Pregnant... Now What? 20 Things New Moms Need To Do First

The day a woman finds out she is pregnant is a special and memorable one. It is a time to rejoice and celebrate. Be it as a new mother, or one with children already, it does not matter. After the celebrations though, she must sit down and start planning, which can be a bit of a headache. That little human inside of her is going to rely on her to make sure he or she has everything they need from bottles to clothes, and even special creams. She may want to make sure she has it all ready for her baby when they arrive home from the hospital. But, where does she start?

Planning for a baby means planning for the future. If a woman is trying to get the line to turn pink, then it's safe to say she has already started planning on how and when she would like to become pregnant. There are some women that have no plans to try anytime soon, but already have plans on what items to buy when the time does arise.

Now, if a woman just found out she is pregnant and wasn't expecting it, then she is probably two seconds away from freaking out. There will be tons of questions going through her mind. Should she tell people now? Should she start shopping for baby approved products? Should she breastfeed or bottle feed? Should she babyproof the house right now?

Soon-to-be moms, don't panic. Here are 15 things she should do after she goes to the doctor that confirms the pregnancy.

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15 Walk Away From The Pharmacy Shelf In The Bathroom

There are a lot of products and medications out there that can cause harm towards an unborn baby if an expecting mother is not careful.

Babycenter.com advises women on everything they need to do once they find out they are pregnant. From doctor visits to taking their vitamins, to even what to look for in health insurance providers so they make sure and know that they are covered for all the expenses that come along with being pregnant and the birth of their child. BabyCenter also says that many of the medications a woman could be using, even over the counter ones, can be unsafe to use while she is pregnant. It is recommended that once a woman finds out she is expecting, she should contact her doctor right away to go over all the medications she is on to decide on safer options she should start taking that won’t harm the baby, and to also find out the other types she needs to avoid while pregnant.

When an expecting mother goes to the doctor for the first time, they should make sure to mention everything they take daily, including vitamins, supplements, and even herbs.

If a woman finds out she is pregnant but struggles with a chronic condition, she should not stop taking her medication cold turkey, but to make sure she makes an appointment right away with her health care provider.

14 Grab The Dusty Bullet Journal And Make A List

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Expecting a baby comes with a lot of preparation. It can be a headache and cause stress on a new mother but, at the same time, it can be fun too! It doesn’t matter if this is a woman’s first child, second, or even third, it is overwhelming. There is a lot to do to get ready for that new baby’s grand entrance into the world. What type of bottles should you use? What brand of diapers is the best? What type of breast pump is the best one to get to pump in between feedings? Car seats, bathtubs, strollers, lotions, shampoo, creams and all the don’ts for the most important aspect of having a baby, the nursery. The nursery comes with a lot of decision making too. An expecting mother will have to decide on not only the furniture, but the color of the furniture, the decorations, and of course, the wall colors.

What To Expect experts advice that the first thing a new mom should do before going shopping or making a registry is to create a fail-safe checklist.

Having a list will help new and overwhelmed mothers focus on gearing up for what to come, while also helping to avoid the extras that the mother, or the baby, will most likely never use. Be prepared, make a list, and know what to get before shopping around.

13 Time For Those Pinterest Announcements


When a woman finds out she is pregnant, it is hard to keep it bottled up inside. Right away, the urge to announce it to the world becomes overwhelming. It is a hard decision to make if an expecting mother should announce it right away or wait until the first trimester is over. There are disadvantages and advantages to either decision.

The wonderful Jenna McCarthy, a mother, author, and personal speaker who shared her opinion as to why a woman expecting a child should just go ahead and announce her pregnancy right away on Babycenter.com has said,

"You won't have to make excuses for feeling exhausted, gaining weight, or passing up a glass of [...]."

Though she does make a valid point, there are a lot of reasons why an expecting mother may want to wait to announce her pregnancy also.

One major one being that anything can happen in the first trimester. An experienced mother voiced her opinion as to why one should wait on Babycenter.com, and was quoted as saying,

"I'm in my late thirties, so I didn't want to tell anyone, even family, until the second trimester. I'd been through miscarriages before, so I was very reluctant to announce this pregnancy until I was well beyond the first trimester.”

