20 Things Moms Will Have To Ditch When Getting Preggers

It is amazing what happens when a woman finally gets a positive result on a pregnancy test. There are so many things that instantly change. There is excitement, joy and even a little bit of anxiety all balled up in an instant. However, something a little more miraculous happens. It is in that instant that a woman may already feel like she is a mother. She already feels this responsibility on her and that it is her job to care for her child, even if they are the size of a blueberry right now.

One of the biggest parts of motherhood is making sure children are safe and cared for, and this does start while in womb. It is important that a mom-to-be provides the best and safest environment for her little one to grow and thrive. This means that there are some changes that need to happen.

There are things that mom can instantly no longer do, eat or be around and they are all very important in protecting her little baby. These are important conversations to have with a doctor or midwife to make sure that mom’s environment is safe. If mom is looking for a little cheat sheet, we have found 20 things that will just have to go when the stick turns pink!

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20 High Heels Are Not Fashionable


Women all over the world love to wear high heels, they make them feel confident and they are the perfect touch to complete an eye-catching outfit. Unfortunately, these have to go when a woman becomes pregnant. Chances are, most women don’t even want to wear these when they are pregnant because they want to be as comfortable as possible.

These fashionable shoes could do a lot of damage. The risk associated with high heels is the risk of falling. They are not always the easiest things to walk in on a good day, add in a growing belly and it’s a recipe for disaster. A woman’s center of balance is already thrown off when she is pregnant because of the baby growing inside her, so swap out for some comfortable runners instead.

19 Soak In A Hot Tub? Nope!


It is going to seem like a harsh world when a lot of things we can not have or do when pregnant are some of the things that could help us a lot. Pregnancy is not easy, or quick. It is a marathon and not a sprint. While we all appreciate what comes at the end, it can leave mom with a lot of aches and pains in her back, neck and legs.

The bad news is she won’t be able to soak in a hot tub, or even a hot bath to help rid her of these aches. The reason why is because when she sits in hot water, it raises her temperature. When her temperature rises, so does the baby’s and this could be dangerous.

18 Coffee … Kind Of


It seems like the world runs on coffee, so it is a shame that this is on the ‘ditch’ list when it comes to pregnancy. The good news is, there is a catch. It is still perfectly fine for a woman to drink coffee when pregnant, but she must limit her intake of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant, so it is important that mom stays within the recommended guidelines.

The guidelines are about 200 mg of caffeine a day are completely fine and safe. However, we have to be careful because we have to watch all of our caffeine intake and not just coffee. There is caffeine in some teas, soda and chocolate.

17 Painting Is For Someone Else


One of the best and most exciting parts of pregnancy is when you can start getting all of the baby’s stuff ready for their arrival. When you can start setting up the nursery, putting away the clothes, and painting the room. Well, wait just a minute, mom-to-be should not be painting that nursery. This is a job for someone else to do.

It is 2018 and there are a lot of paints out there with very low chemical smell. However, it is enough to cause light-headedness, and this is why pregnant women are told to stay away. It is not so much the worry of breathing in fumes, but the possibility of mom taking a fall when she is painting. It is just not worth the risk.

16 Standing For Hours


This one is a tricky one because we all live normal lives while pregnant, time doesn’t stop. We still have to work and do errands and such. That is what can make this one a little difficult. It is important that a pregnant woman does not stand (or sit) for too long. Standing for too long can cause problems with veins, and increase ankle swelling.

If mom works a standing job, such as a cashier, she should ask for a stool to sit on. If mom works an office job, then she should take multiple small breaks to get up and walk around a bit. It is better to keep the body moving, even if you don’t feel like it.

15 Cat Duty Has To Go!


Our pets are a part of our family, we welcome them into our home and we care for them. When we become pregnant, we know we are giving them a sibling, they are that much a part of our lives. When a woman gets pregnant, some things need to change if she owns a cat. She does not need to get rid of the cat, but someone else needs to change the cat litter.

The contents of the cat litter have the potential to carry toxoplasmosis, which is a rare parasitic disease. It is not caught commonly, and woman are at a greater risk of contracting it from eating meat, but it is not something we should take a chance with.

14 Ditch Being Naïve


This one sounds a bit harsh, but it is more important than ever in the world we live in. We live in a world of information right at our fingertips. In just a few seconds we can look up anything on the internet or we can just turn to our trusted social media for answers. This is a mistake when someone is not pregnant.

Looking up every ache and pain on the internet is never a good idea, you will be led to the worst-case scenario and end up with a lot more anxiety than you need right now. Any and all concerns should go right to your doctor or midwife. We don’t need to be adding anymore stress to us that we could avoid.

13 Quick Talk Of Foods That Have To Go


What we have to be careful about more than anything is the food we eat. What we eat goes directly to our baby, so it is vital that we are making sure to only send down foods that will help them grow. This does not mean that the occasional junk-food craving has to go, but food that is not prepared properly needs to be watched.

The biggest concern is anything that may have contracted Listeria. This is found in food that has not been cooked properly, or food that is cold. Deli meant, steak that is served pink and raw eggs are all carriers and should be avoided. To get a full run-down, speak to your OB who will walk you through all the foods to avoid.

12 Throw Out The Aspirin


Much like everything we eat can have an effect on the baby, the same goes with medication. Pregnant women may just seem like superheroes, but they’re not. They still fall ill with colds and stomach bugs. This can make an already uncomfortable situation almost unbearable and she will want to know what is safe for her to take to feel just a little bit better.

There are a lot of medications that are completely safe to take while pregnant, but all of them should be cleared by your OB or midwife. Sometimes all you need to do is make a quick phone call and they will be happy to help you feel a little better.

