20 Things Only Moms Under 25 Can Do

Motherhood is life-changing, no matter what mom's age is. Young moms sometimes get a bad rep, like they're missing out on the fun of their twenties, but many mamas under 25 would do it all again in a heartbeat. We'd give the world for our babies so why is it surprising that young moms don't mind giving up some selfish time in their twenties for motherhood?

Motherhood is a beautiful, challenging journey no matter how old we are. Some say that with age comes wisdom, and while that might be true, we have a lot more energy to keep up with little ones when we're younger. Kids can be exhausting.

While shows like MTV's Teen Mom or reality stars, Kylie Jenner, give us a false idea of what all young mothers are like, that isn't the reality. There are young moms all over the place going through many of the same things as a mom in her 30s. Age is just a number, and it certainly doesn't determine how a woman will handle motherhood.

20 We Get An Extra Decade With Our Kids


Having kids earlier means that we have more time to spend with them. It's simple as that. According to the New York Times, in the United States the average age a woman had her first child was 26 years old in 2016. The age for married women and women with college degrees was even higher, having their first children between 28 and 30 years old.

The age of a woman determines her fertility, but we've been seeing first time mothers become older as the years go on. No matter how we feel about the "right" age to have a child, we cannot deny that younger moms get more time, more years with their babies.

19 Find Her Purpose Early On


Motherhood is life changing. It gives us a purpose, a reason to better ourselves, our lives, and our situations. A baby is a great motivation to clean up our act, be healthier, or want a better life for ourselves. Many young moms feel that their children gave them a purpose to better themselves.

According to Popsugar.com, being a mom shifts our priorities. In our early twenties, we're still finding ourselves and our purpose. A baby surely gives us a shove to figure it out quicker than if it were just us. We waste less time. We spend more time doing things we actually enjoy and that are meaningful because we know our time is valuable. Our purpose comes from our child and motherhood, and it's likely it even impacts our own self esteem and image. We value ourselves more.

18 Pregnancy Is Easier


Our bodies are in better shape when we are younger. Pregnancy in our early twenties is a lot easier on our body. It also makes bouncing back after pregnancy quite a bit easier too. According to VeryWellFamily.com, women who are pregnant in their twenties are less likely to develop complications like high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. That's a definite bonus!

Not only will we handle pregnancy better, labor should be easier as well. Complications are less likely, and chances are we'll bounce back and be on our feet quicker too! While labor and delivery are natural processes, we still often times need a bit to recover. A younger mom will need less time and have an easier recovery.

17 It's Easier To Keep Up With The Kids


Kids are always on the move. Moms find themselves juggling activities, chores, and children while trying to make sure no one gets hurt. A younger mom will have an easier time keeping up with her little ones because she's in better shape. She'll probably still feel run ragged because kids are exhausting and require octopus arms more often than not.

One mom from RenoMomsBlog.com even suggests that along with having more energy, younger moms have more patience when it comes to keeping up with their little ones. Patience are a necessity when it comes to parenthood especially as we navigate those frustrating toddler years. Being able to count to 3 or deep breath will be a huge benefit.

16 There's Less Pressure


It seems like once we hit 25 everyone reminds us that our biological clock is ticking. As if we don't already know. If we have kids before 25, it seems that no one is all that worried about us anymore, especially if we have multiple little ones.

Some see the twenties as a decade to pack as much in as possible when it comes to travel, experiences, and conquering work milestones. Now that's just not for everybody. Moms are some of the last people to feel this pressures or be bothered by them.

Because we are the only parents in our friend group likely, we also don't have to deal with pressure from friends about how to parent according to PopSugar.com. They may have opinions, but they carry a lot less weight from childless friends than friends with kids.

15 Live A Healthier Life


Kids are a great reason to reevaluate our own health and lifestyle. We want to set a good example and demonstrate healthy habits. One mom from HealthyMummy.com states that having children made her want to be someone they were proud of. She compared herself to her peers who were out at the bar while she was up feeding her baby.