12 Track The Baby's Movement And Growth

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. To what exercises you should do, when to drink water, what song is playing in the background, and much more. When a woman is expecting a baby, the best app to get is a baby tracker one. There are many different ones to choose from. Some help track doctor’s appointments, some explain what stages a baby is during certain weeks of a pregnancy, what symptoms a woman will be experiencing around certain weeks, and even timelines of what a woman should be doing to prep for her baby’s arrival.

Bestproducts.com suggests a few apps that an expecting mother can get to help keep track of her pregnancy. From relaxing to telling hilarious jokes to keep you entertained (those doctors visits can be long,) and some to even help the mother-to-be to connect to other moms who are going through the same "joyful" ordeal. Talking to other mothers who are experiencing the same thing can help in so many ways.

There are many different apps that can also track weekly pregnancy comparisons. All she must do is to take a photo, upload it each week or month, however she feels like doing it, and the app will show her the growth progress throughout her pregnancy.

11 START THE CAR! We're Going To Michaels!

An expecting mother will most likely want to remember every little detail of her miraculous pregnancy. The good, the bad and even the ugly moments, moms want to remember them to share those embarrassing moments later. Documenting the journey is a great way to make sure that she will always remember the great times she had creating her mini human.

Pregnancy Magazine had some great ideas on how a woman could document her pregnancy. One idea they had was to create a photo album. Every few weeks or maybe once a month (depending on how the expecting mother wants to do it,) she can take a photo of herself and stick it in the album. This will allow her to see how every month her body stretches and changes as her baby grows. Sometimes, she will even wear the same clothes, so she can see an even bigger change.

Once the baby is born, she can use the second half of the album as a baby journal.

A second idea that Pregnancy Magazine had was to keep a pregnancy journal. The expecting mother writes how she feels every day, what she ate, foods she is craving, or how active her child has been that day.

The last one Pregnancy Magazine mentioned was a video diary. A mom-to-be can make a video each month, maybe even each week, and talk about everything she is experiencing and show off her new baby curves. It is a great memento to have and to later share with the bundle of joy down the road.

10 Research Baby Products That Are Must Have's And Must Not Have's

This little tidbit when a woman finds out she is expecting comes from personal experience. Personally, I am a huge online shopper. Food, clothes, household stuff, decorations, even furniture. I know what to look for and how to save money.

Before an expecting mother buys anything, she should make a list first.

By doing this, it can help to not overbuy anything, especially when it's not needed.

If the excited mom-to-be is shopping online, she is going to want to make sure she shops around. Shopping around on different websites can help her get the best deal. Just because one site has a car seat for 150$, doesn’t mean it is that price on another. It may be cheaper, or even could be more expensive.

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Reviews are very important. They are the opinions of people that have previously purchased the item. They can help someone to know if the product really does work and if it's worth the money. I, personally, will not buy anything that has four stars or less and I make sure to pick items that have more than 50 reviews. This way, I know that more than just a few people have tested it out.

9 To Spill The Gender Beans Or Not...

Expecting a baby can be super exciting. Knowing that in a few months time (and it does go by fast,) that a new life will be entering this world, is a joyous thing. There is a lot of planning that an expecting mother must do in preparation for her bundle of joy. Between the nursery designs, the things she must buy for herself and the baby, names, and much more, it can be overwhelming, to say the least.

One major thing a mom-to-be also needs to decide on is if she wants to know the gender as soon as possible or to wait until the end and to reveal it at a specific time, or even wait until after the baby is born.

In a BabyCenter poll, 85 percent of moms-to-be said they wanted to find out the gender of their baby ahead of time, while the rest preferred to wait. They recommend that whatever a mom-to-be decides, to make sure that she tells her health care provider and everyone else who may know right away. She doesn’t want them blurting out what the gender is during an exam or while viewing the test results.

If the mom-to-be decides to wait to find the gender, there are a lot of different ways she can decorate the nursery, or plan for things such as clothes. Beige, yellow and green are all gender neutral colors, and there are a lot of now unisex clothes that can either go on a boy or a girl.

