20 Things Moms Still Think It’s Okay To Do While ‘Trying’ (But Doctors Say No)

Conceiving is the easiest part of pregnancy, right? ...Wrong. Many would actually be taken aback by how complicated the entire process can be. Sure, flukes can and certainly do happen while you're alone with your partner. But, for the most part, getting pregnant takes a combination of the right habits, luck, and level of health.

There are some pretty obvious things that women know about when it comes to conceiving a child. These are things that they pay attention to in order to make sure their chances are higher. But there are a number of things that they have no clue actually inhibit their chances of becoming pregnant. These are things that doctors know all about and are happy to recommend to their patients who come to them seeking advice.

But, for the most part, women tend to completely forget about these things or actually think they are okay to ignore during the process. Hopefully, this list will shed some light on the subject and properly inform those who are currently trying as well as those who will do so in the future. Of course, as always, the sources are listed at the bottom of the article and should be consulted for further and more detailed research. But, without further ado, here are 20 things moms still think it's okay to do while "trying" despite their doctors' better knowledge.

20 All-Night Netflix Series Binges

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Yes, you have to get sleep, even when you're trying! Skip that marathon of Stranger Things, Osmosis, Happy Valley, Jessica Jones, After Life, and Ozark on Netflix -- yes, those were some recommendations. You may also want to go easy on re-watching series like The Office, Friends, or Game of Thrones at three in the morning. This is because sleep deprivation puts stress on the body and will make immune systems run low, opening the doors for lots of bad things. Most importantly, it can affect infertility in both women and men. Missed times of the month can occur when women aren't getting enough sleep and feeling anxious. And men are more likely to get fevers and feel excess heat which will make their little simmers temporarily run low. So, if you're going to catch up on your favorite series, make sure to do it in the daylight.

19 Yoga, Spin-Class, Training, Followed By A Lengthy Run

Okay, seriously, don't over exude yourself. It's okay if you felt like you could still go to yoga, spin-class, your trainer, and then go on a lengthy run, most women still think this is okay to do while they're pregnant. But doctors totally know that this isn't a good thing for them. Vigorous exercise tends to increase the amount of time it takes women to get pregnant, therefore it could be stretching out your timeline. We're aren't saying that you need to skip all of your workout routines. After all, staying fit and healthy is absolutely vital for both getting pregnant and pregnancy itself, but you just can't work out so much that it will interfere with your menstrual cycle. Gymnasts and marathon runners are usually the ones who experience this the most, so definitely skip that Sun Run.

18 Letting The Potential Baby-Daddy Skip Teeth-Brushing... Ick

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Okay, so it's very icky when people don't brush their teeth. But we all know the feeling of wanting to rush into bed without doing that all-important brush. This is especially true when people are trying to conceive because they tend to be caught up in other things. But mamas-to-be absolutely can't let their guys go without brushing their teeth, flossing, or using that mouthwash. This is because poor oral hygiene can actually lower the number of a guy's little swimmers. Obviously, this makes it even less likely that you will get pregnant. Additionally, things like issues with gums increase the likelihood of having a premature delivery. So, you definitely want to make sure that your guy is brushing and that you are too.

17 Eating All The Sushi In The World

Stay away from sushi and all other raw fish. Yes, this isn't just something that one should do while pregnant, it's also something that should be done while trying to conceive. Some fish are higher in mercury than others, most notably marling, swordfish, mackerel, and bigeye tuna. These high levels of mercury can be linked to fertility issues in both women AND men... So, you may want to encourage your baby-daddy to be to skip that round of sashimi with the boys. Of course, there are low-mercury fish and seafood such as catfish, haddock, oysters, salmon, crab, crawfish, clams, shrimp, sole, squid, trout, whitefish, and flounder that can be enjoyed. But limiting them may actually help both the guys and gals to get luckier. If only most people knew this while trying to get pregnant.

16 Waiting Years Before Having Kids

No, you can't think that it will be easy to get pregnant in your late 30s. Sure, it's totally possible. But it's not advised by doctors at it can open the doors to a bunch of issues. But, more likely, is the fact that you just won't get pregnant at all. Although some people think the opposite of this, especially while they are totally focused on "trying", doctors know that the odds aren't in the favor for women over the age of 35 who are trying to get pregnant. A woman's body starts to go through some changes that make it more challenging. If you can wrap your head around this fact, you may not know that it's also more challenging to produce a baby with a man who is over the age of 50, as they tend to be far less fertile. So, perhaps waiting until you're older isn't the best bet. Unless you don't want kids at all, then go ahead and wait.

