20 Things New Moms Do That Drive Their Hubbies Up The Wall

Pregnancy is truly a test for any relationship. This is when both partners find out who they really signed up to have children with. On the female side, they'll be dealing with all kinds of stressful situations. Hormones will wreak havoc on a woman's emotions. There will be all kinds of changes in the female - and not all of them will be pretty. The relationship is very important at this stage - although it's definitely not a huge priority for many pregnant women. In their minds, the most important thing is dealing with the tiny human being growing inside of them.

On the male side of the relationship, there's a lot of responsibility. Hubbies are expected to treat their pregnant wives like queens. And they should be doing that! But what happens when a pregnant woman's mood swings and hormones cause problems in the relationship? Husbands are in a tricky situation. They can't just sit there and let issues go unaddressed. But then again, they really don't want to add any more stress to their wive's already hectic lives.

These 20 men explain the things new moms do that drive them up the wall, and what they did to deal with it all.

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20 She Constantly Accuses Him Of Not Caring 


This hubbie finds himself in quite the predicament. He's trying his best to do everything he can for his pregnant wife. But somehow, it's never good enough. Even after all his efforts, she still accuses him of not caring enough. Of course, we don't know the full story behind this couple. But something tells us that he's not the bad guy in this situation...

"My wife is almost 5 months along. I have been trying my honest best to be a doting husband and get her whatever she needs, but she keeps accusing me of 'not caring at all' about her pregnancy."

19 She Gets Mad Over The Smallest Thing

Couple in love.

Sometimes, pregnant women can quite emotional over the smallest things. This particular husband is a great example of that. Even though he was trying to help by doing what she asked, he still got an earful. Apparently the fact that he forgot to take care of a minor detail was enough to make her get really upset.

"I was folding the laundry in the living room while she was in the shower. She needed eye contact solution, so I rushed over and got her a new bottle form the living room. A moment later she opens the bathroom door (I can see it from the living room couch) and says 'I’d really appreciate it if you unwrapped the bottle so I wouldn’t struggle to open it.'”

18 She Gets So Emotional

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that pregnant women can get emotional. After all, their hormones can be quite different. But one husband admits that he was never prepared for anything like this. His wife has massive emotional reactions, and he's wondering what he can do to make it better.

"We've gotten in arguments before, but I've never seen such an emotional reaction from her go off so quickly. Is this a hormonal thing (we're about 5 weeks along)? And in any case, how do I fix this? Should I lay on my sword and apologize? Should I have not started the talk in the first place? What about in the future? Should I always be in the wrong as to not upset her, and is that healthy in the long run?"

17 She Gets Very Snappy About His Driving

Sometimes, pregnant women can seem like they're completely normal. Not every pregnant woman becomes emotional and has mood swings. Some women seem to float through pregnancy relatively undeterred. But even the most calm and serene pregnant moms have their moments. One dad found out the hard way that his pregnant wife got very snappy - especially when she felt like he was driving too fast. Needless to say, he wasn't the happiest of chums as a result of this snappy behavior.

"She was a bit snappier in general. Like I'd be driving a normal speed and she'd say I was driving too fast."

16 The Mood Swings Are A Lot To Handle 

Sometimes, mood swings can be really severe. And obviously, the person who suffers the most in this situation is the pregnant mother herself. Dealing with all these crazy emotions inside of our bodies is no fun at all. But people often forget about what the men in these relationships have to deal with. One hubby explains it all:

"My wife is about 12 weeks pregnant and is having horrible (self-admitted) mood swings. One minute she will be her normal self, the next screaming at me like she never has before, and the next crying because of a bad hair day. This happens in pregnancies, I get it. But, this is causing tremendous strain on our relationship and is having a substantial impact on me. I have tried my best to deal with it, but a person can only take so much before the bad moods on her part turn into a full out argument."

15 They Had A Fight Over Olives

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We all know that pregnant women can have their food cravings. But what happens when they don't get the food that they want? Well, in one case, a husband was yelled at for not getting olives at the grocery store. Needless to say, this man wasn't too happy about this situation.

