20 Things That Have Come To Light About Snooki's Parenting

Snooki is pregnant again, which means several different things. Her adorable family is growing, fans will be seeing a whole lot of baby bump photos in the near future and yes, she will also be sharing a lot of her parenting wisdom with the world After all, Snooki wouldn’t be Snooki if she didn’t overshare and tell fans everything on her mind in the most unfiltered way possible. Her fans love her because she’s one of the most authentic reality television stars out there. She also loves to connect with fans and followers by keeping things as real as possible.

With that being said, Snooki might seem like one of the most honest celebrity moms out there, but there’s still a lot about her parenting that fans don’t know. There are a lot of unique parenting rules that she makes her kids follow. Take a look at the list below to hear of all the things that have been learned about Snooki’s parenting so far. Moms will be surprised that she’s actually more conservative than one would guess, despite her very Jersey Shore and party girl past.

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20 She’s Into Positive Discipline

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is very open about the way she parents her two small children at home. She has always said that she’s all about positive discipline. She doesn’t scream, she doesn’t yell, and she certainly doesn’t chastise her kids. Instead, she lets them work out their own feelings without getting too stressed out about it. And she always tries to remain calm and positive, no matter how difficult the situation may be. In other words, she wants her kids to grow up to be self-confident. Snooki has once said, “Be sure of yourself, don't let anyone boss you around, be a strong and independent woman or boy.”

19 Everything Is Organic

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Snooki might be known for her crazy shenanigans during her Jersey Shore days, but now that she’s a celebrity mom, her lifestyle has changed – and for the better. She lives a much healthier and organic lifestyle than she did ten years ago. But then again, a lot of women do the moment they turn into moms, right? The reality television star told Parents Magazine, “In terms of making good food choices, when you lead a healthy lifestyle, you feel good and so much better about yourself. I will show him that making smart choices gives you more energy and makes you happier.”

18 She Doesn’t Give In To Tantrums

If there is one thing that Snooki doesn’t do, it’s give in to tantrums. She will let her children “cry it out,” so to speak, but she will never, ever give them what they want, just because. Snooki doesn’t parent that way. She might be into positive parenting (and doesn’t yell at them), but she does rule her roost as a tough mama bear. Her kids can cry to the moon and back, but if they’ve had enough television time or have had one too many sweets, Snooki will let it be known. She’s not a pushover mama, if you know what we mean.

17 She Doesn’t Listen To Her Critics

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As many of her fans know, Snooki is a very head strong person. She doesn’t give in to her critics and she certainly doesn’t listen to them, either. A lot of people have had many things to say about the way she parents and is raising her family, but she doesn’t listen to any of them. Snooki has put it this way (via Brainy Quotes), “Don't let negativity affect your vision. A lot of people have said harsh things, but I don't let it affect me. If anything it gives me more enthusiasm and pushes me to do better in my career so I can prove them wrong.”

16 She Sleeps As Much As She Can

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For Snooki, she knows the value of a good night of rest. That’s why she sleeps as much as she can – even though she’s a busy, working mom who is about to add yet another member to her expanding family. That’s why she will take advantage of all the help that she can get and gets her beauty sleep. She knows that a sleepy mom is a non-functioning mom, and that’s the last thing she wants to be. Snooki is very hands on with her kids and that’s why she wants to be as ready and alert as possible for her family.

15 Her Family Is Always Outdoors

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Believe it or not, Snooki is a very strict mom. She might not look like it from the outside, but behind closed doors, she has a lot of rules and regulations that she expects her family to follow. That’s why she makes sure that her children spend as much time outdoors as possible. They often go on family vacations, hikes, or even take annual trips to Disney World together. For Snooki, she wants her kids to experience things – and not just sit in front of an electronic screen for several hours at a time. She wants her kids to experience real, authentic childhoods.

14 She Loves Seeing Jionni In "Dad Mode"

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One of the reasons why Snooki fell so hard for her husband Jionni is because he’s a sweet, loyal family man, according to the reality star. She also loves seeing him in “dad mode,” so to speak. Snooki revealed to Parents in an interview several years ago, “We always take him for a walk together or push him on his new swing. I can tell that Lorenzo loves alone time with his daddy. It's like Lorenzo gets that he and Daddy are both guys and have a special connection. When he's with me, Lorenzo loves to be held and cuddled.”

13 She’s A Huge Advocate Of Nursing 

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We already know that Snooki is a very natural, organic mom (but just don’t call her a tree hugger, mind you). But did you know that she is also a huge advocate of breastfeeding? Say what you will about the reality star, but Snooki knows what’s best for her family – and for her marriage. That’s why she had a corrective procedure done after she breastfed her daughter. “Being a mom, obviously your boobs are changed after having kids, especially breastfeeding,” she explained to the New York Daily Mail. “I breastfed Giovanna for a year. I want to look good for my husband, but also want to feel great about myself and that was an insecurity that I had.”

12 She’s Big Into Reading

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone, but Snooki is big into reading. After all, she is a bestselling author! She loves to read to her kids on a nightly basis and promotes literacy in most of her interviews. Speaking about Lorenzo’s favorite books, Snooki has said, “His favorite [book] is Simple First Words: Let's Talk, by Roger Priddy. Lorenzo loves to push the buttons and hear all of the different sounds. He has a favorite pacifier that has a small stuffed animal attached to it. He also has the Baby Einstein lion that makes music when you squeeze it.”

