20 Things That Change Between Mom And Dad During Pregnancy

A pregnancy will bring big changes to a relationship, especially if it's a first pregnancy. While the changes may be good ones, there may be occasional problems, too. Couples who are expecting babies are embarking on big life changes and these changes are not always smooth and seamless. Couples need to work together to keep their relationships strong during pregnancy and beyond.

This list is loaded with facts about how pregnancy may change relationships between spouses. Actually, couples don't really need to be married to experience the pros and cons of relationship changes during pregnancy. They may impact any type of relationship, whether there is a formal marriage or not.

Knowing what may happen is the key to preventing problems. It's possible to make a relationship stronger during pregnancy. The changes can be positive. When couples make every effort to stay close and connected while expecting babies, they may find that their relationships hit brand-new plateaus.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It's a miracle in progress. While women who are pregnant may not feel great all of the time, and find that their relationships with their partners shift a little, they should keep the big picture in mind. Something amazing is going to happen soon, which is life-changing in the best possible way.

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20 Women May Feel Alone Sometimes


Pregnancy brings tons of changes. Women don't feel like their usual selves while they are expecting. How could they? They are growing human beings and that takes its toll. Women may feel that their partners don't really understand how they are feeling.

If your relationship is taking a hit because you feel alone as you move through the trimesters, it's important to reach out to others. Talk to your partner about how you are feeling. Talk to friends and family. It's best to have a safety net.

If you feel like your partner doesn't understand, and you don't have a big support network, look for low-cost or free community services which put you in touch with therapists.

19 Men May Not Understand Pregnancy Symptoms


Men don't feel the same pregnancy symptoms as their partners. Some guys may not understand just how uncomfortable pregnancy can be and this lack of understanding may create a little tension every now and then.

If you're expecting, you will need to advocate for yourself, by letting your partner know which pregnancy symptoms you're experiencing. Men are generally into problem-solving, so offer ways that your guy can help, rather than just complaining. Men may feel powerless if they can't put solutions into action.

For example, if you're experiencing pregnancy cravings, ask your guy to go get you the food that you want. Let him help in practical ways.

18 Men May Feel Neglected At Times


Men want to feel important. If you generally give your guy a lot of attention and do things to make his life easier, and you ease off on that while you're pregnant, your guy may feel neglected. Sure, he should be mature enough to understand that life is different right now and that you should be the one getting attention, but some guys do feel less important while their partners are pregnant.

To stop this from becoming a serious problem, do things for your partner on your good days, when you're feeling your best. Little things like making a supper he likes and giving sincere compliments will help to keep your relationship strong.

17 Women May Be Moodier Than Usual


It's quite common to have plenty of moody moments during pregnancy. Women who are expecting are dealing with pregnancy symptoms, some of which are pretty uncomfortable, and they are also dealing with major hormone shifts that may impact their moods for the worse.

Since a man isn't feeling the same things, he may be a bit offended when moodiness strikes. He may feel like a target. You have to let your guy know that you are more emotional right now, simply because you are pregnant. Let him know that you don't blame him for any discomfort and moodiness that you're feeling.

16 Guys May Not Pick Up On Emotional Cues


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men and women are wired differently and these differences may seem more pronounced during pregnancy. A man may not be able to read his partner's mind and figure out what she wants from him. Some guys will be more intuitive than others.

In light of his different wiring, make every effort to tell him how you are feeling. Don't make him guess and then feel resentful if he doesn't figure you out. Simplify by being clear about your feelings. When you tell him how you feel, there won't be any misunderstandings.

15 Couples May Be Very Excited About The Future


When it comes to pregnancy and how it changes a relationship, it's not all doom and gloom. There is a bright side. Couples with strong relationships may find this time in their lives to be magical. In a best-case scenario, a couple will be so excited about the future. If you and your partner are talking about baby names, prepping the nursery and smiling a lot, congratulations! You are moving forward together in the most positive ways.

If you're not having this happy experience, try to turn things around. Focus on the good stuff. Make your partner aware of how great life is going to be once the baby is born.

14 Men May Begin Worrying About Money


Men may start worrying about money during pregnancy. Women may do the same thing. This is definitely a common worry. Most of us aren't rich and we all know that caring for babies requires cold, hard cash. However, it doesn't need to cost a fortune.

If your hubby is stressing out about money, try to find solutions, rather than sitting back while his worries grow and take on a life of their own. Look for bargains on baby stuff. Use coupons to save money. Consider earning a little money from home when the baby arrives.

Men may feel the pressure to provide when their partners are expecting. That pressure can be severe.

13 Men May Wonder If They've Lost Their Freedom


Pregnancy is going to stir up some fears in some husbands. One common fear among men is that their freedom will be curtailed when the baby comes. For example, your guy might wonder if he'll still be able to play poker with the boys or hit the gym regularly.

The truth is that he probably will have less freedom after the baby comes. His fears are coming from a realistic place. If a guy is excited about becoming a dad, he'll be able to accept the changes with good grace. If he's not excited about becoming a dad, his worries about freedom may be a red flag.

12 Women May Wonder If They've Lost Their Freedom, Too


It's not just the guys who worry about losing their freedom because babies are on the way. Women have the same fears. If you're expecting, you're hopefully looking at the glass as half full, rather than half empty. In other words, don't dwell on the negative. You are going to get so much fulfillment from being a mother. The joy that you feel will more than compensate for any downside.

Plus, babies don't stay babies forever. They grow and eventually go to school and their moms eventually have more free time. Try to enjoy yourself during pregnancy. Baby yourself. Do things that you like doing.

