20 Things No One Expects During A Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy should never be seen as a competition for anyone, it is always hard. Pregnancy is one of the hardest periods of a woman’s life and it can be very tough to get through. That is only considering what a woman is going through. When considering the outside world, including work, social life and environmental factors, it can make it worse.

Most people enjoy the summer. They love the warmer weather and all the opportunities they have to get out and do something fun. That is, unless they are pregnant. Being pregnant during the summer can be a challenge. Specifically, for the women whose due date is in August. This means that most of their third trimester, which is the most exhausting, is happening during the hottest time of the year.

I can speak from experience on this topic a lot. My first child was born in March, so it was considered a winter pregnancy which had its challenges. I am due any day now with my second and it has been so much harder to get through. Of course, every woman and pregnancy are different and there are women out there who embrace being pregnant in the summer and I would like to meet them.

The problem is that the hurdles that a pregnant woman has to face in the summer are often unknown, so they are unexpected until they happen to them. We have here a list of the 20 things that happen during a summer pregnancy that no one ever sees coming.

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20 Your System Will Want To Shut Down


The third trimester has its own challenges that can be very difficult for mom. She is larger, uncomfortable, in pain and she is always tired. This will happen regardless of what season you are in when you hit this milestone in your pregnancy. However, summer and the heat that comes with it can make a woman who is not pregnant feel this way as well. Especially if she doesn’t handle the heat that well.

Being pregnant in the summer can make your body want to shut down. You feel more sore, achy and tired and it will become a battle to even get out of bed in the morning. You may want to park it on the couch with a fan aimed at you and never get up again.

19 Everyone Else's Heat Radiates Too

When anyone is too hot it can be very uncomfortable and the worst thing that can happen is if anyone comes near you. We don’t want any covers or blankets on us, so why would we want the weight and heat of another person all over us? The short answer is, we don’t. We want people to keep their distance, because we feel the heat radiate off of them.

This is a problem when you are pregnant. Sure, you can tell dad to go take a hike, and tell your older kids to go play outside, but you can not remove your belly. You are constantly carrying around another person who seems like they are trying to make you even hotter and more uncomfortable. It is like a hiking backpack that you can never take off.

18 Frantic Pool Search!

One of the best things about summer and hot weather is the ability to take a nice dip in a pool. The cool water is very refreshing. This will become the meaning of life for a pregnant woman. Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a quick dip in the pool. Not only does it act to cool mom down, it can help her physically as well.

During the last trimester, mom’s body gets really tired. She will have aches and pains that are associated with the weight and position of the healthy-sized baby growing in there. Being in the water is the best way to soothe those aches. It is also the best form of exercise when pregnant, although most women will just want to lounge, float and let the water take away all their pain.

17 Swelling Is Worse

A common problem that comes with being pregnant is swelling. Swelling can happen if you are pregnant during any season, but it is especially common to be worse in the summer. The hot weather does this. Swelling in the feet is quite common, as all the water retention will automatically head south due to gravity. The only good news is that when you are in the summer, you don’t really have to shove your feet into restrictive foot gear.

It is ironic that the one thing that will help swelling a lot is to drink more water. This is ironic because swelling is normally due to retaining more water. Get a nice glass of water and sit with your feet up and you can manage the swelling.

16 Didn’t Even Know You Could Sweat There

Not many people like to sweat. Even those who are not pregnant and like to work out are not partial to the amount of sweat they produce. When you are pregnant, sweat will feel extremely uncomfortable. It will be like another hot and uncomfortable layer of skin. Pregnant women tend to run hotter than when they are not pregnant, so they will sweat more.

Also, a woman who is pregnant in the summer will quickly find out that she can sweat in places that she never really knew she could. She may even start to wonder if it is just sweat or if her water has broken. I am sure hospitals have had this happen before.

15 Miss Those Summertime Drinks

Part of the fun of summer is catching up with friends in various locations. One of the most popular places for this is on the patio of the nearby restaurant or pub. This can be frustrating when mom is pregnant. Sure, she can go and hang out with friends, but she will be drinking mocktails all night. Women know this, and they are OK with not drinking to ensure a healthy baby, but it can still be hard.