15 Listening To Jenny McCarthy's Opinions On Vaccinations

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It's absolutely NOT okay to listen to Jenny McCarthy when it comes to medical advice. Sure, she may be very passionate about what she believes, but her stance goes against everything modern science and the vast majority of experts say. And if you want to get pregnant, it's important that you know that you can no longer get away with listening to her and people like her. If you're trying to get pregnant, make sure your vaccinations are up to date. If they aren't, something could go wrong with the baby and the pregnancy in general. Flu vaccinations can also be helpful for trying to get pregnant for both men and women. But due to the vaccinations containing some live viruses, you want to get them at least one to three months before becoming pregnant.

14 Going On Those Cute Coffee Dates

Most women who are in the middle of "trying" think it's fine to keep going on those coffee dates. But the reality is, coffee can be a hindrance to those wanting to conceive. Studies have concluded that drinking over 200 milligrams a day of coffee affects fertility. Lower than 200 milligrams should be fine, but gulping down too many lattes and americanos can certainly cause issues. You also don't want to overdo coffee intake because it can cause you to feel anxious and stressed. It can also lead to dehydration. All of these things affect the chances of becoming pregnant while in the middle of "trying."

13 Keeping Those Veggies Off The Plate Like A Child

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Most women know that they need to eat the right foods, specifically vegetables, while they are pregnant in order to help develop their unborn child. But the vast majority don't know that they actually need to be eating all the veggies put on their plate while "trying". Of course, it's vital that everyone gets the right amount of veggies per day. But it's even more important when trying to convene. If your body is in a healthy state, it will be more fertile. The other important reason to say no to that side of fries and instead opt for the salad is that it's full of folic acid. This B vitamin is found in leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Doctors say that this is very important for keeping the body fertile, healthy, and ready to bear children. They recommend at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day while trying to conceive.

12 All Those Nights Out With The Gals And Bros

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All those wine-nights, pub-crawls, and visits to high-end hotel bars for liquid happiness may need to be put on hold when trying to conceive. A lot of women still think that it's okay to have a few before they "try" because it may put them in the mood or loosen them up. But doctors say that this isn't a very good idea. Having more than two drinks a day while "trying" has been linked to irregular periods, lack of ovulation, and abnormal estrogen and progesterone levels in women's bodies. All of these things make it more challenging for them to create life. Having too many nights out can also create an environment for a baby that isn't very good, even at the start of pregnancy. Therefore, you may want to stick to sparkling water instead of wine.

11 Filling Up Those Water Bottles And Eating Canned Food

Climate change is a very real issue that we all face. And it's something that our unborn children will have to contend with at a much higher level than we will ever have to. But this isn't the only reason to purchase a reusable water bottle and use that instead of all that plastic. BPA, aka bisphenol A, is a chemical found in many plastic items such as water bottles and food containers, and it's something that some scientists believe contributes to infertility. Potentially, it also lowers the number of swimmers that a guy has, so it's important for both men and women to skip on using plastic for eating and drinking as much as possible. But BPA has also been found in aluminum cans, meaning that all those Campbell soup cans should be left until after you've breastfed.

10 Being Confused About The Cycle

According to Dr. Bitidis, a Naturopathic doctor in Toronto, a lot of women don't fully understand their own cycles. This is because they were typically taught about the 28-day cycle in health class back in high school. But every woman is different and has a very specific cycle of their own. Believe it or not, understanding this is something that women need while they are "trying", even if they thought it was okay to skip. Doctors like Bitidis believe that women will have a much easier time convincing if they coordinate "trying" with the right time in their cycle. "Trying" on the day of ovulation, as well as the day before or after, can be very helpful for getting pregnant. So everyone should know that in order to speed up the process.

9 Not Thinking About The Mind-Body Connection

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Dr. John Sarno was way ahead of his time when he started to talk about the connection between the mind and the body when it came to physical discomfort and feeling icky. In many scientific and medical communities, he is still laughed at, but others see that he may have been on to something. Regardless of the specificities, there is absolutely something chemical that happens in your body when you're unhappy and suppressing it. This is why it's so important to be mindful and attempt to keep an optimistic attitude while "trying". Feeling stress or anxiousness will only hinder your ability to concentrate on the task at hand. And yet, many women still think it's okay to live in these thoughts while "trying". This is because they think that "trying" and having a child will bring them some emotional comfort. When, in fact, not feeling content and aware beforehand can actually hinder the progress and even the fun of it. So, meditate, go to psychotherapy, breathe deeply, exercise, and work on your mindfulness.

8 Forgetting About The Folic Acids

Okay, we know we already spoke about the importance of keeping veggies on your plate, but we need to drive this point home a little more. A lot of women still think that it's okay to skip out on eating all the leafy greens necessary to provide the body with folic acid. But health experts like doctors and naturopaths all agree that this is a bad idea. You need to get 200 to 400 milligrams of folic acid every day while "trying". But folic acid isn't just found in veggies, it's also found in beans, citrus fruits, whole grains, and folate-enriched cereals and bread. Having enough folic acid will help avoid issues when pregnancy occurs, but also keep the body healthy enough to be able to open the door to that possibility.