11 Hair Dye! No Way!


This one falls on the maybe side of things a little more, because it is unclear on whether it is safe for a woman to dye her hair when pregnant. Researchers have said that the level of chemicals in boxed hair dye is not damaging to women who are pregnant, but that women should still be safe.

The best course of action is to wait until you have given birth to dye your hair. If you absolutely must dye your hair when pregnant, try and find one that is ammonia-free and make sure to do it in a well-ventilated room to decrease your exposure to the chemicals. Only a small amount is absorbed into the body so there is little that may get to your growing baby.

10 Contact Sports Are Too Much


We know that women are just as tough as men, and they love to partake in the wilder part of the world. This can include contact sports. Sports like football, hockey and boxing are all fun and are some of the most popular activities but they should be avoided when a woman is pregnant. This is mainly due to injury.

We need to protect those growing babies and playing a sport that is rough and tough has the highest possibility of an injury to the abdomen, which could be incredibly dangerous. Mom may have to stick to be a spectator for just a little bit. It will take a while for mom to go back into the sports because she will need time to heal.

9 Roller Coasters


I haven’t met very many pregnant women who want to go on a roller coaster when they are pregnant, but there are some adrenaline junkies out there who may think this is a good idea. It is not. There are always signs at every amusement park that warns against pregnant woman going on these rides and for very good reason.

They are very dangerous, and they could cause some harm the way a person is thrown around in one of those things. What is fun for a normal person, can become a scary situation. Mom can still go to the amusement park with her family or friends, but she is better off sitting to the side enjoying a funnel cake.

8 Sorry Toddlers- Heavy Lifting Is A N0!


Sometimes, the things we are not supposed to do when we are pregnant gives us the best excuse to just relax and watch other people do all the hard work. Pregnant woman is told to stop lifting heavy things when they are pregnant. Our bodies are already going through enough strain, lifting something heavy can cause damage to our backs, feet and legs.

This can be cleared by your doctor if you want an exact guideline about what you can and can not lift, but most women know their limit. If you have a toddler running around, chances are you will be fine to lift them up just remember to lift with the legs and not the back or abdomen. Let your body tell you what its limits are.

7 Some Exercises


Weight gain during pregnancy is normal and to be expected, you are growing another person. This can be a concern for a lot of women who are worried about how the pregnancy will change their body. They may wonder if they can continue to exercise when they are expecting to try and keep it under control. The answer is maybe.

Chances are, any exercises you were doing before you got pregnant can be continued, because your body is used to them. Now is not the time to start introducing different exercises to your regime. Prenatal yoga is an exercise that is highly recommended for expecting ladies, but swimming is probably the best exercise you can do.

6 It Is Winter, So No Shovelling!


This one is going to depend on where you live for how much it will affect you. I live in Canada, and it is no surprise that our winters can get pretty tough. There is always a lot of snow to shovel, but if you are pregnant you better leave that to someone else. Not many people know that shovelling is really harmful when not pregnant, and many people have gotten injured from this winter activity.

Shovelling is best left for someone else to do when you are expecting. If you don’t have anyone else at home to do it for you, there may be a teenager or two on your street who is looking for some spending money.

5 Trips To The Masseuse


When our bodies are aching and in pain, one of the best things we can do is go see a registered masseuse and get a nice massage. We leave feeling loose and refreshed, ready to face the day. If you are pregnant and thinking this may be a great option for you, you may want to be careful.

Women who are carrying a child can get massages, but they have made sure they are getting a prenatal massage from a registered therapist. There are special types of massages that are aimed at women who are pregnant, and it can help with a lot of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. If you check with your medical insurance, they may even cover it for you!

4 Clean Out The Cleaning Cupboard


I really wish I could tell you that when you are pregnant you don’t have to clean, but I can’t. Life still goes on and our houses get dirty and need to be cleaned. Pregnant women should be careful about the cleaners they use because some of them may not be the best for her to breathe in. Anything that has hard chemicals in it like bleach or ammonia, should be avoided.

It is best to use more natural products like vinegar and baking soda. If mom-to-be really needs to use the heavy-duty stuff, then it would be best if she wore gloves and a face mask to help protect her from inhaling the chemicals.

3 Spray Tans


There are a lot of people who like to have a healthy glow to them and if it is winter, or they don’t live in a place with a lot of sun they rely on fake tans. This needs a caution as well if a woman is expecting. Spray tans or cream tans are not banned, but a woman needs to be careful when using them. The ingredients are non-toxic, but our skin is more sensitive when we are pregnant so there is a higher chance of allergic reaction.

Tanning beds are a big no-no when pregnant and they should be avoided at all costs. The UV rays are not recommended for anyone, much less a pregnant woman.

2 Any X-Rays!


Have you ever noticed that when you go and get an X-ray, they always ask if you are pregnant? Even if you are visibly not, they will always ask you and that is because X-rays can be very dangerous to a growing baby. The rays can hurt a growing baby, so they need to know beforehand.

Any unnecessary X-rays should be avoided when pregnant, but there are instances where a woman may injure herself and she may require one. This is OK and just make sure to let the technician know who can place a guard over your stomach to help protect the little one. Even if you are just trying and unsure whether you are or not, let them know to protect your stomach anyways. Better safe than sorry.

1 Trying To Please Everyone!


Are you a people pleaser? Someone who just wants to make everyone happy? Well, if you answered yes, this will need to go when you become pregnant. Once a woman finds out she is expecting and starts sharing the news, she is about enter a world of opinions and advice. She will not ask for these comments, but they will come whether you want them or not.

It is time to stop trying to please everyone, and just focus on what you want to do, or what you don’t want to do. You don’t have to make everyone happy, because this is your baby and you should raise it how you see fit. All that matters are mom, dad and the doctor.

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