20 Things Moms Shouldn’t Let Their Kids Do In The Summer

Summer fun can turn into something closer to a fiasco when a mom lets her guard down and the kids run wild. Even simple things she ought to keep an eye on can turn from innocent to an incident in the blink of an eye. While moms must be alert all year round, the summertime sets itself up for unique situations that can put kids at risk. While some issues are far less worrisome than others, it’s important to check off all the boxes to ensure summertime goes as smoothly as possible.

Naturally, things will come up that no mom could possibly be prepared for. That’s parenting in a nutshell. But when mom can be proactive and protective, there’s less of a chance of something going awry. The kids will still find a way to get into trouble, but at least she’s doing all she can to prevent problems. With a plan of action and a lot of attention, moms can better care for their kids when the summer months arrive.

Here are 20 things moms should not let their kids do in the summer. Some seem fairly obvious, while others are more obscure, but every mom could use a reminder and a heads up. Once these 20 items are covered, the kids will work on finding a way to make mom lose her mind by coming up with new creative chaos.

20 Play on the Blacktop – Sizzling As A Stovetop

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When the concrete is so warm that mom could fry an egg on it, it would be unwise to let the kids choose the blacktop as a play area. Kids could stumble and come into contact with the heated surface trying to break their fall or get back up. And during the summer, kids are inclined to take off their sneakers or sandals, not realizing just how scalding the ground could be on their tender toes. To be on the safe side, it’s best to find a place to play on the grass or sand, or at least in a shaded area. Getting skin on overly warm gravel is no way to welcome the season.

19 Hit Up the Ice Cream Truck Every Time it Comes By – Too Much Sugar

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That familiar sound of the joyful music coming up the street signals that the ice cream truck is about to pass by. While a sweet treat once in a while is a special summertime snack, letting kids indulge every time that truck comes ‘round is not a healthy habit. Kids don’t need all that sugar, especially if they’re not active. More kids are spending less time running around and are logging more hours on the couch watching TV or playing video games. Add ice cream sandwiches and strawberry shakes to their routine and those bellies will blow up before the summer is over. Perhaps once or twice per week should be the limit.

18 Go Out Without Sunblock – Even on Cloudy Days

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Moms know they need to protect their kids’ skin from the rays of the sun, but sometimes things get busy and moms let the kids out unprotected. Later that afternoon, they’ll realize the slip up when their kids’ skin is scalded. Kids don’t realize they’re too sunned until they feel the pain, but then it’s too late to recover. And on those dreary overcast days, many moms think the kids don’t need any sunblock at all. Untrue. The UV rays are powerful, and clouds won’t cut them off. Make it a habit to cover the kids in plenty of protection. It only takes a minute out of the morning and it makes a big difference. Just ask a dermatologist.

17 Sit Inside in the AC All Afternoon – Get Out and Play

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On those super warm days, it feels great to get inside where the rooms are cool and comfortable. Most moms have no issue cranking up the air conditioner so the kids can cool off and relax after being outdoors. But what if the kids get a little too comfortable? Instead of getting back to playing outside, they choose to veg out all day and let the AC chill them down ‘till dusk. Moms must make a rule that there’s no reason for kids to sit inside all day. Exercise is important, and plopping down on the couch and staying put makes for lazy boys and girls. Perhaps mom can turn off the AC until the room is just as warm as it is outside. Then the kids will want to get outside for some fresh air.

16 Sit in Their Wet Bathing Suit for Too Long – Uncomfortable, Irritates Skin

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During the summer months, lots of kids spend a good deal of time in their swimsuits. From swimming in the pool to long days at the beach, kids may wind up wearing their swimsuit all day. But if it never dries, kids’ skin can become irritated. Not to mention how uncomfortable they must be with that material all wadded up and waterlogged. Once the kids towel off, mom should bring a dry change of clothes so the kids don’t have to feel like wet fish all day. When it’s time to swim again, they can put their swimsuits back on.

