20 Things Parents Did In The 90s That Would Cause Major Drama Today

Whenever people think about how their own parents were raised, and what their grandparents did while raising them, they may feel somewhat squeamish only because parent-rearing decades ago was very different from how it is today. That goes from what kinds of things your grand-mothers did while pregnant with them to how your parents were raised.

Your parents may have told you that your grand-mothers puffed while they were pregnant with them. Because, back then, puffing during pregnancy was beneficial due to the fact it was a stress reliever. However, if a pregnant woman was doing this today, she would be judged and scolded.

The same kind of thing applies to how parent rearing was done in the 1990's. Parents allowed their kids to do so many things that no parent could get away with today. Kids also had more freedom to do their own things that they don't have today due to the constant changes in the law. So now you want to know what parents got away with doing in the 1990's that they could not get away with today without it creating drama! Let's look at 20 examples.

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20 Teach The Kids How To Swim By Pushing Them In


Back in the 1990's, many parents used to push their kids into their backward swimming pools because it was a funny prank. However, today, that would not be at all acceptable and that would be cruel. Not only because kids today are using their smartphones. As it was stated in Providr, kids who would be pushed into the swimming pool today while holding their phones would not appreciate that prank at all.

Not to mention, in the 1990's, there was no real awareness of dry drowning in kids. That is when water inhaled into the lungs makes the kids very sick (and can be fatal if not treated right away) well after pool-time is over, according to Healthline. Today there is awareness about dry drowning. That is another reason that parents must not push their kids into the pool even if it is a joke.

19 Thin Plastic Strollers Were Acceptable

Do you remember the design of the strollers from the 1990's? Plenty of them was thin and was made of flimsy materials, and according to Taylor Francis Online, the way that the strollers were designed in the 1990's and prior to that would not be safe today.

That means strollers back in the 1990's failed to meet the safety standards that are in place today. If parents today ended up using the strollers for their kids that they were in as infants- then they would be in big trouble. That means if you were a child in the 1990's and you are trying to be frugal- don't even think about using the stroller for your child that your parents used for you!

18 Riding In The Front Seat Of The Car

In the 1990's, it was not unusual for parents to allow their kids under the age of 10 to sit in the front passenger seat in the car. And, as long as the child was strapped in securely with a seatbelt, then it was not against the law for a child to sit in the front seat.

According to Romper, that practice happened a lot back in the 1990's, but today that would not at all be acceptable considering that safety standards are constantly changing. In fact, kids that are under 80 lbs or under 12 years of age must sit securely in a booster seat in the back seat of the car! If parents are caught allowing their young kids to sit in the front passenger seat, that would earn them a ticket along with a few demerit points being knocked down.

17 Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches For School Lunches

peanut butter and jelly
Via: Sdpb.org

Back in the day, I remember taking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school in the 1980's and 1990's, during high school. And, so did many other students! However, due to food allergy-related deaths that started happening in the early 2000's, according to Global News- that is when schools started banning peanut and nut products.

That means that today if you send your kid with PB and J sandwiches or a snack bag filled with cashews or almonds- you will be in big trouble for allowing your child to send food that can be dangerous to those who have these allergies. That is why now kids are bringing pea butter sandwiches to school which my daughter did for a while. But let's face it, PB tasted a lot better than that!

16 Brown Lipstick Was A Thing

Parents of tween girls usually allowed them to wear a little bit of makeup even in the 1990's like they do today. However, it is a total no-no for a tween or teen girl to wear brown lipstick today- and the same applies to mom.

According to Providr, the brown lipstick was definitely in style back in the 1990's. Brown lipstick is not at all in style nowadays. That means any moms who allow their daughters to wear that lipstick would be scolded for allowing their girls to wear makeup that is no longer in style and them being embarrassed as a result!

15 And So Were Frosted Tips

Just like tween girls want to wear makeup, tween and teen boys want to be stylish as well. That means moms would not be doing a service to their sons if they allowed them to dye their hair- to get a frosted top. According to Providr, the frosted top look was most definitely in fashion in the 1990's. That was due to the fact that Justin Timberlake started this trend back then.