Most women miss the social aspect of it, they almost feel like they don’t want to go out because they are either going to be the designated driver or ignored all night.

14 Who Can Eat When It's This Hot?

We need to throw another section in here that is revolved around food because food is the center of all the focus for most of the pregnancy. It can be very hard to eat in the summer just because it is so hot. A woman who is pregnant in the summer will not feel like she has the energy to get up, turn on a stove and cook up a hot meal, nothing about that will sound appealing.

Not only will she not feel like cooking, but she won’t feel like eating either. This will be due to her internal temperature raising and how uncomfortable she is. This is the perfect time to get dad to go out and grill something up, or better yet go to an air-conditioned restaurant for dinner.

13 No One Is Happy

The biggest problem about being pregnant in the summer is the heat, so this will be the main topic of most of this article. This also will depend on where you live, there are places out there that don’t get too unbelievable hot in the summer. Most places have to deal with heat and humidity of the summer and that can create a lot of problems.

Modern advancements have given us the gift of air conditioners. These wonderful inventions have made life bearable for pregnant women, but it can make everyone else miserable. Mom-to-be will be inside and will have that A/C cranked and feel perfectly comfortable. The rest of the family will constantly be complaining about how hot they are.

12 Why Are So Many People Getting Married?

Sometimes there are things that happen that you don’t bat an eye at until they inconvenience you. You don’t even realize how often they happen or how annoying they are. Like weddings. When a woman is pregnant in the summer she is going to swear that everyone she knows is getting married and that they are all having outdoor weddings.

This would normally not be a problem if mom wasn’t carrying around a baby and being asked to stay outside in the heat and sun for an extended period of time. It can be very uncomfortable and mom-to-be will wince every time she spies a fancy envelop in her mailbox.

11 Changing Looks Coming With Image Concerns

It is not really a surprise that women have to deal with some body changes when they are pregnant. Deep down every woman knows it is for the best, she is growing and nurturing another human being, and this can not happen without some changes to her body. She will gain the baby bump, stretch marks and the hormonal acne. The problem is that this is the time everyone is getting into summer bikini-shape and there is nothing really mom can do to make that happen.

The best piece of advice is to just embrace it. Embrace the bump and if you are comfortable just rock that bikini on the beach. It is worth it to be comfortable.

10 Are Cravings Different?

When a woman is pregnant they have a very love/hate relationship with food. They want to eat all the time, but then they are dealing with food aversions. This specific entry can cater to women who are either really early or late in their pregnancy when the summer approaches. That is because these are the two periods when it is most likely to get food aversions.

If it is a hot, summer day and mom is craving some ice cream or a good and refreshing smoothie, she may be out of luck when her body decides that it is not what it wants, and she can not stomach the thought of eating it. It is a constant battle with women who are pregnant, and something no one will understand unless they have been pregnant themselves.

9 Get Used To Your Brand New Cankles!

Cankles are not a new thing, they are an actual body part and if you don’t believe me than all you have to do is ask any woman who has been pregnant in the summer. Cankles is a term used when a woman’s feet and ankles are so swollen there is no clear division between body parts. This happens in the summer.

Cankles are not only a topic of contention for any pregnant woman’s self esteem, they can also be quite painful. She will feel like her skin is stretching and it may be itchy and even have a very painful burning sensation. There is only so much she can do to try and fix this problem but elevating the feet and trying to rest are the best things to do.

8 Can’t Do Anything Fun!

One of the best parts of summer is getting out and doing all kinds of fun things. There are days spent at the beach, there are hikes that you can go on and there is a world of adventure out there for anyone to explore. Well, that is unless you are pregnant. When you are in your third trimester there are always activities you should stay away from.