15 Do Dangerous Stuff with Dad – Let’s Keep ‘Em Alive, Shall We?

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When dad is the “fun one” and mom’s more of the disciplinarian, kids may opt to join dad for some summertime adventures. Seems relatively harmless, unless dad is something of a daredevil. With no boundaries or sense of responsibility, he may take the kids on wild excursions, much to the dismay of a worrywart mom. Dad may not think he is putting the kids at risk, but if he is not careful, something scary can happen. Let’s hope dad does not do anything too outrageous. There are plenty of ways to have fun without winding up in the emergency room.

14 Play with Worms and Bugs – Who Knows Which are Poisonous?

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Curious kids will always find new things to play with. As they explore the outdoors in the backyard or at the park, they are sure to come across never-before-seen bugs and wiggly worms to inspect. Most of the time this shouldn’t lead to anything mom should freak out about, but then there’s always the case of that one bug or worm that is poisonous or bites her kid leaving a welt. While it will be hard to keep the kids from digging up “buried treasures,” mom can alert the kiddos to look, but not touch. One bad bite will teach them a lifelong lesson, but why let things get that far?

13 Too Much Schoolwork – Kids Need a Break

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Some moms would be thrilled if their kids spent all summer doing schoolwork, but just like everyone else, kids, too, need a break. Unless they’re enrolled in summer school, the summertime is the season for a little more freedom and fun. It is nice if the kids want to learn year-round, but with their heads buried in books from breakfast ‘till bedtime, they will never have a chance to play with other children or give their brains a chance to breathe and reboot. Encourage education, but don’t forbid the fun. A well-rounded kid will be better off in the long run.

12 Eat Right Before Activity – Bellyaches Don’t Go with Baseball

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Kids seem to be hungry 24/7, so moms are always preparing sandwiches and serving snacks. In the summertime, there is usually more playtime and activities that require lots of energy. But it is unwise to feed the kids something filling right before they are about to go out and run around. A small snack like some fresh fruit or trail mix should not be a problem, but if the kids fill up on a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs or a cheeseburger and French fries, they may wind up with tummy troubles if they don’t have a decent time to digest their meal.

11 Forget to Hydrate – Lots of Water is Essential

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It is important to make sure kids are well-hydrated no matter the season, but when the weather is really warm and kids are sweatier than ever, moms must make a greater effort to ensure the kids drink plenty of fluids, particularly water. With all the running around kids do combined with the summertime heat, they’ll lose water fast, which could lead to dehydration if not checked. The best bet is a water bottle the kids can lug around. They can fill it up when needed and sip all day. The kids will probably feel thirsty anyway, but when they have the bottle on hand, they’ll drink even before any signs of dehydration set in.

10 Go Sock-Free – Smelly Sneakers Are No Good

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Stinky feet are no laughing matter. While kids may get a kick out of sticking their rotten and rancid feet in the faces of their siblings, moms know that this is not a situation of fun and games. It is important for kids to wear moisture-absorbing socks with their sneakers, especially during the sizzling and sweaty summer months. All that perspiration has nowhere to go and begins to cause odor that is offensive, to say the least. A simple pair of cotton socks is the solution. Because once those sneakers start to get funky, the odor lingers for a long time.

9 Sleep in ‘Till Whenever – Some Order Must Be Preserved

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Since school is out for the season, kids don’t have to get up early to make it to the bus stop. But if kids do not go to summer camp or have another reason to set the alarm, they may be inclined to sleep in ‘till whenever. While moms may allow this laziness from time to time, perhaps on a weekend, getting into such a habit is not good for the kids. Once school is back in session, getting the kids up and at ‘em will be a battle. Moms certainly do not need that sort of stress before breakfast.

8 Swim Without Lessons – Pools And Oceans Aren’t Like the Bathtub

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Before kids swim in the pool unattended, they ought to know how to swim. A no-brainer? Not for everyone. Seems logical, but lots of kids are unprepared and are placed in potentially dangerous situations when they attempt to swim without knowing how to do so. Take it to the ocean and even more trouble awaits. Understandably, not every mom can afford to get their kids swim lessons, but there are places that give free lessons, such as a local YMCA. At the very least, kids should never be allowed to swim anywhere without supervision and a lifeguard. Safety always comes first, and learning could be a literal lifesaver.

