20 Things Pregnant Brides Need To Keep In Mind For The Big Day

A girl’s wedding day is meant to be the happiest of her life. Being pregnant is no barrier to that being the case, there are just a few things that need to be taken into consideration to make the day as enjoyable as possible. The bride can have as much fun planning a day when she is  pregnant, like any other wedding.

Look on the bright side- she  will remember the bachelorette party and the wedding day and have no painful hangovers afterward! The focus of many brides’ excitement is the wedding dress, and with the beautiful range of maternity wedding gowns available, the bride should still have the choice you need. If you struggle to find the perfect dress, consider a maternity evening dress, which will look just as stunning.

Pregnancy makes women tired, emotional and hungry. Factor this into the bride's day and make sure that she has  plenty of opportunities to eat, rest and take time for herself. There is no shame in admitting she is  feeling tired and a bit unwell, and guests will fully understand. Enlist help and delegate as many tasks as possible in order to take the pressure off her. Then just sit back and enjoy the blissful day!

20 Try Planning The Wedding For The Second Trimester

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and make women feel ill and tired. The first trimester is often punctuated with morning (all day!) sickness, nausea, and tiredness. It is not an ideal time to get married if you are going to remember your big day from the number of trips you made to the loo.

Likewise, if you get married in the third trimester, chances are you will feel large, bulky and uncomfortable and be likely to nod off at any given moment. The optimum time of pregnancy for a wedding is the second trimester when the morning sickness should have worn off. This is the time that women bloom and don’t feel too tired, so you will be able to last the distance better between weeks 14 and 28, suggests What to Expect.

19 Remember Your Feet Will Swell, So Get Shoes That Fit

Much as you may have dreamt of those strappy six-inch heeled Louboutins for your big day, the reality is, that feet suffer in pregnancy, from the added pounds and water retention. Therefore, a comfortable, flat pair of pumps will serve you well.

A small heel is fine if you feel more comfortable in heels but try and leave the purchase of these shoes until the last minute, as feet swell as pregnancy progresses, and some women go up a shoe size after a few months. If you have a long dress, you can always hide some comfortable shoes under the fabric.

18 Empire Waist Is the Most Flattering For A Big Bump

It’s tricky to choose a wedding dress when you have a growing bump up front. Women may not have the dress they had planned before they knew they would be pregnant, but it’s important to be comfortable and look elegant.

A loose-fitting dress will give the most comfort, and if the bump is sizeable, an empire line dress is very flattering. The dress can have the embellishment on the bodice and show off that burgeoning décolletage, but keep a loose skirt to accommodate the baby. A thin, flowing fabric won’t make you look at the size of a house but will flow as you move.

17 Plan For Feeling Tired And Unwell

If you find you are feeling unwell in the run up to the wedding, you might as well assume that this will happen on the day and put some plans in place to give you maximum comfort. Make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for you to sit down, you can always chat to guests during this time.

Ask someone to keep you regularly topped up with water and soft drinks, and to bring you regular snacks if you need to keep the blood sugar up. Don’t over exert yourself, pace yourself and give others plenty of tasks to do to take the pressure off you.

16 Check If The Officiant Will Happy Marry A Pregnant Bride

There are some churches that are very happy to marry pregnant brides and some that are not. This is the same with officiants at weddings, some will not bat an eyelid, and some will refuse. So, be open with them when you are in the initial stages of planning, and make sure that this won’t be a hitch nearer the day.

15 Consider a Mock Wedding Ring In Case Of Swelling

The wedding ring is the symbol of a never-ending love and marriage (hopefully!). It is something that you will be wearing for the rest of your life and needs to fit and be comfortable. When we are pregnant though, our hands and fingers can swell due to water retention and increased blood flow.

If you notice that your hands and fingers have swollen and some of your other rings (your engagement ring for example) are a little snug, it is worth getting a cheap, temporary wedding ring to use for the service and buy a real, permanent ring once the baby is born and you can assess how big your fingers are.

14 Give Yourself Plenty of Time (As Pregnancy Slows You Down)

When you are planning the big day, make sure that you allow plenty of time. There is a great chance that you won’t be feeling your usual energetic self and you may move more slowly than normal. You may need time to sit and rest between sections of the day, particularly if you have been standing for a while.

Factor in bathroom breaks as well, these can add up to a sizeable chunk of time when you factor a wedding dress into the equation. You don’t want to feel rushed on the day, so make sure you are realistic about getting everything done that you want to happen.

13 Sit Down On The Day When You Can

The run-up to any wedding is very stressful. The days before the wedding might make you very tired and your sleep may be disrupted as you focus on last-minute worries. Factor this into your day and make sure that there are plenty of seats available for you when tiredness takes over.

You may need a nap during the day if you have planned an all-day event, so make sure there is a provision for that to happen if you should need it. Try and keep the event within a shorter time frame to ensure that you don’t overtire yourself and the baby and that you still get a chance to enjoy yourself.

12 Always Ask For Help

You don’t have to do it alone. You can ask for help. People are very willing to help out with weddings and spreading the load of tasks will make things easier for you to enjoy your day. Most people feel very privileged to be asked to do something special for someone’s wedding, so take advantage of that.

If there is a particular aspect of the day that is worrying you, voice that and see who can help you meet the challenge. You will make their day special by asking them to get involved, reminds Wedding Bee. You will need all your energy to focus on relaxing and enjoying your day.