7 Missing Doctor's Appointments

Everybody misses a doctor's appointment now and again. It's just sort of the norm. And while women are trying to get pregnant, a lot of them believe that they can still get away with this. But experts, especially doctors, believe this to be a no-no. Of course, it's just disrespectful of their time, but it's also important because women need to be on top of their health during this time. They need to make sure that they don't have an STI or any genetic issues that may affect their ability to get pregnant. Not everyone is lucky enough to get pregnant just because they want to. This is why knowing about your overall health is so important. It will help you stay clear of things you should stay clear of, and also teach you about the reality of your own specific situation.

6 Not Checking Those Thyroid Levels

Okay, so you definitely need to stay on top of your thyroid levels while "trying". Some women either forget about this or think that it doesn't matter until they actually get pregnant. Of course, most experts will inform these women of the importance of not having fluctuating thyroid levels while pregnant as it can lead to numerous problems for the baby. But perhaps doctors aren't as good at telling moms-to-be that it's important during the "trying" stage as well. According to Mary M. Gallenberg, M.D., on MayoClinic.com, "Low levels of thyroid hormone can interfere with the release of an egg from your ovary (ovulation), which impairs fertility. In addition, some of the underlying causes of hypothyroidism — such as certain autoimmune or pituitary disorders — may impair fertility."

5 Not Considering Matters Of Money

"Trying" tends to be a stage of pure joy. Although it can take a lot of coordination and, for those in the know, require certain lifestyle changes, it's mostly a time when little is on the line. At least, in comparison to when a woman is actually pregnant. But it's also a time when people really need to start planning. According to a 2009 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, middle-income families will spend $286,050 to raise a child from birth through age 17. Of course, this is just an average. Depending on your country and specific location, things can get a lot more pricey. This is why it's vital that you start planning financially if you're even thinking about getting pregnant. It's not realistic or even fair to bring a child into a world that you can't afford.

4 Not Worrying About Pre-Existing Conditions

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"Trying" shouldn't be a care-free time. If you're going to go through the process of attempting to create life, you will need to know about your pre-existing conditions as well as the pre-existing conditions of your partner. This is because you will need to plan accordingly if there are certain long-term medical conditions. Things such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma or mental health conditions will require certain talks with your doctor and financial planner when it comes to bringing a child into the world. They can impact your ability to get pregnant, a baby's health and even your own way of life once the baby arrives. Better to get these conversations done earlier than later. These conversations will also open up the door to discuss the safest and most practical pregnancy plan for you.

3 Emptying The Medicine Cabinet Of All The Fun

Most women are under the impression that they have to empty the medicine cabinet of all the fun that lies within while they are "trying". But the reality is, not everything in the medicine cabinet needs to go... not yet anyway. You can still take a  number of these things while "trying". Sure, some of the products can be unsafe for a baby once you get pregnant, such as common things like aspirin. But they're not unsafe while you're "trying", at least, they aren't for the baby. Stopping anything cold-turkey could be challenging for you, the mother-to-be. So doctors want to make sure that you don't stop taking the things your body needs such as vitamins or any medicine that has been prescribed to you by a doctor. You should just talk about it with them in order to double-check that it's okay.

2 Giving In To Those Sugary Cravings

Most of us can't get enough of sweets. After all, sugar is something that hooks us and keeps us coming back for more. It's one of the reasons why so many experts say that it's the most unhealthy thing out there, surpassing some of the more "fun" things you might partake in at a nightclub. But still, a lot of women think that it's okay to give into their sugar-cravings while they are "trying". But the truth is that having too many cupcakes, sodas, and even fruit juices can have an impact on your conception. It's a good idea to take as much sugar out from your menu as possible, as well as things like transfats. Consuming too much of these things have been linked to infertility so it seems kind of counterproductive. Just do your best to read labels and make sure you know exactly what you're putting into your body.

1 Just Overdoing Everything

Every one of us has stress in our lives. But we may not know that this stress can actually impact our chances of becoming pregnant. We've already discussed the importance of being aware of the feelings that dwell within you, not only for your chances of becoming pregnant but also for your general health. But stress comes in many forms. It's not just emotional, it's physical as well. This is why putting your body through high-stress activities, such as certain sports and exercises, can be a really bad idea when it comes to "trying". Your body will not be ready to get pregnant if it's contending with an adrenal system that's going mad. But this doesn't mean that you need to take all these kinds of stresses out of your life. Instead, you just need to manage them appropriately if you're in the middle of "trying".

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