Having children gives us a new purpose. Not only do we want to show them healthy habits, but we also want to be around long enough to see them grow up and give us grandchildren. It quickly snaps us into eating better, exercising regularly, and avoiding dangerous or unhealthy things.

14 More Flexible Goals


When we're in our early twenties, we're just getting started. We probably haven't put down too deep or roots yet or really invested in our career, simply because we haven't had enough time. That means that when parenthood strikes, we are more open to big changes like a new town or job opportunity.

According to PopSugar.com, young parents are more willing to make big life changes or take these risks because they haven't been well established yet. It's better to figure these things out early on (when we haven't invested so much time and energy) than later. No matter our age we strive to find a perfect balance between parenting and work, we won't feel like we squandered our time or chances if we figure it out early on in our career. We also won't have shaken things dramatically at work.

13 Smaller Age Gap


We cannot deny that moms under 25 will have a smaller age gap with their children. It means that they better remember their own childhood, adolescence, and teenage years. We likely understand how our kids are feeling because it wasn't so long ago that we were in their shoes. Younger moms probably have a better time relating to their kids because of this. According to Parenting.com, this smaller age gap will come in handy when we have to deal with teenagers.

We obviously want to be mom to our kids, but at some point that relationship includes a friendship component when they're grown. Being closer in age with our kids means we'll probably have more in common with them (as kids and adults).

12 Share Our Accomplishments And Life Experiences


Having kids early means we have that much more life to experience with them. Contrary to popular belief, life doesn't end when we have kids. We can create some incredible, life long memories with our children. Having them early just gives us that much more time to travel with them and create other memories.

We can continue to chase our dreams while we're chasing our babies. Sure it's an added challenge to do so with children, but it's quite rewarding to reach our goals with our babies by our side. One mom from RenoMomsBlog.com shares that her daughter witnesses how hard she works. We can all agree that hard work is something we want to show our children.

11 Our Lifestyle Is Easier To Adapt


We aren't too set in our ways or habits in our early twenties because we're just creating them. Having a baby can really be a surprise to our system when it comes to our home, social life, and lifestyle. According to PopSugar.com we'll likely experience most of our adult "freedoms" as parents, not just as adults, so it won't really ever be a big change.

Having children before 25 means we haven't been out on our own all that long. Our homes, social lives, and finances will simply work around our kids so it won't be as surprised as if we're set in our ways for over a decade before having kids.

10 Build Their Careers Around Family Life


Kids take up a lot of time and space in our lives. We can try to prepare for what our lives would look like when we have kids, but honestly we don't know. Having our kids young while our careers are still taking off means that we build our careers around our family life.

According to PopSugar.com this early on we would be more willing to make a major career change. We haven't invested a whole lot of time somewhere so it would be easier to switch positions or companies to find something that better suits our family. There are a lot of really great careers out there that can be difficult for a mother with weird hours, poor benefits, or too much stress.

9 Enjoy Freedom In Their Forties


How nice would it be to actually be able to enjoy the empty nest years? Sure young parents might give up some time to party and freedom in their twenties, but in their forties the little ones have flown the coop giving them back that time and freedom. In the end it all kind of evens out.

We have more energy in our forties than in our say fifties or even sixties. According to Popsugar.com we could spend this empty nest time traveling or even starting a new business. We have more time and probably more energy to enjoy these years. It's likely we will also still be relatively young when we become grandparents meaning we can be more active and involved with them as well.

8 First Parents Of The Friend Group


Having kids before 25 isn't all that common so it's likely that if we do, we'll be the first among our friends. Though this may make us feel a bit isolated from the group, things will likely come back around. According to PopSugar.com when our friends start to have kids themselves we'll be the person the turn to for advice and guidance because we'll have done it already.

Though this can be isolating for some, it can be wonderful for some moms. They bring their little ones along to any outings and have extra aunties to spoil them. While parenting can end some people's social lives, it doesn't have to. We can still have coffee dates and all kinds of fun.

