20 Cringe-Worthy Things Moms Still Think It's Safe To Do In The Summer

After what seems like a lifetime, summer is finally around the corner. The weather is getting warmer and everyone is coming out of hibernation. A mom with kids knows that winter will always feel longer. The more mom has to stay inside with her children, the longer the days seem. They just all seem to run together and never end. Staying inside for too long can have any child feeling a bit of cabin-fever, which can lead to restlessness behaviour.

That is why when summer comes, one can almost hear the collective sigh of all the moms out there who are finally able to get their little ones outside to play and burn off some energy. However, though it may be warm and beautiful, summer does not come without risk. Summer may actually come with more risk because children spend more time outside. There are risks everywhere outside.

It is always important to parents that their children are safe, and they would never do anything that would intentionally harm their children. However, there are things moms have been doing for years without even knowing that it is not safe.

We are going to go over 20 things that mom thinks it is safe to do in the summer, but it really isn’t.

20 Forgetting The Sun Screen On A Cloudy Day


Sunscreen is always a given in the summertime. Babies and children have very sensitive skin that is more prone to getting a sunburn. While it is important to remember that babies under the age of six months cannot wear sunscreen, every child older than that needs to wear it every time they go outside.

If the weather is warm but cloudy, mom will often skip the sunscreen for the day assuming that since the sun is not out, they can not possibly get a burn. Well, what causes sunburn is the UV rays and not the sun itself. The UV rays can still get through the clouds and our little ones could still end up with a sunburn.

19 Water Safety Is No Joke


There may be nothing more dangerous in the summer than water and that is because it is everywhere. Moms are always taking their kids to the pool, playing with one in their backyard, or even just running through the sprinkler. Water safety is one of the most important things to learn and it is up to every parent to make sure that they are following the guidelines.

Children should never be left attended around water, and that is any amount. Some parents may think that a small amount of water could never be dangerous and may leave their little one alone. No amount of water is safe, and it only takes two seconds for something bad to happen.

18 Not Buying Those Trendy Baby Sunglasses


A lot of moms have caught on to the marketing game that companies play. The mass-production of adorable baby items can suck parents in to wasting money that they don’t have to. They see products, like baby sunglasses, and think what a hoax and it is; it's just another way for them to get money, right. This is not true, sunglasses are very important for even the smallest babies and these items are not a waste of money.

It is important to never forget your little one’s eyes when you are out in the summer. Mom wants to find a good pair of sunglasses that block out UVA and UVB rays so that their little one’s eyes are protected against the sun.

17 Trampolines Aren't Always As Fun As They Look


Trampolines are all the rage right now. There are a ton of indoor parks designated for trampoline fun, and we can see the appeal. Jumping on a trampoline is incredibly fun, but it is also incredibly dangerous. There are thousands of reports every year of children getting injured while using a trampoline, and parents need to be careful.

Parents need to make sure there is only one child on the trampoline at once, and that they do not attempt any stunts while on it. It is advised that children under the age of 6 should never use a trampoline, as it is not good for their knees and hips. It also wouldn’t hurt to make sure the trampoline is never placed near anything that would cause an injury.

16 It’s All About Hydration, But Mom’s Doing It Wrong


We all know the importance of staying hydrated when the weather is warm. Children sweat when they are running around, and this can make them lose liquid in their body very fast and it is important to make sure we are replacing it just as quickly. The best way to do this is with pure, plain water. A lot of moms make the mistake of giving their children juice to quench their thirst.

This may be what your child prefers to drink, but it is not a better option for them when it comes to rehydrating their body. Water is the best option when it comes to replacing some of the liquid lost due to sweating. Juice is full of sugar which does not hydrate the body.

15 'I’m Just Running In For One Minute'


This is a seemingly obvious thing that is completely dangerous, but parents continue to do it every year. There are always reports on the TV of a parent leaving their child in the car in the summer. Some forget their children, and others run into a store for one minute and think their child will be just fine. This is not true and a good way to get your car windows broken in.

