20 Things That Happen To Mom In The First 24 Hours After Birth

A lot of things happen after the baby is born. There is skin-to-skin, which we know has many benefits for the baby – daddy might even want to get in the mix of that as well. The baby is weighed and checked by the nurses and doctors to make sure that all is right with him. Mom will also be encouraged to start nursing as soon as possible – the latching process is something that deserves its own article.

Then there’s the hospital paperwork, learning to change him, learning to bathe a tiny human without him slipping out of mom's hands… All this and so much more is about the baby but, what about mom? What about the person who has just given birth to this living being? Mom's system has gone through a lot during these past few months and it’s not over yet. Of course, the big ordeal is done but there are quite a number of things mom will notice about herself physically. For starters, she looks nothing like she used to.

For a first time expecting mom who is wondering what will happen to her physically after she gives birth, she might want to scroll down below as we take readers through the most likely things to happen to mom in the first 24 hours after birth

20 A Few Stitches Are Most Likely

You’ve just done an incredible job by delivering your little human. In the process, a few things might have been stretched to their limits. A lot of women will need stitches after delivery and we don’t really have to say much here for you to understand why – just look at a newborn’s head and you’ll quickly understand why. The important thing here is to know that although it might be incredible sore, you will soon be okay. Depending on the tearing, you might have a few or even a lot of stitches. Just try to keep the area clean by spritzing lukewarm water every time you have to go to the bathroom to avoid any infections developing.

19 There Will Be Swelling

If you are well into your 3rd trimester, you know a thing or two about swelling body parts. The most common swelling that occurs during pregnancy is evident on the feet. After pregnancy, however, you’ll notice that there’ll be a whole lot of swelling down there. This is totally understandable since you’ve just pushed life out of you and before you get worried – don’t. Everything will soon get back to normal. The area will be swollen for a while and this might count as an advantage. Many women are often so swollen from the ordeal of giving birth that the area becomes numb and they hardly feel any postpartum pain down there.

18 And Lots Of Red Stuff

This might come as a shock to many people. During the delivery process, you will, of course, lose a lot of blood, and after the delivery process, you will lose even more blood. For the next few days, to be precise. WebMD explains that “if you have a [natural] delivery or Cesarean section, you’ll have ... bleeding and discharge after birth. This is known as lochia. It’s how your body gets rid of the extra blood and tissue in your uterus that helped your baby grow”. The bleeding should subside after a few days but if it is still heavy after a week, you may need to call your medical practitioner.

17 Helping Him Latch Will Be A Struggle


Ah, this is a common one and you shouldn’t feel inadequate or ashamed if it takes you a while to get the hang of this. Helping baby latch can be a struggle. You’ve just delivered him, you’re trying to figure things out, there are medical practitioners all around and you can’t seem to hold him properly to help with the latch. This is normal ladies. Most hospitals will have a latching expert to help guide you so try to suck all the information out of them when they visit you and after that, this will be a trial and error situation. Just remember that you’ll eventually get it right.

16 Breastfeeding Moms' Appetites Are "Healthy"


You’ll be surprised at how much that little angel of yours can eat – every 1 to  3 hours, to be precise. Your body will be trying to make a sufficient amount of milk supply for your baby and it will be working overtime. This is why you will have the munchies – and not just a little…a lot. Some women even report eating much more than they did during their pregnancy. If you were thinking about trying to get back into your old eating habits right after delivery, this will throw a whole new curveball your way but since you’ll be nursing, don’t worry about gaining weight as nursing will ensure the baby takes up all those extra pounds.

15 Your Milk Might Not Have Come In Yet


So, in the previous items on this list, we mentioned how you might be eating a lot because of breastfeeding. Now we say – that will happen IF your milk has come in. It is totally natural and normal for your milk supply to take some time to come in so don’t feel worried. Breastfeeding Support highlights that “mothers usually notice their milk coming in two to three days after the birth…In a quarter of all mothers, milk can take longer than three days to come in, sometimes taking up to five days”. If you’re planning on breastfeeding but are struggling to produce milk, speak to your health practitioner to discuss the options you have available to you.

14 Pelvic Cramps In The Midst Of Everything

So directly after giving birth, you’ll have stitches, and you’ll be struggling to help your baby latch…and you might even be worried about your milk supply. While all of this is happening to your body, you will also have to deal with pelvic cramps. Remember that your uterus has been stretched to its limits during your pregnancy. After delivery, your uterus will then begin to contract and shrink back to its normal size. This, of course, will not happen without giving you a few uncomfortable pains in the process. These abdominal cramps are quite often referred to as “afterpains”.

13 Plus Pain All Over

If you thought that the pain was done after the delivery ordeal, think again. Many women report having not just pain from the abdominal cramps that we spoke about earlier but pain from pretty much their whole body. When you think about it, this is completely normal and should not come as a surprise. Your body has just housed your angel for almost a year and now you have delivered that little one so of course, your body will be experiencing a whole lot of pains. Besides pains, many women even report having the shivers after giving birth. This, again, is totally normal and will soon subside.

12 Walking Confidently Is A Challenge

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Ah, yes. This is an interesting addition to our list. If you’ve had a natural delivery, you would think that you will feel confident to hop off your bed and go about anywhere you feel like…Well, again, this is certainly not the case. Firstly, you won’t be able to “hop off” that bed (more like slowly get out, one foot at a time) and some people might even need to be wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair. This is no big deal as life has just come out of you and you’re all stitched up. In a few days though, you will soon be walking like your old self so just hang in there.

