20 Things North, Saint, And Chicago West Do (That No Other Mom Would Allow)

The world literally couldn't be more obsessed. Every Kardashian-Jenner is now a mom except Kendall. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kylie are all mothers, and that's without taking Kris Jenner into account.

Paparazzi shots with Kim and her three kids have become standard. The minute this woman steps out of her hotel, the cameras are on her. Same goes for Kylie and Stormi. While every girl on the planet is eyeing up the super-stylish designer wardrobes, something else is getting noticed.

In 2019, North West basically took over Coachella. Kanye West's "Sunday Service" came with 50,000 people, live YouTube streaming, and all the gospel singers in the world, but North taking to the mic basically stole the show. That's aside from this five-year-old wearing her mommy's high heels and makeup. Yes, it's time to take a look at the things that Kim Kardashian lets her kids do.

Kim is regularly slammed on social media. Not all mothers approve of the way the KKW Beauty founder raises her kids. While North, Saint, and Chicago's recent arrival is loved beyond belief, there's no denying that they're being raised in an unusual way. The fashion choices are way out there. The food these kids eat is likewise high-brow. Nobody has gotten over that $50,000 Hermès purse Kim gifted North "to paint."

Kim Kardashian may be one of the most level-headed, grounded celebrity mothers on the planet, but she's an interesting one. North, Saint, and Chicago seem to have some unique perks, and it's time to take a look at them. Here are 20 things that Kim's first three kids can do (that no regular mom would ever allow).

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20 $50,000 Designer Bags "To Paint"

via: gazeta

This one takes us back to 2014. Five years ago, Kim stepped out into the street with Kanye and one very expensive bag. There was more to it, though. As ET Online reports, the $50,000 Hermès bag is one that Kim had gifted to North– to paint.

"Me & my bae out today? Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North?" was the Tweet sent out by Kim as she showcased the luxury bag and her daughter's artwork. Quite how many mothers we know would let their little girl splatter paint all over a bag worth that much money? We're not sure. ET Online reports that the bag can retail for up to $100,000, but $50,000 is generally considered the estimate for this one.

19 Selling Mommy's Merch On Social Media

via: instagram

March 2019 wasn't that long ago. For Kim though, it was just another chance for North to showcase that epic merch. Kim has a line of shades with Carolina Lemke. The upscale eyewear brand has been all over Kim's social media. When North popped up on Kim's IG in a "kid size" Lemke look, everyone raised an eyebrow.

As The Inquisitr reports, Kim was slammed by moms who called North "groomed." While that one might be taking it a bit far, there's no denying that there's a coincidence. There was no #ad. Still, the shades' brand got name-dropped, and Kim let her daughter wear these shades (and that jewelry). Promotion on that level isn't for every mother.

18 Fur Coats That Cost $10,000

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Bundle up when it's cold – that one, every mom will agree on. Cold days might be the scenario for many of Kim and North's NYC appearances, but the headline isn't necessarily about the weather. 2016 saw The Inquisitr report North wearing a fur coat worth $10,000.

The figure was actually also quoted in Kanye West's lyrics: “10 thousand dollar fur for Nori, I just copped it/Your baby daddy won’t even take your daughter shoppin'” While Kim's ability to shop will forever be goals, something about dropping $10,000 on a fur coat for a little girl doesn't strike us as "regular" mom stuff.

17 Not Actually Being Able To Say "Grandma"

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There's definitely a bit of a "thing" when it comes to names in the Kardashian family. You only need to look at the baby names to figure that one out. While Kris Jenner doesn't come with an out-there name like North or Stormi, she does appear to come with a set of rules. As The Daily Mail reports, Kris isn't keen on being called "grandma."

"They call me Lovey and [Caitlyn] is Grandpa. At first I was Grandma, and all of a sudden I didn't like the way that sounded, my mom had a friend called Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name." Only Kim would pull off a scenario where the kids can't actually call their grandmother "grandma."

16 Past Their Bedtime, Front-Row At Fashion Week

via: popsugar

You might want to get your bearings here. If you're not familiar with everyone in this picture, here's who you're looking at. Kim and North are sitting with the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour. Paper actually has North West listed as one of Anna Wintour's "strangest seatmates."

Given that Anna Wintour is usually surrounded by the likes of Donatella Versace and supermodels like Kendall Jenner, we're not quite sure how she felt about being placed next to the great North West. Either way, this scenario was likely way past North's bedtime. Front-row at Fashion Week. No way a regular mom would let this happen.

15 Past Your Credit Card Limit, #Custom And #Designer

via: dailymail

Even if you grew up comfortable, you probably experienced limits. If you grew up on hard times, you'll remember putting the pricier cereal back on the shelf. Price tags aren't really an issue in the Kardashian household. In 2015, Kim revealed that North had been gifted three, custom-made baby Balmain jackets. E! reports Kim's IG caption.

