facts.

2 Not Cleaning The Newborn’s Gums

Some moms honestly don’t realize that they still have to tend to their newborn's oral care even though they do not have teeth yet. This is something that drives doctors absolutely crazy. Dr. Paula M. Elbrit, says that maintaining proper oral hygiene, even before teeth come in because it is essential for the health of their permanent teeth. You can take a washcloth or clean gauze, wet it, and just wipe your newborn's gums after every feeding. Leftover milk can still leave germs and bacteria just as it does with older children and adults.

1 Leaving The Newborn Alone With Pets

One thing that many moms don’t realize that drives doctors crazy is that newborns and young babies should not be left alone with the beloved family pets. This could also turn out to be something that moms may regret doing.

According to pediatrician David Geller on Babycenter, it is okay to have a well-behaved pet around your baby but only under your supervision. Some animals who have been the focus of your attention may actually become jealous of a new baby and came sometimes show signs of aggression. If that happens, there is serious potential for your newborn to get injured.

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