20 Things Pregnant Women Still Think It’s Safe To Do In Summer

Summertime is a chance to take it easy while soaking in those rays. But for those expecting a baby, acute carefulness needs to be exercised in the summer. Lots of dangers lurk in places that pregnant woman may not expect or even realize might be best avoided for the time being.

In fact, summer after summer, pregnant women are making the same mistakes again and again. Mostly seen during the hot months of summer, these mistakes can put the unborn baby and the mom-to-be at risk for serious complications and other issues, and no one wants that.

We are not saying to not enjoy the summer! Everyone loves a nice summer party or BBQ, heading over to the beach, going on vacation, and so much more. You can enjoy summer as a pregnant woman, all the while staying safe too! Remember: your baby should always come first, before how you might look and what you might want to eat, and even where you think you want to go. Read on for some mistakes pregnant women are still making in the summer and make sure you are not making these same mistakes!

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20 Taking Vacations Where Zika May Lurk

We have all heard about the Zika virus. Even though it may not be making as big headlines as it once was, it is still out there, and still just as scary. Zika is very, very serious when it comes to pregnancy. The virus alone causes fever, rash, headaches, joint pain, and more, but to an unborn baby, it can be devastating.

Zika virus is linked to causing major birth defects, including microcephaly (small head, abnormal brain development), according to AmericanPregnancy.org. Expecting mothers should avoid traveling to countries listed as Zika territories, including Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, and more.

19 Not Knowing What You're Eating On Vacation

When we go on vacation, whether it is to the beach or a resort or theme park, or just about anything, we are bound to have to eat out. If you are pregnant and on vacation, you will be likely eating at restaurants for a good portion of your trip.

The only mistake some pregnant women make while on vacation, is not realizing exactly what they are eating. You may indulge in local meals, not even knowing exactly what they are, or what ingredients they consist of. Ask questions and get real answers before you put any mystery food in your mouth.

18 Wearing Flip Flops

We know, flip flops are an essential part of any summer. They keep your feet cool and are so easy to slide on and off. And this type of non-supportive footwear is what many pregnant women choose to wear during the summer, and it is actually a big mistake to do so. Daily Mail UK reports that many expecting mamas wear flip flops in the summer, and it is actually a bit dangerous.

They offer no joint support, and because you are already off balance due to that growing bump, they can cause you to trip and fall. During pregnancy, it is important to wear supportive shoes on your feet, even throughout the summer months.

17 Having “Just One”

Via: Peaks and Pints Tacoma

We know that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is a huge no-no. It causes all kinds of birth defects, and is very well known that pregnant women should just not drink. However, some studies have shown that one glass of red one, or one glass of a dark beer does no harm.

Believe what you want to believe, but the recommendation from doctors is still no alcohol- as in none! Why take the chance of something happening to your baby just for one drink. During the summer, it can be tempting to give in and enjoy that one refreshing cocktail- and you can, just have it virgin style.

16 Getting A Bikini Wax

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We all want to look good in a bikini, and when you are expecting a baby, wearing a bikini may be something you choose to- mostly because you do not have to worry about sucking in your gut! Well, when you are pregnant, you also might be a bit more hairy, since those hormones make our hair- everywhere- grow at a faster rate.

You may be thinking about a bikini wax, and that is probably not a good idea. Due to your pregnancy hormones, your skin is also super sensitive, which will make a bikini wax quite painful, so might want to rethink it.

15 Enjoying The Jacuzzi

We know how inviting a jacuzzi can be, really any time of the year! In the summer months, jacuzzi and hot tub use goes way up, and that can mean you might be tempted to join your friends and family in those warm waters. But if you are pregnant, it is the warm water that is not good for your baby. Jacuzzis and hot tubs raise your internal body temperature, according to Babycenter.com. It can be harmful to your unborn baby to have that spike in body temperature, so while you are growing your baby, try to refrain from jacuzzi and hot tub use.

14 Wearing The Wrong Clothes

During pregnancy, you want to look good, but also wear clothes that are breathable. Pregnancy can make you hot! In the summertime, we are wearing less clothing, but also the temperature outside is making us more hot. We have to watch what the material is that we choose to wear.

Polyester might stretch to accommodate our growing bellies, but it also will not allow your skin to breathe, and could cause you to overheat. It is best to avoid this material. What can you wear? Look for cotton. A nice, flowy sundress always looks good on a pregnant woman, and is nice and cool!

13 Lying In The Sun

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As we have stated before, during pregnancy, your body can get quite hot. During the summer months where the temperatures soar, your internal body temperature also rises. It is important to stay nice and cool. Therefore, experts largely recommend that pregnant mamas refrain from lying in the sun.

Not only can your body overheat, but you could also get a sunburn which could very well make you sick. Opt for an umbrella with a large brim hat and a nice, cold drink in hand, and know that you can enjoy yourself outside in the sun, just not directly in under those intense rays!

12 Bending Over Too Much In The Garden

As with many things during pregnancy, sometimes too much is just too much. This goes for bending over, such as while working out in the garden during the summer. Sometimes, we may not even realize how much strain we put on our bodies, especially with something that seems so simple as gardening! Yet, we do, pregnant or not.

When you are expecting, every time you bend over, you are also putting extra strain on your legs and back. Try to take it easy when you are outside doing yard work, you can just do it, just be extra careful and a bit more relaxed.

11 Biting Into That Not-So-Well Done Burger

(Photo by Gerardo Mora)

There is nothing like a hamburger on a hot summer day! Something about summertime makes us all crave those juicy burgers. And being pregnant, you might be craving them extra- complete with melting cheese, pickles, ketchup, and anything else you may want to top your burger with!