"My wife, who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and I had a huge fight after I got home from work. It started with her wanting me to run back out to the store to get her olives. She was having a craving for them, but we didn't have any at home. I was really tired when I got home, so I didn't want to run back out to the store. I haven't been able to rest much during the last 2 months."

14 She Gets Angry About Finances And Money


There are tons of different things that can stress women out when they're dealing with pregnancies. For one, the prospect of bringing a new child into the world is tough enough to deal with. Many mothers worry about their health, and that of their babies. But another common source of stress is money and finances. One hubby admits that his wife handled being pregnant pretty well. The only time she got a little frustrating was when she got mad about finances.

"My wife was pretty good for both of ours. However she did have one bad moment of irrationality with the first one. Something to do with finances and money where we had already agreed to something in the past."

13 His Pregnant Wife Has Been Eating Ice Cream Like This


While there are plenty of serious, legitimate things that a pregnant woman might get mad about, there are also lots of little things that are actually kind of funny. We all know that pregnant women love ice cream, right? Well, one hubby got a little frustrated when his pregnant wife started to eat all the ice cream in a very "special" way. Just check out the image above for an explanation!

"So we've been buying those ice cream buckets with three flavors (separated in layers). There's chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. My pregnant wife just eats the chocolate and strawberry flavors, leaving the vanilla layer completely untouched in the middle. It drives me CRAZY."

12 He's Worried About His Wife's Eating Habits

Men get stressed out about pregnancies too. Most good dads out there want their babies to grow up to be healthy, beautiful children. And they might educate themselves about pregnancy dos and don'ts while their wives are carrying the child. One hubby admits that he got a little stressed out about his wife's eating habits.

"My wife can't find nutritious foods that she likes the taste of. Seems like most of what she will eat is snack food, it has me a little worried. She no longer enjoys things that she did before the pregnancy. I am not worried about the calories of what she is eating, in fact it is quit the opposite. I am worried about the snacks not containing much nutrition."

11 She Yells At Him For Not Picking Up Bread

Sometimes, the most frustrating thing about being with a pregnant woman isn't the fact that she can be irritable from time to time. Rather, it's the fact that she can switch from being sweet and nice to being extremely angry in just a few seconds. One hubby experienced this and had to admit that it was one of the worst things about being with a pregnant woman.

"My wife started having very bad mood swings and began to act like an entirely different person. One moment she wanted to cuddle, the next she was yelling at me like a maniac for forgetting to pick up bread at the store."

10 He Doesn't Even Know What She Wants

Sometimes, pregnant women aren't sure what they want. They know that they're not happy and uncomfortable, but they just don't know how to make it better. This is never a good situation to be in. But imagine being the hubby in that relationship. This man just wants to make his wife happy, but he doesn't even know what she's talking about half the time.

"She wanted me to cuddle with her like we did in college. Of course I didn’t do it right (I didn’t even know what she meant). She started to get frustrated and I tried to ask her what she wanted, and then she just broke down in tears."

9 The Taco Bell Incident


When wives start throwing things at their husbands, you know it's serious. One hubby was shocked when his pregnant wife threw a Taco Bell bag at him, only because he got the wrong meal. This is actually pretty serious, and it's fair to say that this husband is justified in feeling frustrated at this.

"She wanted food from Taco Bell but then got upset with me because it wasn’t what she wanted. She then told me that I 'should have waited longer [before going to get the food] because then I would have changed my mind and wouldn’t have to eat this crap.' This Taco Bell incident was also the first time she threw something at me. Out of nowhere she started crying and mumbling and just threw the bag back at me."

8 She Gets Upset In Public

Hubbies might also experience frustration and even embarrassment at being in public with their pregnant wives. All it takes is one simple thing, and pregnant women can break down into tears. One husband experienced this, and it wasn't pretty. His wife actually broke down in a grocery store, and it was all because they ran out of something she desperately needed... This is truly heartbreaking.

"My pregnant wife broke down in the middle of the grocery story once because they were out of cans of crushed pineapple. She wouldn't be able to make her pistachio salad for a family gathering."