The temperature in a car can rise incredibly fast in a heated car, and the ability to overheat is very easy for little children. Heat stroke is something that can happen in a very short amount of time for a little kid who is left in a warm car.

14 Keep Your Kids Away From The Grill


Statistics are always interesting because they can give us a glimpse of how much things actually happen. Summer is a great time for BBQs. It is always nice to get together with friends and have a good grill with some great food. However, it is important to make sure your little one is nowhere near these items when they are being used.

The interesting statistic is that about half of all accidental burns that happen each year, happen to children under the age of four. This is why no child should ever be left unattended around an outside grill or any warm surface. It is also smart to be careful when using sprinklers on those nice summer holiday nights.

13 Dressing Too Lightly


When the weather is cold, we layer up to keep warm. We would think it is safe to assume that when the weather is warm, we dress lightly to keep cool. This may work for adults, but we have to be careful on how lightly we are dressing our babies and children. Light layers are great for keeping cool, but they should be light material instead of less clothing.

It is still important or little ones to have as much skin covered as possible. Mom can just make sure that the material is light and breathable. This is for two main reasons. The first is that it is another protective layer against the harsh sun rays. The other is to prevent any insect bites, like ticks, that may have some negative consequences.

12 Being Outside All Day, Why Not!?


We are all excited to get out in the warm weather and enjoy it and it can be easy to lose track of time and stay out all day. We don’t see the harm, because the weather is so nice, and the kids are having a great time. However, there are certain times of the day when vulnerable people should stay inside. Babies and children are considered vulnerable people.

On days where the heat is too intense, it is advised to stay inside between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm. This is when the sun is at its highest and the temperature is likely to be the most uncomfortable. It is always best to keep your playtimes to early morning and late afternoon for the most comfortable and safest weather.

11 Skipping The Bug Spray


While they may not be a lot of people’s favorite part of summer, they are inevitable and that is bugs. Children love bugs and they are constantly digging for worms or watching a butterfly in awe. These bugs are relatively harmless, but that doesn’t mean they all are. Ticks, mosquitos, and wasps are all out there and can be dangerous to your little one.

At the very least, a bite from a mosquito is going to itch and be uncomfortable. It is always important to pack an insect repellant. A bug spray is just as important as sunscreen in the summer and should be applied before children go out to play. Mom can try and find a product without DEET, but if she has a hard time, she just needs to make sure it does not go around the baby’s face.

10 Continuing With The Same (Dated) Bath Products


We are going to stay on the bug wagon for a bit because there is something that a lot of parents don’t do, and it can have a big impact. Most moms continue to use the same body wash and shampoo all year round with their little one. There is no obvious reason not to. However, if mom is using a scented wash or lotion on her little one, she may want to switch to an unscented one for the summer months.

That is because bees and other insects are attracted to things that smell sweet. A lot of women wearing perfume have been chased down. If your little one smells too sweet, they may become an insect magnet and constantly be swatting bugs away all day.

9 You Can Never Forget About Heat Stroke


One of the most dangerous things that could happen in the summer is heat stroke. In can happen very quickly, especially in children. The reason why children are more prone to it is because they often forget to stop having fun and drink some water. They get dehydrated and their body has a hard time regulating its temperature.

It is important to force your child to stop every 15-20 minutes on a sunny day and take a drink of water. Mom may even want to bring a spray bottle and give their kids a refreshing squirt every now and then. It may result in extra potty trips, but at least we know our kids will be safe.

8 It’s Not 1985 Anymore


The moms today grew up in a different world, and some may say a hazardous world. There were not as many rules and guidelines when it comes to children’s safety. Moms can also get in the habit of carrying on how things were done when she was a kid, which can also be dangerous.