7 Use the Grill Alone – Parents Must Supervise Barbequing Burgers

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Lots of kids enjoy juicy burgers and foot-long franks right off the grill. That delicious charbroiled flavor is what summer meals are all about, making the fire-cooked food even more fun to eat. Usually, it’s a parent who is doing the flipping, but sometimes kids want to get in on the BBQ action too. If they are old enough, perhaps they can help out with a watchful eye on them at all times, but it is never safe to leave a young kid unattended at the grill. Worse case scenario...more than the meat gets cooked. Until they are old enough, kids can be served. Once they’re mature, they can be the ones preparing for their parents.

6 Go Days Without Bathing – Stinky Kids are Extra Funky in July

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Some kids do not like getting in the bath. It is a battle many moms have come to expect, and sometimes they just throw their hands in the air and give up on trying...at least for the night. But kids need to keep clean, particularly during the summer when they get all sweaty and sandy. Kids play around in the ground and the muck sticks to their hair and skin. Bath time is essential. No matter how much the kids may resist, mom mustn’t give in and throw in the towel before it has been used to dry off her squeaky clean child.

5 Stay Up Super Late – They May Not Have School But Rest is Required

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Since they do not have to get up early for school, kids may think they have the right to stay up super late. They want to hang out with their friends or siblings, watch television, play video games, etc. Mom may be tired, but the kids seem to have endless energy and feel no desire to hit the sack. Moms may allow their kids to stay up a little later than usual during the summer, but letting them stay awake many hours later than they do during the school year is setting them up for a big problem once fall comes around. They’ll never get back on track. Perhaps an hour past their usual bedtime should be the max mom should offer.

4 Never Pick Up a Book – Keeping Up with Reading Keeps Their Minds Active

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When summer comes around, lots of kids love the idea that they don’t have to pick up a book until school starts again. While they won’t have any assignments, that doesn’t mean all reading should go out the window. Reading is more than schoolwork, it’s something that can be entertaining too. Moms can help their kids select books they are interested in, so they will look forward to picking up their books and flipping through the pages. Rather than doing something that’s a waste of time, kids can find action and adventure inside a good book. It’s a great getaway.

3 Kids-Only Camping – A Chaperone Keeps Them Safer

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Many families spend a portion of the summer camping with the kids. But young kids should never go camping on their own; it is simply too dangerous. Even if the kids have been camping with their parents for years, they are still not properly equipped to handle unforeseen situations that may arise. Moms should never let their kids camp alone, even if they’re nearby. An adult chaperone is essential, providing parental supervision 24/7. Once the kids are teens and have exhibited a maturity level that moms feel secure with, perhaps they can camp with a group of peers. ‘Till then, mom will be right by the kids’ side roasting marshmallows.

2 Pee in the Pool – Is Any Explanation Really Required?

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Moms may not be able to control things if their kids pee in the pool. But by no means should moms encourage the behavior. It’s not only unsanitary and yucky, but it teaches kids bad manners and a lack of consideration for others. Moms should instruct their kids to relieve themselves before getting in the pool so they are not stuck with a full bladder while splashing around. Even if they know other kids are doing it, this is not the type of thing kids should jump on the bandwagon and join. There is surely a toilet nearby for them to “handle their business” in a more suitable fashion.

1 Not Stick to Chores – Messes are Maddening Year-Round

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Summertime means things are a little less strict and structured. There’s no school, no homework, no after school activities, etc. But there are still chores to be done. Moms can’t let things become completely chaotic and let the kids get away with doing nothing around the house. Before long, the place will become a pigsty. Toys are bound to be all over the floor, clothing clumped in piles, and food wrappers and crumbs left in every corner. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean everyone becomes a slob. Moms must enforce the rules before kids are allowed to relax. After all, moms are not maids.

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