7 Don't Have To Watch The Biological Clock


We all know that our fertility declines as we age. If we start having kids before 25 we don't have to worry about having the next one right away as some older women might. We still have quite a bit of time on our biological clock so there is no need to rush our womb. This allows us to space out our children and enjoy each one a little bit more maybe.

Being a young parent means we have time on our side. If we do run into fertility troubles, PopSugar.com reminds us that we have plenty of time to explore our options. We don't have to make such a huge decision with the clock ticking in our ear the whole time.

6 It's Easier To Get Pregnant


According to YourFertility.org, we are most fertile before the age of 30 generally. Though there are obviously exceptions to this, it should be easier to get pregnant before 30, and especially before 25. If we haven't had a baby (and sometimes even if we have), it seems that we are pressured and worried about our biological clock and if we'll be able to get pregnant. If we already know, it can really take some weight off our shoulders. (Not stressing about our fertility is also likely to help us get pregnant, rumor has it.)

Before 25 our bodies are in better shape. We're in the peak years of our fertility. It wasn't until recent years that people have been waiting until after 30 or even 35 to get pregnant.

5 It's Easier To Bounce Back


As much as we are all for embracing our new mom bodies, wouldn't it be nice if our body just magically went back to normal? According to PopSugar.com, before the age of 25 our bodies bounce back quicker and easier after pregnancy. We kind of have to love that!

Just as our fertility is better in our twenties, our bodies are in better shape. Pregnancy and birth are natural. Ideally, our bodies should naturally know how to go back to normal. In our early twenties, they are a little better at it we could say. Now this obviously isn't a one size fits all kind of theory because it isn't the case for someone no matter their age or how good of shape they are in.

4 Younger And More Active Grandparents


If we're younger, it only makes sense that our parents are probably younger as well. By having kids younger, we give them more time with our parents, their grandparents, and even great-grandparents. That's a wonderful gift for all involved.

PopSugar.com lists a few different ways being under 25 can impact our child's relationship with his grandparents. Not only will he have more time with them, but chances are they are in better shape and able to be more active with their grandchildren. Who doesn't love it when Grandma can get down on the floor and play with the little ones?

We'll have our parents around to help answering our ten million parenting questions, maybe have a hand in shaping/raising our tiny human, and be our shoulder to lean on when we feel like we're failing. It'll happen. Having our own mom there to remember going through the same stuff will be a huge benefit. It's priceless.

3 We Have More Time


The earlier we have our children, the more time they have with us and their grandparents. Those are years we wouldn't trade for anything. We have more time to make memories, experience life, and maybe even with our own grandchildren one day. Maybe our children's grandparents will be around to see them have babies of their own.

We also are giving them more time with their own grandparents. The years along are priceless. But it's likely that since we are young, we're still pretty close to our parents. PopSugar.com lists one of the perks of having kids before 25 is that we have that much longer to enjoy motherhood. They definitely aren't wrong.

2 We're Better At Surviving On Less Sleep


Does anyone honestly get a good nights sleep in their twenties? We can say the same about parenthood. According to PopSugar.com, when we're younger we don't need as much sleep. That's good because we basically can say goodbye to any sleep for quite a few years when we have a baby. If that's something that is easier to survive before 25 all the more reason!

It's harder to handle that lack of sleep as we get older. In our twenties (kids or not) we're likely used to pulling all nighters for a variety of reasons. Babies are a solid, respectable reason to do so.

1 Create A Friendship With Our Kids


Critics will say that we should be parents, not friends, with our children. While that statement holds some truth, at some point we do shift into more of a friendship with our kids as they age. It's only natural.

If there are fewer years difference between us and our children, there's a greater chance we remember and understand what they're going through. We can probably relate easier. According to IMom.com, being able to listen and understand what our children are going through will create a great bond and relationship between us. That is something that will only get stronger as they age. If there's less than a 25 years age difference, that really won't seem like such a big gap when our kids are adults meaning it will create great grounds for friendship.

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