20 Things That Only Sanctimommies Say To Other Moms

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging, and every parenting style is different. And, as long as the child is properly clothed, fed, living in clean and comfortable housing, and loved, then any parent is doing a great job. And, some moms are busier than other moms, especially if they have more than one child and are working.

However, at the same time, that does not mean a stay at home mom to one easy-going child has a stress-free life either. And, most moms that are compassionate and empathetic would realize these facts. They would understand that other moms do what is best for them and their families as long as they really are doing the best they can. That even means that compassionate moms would not judge their parenting style even if they don't agree with how they do raise their kids.

Although, unfortunately, many moms are not overly compassionate and empathetic. There are plenty of moms that are incredibly judgmental of what other moms do and will not hesitate to voice their disapproving opinions when it comes to how other moms raise their kids. These group of moms are the sanctimommies that most other moms want to avoid at all costs, with good reason. And now, here are 20 things that only sanctimommies would ever say to other moms.

20 Working Moms Are Neglectful Moms

working mom

One of the most sanctimommy comments that have been made according to The Stir on CafeMom is the fact that these moms think that working moms are neglectful. Why? Because they are working and that takes the time away from them paying attention to their kids!

Nevermind that these moms have to work in order to help contribute financially so they can provide their families with their necessities, and even have some money left over to enjoy a night out for dinner! The one thing that these sanctimommies do not realize is that the cost of living is very high, and it is not fair to expect the father to provide all of the bacon.

19 Moms Feeding Their Kids Processed Food Don’t Care About Their Kids’ Health


Life gets hectic, and it is not realistic for busy moms to cook up healthy meals each night for dinnertime. And, sometimes, the only way that these moms can feed their families is by getting takeout or to throw in some ready-made dinners from the grocery store in the microwave for dinner.

However, as it was said in The Stir on CafeMom, one of the most common comments that the average sanctimommy has made is that they think it is wrong that moms could even think to feed their kids processed, GMO, and gluten-filled food. That is because they believe that the only things to feed their kids are organic, GMO and gluten-free meals and snacks because they would not want their kids to eat anything that is not natural.

The reality is that most moms are busy and they are only concerned about their kids being fed, and sometimes they will have to feed them fast food when their days are rushed. Their kids will turn out just fine anyway, so these moms don't need to take what these sanctimommies say to them.

18 Moms That Do Not Nurse Their Kids Are Selfish

bottle feeding

There are many moms who choose to formula feed their babies, and there are moms who do so because they are unable to nurse. And, these moms wanted to nurse! The last thing they should ever hear from any other mom or individual is that they are selfish for not nursing their babies.

Unfortunately, according to The Stir on CafeMom, many sanctimommies have said that moms who don't nurse their babies are selfish. And, this will just rub salt into the open wounds of these moms who wanted to nurse but were not able to do so for physiological reasons.

If you are one of those moms, please do not listen to those sanctimommies and always remember that fed is best!

17 Traditional School Is For Conformist Parents

kids in school

The one thing that all parents want to make sure that happens is that their kids get a good education. However, very few of them can afford to send their kids to private school, and this is why a lot of parents homeschool their kids. This includes fathers as well. However, according to The Stir on CafeMom, one expected comment that the average sanctimommy makes to other moms is that they think it is wrong that they send their kids to public school.

That is because kids that go to public school are not getting the best education like their counterparts who attend private school. These sanctimommies do not realize that parents don't have a lot of disposable income so they have no choice but to rely on their kids being educated through public schools. And, their kids will end up just fine in the end!

16 You Don’t Put Your Child In Daycare - End Of Story

Winnipeg Free Press

What is so wrong with daycare? Kids that are in daycare get an early start in life by learning about how others exist other than themselves. Even though small children don't have the ability to be empathetic at the toddler stage, it is always a good thing to learn about something useful in life even if it is too soon. Not to mention, kids in daycare receive plenty of proper stimulation that they need.

However, one common comment made by sanctimommies according to The Stir on CafeMom is that they think it is uncalled for that any mom could ever consider sending their kids to daycare. They believe that it is every mom's responsibility to raise their kids only at home. And, it has been said already how they feel about working moms which only fuels their judgment about moms who send their kids to daycare because they need to work!

15 Selfish Moms Are The Only Ones To Get Epidurals


Believe it or not, one typical comment made by sanctimommies according to The Stir on CafeMom is that they feel that any mother that requests an epidural is selfish. And, this baffles me because how is it selfish? The epidural may slow the labor down, but how is it selfish for any mom to not want to experience pain while they are in labor? Especially if their baby will not have any kind of long-term effects?

My only advice is to pregnant moms that are reading this who want to get an epidural is to ignore those sanctimommies and to get the epidural! What they say is not important, and what you choose to do in your life has no effect on them.