11 Keep Your Energy Levels Up With Regular Snacks

Most women find themselves very hungry during pregnancy. Eating small snacks may alleviate morning sickness and will help to regulate blood sugar and keep energy levels up. The adrenaline and excitement of a wedding day can make most brides forget to eat but try to eat regular small snacks even if you don’t feel very hungry.

You will need a lot of energy to keep you and the baby going, and if you don’t eat, you may find yourself flagging by the end of the day and feeling worse. Try and sit down if you are having a meal, and rest even if you don’t feel like eating much.

10 Be Aware Some People Might Be Disapproving

There are bound to be some people who will be disapproving that you are pregnant before you get married. They may have old-fashioned views and feel scared by the way that the world is changing. They have a right to have their views, but you don’t have to let them spoil your day.

Remember that some people have very strong cultural or religious beliefs that are important to them, and you don’t need to take them on board. If you appear happy and serene and totally free from embarrassment about your situation, you can do your bit to break down those stigmas.

9 Plan the Honeymoon With Relaxation in Mind

The grand honeymoon kayaking across Niagara Falls may have to wait until the baby is born. Remember that you will be exhausted after the run-up to the day and the emotions of the wedding, especially as women experience a range of emotions during pregnancy, thanks to those lovely hormones.

Try and use the honeymoon as a pre-baby holiday as well, where you both get a chance to relax and reflect on the changes that have gone on in your lives, and the changes that are to come. On the practical side, make sure you are safe to fly and that you don’t need to consider vaccinations to stay safe at your destination.

8 Incorporate the Baby Into the Day

There is no point pretending the baby is not at the wedding, especially if the pregnancy is advanced. It will be fun to look back at the day, once the baby is born, and see how you addressed the baby’s presence during the wedding.

You could bring the baby into the proceedings by lighting a candle to symbolize the baby’s presence or have some trimmings in pink or blue if you know the sex of the baby. If your husband-to-be wants to include the baby in his speech, he could reference how much the day means to you both and the family you are about to become.

7 Give Yourself A Chance to Have Fun

This is your big day and your dream day, and you deserve to enjoy it. If you have done as much preparation as humanly possible and put as many contingency plans in place as possible, there is nothing for you to do, but enjoy your day.

Try and keep anxiety levels to a minimum with relaxation techniques, it will benefit you and the baby. Focus on keeping yourself at the moment, to experience all the emotion that a happy marriage brings. Everyone is there to celebrate with you and they want you to be happy, so do your best to oblige!

6 Choose Your Dress With a Growing Bump in Mind

When you initially choose your wedding dress, you will be smaller in size than you will be on the big day. If you choose a maternity wedding dress, it is advisable to get one that has some stretch in the fabric or is fully adjustable.

Ask the dressmaker to give you a fitting as close to the wedding date as possible, to give a reliable indication of how big you will be on the day, as Sarah Jayne Potter reminds us. It is also best to try and keep the dress simple and avoid too many frills or bows as this will just accentuate the size.

5 Keep Cool And Drink Plenty of Water

Some women get very hot when they are pregnant, and all women need to keep hydrated. American Pregnancy reminds us it is even more important to keep hydrated when pregnant. Drinking plenty of water will help the baby as much as you, so remember that you are drinking for two!

If you think you will get hot during the service or reception, ask for some portable fans to be available or for the air conditioning to be turned on. Alternatively, you could enlist a bridesmaid or relative to carry a hand-held fan in their bag, just for moments when it all gets a bit hot and sticky.

4 Choose a Bouquet That Can Cover The Bump In Photos

You may be hugely happy and proud to be pregnant on your wedding day and want to show off your bump to the world as you celebrate the upcoming baby. However, make sure some photos don’t emphasize the pregnancy. You never know how you are going to feel in years to come, and it would be a shame to regret not having pictures that don’t focus on the baby.

If your bump is massive, use your bouquet to hide the bump for some photos, and maybe ask the photographer to take some head and shoulder shots so you have a choice of pictures.

3 Plan An Early Reception So You Don’t Have A Late Night

You may have planned to boogie through the night at an evening reception and perform a romantic first dance with your new husband. The reality is that by the time the evening comes, you may be thoroughly exhausted and want to sit down with a cup of tea.

Try and plan a daytime reception so that you can enjoy the day and get an early night. You will have just as much fun reminiscing about the day with your husband and baby and will feel better if you get a good night’s sleep. There will be plenty of time for dancing and celebrating once the baby is born. You could have an elaborate naming ceremony with an evening reception if you feel you have missed out.

2 Make Sure There is Seating Available At The Venue

Go through the day in your head and work out if there is enough seating, and enough restrooms for you to feel comfortable during the wedding. There are usually plenty of seats at the ceremony, but ensure that there are plenty at the reception too.

When you are planning the photographs, you might consider being seated as they can go on a bit long and you will be tired if you are standing around for too long. Similarly, at the reception, ask the organizers to incorporate some extra chairs into the arrangements, just to make sure you have somewhere to rest if you need to.

1 Plan the Menu Around Your Food Likes and Dislikes

There are restrictions on what you can eat and drink when you are pregnant. If you have already selected a menu before knowing you were pregnant, you might want to make some alterations to accommodate your tastes. If you prefer to leave things as they are, speak to the caterers and see if they will give you a separate meal that is pregnancy friendly.

As you won’t be drinking any alcohol, make sure there are plenty of soft drinks available for you to consume, and some sparkling water or a sparkling non-alcoholic drink for toasting. This is your day, so make sure you don’t forget that you need to be fed!

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