7 She Loses Her Temper At A Sandwich Shop

We all know that pregnant women can get pretty serious about the food that they're craving at any given moment. Well, what about a pregnant woman who can't get her roast beef? In words of one hubby, his pregnant wife became very angry because the local sandwich shop ran out of her favorite meat - roast beef. The craziest part? She was laughing about it minutes later.

"My wife got irrationally angry at a sandwich shop because they ran out of roast beef. By the time we left, she was calm and laughing about it. These little outbursts will happen and there's not much you can do in the moment other than wait for the storm to pass. You'll learn her buttons and go from there."

6 She's Just Plain Mean

One hubby doesn't mince words when he describes his relationship with his pregnant wife. In his words, she's just become a mean person. He says that he's trying to stay strong through it all, but even he's surprised at how much his wife has changed. We have to admit, this is a tough situation.

"She is a mean person. She goes from a nice, pretty girl to Mel Gibson going off during a traffic stop real quick. I know that her hormones are all over the place so I'm keeping it cool. Not letting anything she says get to me, but [...] this innocent, cute, pretty girl can be brutal with her words."

5 She Became Extremely Lazy (In His Opinion)

This hubby has quite an interesting point of view. He thinks his pregnant wife is being too lazy. Seems like quite the accusation. After all, if anyone deserves to be lazy and rest most of the day, it's pregnant women. But maybe he has a point. After all, there's definitely a limit to how much a pregnant woman should be resting. Or is there?

"Since we found out that she is pregnant we moved in together. She has gradually stopped working around the house all together. I can tolerate the lack of activities, but coming from work and immediately laying on the couch and staying seated that for the rest of the afternoon is unimaginable and plain lazy.

4 What It's Really Like Dealing With A Pregnant Woman


This hubby sums up dealing with a pregnant woman in one of the most hilarious ways we've ever heard. He manages to perfectly capture what it actually feels like. He ends up comparing pregnant women to Britney Spears and Godzilla. Which one would you rather deal with?

"Have you ever tried talking to a pregnant woman? You are faced with one of two characters. 1) That 'leave Brittney alone' crying teen 2) 'I will shred you to pieces if one more word comes out of your mouth' Godzilla type. None of them is reasonable. However I have tried talking, multiple times, and I am faced each time with one of the characters (sometimes they are interchangeable)."

3 She Is Way Too 'Clingy' For His Liking


Here's another hubby that has a questionable problem with his pregnant wife. According to him, she's just too clingy. But does this really make any sense? After all, pregnant women need love! But maybe there's a limit to just how clingy you can be, before it gets weird...

"My girlfriend is pregnant 5 months to be exact. But she does and say's some weird stuff like 3 days ago she tells me: 'You'll never understand how close I feel to you there's a piece of you inside me and it will always make me feel close to you.' She's always cuddling really tight against me she cries when I'm gone for long periods of time. She always wants to shower with ME and never gets in by herself those are just some of the things she does. Yesterday I asked what's up with the clinginess (in a nice way) and she said: 'You don't love us anymore?'"

2 It's Impossible To Watch A Movie Without Tons Of Tears

Something as simple as watching a movie with a pregnant woman can result in tons of tears. Most guys know that women (and guys too) can get emotional when watching movies - even without being pregnant. But add those hormones to the mix, and you've got a recipe for some major waterworks. One hubby explains:

"A couple of months ago we were watching the purge anarchy and she started crying when the main characters car broke down on the bridge. By the time they saw the guys in the van coming for them I had to turn the movie off because i had snot and tears on my armpit so I decided we should go to sleep instead. Good luck surviving the 3rd trimester. I currently hate my life."

1 He Can't Tolerate It Much Longer

There comes a point in time when it's tough to even tolerate a pregnant woman - according to one frustrated hubby. He explains that his wife completely changed after becoming pregnant, and how he's wondering what more he can do to get through it all. It's a tough situation, and it's definitely something that a lot of men struggle with.

"My wife has become an intolerable person. She shouts, she throws a fit over the smallest thing. If one thing is out of place, if I am slightly late on washing the dishes, or if a single dish is not properly cleaned, she will [get mad at me]."

Sources: reddit.com

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