14 Moms That Don’t Install Their Car Seats Properly Don’t Care About Their Kids’ Wellbeing

car seat

Car seats must always be installed properly because it is a safety issue, and most parents realize this. This is why they look into companies that can provide car seat installation services, and the police also offer this service. This is why it is not recommended that parents should install the car seats themselves unless they know exactly how to do it the correct way.

However, according to The Stir on CafeMom, one common comment that sanctimommies make is that they believe that moms who don't install their kids' car seats properly don't care about their kids' wellbeing. That is absolutely not true, and moms who don't install car seats properly do it the wrong way because they are not aware of all of the steps that need to be taken in order to set it up securely. And this is exactly why car seat installation services exist. Most parents are not aware of how to do so the right away.

13 It Is Unfathomable To Think That Any Mom Could Give Their Little Boys A Snip

boy haircut

And no, I am not talking about boys getting their haircuts. Sanctimommies think it is uncalled for whenever they hear of moms giving their sons the snip, according to MomTastic.

And, one thing that these sanctimommies do not realize is that this practice has been used in different religions and cultures for thousands of years, and there are also many health benefits. However, that is not something that they are concerned about. They simply think it is wrong for any mom to agree to do. Forget the fact that these boys that have had it done are never experiencing any kind of psychological issue from it. If any mom does not want to give her son the snip, then that is her business - and her business only!

12 Moms With Kids That Have Developmental Disorders Need To Grow Up And To Stop Being So Dramatic

autism mom

As a mom who did raise a child with developmental issues, this particular comment that the average sanctimommy has made is quite maddening to me. And, other moms that have kids with special needs would feel the exact same way. According to MomTastic, sanctimommies think that moms that have kids with developmental disabilities are being over dramatic when they say they are exhausted, stressed out, and burned out.

That is because they have no idea what parenting kids with special needs entail regardless of the functioning level of the child. Perhaps if these sanctimommies that make this uninformed judgment would care for these kids for just one day, they would take what they say back about these moms in a heartbeat.

11 Moms That Allow Their Toddlers To Scream In Public Are Lazy


Whenever moms of babies and toddlers go out to the mall or to supermarkets so they can run their errands will end up facing their little ones crying or screaming in public. And that is because that is what little kids do. However, only the sanctimommies would have a problem with this, according to MomTastic.

Sanctimommies have criticized moms of babies and toddlers that are out in public for not quieting them down. Nevermind that these moms have to run their errands and take their kids with them since they are too young to stay at home alone and cannot always get last minute babysitting. Chances are these moms try to quiet their kids down if they are yelling in public but it is a known fact that this is not always an easy thing to do!

10 The Little Ones Need To Stay Home When The Weather Is Cold

cold outside

Those who live in climates that are in the far north or the far south of the globe will be facing winter and cold weather. And, this does not mean that parents of young kids can hibernate all winter long with their kids so they can stay home until spring is on the horizon. However, according to MomTastic, sanctimommies have the attitude that parents of babies and of young children have no business going out with them when the weather is cold.

What these sanctimommies don't realize is that these parents that live in colder climates realize this fact, and this is why they always make sure that they bundle their little ones up when they go out so they stay warm. Life goes on even when the temperatures are close to or even below freezing. 

9 How Can You Possibly Allow Your Baby To Sleep On Their Side?

baby sleeping

Here is something that all sanctimommies that want to judge moms that allow their babies to sleep on their sides or even on their tummies must know. I slept on my tummy when I was a baby, and here I am writing this article! In other words, I turned out fine. And, so did my other counterparts who slept on their tummies too when they were babies.

According to MomTastic, the one thing that you would have to expect any sanctimommy to question is why any mom would allow their babies to sleep on their sides instead of their backs for safety reasons. Perhaps some babies absolutely dislike sleeping on their backs and good moms would rather put their babies on their sides to make them happy and comfortable. I had to do that with my daughter and here she is just fine almost 17 years later.

Even though it is recommended that babies sleep on their backs, sometimes it cannot be done if the baby is going to be very unhappy to the point that their sleep would be interrupted.

8 Moms Have No Business Nursing Their Babies In Restaurants

baby in restaurant

Every mom has the right to enjoy lunch or dinner out, and that goes for moms that are nursing as well. The ironic thing is that sanctimommies judge moms that don't nurse their babies because they feel they are not doing what is best, even though not all moms are able to nurse - or choose not to nurse!

However, according to MomTastic, these sanctimommies also think it is wrong for moms to nurse their babies in public especially while they are out at restaurants. The fact of the matter is that nursing is a natural thing to do and there is nothing about it that should be hidden. These nursing moms have every right to feed their babies wherever they choose, and it is not anyone else's business if they feed them in public - even in restaurants.

