20 Things She Does Differently If She Was Born To Be A Mom

When people say that being a mom is a full-time job, they’re not kidding. And, like any job, not everyone is as perfect for the role as others. So what does it look like when someone is born to be a mom?

While there’s no magic recipe for what makes an excellent mom, it’s easy to think of the qualities people loved in their own moms and how they want to be for their kids. From being patient to well organized to not being afraid to get down and dirty, there are tons of characteristics that make a mother amazing.

And, for some women, she may have been born with these awesome character traits. Maybe she's always loved children since a young age or were an excellent baby sitter. Or, perhaps she's always been well organized and a natural-born leader. Read on to discover 20 signs of someone who was born to be a mom!

Like we’ve said, there’s no perfect formula to being a great parent or any for-sure signs that a woman is destined to be one. All that matters is that she's doing her best to raise her kids to be the best people they can be. If she's already doing that, then our bet is she was definitely born to be a parent!

20 She’s Always Been An Excellent Babysitter

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One of the easiest ways to tell if you were born to be a parent is to ask yourself how good you are with kids!

It’s clear that someone is going to make an excellent mom if she’s always been good at wrangling with toddlers and negotiating with teenagers. Perhaps she was the one teen all the moms would call in the neighbourhood when they needed a babysitter, or she’s the one friend who can make your kid stop crying better than you.

If babysitting, even for a couple hours, was something that drove you up the wall, then perhaps it’s a sign that having kids isn’t right for you!

19 She Knows Having A Messy House Is Okay

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Especially if you’ve got a type-A personality, it can be incredibly frustrating as a parent when you don’t have the time to take care of your kids and keep up the household!

Even if she loves keeping a clean and tidy household, someone who was born to be a mother knows that you can’t always have things looking spick and span all the time. Otherwise, you’re going to lose your temper and your sanity. Kids are going to make a mess regardless of how many times you clean things up.

It’s better to just live in the moment and learn to let go of stress, rather than make yourself upset when things are in a mess.

18 She Carries Everything In Her Purse

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We all know that one mom whose purse seems to be a black hole!

She likely carries around a massive purse that’s both stylish and functional. Inside, she has everything plus the kitchen sink… just in case of emergency, of course. Whether you need a tissue, Band-Aid, or hairspray to fix fly-aways, she’s got your back.

If you’re the type of woman who always has whatever you’ll need right inside your bag, then you’re destined to make a great mother. And, if you already have kids, then this is the reason all your mom friends always gravitate towards you!

17 She’s The ‘Mom’ Of Her Friend Circle

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Every friend circle has a Mom of the group!

You know, she’s that one friend who always has the right words of encouragement, or will take care of you if you’ve had too much to drink. And, chances are, this mean she’s meant to be an excellent mom!

From her nurturing personality to always being prepared to never letting anyone go hungry these skills have prepared her well to take care of her own army of kids. And, until she has kids of her own, it makes her an excellent friend to have around.

16 She Doesn’t Mind The Icky Things

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Clearly, being a parent isn’t all sunshine and daisies…

There are a lot of gross responsibilities that come with being a mom or dad, like changing dirty diapers, dealing with a sick kid, and cleaning up vomit in the worst of places.

We doubt that there’s anyone out there who actually loves doing the gross work that comes with being a parent. But you know someone was born for motherhood if you’ve never heard her complain about these sort of things. Rather, she manages to keep a smile on her face no matter how chaotic things are getting!

15 She Gives The Best Parenting Advice

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We all know that one mama with the best advice!

A sign that someone is destined to be a great parent is if they always have a solution to parenting woes, even if they aren’t a mom or dad themselves!

This type of born-to-be-a-mom-is the one person you always go to with your parenting problems. She gives you advice that sounds like it was straight out of a parenting book, and she never judges you, regardless of how frazzled you might feel. Honestly, it feels like she knows all the ins and outs of parenting, and she may not even be a parent yet!

14 Multitasking Has Always Been A Breeze For Her

If you’re a mom, then you know that being able to multitask is one of the requirements of the job! A sure-fire sign that someone is bound to be a great parent is if they’ve been multitasking all their life.

We all know that one person in our life who’s able to answer a work call while making dinner, doing a couple loads of laundry, and catching up on Netflix. When she becomes a mom, she’s still able to do all of these things at once plus keep one eye on the baby at all times.

We have no idea how this type of mom does things, but we aspire to get to her level!

13 She Always Wanted A Big Family

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Did you always dream about having a family like the Brady Bunch? Then chances are you were born for this gig!

We all know that one girl who’s always talked about becoming a mom. She’s likely said that she wants a huge family, so hopefully her partner is one board. She’s always looked forward to dressing up her own mini-me and enrolling her kids in tons of activities. Not every kid or adult knows if they want to have children in the future, but she’s been certain about it since Day 1.

Now that she is a mom, she takes joy in all the things that comes with being a mom. It was meant to be!

12 She’s Always Got A Shoulder To Cry On

One of the most important things a mom should be is a good listener! Whether her toddler scraped a knee or her teen is going through her first break-up, a sign of an excellent mother is that she’s always got a shoulder for you to cry on.

Before having kids, this type of mama was always the support system in her friend group, and the one everyone would go to if they need a good vent session. Nowadays, she’s the backbone of her family, and is always there when her kids or partner needs to let it all out.

She’s welcoming, supportive, and gives great advice. Aka. she was born to be a mom!