8 Replace The Cheetos With Carrots

In August 2016, Adda Biarnadottir wrote the article, “11 Food and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy.” Not only does this article give a woman the types of foods she needs to stop eating, but also what can happen to her unborn baby if she doesn’t stop. Pregnancy is a very risky and delicate time in a woman’s life. Healthy food choices will help benefit a mom-to-be in more ways than one.

One example Adda Biarnadottir mentioned is undercooked or raw fish (there goes sushi.) If raw fish is eaten by a mother-to-be, this can lead to listeria being passed to an unborn baby through the afterbirth, which can then lead to a miscarriage, stillbirth or other serious health problems.

Another example is undercooked, raw and processed meat. By eating undercooked, raw or processed meats an expecting mother is risking serious infections from bacteria or parasites which can lead to stillbirth or even severe neurological illnesses.

A third example is our best friend, caffeine. Caffeine is a very common substance nowadays. Everyone consumes it throughout the day to help give them some sort of energy boost. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and cocoa also contain caffeine which can be harmful to an unborn child. It is advised to limit the daily intake to 200 mg per day for an expecting mother. Caffeine is a substance that is absorbed very quickly and goes right through the afterbirth to the unborn baby. These little nuggets don’t have the enzymes to metabolize caffeine. A woman who has a high caffeine intake while pregnant can cause fetal growth restrictions and even increase the risk of a low birth weight at delivery.

7 Putting That Gym Membership To Use

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body goes through a lot of changes. The baby is taking nutrients from her, feeding off what she eats, and growing inside her, which causes her skin to stretch and ultimately, gain the weight she and the baby need. It is recommended that when a woman becomes pregnant, she must change a lot of things to keep her and the baby healthy.

In the article, "10 Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy," one of the steps the article discusses is exercise. It is very important that a mom-to-be makes sure that she is exercising regularly while she is pregnant. There are a lot of advantages she can benefit from if she does.

Exercising before, and even after, her baby is born can play a major role in both her health and her unborn baby’s health.

Exercising while pregnant helps the body cope with changes to the posture and joints while pregnant, keep a healthy weight, helps to prevent pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure, increases chances of a straightforward labor and birth, makes it easier to get back in shape after the birth of the baby, and boosts mood if mom is feeling low. There are a couple different exercises one can choose from to do too. Brisk walking, swimming, aqua natal classes, yoga, and Pilates are just some of the few a woman can do while pregnant.

6 It's Never Too Early To Buy Maternity Clothes

In January 2010, Pam Broderick, author of the article “The Importance of Good Maternity Wear,” she says she hoped her article would help pregnant women understand the importance of maternity clothes. She also explains to readers that clothes nowadays are more stylish than they used to be.

As a baby grows inside the expecting mother, so will mom. She is going to need clothes that are going to grow with her. Most maternity clothes can be bought in the same size as the normal clothes that are bought on a regular basis. They are just cut differently and have the added belly holster. While shopping, a mom-to-be wants to make sure to remember two things. For one, she needs to be comfortable. And, in addition to that, she needs to feel good about herself. Her choice of clothing needs to make her feel comfortable, while at the same time, she needs to feel like the gorgeous woman she is. Just because a woman is bringing another life into this world, doesn't mean she can't look good doing it.

Pam Broderick says that when a woman is shopping for maternity clothes, she should make sure she is looking for comfortable clothes that allow free movement and the space needed to get her through the day. Make sure that the pants picked have an expandable waistband and aren’t tight. She is going to be swelling up at times and getting bigger as her baby grows, she doesn't want to be wearing tight clothes that make her feel uncomfortable.

5 Read As Much As You Can

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, the best thing to do if she is a first-time mom is it to read up on everything that is going to happen during the next nine months. The more prepared a mom-to-be is, the easier it will be. It doesn’t hurt to know what is to come, what to look out for, and the signs to watch for. Pregnancy is no joke. Women go through a lot of different changes and there are a lot of different side effects, some good, some bad.

