20 Things Pregnant Women Can't Do In The Second Trimester

There's a reason why the second trimester is called the "Golden Trimester." A woman's skin tends to be glowing at this stage, and hiding one's pregnancy becomes impossible. It's just something that people can pick up on. It's also a time when a woman truly begins to feel like they're pregnant.

But with this feeling comes a set of new responsibilities that aren't at all present in the first trimester. This means that there are a number of things that a pregnant woman can no longer do until after she's had the baby. And some of these things are actually pretty remarkable. Of course, a health care professional is always the best person to consult on this matter, but we've compiled a detailed list that includes some of the most important things that women in their second trimester should avoid.

Also included are a few things that women no longer have to experience during their pregnancy. And believe it or not, not all the changes are bad ones. All of the information found here is sourced at the bottom if one is interested in a tad more information. Without further ado, here are 20 Things Pregnant Women Can't Do In Their Second Trimester.

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20 Sayonara To All That Sashimi


Sushi lovers aren't a fan of the second trimester, or the rest of the pregnancy for that matters. This is because they have to give up raw fish altogether. In fact, it's incredibly important that you do.  By 12 weeks, women need to give up raw fish altogether. This is because it, as well as undercooked steak, can make a pregnant woman feel sick. It can also hamper the baby's development. Therefore, this is one of the most notable and vital changes that need to take place in the second trimester. That means no sushi selfies like this happy patron. That is, of course, unless the sushi is cooked or vegetarian.

19 Mornings Don't Need To Be The Enemy

Here's a wonderful thing about the second trimester, there's no more morning sickness. Yep, that's right, morning sickness becomes a thing of the past. Morning sickness tends to be one of the ways that women find out that they're pregnant, but it isn't one of the long lasting elements of the journey. Sure, some women can continue to experience nausea throughout their pregnancy, but for the most part, racing to the bathroom stops by the beginning of the second trimester. This is because hormones level out after about 12 weeks. Additionally, moms-to-be also begin to shift their eating habits to accommodate the body and are therefore aren't forced to be besties with the porcelain throne.

18 Put A Hold On That Double Espresso Almond Milk Latte

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We all know how necessary a couple of cups of coffee are in the morning. We also know that an afternoon latte or cappuccino is what will pick us up until evening relaxation time. If you're not a coffee person - first of all, what's wrong with you? Second of all, black and green teas also essentially have the same function. However, none of these drinks should be drunk while a woman is in the second trimester. This is because caffeine can increase the heart rate which can be bad for you while pregnant. Additionally, caffeine passes through the placenta and increases the possibility of the baby developing all sorts of problems. The safer option is to switch to herbal drinks such as peppermint, ginger, or chamomile tea.

17 The Things That Make Life Fun Go "Bye-Bye"

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Here's one of the toughest parts of the second trimester, it's officially the time where all grown-up-only beverages must be ditched. As suggested by the Academy of Pediatrics, there is no type or safe amount of it that can be drunk, as it will affect the baby in ways most parents really wouldn't want. However, liquid happiness isn't the only thing that one has to give up. The same goes for any sort of recreational fun that could be had. All of these things can be really bad for developing children, as they absorb practically everything that's put into a mother's system, be it through their mouths or through their lungs.

16 Serena Williams Isn't A Role Model For A Few Months

Tennis great Serena Williams actually won the Australian Open while she was pregnant. Granted, this was while she was in her first trimester and not her second. But it's still pretty amazing. It's actually also not something that should have been done. However, this applies even more so when a woman is in her second trimester as it's the time when any high impact sport should be taken out of one's schedule until long after the birth of the child. Sports like tennis, softball, horseback riding, snowboarding, and skiing can all be harmful to both the mother and the unborn child as falls can happen. Additionally, the placenta can detach under these circumstances. So, just be extra careful and avoid this type of activity.

15 Colds Can No Longer Be Quelled With A Crutch

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When most of us feel a cold coming on, we rush out to our local convenience store and stock up on all the cold medication that we can get our hands on. This includes an assortment of relaxants, soothers, and vitamins that can help to defeat a cold in its tracks. However, once a woman is in their second trimester, they should be avoiding practically all of the products that she would normally purchase to battle a cold. That is unless her doctor suggests otherwise. This is because some of these medications can be bad for the baby. Additionally, women tend to get stuffy noses while they are pregnant and it may have nothing to do with colds. By taking these products when there isn't a cold to be found, women could be lessening their impact later on.