For example, when we were young it was quite standard to just go out on our bikes and not wear a helmet. Especially if we were just staying out near the front of our house. This is never safe, and children should always be wearing a helmet when they are outside. This is incredibly important when it comes to protecting them from head injuries. Also, don’t forget those bike helmets also expire!

7 Overdoing It On The Summer Chores


It is always nice to get our children to help out around the house and doing chores is just a normal part of life. However, there are some chores that should be avoided and that children should not be doing. Most of these chores occur in the summer, and that is all yard work. Other than helping garden, children should not be around any outside equipment.

Children should not be operating a lawnmower or be allowed to play near where one is being operated. It is also smart to be wary of any ATV’s as well. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatricians) recommends that children be over the age of 16 before riding one of these, even with a buddy.

6 The Park Used To Be Safe


Going to the park is a staple in the summer of a child. It is a great place to go to get out of the house and let your little one makes some friends and burn off some steam. However, these places can be unsafe as well and mom is doing a disservice by not checking it out before her child plays on it. The ground under a playground should be something that can help absorb the impact of a fall. Wood chips and mulch are the preferred material.

Also, there are some bad people out there in the world who may tamper with parks. They may place some dangerous items around the park that children can get hurt on. It is always a good idea to quickly inspect the stairs, hand railings, slides, and swings or any hazardous material.

5 Don't Join In On The Slide Rush


A lot of parents like to play with their child in the summer and at the playground. They may want to go down the slide with their child, but this is a big mistake. This seemingly innocent act can actually end up hurting your toddler. Dr. Gaffney is a doctor who has done studies on slide injuries in small kids, and he says it is never a good idea.

What happens is the pair go down and the toddlers get their shoe stuck on the side. This causes their leg to be pulled backwards. Due to the size of an adult, they both continue to slide down which can cause a break. The best option is to walk beside your little one going down the slide or to lead them to a smaller set that they can do alone.

4 Being Ignorant To Enteroviruses


This one is going to apply more to younger children, even babies, who are still teething or have a fascination with putting things in their mouth. A lot of mom’s brush this off as building up their immune system, but this can be very dangerous. There is something out there called enteroviruses, and these are a family of germs that can cause summer illness.

These group of germs thrives in the warmer weather and they are seen to mostly affect young children. The summer would be no good to anyone if the family was all cooped up due to being sick and wasn’t able to go outside and enjoy the warm weather.

3 Beaches Are A Trap


Who doesn’t love going to the beach on a nice, warm day? The beach is a great place to relax and have fun, but it can also be dangerous to a young child. This is partly due to the water, and anywhere that has water will be a risk for children. It is also dangerous because of the sand.

If your child is old enough, make sure they understand that they can not have their hands near their face when they are at the beach. This is because they can have some sand go in their eyes if they are not careful and this can cause injury to the eye. Sand has been known to cause scratches on the cornea, even though sand is incredibly small. If something does get in your little one’s eyes than it is always a good idea to rinse their eyes with water.

2 Baby Flip Flops Are Cute But Not Worth It


One of the best things about summer is all the cute baby outfits and shoes we get to shop for. It is easy to get pulled into the lure of shopping for their little one. They also may buy items based on how cute they are instead of how practical they are. Baby flip flops may look so adorable, but they are not worth it.

It is important that mom instead invests in a good quality pair of sturdy shoes for her little one. Children spend most of their summertime running around and playing and they need the support that a good shoe can give them. It also makes it harder for little pieces of glass or other hazardous material that may be lying around.

1 Being Naïve On Hikes


There are a lot of families out there who enjoy being outside, and they go on many hikes all summer long. A nice, long walk can be very healing and can get in some great exercise. Children love exploring, so chances are they will love the hike as well. Mom can’t let her guard down on these hikes, because danger could be lurking behind every tree.

It is best to make yourself familiar with the different kinds of poisonous plants. Poison ivy and poison oak can be very uncomfortable for a little one and it is best to make sure your little one stays away from it. Dressing them in full-light clothing can also help protect their skin.

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