There are a ton of books out there that someone can read to learn about pregnancy and what is to come.

It can be overwhelming to someone to try and find the best ones. While some books are awesome to rely on for information, there are books that aren’t very good. Deb Rhizal, the author of “Reviewing the Top 35 Best-Selling Pregnancy Books," researched some of the best-selling pregnancy books out there that an expecting mother can buy. She reviewed them with a star rating on how they prepare a woman for childbirth, and also health, empowerment, and happiness. She even lists a few good reads for dad too!

4 Birthing Classes Are Definitely Worth The Money

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BabyCenter says when a woman is pregnant, a childbirth class is the best way to go to help her prepare for labor and the birth of her unborn baby. A lot of hospitals will offer a woman classes to prepare, but there are also independent instructors she can hire or group organizations. Some classes can range from a one-day intensive workshop to weekly sessions that last a month or more, it all depends on where a mom-to-be decides to go. Each class consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises and are led by an experienced and well-trained instructor.

When searching for a birthing class, BabyCenter says that an expecting mother wants to make sure the class she picks covers the signs of labor, normal progress of labor and birth, techniques for coping with pain, how her partner can help during the labor process, and when to call the doctor or midwife.

In addition to all the topics listed above, the class should also cover complications and how they will be handled. There will also be videos of women giving birth and a C-section (yes, they are graphic) so that she is prepared for either outcome and how they are different.

3 Stock Up On Supplies

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Before a mom gives birth to her child, she should make sure to stock up on all the household supplies that she will need. After a woman gives birth, it may be a while before she goes out to the store again or even has the want or time to cook. Between the healing process, trying to get into the routine and the fact that a lot of mothers don’t like to bring their newborns out into public for a while, it could be months. Therefore, it is a good idea to stock up on things such as cleaners, personal supplies, toilet paper, and baby products that she will be using the baby for the first few months.

Stocking up means a new mom will have time after the baby is born to focus more on the baby and getting into a routine and less on the household needs. Jennifer Taylor, the author of “27 Things You Should Do in The Last Month of Pregnancy,” suggests that a mom-to-be might want to prepare a few meals, if she has the room in her freezer and fridge, before giving birth. By doing this, she is making sure that she has a few dinners ready to go for after the baby is born and she doesn’t have to worry about cooking for a while.

2 Decide On A Birthing Plan

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Deciding a birthing plan that is right for her and her baby is a hard decision to make. There are many out there to choose from nowadays. When a mom-to-be is trying to decide, it is best to not allow anyone to pressure her into doing things that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. It is her body and she is the one that must go through this, no one else.

An expecting mother wants to make sure that her plan is the most memorable, life-changing and joyful experience of your life.

This is a special time for a woman expecting. She is bringing someone into the world that she created inside of her. The American Pregnancy Organization recommends that an expecting mother should start off by making a journal (aha, we were right!) She should write down all her thoughts and plans for the upcoming birth. By doing this, it will help her to establish priorities and help to provide a list of ideas she may want for her birth plan. Remember to remain flexible when planning.  A lot of times, while giving birth, things don’t go the way a mother may want them to due to early labor or complications. In the end, the most important thing is that mom and her unborn child are safe and healthy.

1 Do Not Google The What If’s Of Pregnancy

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The internet is a great way to research things from health, to news, to even sports. Whatever someone needs to know, they can just search for the answer. But if someone is not careful, it is a good way to spiral into a sea of negative information. For an expecting mother, this can lead to everything there is that can happen during a pregnancy, even stuff that has a very low possibility of every happening.

Disney Baby tends to mention everything a woman should do after finding out that she is pregnant. From sharing the news, taking pictures to document her pregnancy journey, to even help on choosing a birthing plan. One things the author makes clear in her article is that when a woman is expecting a child, she doesn’t want to Google the “what-ifs” or statistics for negative things.

By doing this, a woman is just causing herself stress, and that is not good for her or the baby. The author also believes it is best that, during an expecting mother’s pregnancy, she remains in a positive mood set. It is not worth freaking out over.

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