11 She’s A Conservative Mom

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Snooki became a household name for all of the crazy shenanigans that she took part in during her MTV days. But at home, she’s a totally different person. She takes her role as a parent very seriously. Snooki isn’t the same person she used to be. She told Parents Magazine, “On Jersey Shore I was in my early twenties. I describe that period as being in my college years. The only thing I was thinking about was living it up and having fun. Once I met Jionni, I started to calm down. However, when I got pregnant, I knew things were going to be different.”

10 She Believes In Co-Sleeping With Her Kids

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While there’s no doubt that Snooki loves her husband and that she takes her marriage very seriously, she also loves her kids and is always concerned about their safety and well-being. That’s why she doesn’t have any reservations when it comes to co-sleeping. If her kids are having a nightmare or simply don’t feel comfortable after she turns off the lights, she has no problem with them hopping into her big bed with her for some much needed snuggles. As a matter of fact, Snooki has admitted that she loves co-sleeping with her kids. It’s a great way for them to bond together.

9 She Lets Her Kids Pick Their Own Outfits

Snooki might be one of the most stylish celebrities and reality television stars out there, but she doesn’t control her children and their appearances. In fact, she lets her kids pick out their own outfits, regardless of what they are doing or where they are going for that matter. Sure, people have said things on social media about it, but Snooki doesn’t care. She allows her children to express their creativity through their style. She knows that they are just toddlers and going to a birthday party isn’t the same thing as hitting a red carpet premiere. Snooki lets her kids be kids.

8 She Deals With Judgmental Moms In A Healthy Way

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Being a celebrity mom in the spotlight, Snooki deals with a lot of criticism, both from the media and from her social media followers. But she doesn’t let “judgy” moms get the best of her. She simply tunes them out whenever she can. Snooki once wrote on Instagram, “So proud of my little girl! (instead of not posting my kids for the people who respect and appreciate their photos, I will turn off the comments section. I don't need people telling me how to raise my child and judge them. I'm a darn good mom and know what I'm doing... well, most of the time.) Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome Mamas out there!”

7 She Teaches Her Kids To Share

The last thing that Snooki wants to do as a mom is spoil her children. That’s why she teaches them to be kind, to be considerate, and most importantly, to share. Sure, Snooki has the means to give her children the best toys and products that money can buy, but she’s not into that. She wants her children to learn how to share their belongings and most of all, be grateful for everything that they have in their lives. Snooki might be a celebrity, but she still remains very grounded in her beliefs, and this is mostly due to her strong family background.

6 She’s Not A Party Mom… At Least Not Like Before

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Sure, Snooki likes to have fun mom’s night out with her gal pals, but she’s not the party girl that she used to be. Snooki even says that a lot of people simply don’t get who she really is behind closed doors. In other words, what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. Snooki has said, (via Brainy Quotes): “I think the biggest misconception about me is people really don't know who I really am. They see the party side of me, they see the crazy side of me. But I also have a laid-back side. You know, I'm chill, down to earth. If you want to grab a cup of coffee and just talk about life, I can do that.”

5 She’s More Responsible

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As a parent, Snooki is definitely more responsible now than she ever was in her life before. She is very careful about the choices she makes and doesn’t want to do anything to mess up her family life. She told Parents Magazine, “I was never really good with kids, and at one point, I didn't even like kids. When Lorenzo arrived, my whole life completely changed. Everything came naturally and was so beautiful. I found myself not wanting to go out and just wanting to be with him all the time. Lorenzo has made me more mature and more responsible, and he made me grow up.”

4 She’s Still A Social Media Mom

As much as Snooki protects her children, she knows that being a celebrity means that she is living most of her life in the spotlight. And as a result, she gives her fans what they want: and it’s an inside look to her life as a mom. So yes, she does like being a “social media mom” and loves to talk about her family life in her media interviews. But at the same time, she’s also very selective about what she wants to share and doesn’t share. She doesn’t give any TMI details and she is very protective of her marriage. She also doesn’t embarrass her kids and instead, focuses on the positive when it comes to her daily life.

3 She Doesn’t Take Anyone’s Advice

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Snooki might still be in the “learning stage” when it comes to motherhood (aren’t we all?) but if there is one thing that she doesn’t do, it’s take other people’s advice. She would rather learn and make her mistakes through trial and error, believe it or not. Snooki told Parents Magazine, “I did research to answer questions I had when I was pregnant. Instead of relying on the usual books everyone reads, I found pregnancy apps that were full of great information I found to be relatable. My favorites were What To Expect Pregnancy and BabyCenter's My Baby Today and My Pregnancy Today.

2 She Takes Time Out For Herself

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While there is no doubt that we’ve seen Snooki change a lot in the last several years, one thing is for certain: she’s still the same gal that we first met on Jersey Shore nearly ten years ago. As much as she loves her family, she knows and understands that it’s important to take time out for yourself, especially when the going gets rough (or motherhood gets too stressful).

That’s why she schedules a little “me” time once in awhile. Thankfully, she’s got enough back up in her life to make it happen, too. She can always count on Jionni to help with the kids when she just needs to get away.

1 Her Family’s Happiness Is What Matters Most

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At the end of the day, all that really matters in Snooki’s life is that her family is always happy and healthy. The rest is just background noise, as many people like to say. And according to Snooki, she is living her best life and achieving all of the goals she has set out for herself. It’s no wonder her fans are very proud of her.

Snooki actually said this during the first season of Jersey Shore, “Ten years from now, I would like to see myself successful as a brand, like Jessica Simpson, with babies running around and a beautiful husband and my own reality show.”

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