11 Women May Not Have The Same Drive


Your drive for romantic experiences with your partner may not be intense during pregnancy. It may practically disappear. While some women are friskier during pregnancy, due to hormone shifts, many women don't feel so great while they're pregnant and they don't really feel the urge to get intimate with partners.

If you're experiencing loss of drive, try to explain to your partner that you are going through some pregnancy changes and that these changes will pass. Drive is important to men, so it's vital to let him know that he isn't the problem. Try to get romantic during  your good days, when you're feeling great.

10 Men May Find Pregnancy A Bit Unromantic


Some men are very attracted to their pregnant wives. Unfortunately, there are men who don't feel that strong attraction. Pregnancy may seem a little bit unromantic to these guys. For example, a guy may worry about hurting the unborn baby if he gets intimate with a pregnant partner. Guys shouldn't be punished for having these fears. They are natural.

If you get a sense that your guy is finding pregnancy unromantic, try to make positive changes that bring more romance to the relationship. For example, buy pretty maternity underthings and dresses. Put some candles on the table when you eat supper together. It's the little things.

9 Couples May Feel More Mature


With a first pregnancy, a couple may feel like they're really growing up together. Maturing doesn't stop when we are technically adults. It happens all through our lives...or, at least, it should. If you're expecting a baby, you and your hubby may notice that your thoughts, feelings and actions are more mature. You're both coming to terms with the fact that you'll be parents soon. That's a lot of responsibility.

It's perfectly normal to have a more mature mindset during pregnancy. It's a way of mentally preparing for parenthood. You're both getting ready to be the best parents that you can be.

8 Couples May Begin To Nest


The nesting aspect of pregnancy may be very pleasant. It's about getting a home ready for a baby. A hubby might start working on the nursery, or go shopping for things that the baby will need. He might start looking at the home to see how he can make it a safer place for the baby. A mom-to-be may do the same things, or focus on organizing the kitchen or something like that.

Nesting is a fun change that many pregnant couples experience together. It's yet another psychological shift that helps a couple to prepare for the main event i.e. labor and delivery.

7 Couples May Buy Minivans


As you can see, a lot of the relationship changes in pregnancy really aren't bad. They are just about getting mentally prepared to be parents. Some couples go into full-on adulting during pregnancy, by acquiring minivans that will help them to get babies from Point A to Point B.

While certain couples may resist the minivan lifestyle, and stick with their hippie vans, sports cars or other types of transport, it's safe to say that lots of couples want safer, more practical vehicles and buy these safe autos during pregnancy. Babies do need safe vehicles and they also need safe car seats. Safe car seats are so important.

6 Women May Be Apprehensive About Labor


Labor may seem a little bit daunting. Women and their husbands may spend a bit of time wondering what labor will be like. Women may be focused on just how much it's going to hurt. Men sometimes worry that there might be complications in labor or that their babies might have health issues. The best defense against these worries and how they will affect your relationship is education.

Both of you should take a pregnancy class together, such as Lamaze, which helps you to prepare. You may also read up on labor and the possibility of complications. The more you learn, the calmer you'll both feel.

5 Date Nights May Become Infrequent


You probably won't feel like painting the town red while you're pregnant. The first trimester may bring nausea. The last will probably bring some physical discomfort and insomnia. The second trimester is usually the most comfortable, and you may feel like going on date nights during this phase, but every woman has a different experience. If you're one of the lucky ones who sails through pregnancy feeling great, the lack of date nights may not be an issue. If you don't feel well and want to hibernate, all of the time that you both spend at home may strain your relationship.

4 Couples May Feel Married, Whether They Are Or Not


Marriage is a state of mind. It's an emotional commitment that comes from the heart. Some couples feel married and act married even when they aren't. Others have the piece of paper, but don't treat each other that well. If you're not married while you're pregnant, you may find that you feel married during this special time in your life, because you and your partner are so close. You're having a baby together! It's a big deal.

Couples can be happy and great parents whether they are married or not. It's about love and great communication. Times have changed. Everyone doesn't need to be married unless they want to be.

3 Couples With Problems May Have More Problems


Pregnancy isn't really a solution to a bad relationship. It may make existing problems worse. When a baby is brought into an already-stressed relationship, it's really hard to tell how things will go. The baby might bring peace or create new problems.

If you already have issues with your spouse, you need to tread carefully during pregnancy. You need to work on yourself, address the problems with your partner gently, with a mind to actually solving them, and keep the big picture in mind. Do all that you can to get problems resolved before the baby comes. Sometimes, relationships aren't destined to last. Most can be repaired.

2 Women May Not Give Men As Much Attention


You may be in your own head space a lot during pregnancy. For example, you may be focusing on what's happening to your body, or dreaming about what it will be like to be a mother, or thinking about baby names. You may not be as dialed into your partner emotionally, because you have an unborn baby onboard. If you find that you're a little withdrawn from your partner, don't be too hard on yourself, but try to change. Don't make your partner feel like the baby will replace him. Remember that your partner has been your main source of love and support. Don't alienate him during pregnancy.

1 Some Men Really Step Up And Some Don't


There are guys who turn into veritable superheroes during pregnancy. They read baby books, massage their wive's lower backs, attend pregnancy classes and generally step up in the most honorable ways. These guys are truly awesome.

Other guys may wobble a bit as they embrace the fact that they are going to be parents. If you have a superhero spouse, you're really lucky, although you definitely deserve that level of support. If your guy is one of the wobbly ones, you need to reach out to other people in your life during pregnancy. Find support if you don't get it at home.

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