"Baby Balmain!!! Thank you so much @olivier_rousteing & @balmainparis for making North these one of a kind [sic] jackets!!! I'm so honored that Northie is your little muse! Can't wait for her to wear them!!!" Those jackets without the #Custom? They retail for $2,000 in adult sizes. No way a regular mom would allow that level of designer.

14 Carrying Makeup In Her Purse "For Church"

via Vogue

Kim has fallen under a fair amount of fire for letting North West wear makeup. North has been seen on social media with contouring around her face, and she's even done her own mother's makeup. When Bustle collated some of North's best quotes, it mentioned this one. North had been asked what she carries in her bag.

"Toys, and sometimes I put some makeup in there when I go to church," North replied. For starters, not that many mothers let an under-five have a handbag in the first place. Filling it with makeup? Way less likely. North manages to pull off her looks, but the casual makeup-carrying is 100% not what a regular mom would be allowing.

13 Biker-Chic Runway Appearances At Five Years Old

via Us Weekly

Only North West would walk the runway in that much pleather (and still pull it off). In 2018, North's very first catwalk appearance made Harper's Bazaar's headlines. This five-year-old strutted her stuff in neon pinks, biker shades, plus makeup, and it all came with a fair amount of midriff. The magazine quotes Kim about it:

"North is completely obsessed with L.O.L. Surprise already, so when we found out there was going to be an L.O.L. Surprise BIGGER Surprise Fashion show, she absolutely had to be involved. She loves to dress up like her favorite characters, so it was so exciting for her to actually become a real-life L.O.L. doll." Regular moms? No way.

12 That Same Biker Chic Ruling The Roost

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This one was as awesome as it was hilarious. When Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with her daughter, Penelope on this sunny day, all eyes were on the kid's tee. "What would North West do?" was the funniest statement t-shirt we'd ever seen, but it did suggest a bit of hierarchy.

If Penelope is turning to North West for general life advice, are we mere mortals to assume that North rules the roost? To be fair, Kim's first-born girl is probably the family's biggest A-List kid. Saint and Chicago feature less on the show and they've mostly proven too young for high-profile appearances. North, we're handing you the crown here.

11 Being Today's "Ariana Grande Accessory"

via: baomoi

Kim isn't the only one who slowly appears to be morphing into Ariana Grande. In 2018, W Magazine actually published a story about how JLO and Ariana Grande have "the exact same style now." Something about that high ponytail has become iconic. Ariana is now the face of the luxury Givenchy brand, but her look is getting copied.

September 2018 marked Kim's "hot pink" athleisurewear look. She was in NYC with North, Saint, and Chicago. While we're clearly joking about the kids being an Ariana Grande "accessory," there's no denying that these kids lead a public appearance life. There is a side to their lives that your average mom would put her foot down over.

10 A World Where Wearing Pink "Breaks Rules"

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This one firmly sits at a rumor, but it's out there. As Radar Online reports, "Kim had always loved wearing pink before meeting Kanye. But he hates the color." This forms just part of the concept that many fans find themselves discussing– exactly how much did Kim change herself for Kanye?

Kim isn't the one we're looking at, though. North is growing up in a world where her father's opinion is as important as her mother's. If North's surroundings are, indeed, a world where pink is frowned upon, that isn't the normal household setting. Most little girls grow up with a daddy who approves of their pink frilly outfits. Kim seems to let her kids live in the "Kanye-approved" world, though.

9 A World Where Phones And Breakfast Don't Mix

via: mashable

In 2018, Kim spoke at Beautycon. She did talk about parenting in a very responsible way– for Kim, kids at a young age are "fragile." She then mentioned the household rules when it comes to screen time. “[For kids], maybe the phones are in the kitchen so that when they wake up they have breakfast with the family and then they get their phones," she said.

Most moms have their thoughts on screen time. For some, it's unlimited. For others, it's iPads or TV on weekends only. You'll be hard-pressed to find a mom as strict or as specific as Kim when it comes to phones, though. Looks like tapping away with that bowl of cereal isn't a reality under Kim's roof.

8 Outfits This Extra At The Age Of One

via: instagram

A part of us is so rooting for Chicago to make it to North's level of fame. A touch overshadowed by her older sister, Chicago gets less press, but this girl is beyond beautiful– seriously, that face. In 2019, Chicago turned one. Kim threw her an "Alice in ONEderland" party (and boy, was it extra).

While the Alice In Wonderland-themed decor, performers, and cakes kind of stole the show on Kim's IG, one little girl was outshining everyone. Chicago came dressed to party, but her silk dress and chunky booties definitely raised a few eyebrows. Even Kylie goes more relaxed for Stormi. A regular mom letting her one-year-old wear this? Not a chance.