14 Sleeping Becomes Very Specific, So Pay Attention

Coming to the second trimester means that women need to be aware of how they sleep. This sounds really nuts, but it's true. Women need to know that side-sleeping is really the only option for them. In the first 12 weeks, the baby is so little that their mom's sleeping position doesn't matter. But this changes once those 12 weeks are up. Side-sleeping keeps pressure off of the vessels which supply the necessary things to the baby. Therefore, it's really the best way to sleep in comparison to the other two. For obvious reasons, sleeping on one's stomach is a total no-no now. But sleeping on one's back can be equally bad if done too much. This is because sleeping with one's belly-up can cause the uterus to compress a major vessel. This can disrupt flow to the baby and cause a mom to feel nauseated or dizzy.

13 Water Is A Gal's Best-Friend

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It's not "diamonds" and it's not even grown-up grape juice; it's water that's a gal's best friend while she's pregnant. When the second trimester comes, women can no longer afford to allow themselves to become dehydrated. It's vital that a woman drink more water than the average person, as water plays an important role in the healthy development of your baby. This also means that drinking other things that make one dehydrated, such as soda, need to be counteracted with even more water. According to the APA,  "During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, dehydration can pose the risk of premature births. It is one of the reasons for premature contractions."

12 No Running From Dentist Bills

Dentists are not fun for everyone. They tend to cost a fortune and they always find a way of making you feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, it's seldom that someone can go to the dentist and hear that there's nothing wrong with their mouths; it really doesn't matter how clean you keep your teeth. These are some of the reasons why we all avoid going. However, when in the second trimester, it's vital that we go to the dentist. This is because so much of our general health is tied to the health of our teeth and gums. A mother's general health greatly affects the baby she is carrying. This is what the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that expectant mothers have a routine oral health assessment while pregnant, along with regular dental cleanings.

11 Don't Go For The Tylenol

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Everything bugs an expectant mother. Her feet, her stomach, her head, even the crux of her elbow. Everything! This is why some moms will likely reach for their bottle of Tylenol. However, it may not be a good idea to take it every day during the second and third trimester. Children who get too much of acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) during their mom's pregnancy are more likely to develop behavioral issues later on. This was backed up by a lead study author Eivind Ystrom of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Oslo in an interview with Reuters Health. The link between the two is notable and therefore experts want mom to lower her dependency on the product during this time.

10 Let The Darn Cat Change Its Own Litter Box

It's better to have a dog during the second trimester than a cat. In fact, it's better to have a dog in general - ugh, cat people! The reason why cats can be troublesome for women in their second trimester is due to their litterbox. Cat poop can carry a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, an infection that does nothing to adults but can be harmful to developing babies. Therefore, if you're going to have a cat during the second and third trimesters, make sure someone else cleans their litter box. That or you make the little feline do it themselves. Also, make sure to wash food that's been left out thoroughly before eating. See how much easier it is to adopt a dog instead?

9 Exercise Smartly, Not Lazily

Certain activities are vital for women to take part in while they are pregnant. They need to maintain their health during this time and this means their fitness as well. It should go without saying that certain sports and athletic activities are a no-go during the second trimester through birth, but others are a little less obvious. One such activity is any exercise a woman does while laying on her back. The reason why these exercises are bad is exactly the same reason why they shouldn't sleep on their backs. Exercising while laying on one's back after the first trimester can cause hypotension and compression of the uterus. This will reduce the circulatory flow to the fetus. So, continue those exercises on your side, sitting, or standing up.

8 Goodbye To Mickey Mouse And That Bald Guy From Six Flags!

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Being in the second trimester means taking a break from Disneyland, Universal Theme Park, California Adventures, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Six Flags, and pretty will every other type of amusement park there is. Yes, that's right. Pregnant women should do their very best to stay away from any sort of amusement or theme, or water park after 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is because rides are just about the least smart thing they can do. They are too jerky and high impact for a developing baby. Sure, a pregnant woman can still go for the sightseeing and the food, but if they are tempted to go on the rides, they shouldn't go at all.