7 Motherhood Is Not As Hard As Most Moms Make It Out To Be


Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs around and no one can deny that, except for sanctimommies, according to Huffington Post. One common comment that many sanctimommies make is that they think that moms who complain about motherhood need to put their big girl panties on and to deal with it.

Their attitude as well is that since these moms decided to become moms, then they need to suck it up and deal with it. And, the funny thing is, those sanctimommies who say that are either fortunate enough to have nannies helping them or they are secretly stressed out as well. And yet they would never admit it because they want to appear to be superior over other moms. If the latter is the case, then that is unfortunate for them because they won't be getting the support they need.

6 Moms That Allow Their Kids To Use Tablets Are Allowing Their Brains To Stagnate


The average mom has to do a lot of multitasking between caring for her kids, managing the house, and even working if they work at home. And, the fact of the matter is, they cannot be the ones to personally occupy their kids for hours. With that said, they allow their kids to use tablets and they allow them to spend a long time there because they have to get other things done!

However, according to the Huffington Post, sanctimommies constantly complain about how other moms allow their kids' brains to stagnate because they allow them to use tablets for hours. The one thing that these judgy moms don't know is that perhaps their kids are using educational apps to keep them busy. Additionally, it really is not their business what these moms do with their kids unless there is a genuine reason for them to be concerned such as legitimate risks coming into the picture.

5 Most Moms Don’t Seem To Care About Their Appearances

tired mom

The average mom is very tired, especially if they had to tend to their child in the night. With that said, the last thing they will care about is how they dress. This is why so many moms throw on their old yoga pants and sweatshirts because they really don't have the time and energy to dress up when they go out.

However, according to the Huffington Post, a common thing that sanctimommies do is that they criticize other moms who don't dress up elegantly when they go out. And, the question is, why do they care? Do they really expect anyone to dress up if they are running a few errands while taking their kids along? Most people who are not even parents don't dress up either if they are going grocery shopping.

4 How Can Moms Dress Their Kids In Cheap Clothing?


The fact of the matter is that very few moms are able to afford to buy their kids expensive clothing, and this is why so many of them look for the best-looking clothes in department stores. However, according to the Huffington Post, many sanctimommies make comments about how moms don't purchase the best quality clothing for their kids.

And, what these sanctimommies don't realize is that money is not always easy to come by. With that said, it is more important for these moms to have enough money to feed their kids and to pay the household utilities rather than buying clothing that has the fanciest name brands. As long as they clothe their kids with decent enough quality clothing, then that is all they need to do. Everything else about it is irrelevant.

3 Moms Who Buy Ready-Made Cupcakes For The Bake Sale Take The Easy Way Out


The average mom is too busy to worry about baking fresh cupcakes for their kids' school's bake sale. And, for this reason, this is why ready-made pastries are a thing. Additionally, very few people have time in general to bake fancy cakes or cupcakes. However, according to the Huffington Post, many sanctimommies don't approve of any mom that would prefer to buy ready-made cupcakes or pastries to use for the bake sale at their kids' school.

And, those who would make a judgemental remark like that must have a lot more time to spare than the average busy mom that has babies, toddlers, and school-aged kids whether they are in elementary or high school. That means if they can utilize hacks to make their busy lives easier, then they should, which would include buying ready-made pastries for any bake sale.

2 Moms That Complain About Their Kids’ Behaviors Are Spoiling Them Too Much

holding baby

All kids have their misbehaving moments, and yes, this also applies to mothers that have that sanctimonious attitude. However, according to the Huffington Post, it is not unheard of when it comes to sanctimommies complaining about other moms that have poorly behaved kids that are disrupting public places. And, they think that these moms are spoiling their kids too much which is why they believe they misbehave.

However, why do they worry about other moms spoiling their kids? And, even if their kids are unrealistically well-behaved, they need to consider that the majority of other kids have their moments even if they are not being spoiled. And, they need to stop placing blame on poor parenting because, in the majority of cases, that is not the cause for kids having their moments.

1 How Can Any Mom Give Their Kids’ Toys Without Knowing What They Are Made Of?

baby toys

The only thing that comes to toy safety is that parents are responsible for making sure that the toys they buy their kids do not have any loose or sharp parts that can put their kids at any kind of risk. And, most parents are well aware of that, and most of them are also not overly concerned where the toys are made from, or what is in the toys.

And, to a degree, parents should know what their toys are composed of because they would not want to purchase toys that are made of led. The fact of the matter is, most toys that are made nowadays are made with safe materials which exclude led. However, according to the Huffington Post, sanctimommies question mothers that would purchase toys that may not be safe for their kids to play with. And, they don't voice this out of concern. They voice it out of judgment.

As long as parents buy toys that are completely safe by not having loose or sharp parts, and that are new, chances are those toys are fine for their kids to play with regardless of what anyone else would say.

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