It is not safe for mom-to-be to do really anything when she is so far along. A minor slip and fall could be very dangerous. It is much easier for a pregnant woman to have an accident because her center of gravity is all thrown off and she is not as balanced as she usually is. Mom will have to take a break and just relax with a good book for this summer.

7 “Yes, I Know It's Uncomfortable”

We already know that when we are pregnant, everyone and their grandmother want to give us all their opinions and advice. This can get pretty overwhelming and frustrating, but it gets worse. When you are pregnant in the summer, and visibly so, there are always people who want to point out how uncomfortable you must be, like we didn’t know.

Actually, we were not thinking about it in an effort to take our mind off how uncomfortable we are, but your comment just reminded us and now we are miserable. You also get the people who say that they can’t imagine how you do it or even worse tell you about their summer pregnancy.

6 Temptations All Around

When a couple are planning on having a baby they don’t always think about the things they will have to give up when they finally see those two pink lines. We know there are certain foods mom should avoid, and that she can absolutely have no alcohol, which is easy when you are not pregnant in the summer.

A lot of people (I may be biased as I am Canadian) love nothing more than an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day. This goes out the window for anyone who is with child. What makes it worse is you are constantly around people who are drinking. We don’t want the world to stop just because we are pregnant, and there are no reason why other people can not drink, but it sure makes it a difficult summer to get through.

5 Why Do I Have To Wear Clothes?

The short answer to this question is of course you have to wear clothes, when you are out in public that is. If you are in the comfort of your own home, no pregnant woman should have to wear clothes when it is that hot outside. This is yet another entry about the heat and humidity that comes with summer and how pregnant women feel it a million times worse.

Mom-to-be may be surprised that she could have on the bare minimum amount of clothing and she will still be too hot, and she will still sweat. Clothing will start to irritate her skin, and she will start checking the tags because she is questioning what her clothes are made out of.

4 Shaving Is An Olympic Event

Now shaving is never mandatory, and no woman has to shave but it is probably safe to say that the majority of women do shave their legs, armpits and other areas all year long. This tends to become more important in the summer when your wardrobe may show off those body parts that would otherwise be covered. Shaving when you are very pregnant suddenly becomes an Olympic event.

I can speak from experience, just having a quick shower to shave my legs turned into a triathlon with some yoga mixed in. By the end I was exhausted, sore and I missed like a million places. It is very frustrating. A lot of women turn to their partner to help give them a hand.

3 A Late Baby Is A Whole New Ball Game


It is very common for women to go past their due date. A due date is really just an educated guess, as it is very hard to tell exactly when you ovulated, and how your baby is growing and when they are ready to evict the premises. An overdue baby is uncomfortable for anyone, but it is a whole new ball game when an overdue baby comes in the summer.

If mom is due at the end of July or beginning of August and her baby decides to go 2 weeks past their due date, she may be in trouble. All of summer is hot, but those last few weeks in August can be some of the hottest and most humid. Add the heat to an already uncomfortable and frustrated mom and it can be a nightmare.

2 Keeping Up With Older Siblings

The easy solution to the previous problem of a woman’s body kind of giving up on her is to relax. To give your body the rest it needs and just lay on the couch watching TV shows all day. This is perfect, in an ideal world. The rest of us live in reality and know this is not always a possibility. A lot of women still have to work and for those who are at home, they likely have other children to watch.

Summer time means school is out, and our children want nothing more than to be outside in the warm weather enjoying the sunshine. This means we have to get ourselves up and out, ready to go to the park or the local pool and sit in the sweltering heat to make sure our children have a good time.

1 Suitable Foot Wear!

We talked a bit on how swelling is a problem with pregnancy at any time, but it is especially worse in the summer time. This means that finding footwear can be an issue. The reason this is a thing no one expects is because they think footwear is a lot easier in the summer than winter when you have to wear big, clunky boots.

The problem is, summer shoes can do the same thing. Sandals, flats and even flip flops can all give mom a problem. Along with swelling, they also don’t offer a lot of support when walking so mom may be adding to her back pain. The best advice is to try and go bare foot as much as possible.

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