Moms, if your sons like that style, then you will need to warn them that this style is extinct nowadays and that they have a high chance of being teased by having a hairstyle that is from the Dark Ages (well, the 1990's but same idea when it comes to fashion).

14 Sending The Kids To Their Rooms For Bad Behavior

time out
Via: Wtop.com

If a kid got into trouble in the 1990's, the main punishment that parents would use was sending them to their rooms. However, as it was mentioned in Bustle, today that punishment would not really work. Kids like being in their rooms and they can always find ways to make their time alone interesting by surfing the net on their smartphones or reading a book they like.

Also, back in the 1990's, parents would often scold their kids while raising their voices which is not something that is overly acceptable today. I can tell you that raising your voice at your kids is not going to damage them. I was yelled at back in the day, and I am still here to tell the tale.

13 Sell Lemonade On The Front Yard

I remember selling lemonade when I was a kid in the 1980's, and when I was a teenager in the 1990's, I remember buying lemonade from the neighbor's kids who were selling the drink on their home properties. However, today, kids will not be allowed to get away with that unless they have a permit!

According to CBS News, there have been many instances of kids who were as young as 5-years-old selling lemonade from their front yards being fined without having a permit! Can you believe that? Who would have thought that this would have been such an issue back in the 90's, or let alone a decade ago?

12 Hiring An 11-Year-Old Babysitter

If the parents of young kids wanted to have a night out alone, they were not as concerned about who they hired to babysit their kids in the 1990's as they would be today. According to Romper, it was quite common for parents to hire 11-year-olds from the street to babysit their kids on a Saturday night.

Today, that would be quite unacceptable as many parents think it is not even legal to leave an 11-year-old kid at home, let alone letting them babysit someone else's children. In Ontario, it is legal to leave your 11-year-old at home, but I am not sure if kids at that age are eligible to babysit nowadays. I certainly would not be comfortable with it.

11 Letting The Kids Play Alone In The Park

I remember when I was a kid in the 1980's, I used to hang out at the neighborhood park with friends or I went on my own. In the 1990's, whenever I strolled by neighborhood parks I used to see the same thing- children from the area playing in the playgrounds without any adults supervising them.

As an article in Romper states, if children are playing in parks or on the neighborhood streets without any adult supervision, their parents will end up getting a visit from the authorities That is not something that parents of kids in the 1990's and prior to that would have to worry about!

10 Or Unsupervised In The Backyard

If you think that it is ridiculous how responsible kids are not even able to play in the neighborhood parks unsupervised, then that is nothing compared to what I am about to bring out. Kids today are not even allowed to play freely in their own backyards! That is something that was not even an issue back in the 1990's and earlier than that, according to Romper.

I also remember that for myself as well. If kids are playing anywhere at all, even if it is in their own backyard without any supervision, then the parents will be in big trouble. Kids today must be supervised at all times, and that is not something that was such an issue just a few decades ago.

9 Wearing Shoes Outside Was Optional

Do you remember walking around in your own backyard without wearing shoes or socks (and not being supervised either) back in the 1990's- or prior to that? According to Romper, many kids would run around barefoot outdoors and no one at the time would even care.

Nowadays though, if your child is caught not wearing shoes outdoors, then you will end up with plenty of judgment from other parents. Cleanliness is something that is also taken a lot more seriously than it was a few decades ago, and if your child is running around outdoors without wearing socks- then you will be reminded by others who see your kids in a harsh way that you will end up with unwelcome germs in your home.

8 No Internet Concerns

The internet was most definitely in its infancy back in the 1990's, and there was very little concern over the kind of websites your kids would end up on if they surfed the web back then.

And, Romper reminds its readers that the internet was only available through dial-up back then which means it was very slow to use- even if we don't remember that. Not to mention, there was no such thing as the Dark Web, serious trojans, viruses and so on. For the most part, the internet back two decades ago was for the most part quite safe.

However, nowadays, if you have a child surfing the web that is under the age of 18 without any kind of parental control software in place- then you are allowing your child to enter dangerous territory. I agree that because the internet is not safe, kids need to be cautious when surfing the web. And, parents are responsible for monitoring their online activities through parental control software.