7 Glam Squads That Cost $5,000 A Week

via: eonline

Literally, #JawDrop. In 2016, The Daily Mail reported Kim "[hiring]" a full glam squad for North. The price tag was estimated to be $5,000 a week. The newspaper reported that the "team" came with manicurists and hairstylists, all hired to make sure North looks her best.

Of course, you realize quite where North stands when you read more. As The Daily Mail also reported, $1 million is the estimated worth of North's wardrobe. Back in the regular world, a mom might let her daughter dress up on the odd occasion. A mommy-and-daughter manicure might even be allowed. At $5,000 a week for a glam squad though, you'll probably find mothers turning around with: "Um, no."

6 Being Splattered All Over Social Media

via: instagram

Moms are nowhere near done with this one. Whether or not to post pictures of your kids on social media is 100% your choice. For most of us, a few hundred followers might include our friends and family. The barbecue or Christmas snaps won't be seen by the entire world.

Kim has over 134 million IG followers. The minute those kids wind up on social media, the photos are reposted to every fan account in the world (and broadcast to every media outlet on the planet). Kim's IG isn't just about herself. North, Saint, and Chicago are all over it. This picture of Chicago with True and Stormi was captioned "the triplets." It was adorable, but it was social media splattering.

5 Backgrounds Splattered With Louis Vuitton

via: instagram

In 2019, Kim gifted $9,000 worth of Louis Vuitton to all her sisters and nieces, Fox News reports. The Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy bags were souvenirs from Kim's 2018 trip to Japan. Weirdly, something about that figure makes us wonder if that's the least Kim has dropped at LV (but that's not the point).

Louis Vuitton is the ultimate status symbol. While the monogrammed background may be #Life for Paris Hilton, the 37-year-old socialite isn't a mother. Kim, on the other hand, is exposing her kids to a level of Louis Vuitton that they might already consider normal. This pic of Kim and North was 100% about the love, but you can't deny that LV background.

4 It's Like These Kids Don't Get A Day Off

via: glamour

It's the biggest controversy there is. In the end, whether North, Saint, and Chicago wear designer clothes or not isn't what defines their lives. Reality TV and what looks like a full-time job is. Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows these kids on-the-job from day one. Stormi made her KUWTK debut in 2018 (looks like Travis' daughter isn't off the hook).

A part of us wants to ask Kim's kids if they want it. Sure, it seems fun to play around that Calabasas mansion and hang out with the family. They are, after all, one of the most loving, nurturing families in Hollywood. Then again, other celeb kids seem to have lives where they aren't "working" under the age of five.

3 An Attitude They Will Pick Up On

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The best example of kids "picking up" on stuff? That time Kourtney's little ones were offered a snack. "Is it gluten-free?" could be heard from a teeny tiny voice. Kids will pick up on what they're exposed to. Farrah Abraham's daughter started showing her mother's #Attitude quite a while ago on Teen Mom OG.

North is exposed to a woman with brains and business sense. At the same time, it's the same woman who called her own sister "the least exciting to look at" on KUWTK, as The Daily Mail reported. Well, it was a catfight. North now waves with an attitude, and she's learning to walk with one.

2 Exposure To This

via: yahoo

"What do you do when your friend sells her company for a couple billion? You wear a full money fit and throw her a party." We're giving it to you, Kim for those captions. In 2018, Kim stepped out in the famous "money dress." As Harper's Bazaar reports, the occasion was a party for Anastasia Beverly Hills. The makeup brand might be competing with Kim's KKW Beauty, but the moguls can still hang.

While Kim's look was beyond epic, it was one that her kids were exposed to. For many mothers, acting extravagantly about wealth isn't necessarily the best way to raise a child. We want to keep the little ones humble. Kim didn't seem to mind, although moms around the world did.

1 But Not Much Exposure To The Real World #PrivateJets

Via Kim Kardashian Instagram

In the weirdest, most unexpected way possible, our own exposure to the Kardashian private jets has gotten us at: "Oh, yeah. They're on a private jet." We keep eating the potato chips, nothing seems abnormal, and we're certainly not putting the bag down.

A world of private jets is standard for Kim's kids. The family vacation to Bali came with plenty of private flights. It also came with a $40,000 resort, as Hello reports. Back in the regular world, we teach our kids that luxuries are something to appreciate. We work hard to make sure they're aware– if there's a #Luxe situation, they should know that it's a one-off. How much of the real world Kim's kiddies are exposed to is less certain.

It's Kim K. We wouldn't expect anything less. At the same time, there's no denying it. North, Saint, and Chicago aren't exactly leading regular lives.

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