11 She Doesn’t Lose Her Cool During Tantrums

If you’ve ever had a toddler throw a temper tantrum in front of you, then it’s likely that all you wanted to do was get on the ground and bang your fists, too!

A sign of an amazing mom is if she’s able to lose her cool when her kids are freaking out. She’s likely always been able to control her temper during chaotic situations, even before she became a parent.

This sort of mama knows that things aren’t going to calm down if she’s also throwing a fit, so she stays calm and collected until things have cooled down. Talk about inspirational!

10 She Puts Herself In Other People’s Shoes

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Sometimes it’s hard to consider things from someone else’s perspective. But that’s something you need to master in order to be a great mother!

Someone who was born for motherhood has always been incredibly empathetic and able to imagine where other people are coming from. She’ll always try to see the other side of things, and is able to admit what she’s done wrong.

This comes in handy when she’s trying to relate to fellow parents who are often tired and prickly. And, it’s of course important when she has to try and assume what her toddler is feeling… because heaven knows it’s tough to figure out what’s going on in the mind of a frustrated 2-year old!

9 She’s Loved Kids Since An Early Age

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Probably the easiest way to spot someone who was born to be a mom is seeing whether they’ve loved kids from an early age!

There are tons of moms who say they knew they wanted children since they loved being around kids ever since they were one themselves. Perhaps they had younger siblings or cousins that got them used to being around a ton of tiny tots. Or, she may have been an only child who always wanted to have a large family so she’d have kids to play with.

Either way, if you’ve loved children since you yourself were a child, then you’re destined to be an amazing mom.

8 She Knows To Enjoy The Little Moments

Let’s be honest- parenting is super stressful!

It can feel like your head is going to explode all 24 hours of the day. But, as fast-paced as raising kiddos can be, time sure flies fast.

Anyone born to be a mom knows how important it is to enjoy the little moments. Sure, your kid might be sick with a runny nose or cough, but she won’t always be begging you to cuddle her and make her feel better. Do your best to enjoy all aspects of parenthood, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because soon, your kids are going to be all grown up!

7 She’s Brilliant At Keeping The Kids Busy

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For a lot of parents, having the kids home for an extended period of time (like during summer and winter break) can be scary. How are you supposed to entertain them for so long?

If you were destined to become a mom, then you’re brilliant at coming up with creative ways to entertain your kids. You always have a craft you can create together, or a fun game that will keep them busy for hours.

Honestly, you likely developed this skill from being left to entertain your younger siblings or cousins. Either that, or you were an excellent camp counsellor at one point!

6 She’s a Natural-Born Leader

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It takes a strong woman to raise a pack of kids!

You know a mom was born for motherhood if she’s always had a strong sense of leadership. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the loudest or was always the captain of her high school sports team.

What it doesmean is that she’s good at helping solve problems, dolling out responsibilities, and getting things done. She’s an expert at organization and is one of the most reliable people you know. And, above all, you can’t imagine anyone but her leading- er, we mean raising- her brood of children.

5 Her Entire Home Is Baby-Proofed

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Anyone who’s raised a baby knows that getting your house prepared for when they start crawling and eventually walking is a huge deal!

First of all, it’s expensive getting all of the baby-proof gadgets you need in order to ensure your house is safe. And, even more, it’s exhausting and anxiety-inducing making sure you’ve baby-proofed every corner of your home.

But, a mama who was born for her role has no trouble getting the house ready! She probably began baby proofing things before her kid even started crawling just because she wanted to be ahead of the game. Talk about goals!

4 She’s Patient In The Face Of Chaos


Every mom knows the horror of trying to get their groceries done with a couple of kids running loose around the grocery store. There likely comes a breaking point when you do (or at least want to) scream at the top of your lungs for the kids to cool it!

If a mom is able to remain patient when everything and everyone around her is in utter chaos, then you know she was born for this role. We’re talking about the sort of mom who can speak sternly to her kids while still using her indoor voice, and can somehow explain to them in a calm way what’s wrong with their behaviour.

Now, how do we get some of that patience?

3 She’s Very Affectionate

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Kids need both physical and emotional affection. So, you know you were born for motherhood if you have no problem being affectionate and loving towards your kiddos.

This encapsulates all sorts of affection we can give our kids, from big bear hugs and snuggles at night to complimenting them on a job well down. Chances are, if you were born to be a mom, you’re known for always having kind words to your kids, and asking for more cuddles than they want to give you.

They say that being nurturing is one of the most important qualities a mom should have. So if you have it down pat, then you’re going to be (or already are) a great mama!

2 She’s Good At Letting Her Inner Child Loose

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They say to be good with kids you have to act like a kid, right?

A mom is a really excellent mom if she’s able to let her inner child loose on short notice. That means she has no shame in getting down and dirty when it comes to playing with her kids.

She loves going to the amusement park and aquarium just as much as her youngins’ do- possibly even more! She loves to have a good laugh and be silly every now and then. Although she’s of course responsible and on top of her game, someone who was born to be a mom can just as easily be goofy and laid-back.

1 She Just Wants Her Kids To Be Happy

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Many parents make the mistake of trying to mould their children into their ‘dream child.’ In these cases, the parent might drive their kids crazy by enrolling them in activities they want to do or not letting them be true to themselves.

A mother who was born to be a parent wants her children to be happy above all else. She’ll support them in all that they do so long that it makes them healthy and happy. She doesn’t care who they want to grow up to be, who they love, or what they do or do not like.

All that matters is that she’s raising happy little munchkins!

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