7 What Are Cell Phones?

How did kids in the 1990's communicate with their parents if they were hanging out at the mall with their friends? Well, they would go to the payphone and call their parents to pick them up when they were done. Romper reminds us that the 1990's was a time when cell phones were just starting to come out- however, they were not cheap back then and many parents could not afford to put their kids on a plan.

However, nowadays, that is not such an issue. Just like it was rare for kids to have cell phones back in the 1990's, today the opposite is true. Kids need to have cell phones nowadays in order to be in touch with their parents if they end up needing their help. There are cheaper plans for kids, especially if the phones are meant to be used for emergencies. That means giving your child a cell phone once they reach a certain age is a responsible thing to do. If your preteen does not have a cell phone, then that is looked down upon.

6 Watching TV Without A Curfew

Back in the day, I remember my mother letting me stay up past my bedtime to watch Dynasty back in the 1980's. I am well aware that many parents allowed their kids to stay up on a weeknight late to watch grown-up shows in the 1990's as well. I remember how it was based on what some of the kids who I babysat said in the 1990's. They said their parents allowed them to watch certain TV shows late at night.

As the author of this Romper article also states, when parents in the 1990's allowed their kids to watch Friends, it was fine. However, nowadays, parents looked down upon for allowing their kids to stay up past their bedtime- especially during the week.

5 Sugar And Calories Did Not Matter

Back in the 1990's, sugar consumption, for the most part, was not a huge issue. That is why you would see kids and adults drinking regular soda. Sugary juices were also very popular. And, those sugared-up freezies were a hit too. There was also less concern about obesity and diabetes because it was not as prevalent back then.

However, today, if parents were giving their kids sugary soda and sugary juices, that is considered a no-no. According to Romper, if the kids loved to drink or eat foods that were high in fructose corn syrup in the 1990's, their parents would simply let them. It made them happy so why not? Today, parents are told to only give their kids organic and healthy snacks because feeding them snacks that were popular in the 1990's will poison them today.

4 Buying Questionable Toys

If you were a child in the 1990's, do you remember playing with toys like Sky Dancers? Socker Boppers, or Pogo Balls? And if so, and you have kids today, could you imagine your kids playing with those toys? I know I couldn't, that is for sure.

According to Bustle, those toys that were just listed have been proven to be unsafe for kids and that is why you won't see those around anymore. That said, the safety standards from the 1990's were not nearly as advanced as they are today. And, it would not be a surprise if toys that kids play with today would be considered to be unsafe in 20 years from now as well.

3 Leaving The Kids In The Car For A Few Seconds

Just like back in the day, it was acceptable for parents to let their kids sit in the front seat of the car, many parents back in the 1990's would have no issues with leaving their kids alone in the car for a short time. According to Romper, leaving your child in the car for a few minutes to run an errand was a common practice.

However, nowadays, if parents did that, they would end up finding out that someone had called the authorities on them! Even if they left their kids in the car for a minute. That means nowadays parents have to take their kids with them wherever they go if they don't want to face that kind of consequence.

2 School Absences Were Not A Big Deal

Back in the day, if your parents wanted to pull you out of school to go on a long vacation, it was somewhat acceptable. Even though according to NCBI, school truancy and absenteeism were taken more seriously in the 1990's than they were prior to that- it was a common practice for kids to not be present at school due to being on a holiday.

Nowadays, school boards would not tolerate that and would consider parents of these kids to be negligent if they allowed their kids to be away from school for a long period of time due to being on a holiday. If the child was absent for a while due to recovering from a serious illness, that is obviously acceptable. However, the reason that summer vacation, winter break, and spring break exist because those are the times to go on family vacations. Not during the school year!

1 Adult TV Show And Movies Were Allowed

We already talked about how it was common for parents to allow their kids to stay up past their bedtime in the 1990's. And today, that would be frowned upon. And that is not the worst of it. Back in the 1990's, parents allowed their kids to watch shows that were more graphic and more so geared towards adults.

However, according to Providr, if parents allowed their kids to watch a program like Scandal, they would be frowned upon because those kinds of shows could end up scaring their kids for life! Back in the 1990's, parents were not at all concerned about allowing their kids to watch programs that would be too mature for them to handle. That is a sign that kids were less coddled back in the day.

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