7 Ignore All Those Inspirational Youtube Videos

We often see these videos online of very pregnant women who claim that they can still do all the physical things that they did when they weren't pregnant. Even worse are those who try to prove to the world that they can start doing these things even though they are growing a little one inside of them. Although exercise is absolutely vital for a pregnant woman, the truth is that any sort of heavy lifting is just a bad idea. This is especially true once a woman hits her second trimester. Sure, some women can still do Crossfit, to the chagrin of every mother who can't, but doctors really don't recommend it. Heavy lifting can cause legitimate issues to a developing baby and therefore is best avoided. Stick to easy and consistent cardio, toning, and light weights.

6 Get Up!

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Being in your second trimester does not mean you can sit around all day. Exercise is something that should be worked into almost every day. Now, that doesn't mean hard workouts. It can just mean walking around the block. At the very least, get up and stand for a while. This is because too much sitting can be a problem for a developing baby after about 12 weeks all the way until birth. This is because there can be a build-up that can cause clots. This is why long car rides should be avoided unless they are separated by long breaks. Every mom-to-be should be getting up every hour or two throughout the second and third trimester.

5 The Second Trimester Can't Handle The Heat

Overheating is one of the least beneficial things a mom can do after about 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is why saunas and whirlpools and tubs should be avoided at all costs. Even a shower that's too warm can cause a mom to feel dizzy and get dehydrated. Moms need to stay cool as much as they can in order to keep themselves happy and safe as well as their developing little ones. This is one of the reasons why yoga should also be avoided after 12 weeks as women can get really overheated unless it's a class tailored specifically for pregnant women.

In addition to the warmth of certain whirlpools and tubs, certain bacterias can also be found within them that are not good for developing kids to be around.

4 Take A Month Between Sitting And Standing

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When you enter your second trimester, you really should start treating yourself like a grandmother. At least when it comes to standing up. That's right, you really should take a month between the sitting and standing positions. Doctors want mothers-to-be to understand that standing up too quickly can cause them to feel dizzy and even faint. This happens because of the change in pressure that occurs when pregnant. A woman can easily feel light-headed if she springs up too quickly from her seat. This could cause her to fall and harm herself or the developing baby. So, make sure you do yourself and your baby a favor and be mindful when standing up.

3 Nails Can't Be Bejeweled And Beautiful

Some women love getting all sorts of colorful nails put on their fingertips. Some of these nails are very much bedazzled while others are simply tinted tips. Either way, researchers aren't entirely sure if gel nails or acrylic nails are safe during pregnancy, specifically after about 12 weeks when things really start taking shape inside of a woman. But one thing they are pretty sure about is that being around all the solvent and chemicals that float around a nail salon can really be an issue for a developing baby. This is why they suggest that women should avoid doing up their nails while pregnant. Besides, when a woman is pregnant their hormones tend to make their nails thicker and more beautiful. Therefore, they may only need a bit of polish.

2 No More Microwave Moments

Pregnant women can often feel pretty tired and therefore not want to cook a meal. This can lead them to warm things up in the microwave. However, experts want women entering their second trimester to stay clear of the microwave while it's working. This isn't to say that one can't warm things up in a microwave; they should just be standing far away from it as it can emit harmful electromagnetic radiation that can enter the body and actually pose a risk to the developing fetus. Not all practitioners agree on the degree of this, but it's generally something that women in their second trimester and beyond should stay clear of just to be careful.

1 Keep Feet Close To The Ground

There about a thousand reasons why Kim Kardashian should not be seen as a role model - sorry Kardashian fans. One of the reasons why this woman shouldn't be held up above the rest is this very picture. This is because she's putting fashion (as well as her own self-esteem) above the health of her unborn child. Experts really don't want women beyond their second trimester to be wearing high heels. This is because it can throw a woman's center of balance off and pose a risk to their stability and their unborn child. A lot of swelling can happen in the feet which can cause them harm if they are constricted by something that pushes their heels up. After about 12 weeks, stick to those flat-bottoms.

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