However, if you are growing a baby in your belly, you need to make sure that burger is well done. This is a mistake many pregnant women make, not even paying attention or ordering a rare burger, when that poses a risk of contracting listeria, an infection which can be deadly for an unborn baby.

10 Going Camping And Not Being Careful

During the summertime months, many people enjoy going camping. It can be a fun learning experience, whether you choose to hike to your spot in the middle of the woods and set up a tent, or if you choose a campground with a tent or even in a cabin!

The issue with pregnant women is being in the woods. Many expecting mamas make the mistake of thinking all is fine, when in reality, the woods pose a hazard that can be dangerous for the mom-to-be and even the unborn baby. When in the woods, watch out for ticks and poison ivy especially!

9 Not Drinking Enough Water

It really goes without saying, you are more likely to get dehydrated in the summer due to those hot temperatures. As you do your thing during the summer, some of us can be forgetful when it comes to our water intake. Many expecting mamas might even think they are drinking enough water, when they actually are not.

This is a huge mistake by so many people, pregnant or not. But for pregnant ladies, not drinking enough water can have bad effects on not only your health, but your unborn baby’s health as well. Always have water handy, and drink up!

8 Drinking Too Much Iced Coffee

Via: Daily Mail

Staying hydrated is super important during the summer, but one mistake many pregnant women make is that they believe any drink counts towards hydration.

And one drink we all love during those hot and humid summer months? Iced coffee! We all indulge in our favorite caffeinated beverage over ice in the summer, but it can have a two fold negative effect for pregnant women.

First, it is coffee. Expecting mamas really need to limit their intake of coffee and caffeine while they are pregnant. Secondly, coffee, including iced coffee, does not keep you hydrated, in fact, it can dehydrate you!

7 Indulging In A Freshly Pressed Juice

Seeing a stand of freshly pressed juice on a hot summer day can make our mouths water. But if you are pregnant, do not make the same mistake that so many expecting mamas make- don’t drink that freshly pressed juice! Why? It is unpasteurized. It is important for pregnant women to not drink anything that is unpasteurized because it can contain harmful bacteria, such as listeria, which can be very dangerous for the unborn baby. The process of pasteurization kills those bacteria. Be wary of any fresh juice you may come across during the summer, or anytime of the year. It needs to always be pasteurized.

6 Trying Too Hard For A Beach Body

Via: be_mom_be_fit Instagram

It is a great thing to stay nice and fit while you are expecting. Unfortunately, when it comes to summertime, we all want those hot beach bodies. When you are pregnant, you may want to work out extra to get all those other areas of your body in pristine condition, so you can look good sporting your body and your baby bump!

Well, some moms-to-be take it too hard, and it is a huge mistake. They exercise too much, in hot conditions, and end up fainting or becoming dehydrated as a result. You already have a beautiful pregnant body. You can keep working out, but do not take it too far.

5 Swimming In The Wrong Spots

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The hot days of summer have us wanting to cool off. Pregnant women often get extra hot during the summer, so they may opt for a dip before thinking about the water they are entering. It is a huge mistake so many expecting mamas make. Any water could potentially be dangerous.

Is the chlorine level in your background pool at the right point? How crowded is the public pool and does it appear clean? What could be in that lake that wish to dive into?

From chemical burns to parasites, anything could be in the water. You can still enjoy it, just always be extra aware when you are expecting.

4 Losing Balance Due To A Big Ocean Wave

Via: pxhere

There is nothing like experiencing the ocean at your feet. But if you are pregnant, be careful how far in you go. As we all know, the further you get in your pregnancy, the bigger that bump becomes, and the more off balance you will get!

When you have a big baby belly, you are always off-balance, no matter how much control you think you might have. Therefore, when you step foot in the ocean, always pay attention. Do not turn around. Watch the waves and enjoy them, but be careful. One big hit and you will be knocked down for sure!

3 Overeating At The BBQ

Via: anna_jermakova Instagram

Enjoying delicious BBQ eats and treats is a dream that comes true each and every summer. When you are pregnant, do not make the same mistake many of us do, and that is overeating. It can be so easy to indulge in all those grilled meats, sides, desserts, and everything in between when you go to a BBQ party. There is usually tons of food, and somehow and someway, you need to limit yourself. Pay attention to what you are eating and only choose the best of the best so you do not go home with a bad stomach ache.

2 Taking A Cruise Too Close To Your Due Date

The last thing any of us want is to end up in labor in the middle of the ocean! But, guess what, it has happened! Taking a cruise or a similar type of vacation close to your due date is a mistake some women have made that changed their lives forever. Unless you want to have a baby in a strange place, don’t do it!

In fact, many cruise ship companies will not allow pregnant women within a month or two of their due date even board a ship for a cruise, and this is exactly why. Do not make this mistake, otherwise, you might end up on the news!

1 Having Too Much Fun At The Amusement Park

Natalie Morales on rollercoaster

Go ahead and enjoy yourself at the theme park. There is much to do, but also a lot you need to be aware to not do. Many pregnant women make the mistake of taking their amusement park journey a little too far, by having fun that while enjoyable, is also dangerous. This means, no roller coasters, water slides, and more. Those signs saying no pregnant women exist for a reason! Do not take a chance when it comes to the health and well being of both yourself and your unborn baby. Stroll around the park and have fun, just not too much fun!

References: parentinghealthybabies.com, BabyCenter, WhatToExpect, Americanpregnancy.org, cdc.gov, Daily Mail UK, and thebump.com.

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