11 C-Section Moms Need A Little Extra Rest

If you’ve opted for a C-Section or the doctor had to unexpectedly intervene and perform one on you, you’ve certainly been through a lot which is why, you need your rest. This can be a difficult one, especially since you have that little one to take care of. This is where you’ll definitely need hubby or your closest family members for support and don’t worry as they will most certainly understand. Try to remember that for you to be able to be the best mom to your angel, you need to be strong and healthy. Taking some time and resting will ultimately benefit your child as you will have the energy to take care of them.

10 "Exhaustion" Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It

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The truth is, there are no words to describe the exhaustion that you will be feeling. You would have had a taste of being tired during your pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimester and if you thought the exhaustion would be over, think again. This, again, is totally normal and should be expected. Often times mothers feel the need to be “supermoms” but we’re here to tell you that even a superhero needs a sidekick sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your loved ones so that you can get in some much-needed (and deserved) rest.

9 That Bust Will Change

Sorry ladies, but this is true and there’s no avoiding it. Of course, the extent of the change is sometimes dependent on your cup size and also your genes but sure enough, things will change and there’s no getting out of it. The best thing for you to do is remember who that bust is changing because of – your little angel. And your baby is certainly worth all the changes that will happen to your body. A beautiful thing happens during pregnancy and after delivery – you begin to realize how beautiful life is and how everything you’re going through is for the good of your baby.

8 Some Side Effects Will Bring A Smile On Your Face

This will most definitely bring a smile to your face. Right after delivery, you’ll be figuring out how to help the baby latch, you’ll be in pain all over and you might also be stressed about producing a sufficient amount of milk for your baby. When you step on the scale though, you’ll be happy to see that the numbers are already starting to go down. Very Well Family explains that “immediately after your baby is born, you will lose about 10 to 12 pounds…Then, during the next few days, you will lose about five to more pounds of water weight”.

7 Can't Get Out Of Hospital Paperwork

Nope, there’s no avoiding this one. Even if your partner may be there in the hospital with you, you still need to go over the paperwork. You will most definitely be bombarded with paperwork regarding getting your child’s birth certificate and you’ll also need to sort out getting your little one on your health insurance. The best advice we can give you regarding this item on the list is to come prepared. Make sure that you have a couple of black pens in your hospital bag and also enquire before going to the hospital what paperwork will be required for you to fill out so that you are well prepared and nothing comes as a surprise.

6 Hair Might Go MIA

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There are quite a number of changes that happen to your body after pregnancy and unfortunately, hair loss might be one of them. Many women experience hair loss so if it happens to you, as difficult as it may be, know that you are not alone. Health Line explains that “hormones are the biggest reason for your pregnancy hair changes and postpartum hair loss…Postpartum hair loss can set in any day after your baby arrives, and it sometimes continues as long as a year”. Keep taking your vitamins and eating healthier to make sure that you’re getting all the necessary nutrition to help you.

5 That Unrecognizable Pooch

Oh boy, this is another one that we are certainly not crazy about but have to unfortunately deal with. The postpartum pooch or the “mummy tummy” is real ladies. Just a simple online google search will give you all sorts of tips and tricks about which exercises to do that will help tighten your now loose tummy muscles. The important thing to remember is to be patient with your body. Most doctors will recommend getting back to the gym after about 6 weeks and even if you’ve been cleared, you need to take it easy on yourself and be kinder to the body that has certainly been through a lot.

4 You Will Learn To Love Those Hospital Underpants

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The first time you come across those dear underpants that are pretty much – adult diapers, you’ll be convinced that this is all just a tad bit too much. You’ll tell yourself that there’s no way that you’ll need them and they are just all a waste of money. Fast forward to just after delivery and your whole perspective on them will change. You will soon realize that they are so comfortable and perfect for you and the best part is that you don’t have to worry much about having any unnecessary accidents. Trust us, you will LOVE those underpants…well, atleast for a short while.

3 Feeling Overwhelmed Is Totally Natural

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This whole article has detailed just some of the things that are going to happen to you after delivering your little one. While you’re experiencing these, you will also need to take care of that little human you’ve just delivered. It is therefore normal to feel a little overwhelmed and know that you are not alone. Kids Health explains that “feelings of sadness and depression are more common after childbirth than many people realize. It’s important for new mothers – and those who love them – to understand the symptoms of postpartum depression and to reach out to family, friends, and medical professionals for help”.

2 Going To The Bathroom Will Be A Scary Thought

Oh yes, of course we had to have this one on the list. You’ve just delivered your baby, you’re all stitched up, you’re swollen, bleeding immensely, and there are many things running through your mind, including that dreaded bathroom visit. As much as you can try to avoid this one, Mother Nature cannot be controlled and sooner or later, you will have to head to the bathroom. Don’t be afraid though. Filling a bottle with lukewarm water and then pouring it on as you pee will help to lessen the sting of your urine. Getting a stool softener is also another option so that you can go the bathroom with ease.

1 You Won't Stop Staring At Your Angel

Your baby is just a few pounds and yet, their existence has an immeasurable weight in your heart. Your baby is eating every few hours, he is also peeing and pooing quite often. The abdominal cramps are frustrating you, you’re bleeding excessively, you’re exhausted and you realize now more than ever that life will never be the same again...and that is alright. Sure, you will have to make a few sacrifices along the way but as you look into your little one’s eyes and he into yours, you will know that without a doubt, it will all be worth it.

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