20 Things That Really Happened On Jon & Kate Plus 8

The world has watched the Gosselin kids grow; likewise, the world has watched Jon and Kate's relationship evolve. It's not easy being under this type of media scrutiny, but it's the price of fame.

Jon and Kate chose to put themselves and their kids out there, for better or worse. When a couple has sextuplets, plus twins, that's eight kids, and eight kids cost a ton of money to care for. The money that Jon and Kate received for putting their family on television kept the family afloat. Without that money, it might have been tough to make ends meet.

Jon and Kate started out with TV by appearing on a couple of specials about their family, which aired on the Discovery Health Channel. With two parents and eight kids, the specials got great ratings. Then, two seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8 aired on the same channel. After that, the series was moved to the TLC network. In 2010, the show began to focus on Kate and her kids, rather than Jon, who was only shown once in a while. Jon and Kate had ended their relationship, which is why the focus of the show changed.

Anyone who didn't get a chance to see all of the episodes will get the inside scoop right here. Read on to find out some fascinating facts about Jon and Kate Plus 8.

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20 Kate Went Ballistic When Jon Didn't Use A Coupon


Kate has the type of personality that gets a strong reaction from viewers. She can be very controlling. According to Realityblurred.com, she got upset with her then-husband, Jon, way back in 2009, when he didn't use a coupon like he was "supposed" to.

Kate flies off the handle pretty fast. She had an over-the-top reaction because Jon purchased a shower nozzle without bringing a voucher along. She told him he wasn't going to be allowed to shop anymore. She demanded a receipt and reminded him about the receipt rule. She threatened to send her hubby back to the store.

Being on the receiving end of this type of tirade must be torture.

19 Jon And Kate Renewed Their Vows And Broke Up Months Later

Usatoday.com, Dailymail.co.uk

Jon and Kate had a romantic vow renewal in Hawaii but weren't destined to go the distance. Less than a year after they renewed their vows, they ended their romantic involvement. They had been together for a decade.

The pressures of caring for so many kids and being on TV may have made them drift apart. Couples drift apart all of the time, but most don't have eight children. Jon and Kate don't have typical lives. Anyway, they co-parent now, and they've had their tensions, according to Usmagazine.com. The transition to co-parenting has not always been smooth. In fact, it's been anything but.

18 Jon Got Dropped From The Series


When Jon and Kate broke up, TLC decided to take sides, according to CNN.com. They wanted to continue on with Kate and gave Jon a minor supporting role. This stuff has financial consequences.

Kate got to star in Kate Plus 8 and Jon was left out in the cold. He would appear on Kate Plus 8 sometimes, but not nearly as much as he used to. If you know anything about reality TV, you probably already know that people who appear on reality TV want big storylines, because they mean bigger paychecks. Jon has struggled to build a new life for himself.

17 Kate Had Frequent Meltdowns and Regrets Them


Kate wishes that she hadn't had so many on-camera meltdowns, according to Thehollywoodgossip.com. Kate did get dragged a lot online because she was harsh sometimes. Of course, looking after so many kids is exhausting. It's never-ending pressure, 24/7. Still, she struck a lot of people as way too angry sometimes.

She's seen the comments from critics. She knows everything that people have said about her. She says she is sorry. She thinks that she came on too strong and was too OCD about housework and rules. Few would disagree. However, few have been in her parenting situation, with eight kids to care for.

16 Collin Disappeared From The Show For A While


Collin's need for treatment to correct behavioral problems was the reason why he wasn't on the show for a while, according to Kate herself, based on a report from Usmagazine.com.

Kate hinted that Collin has special needs, but Jon Gosselin wasn't so sure. Jon says it's a struggle to get quality time with the kids, so he doesn't always know what's going on in their lives. He feels that money is the central issue. He believes that Kate wants to control the kids and limit his access to them, so she can continue earning money with the reality show. She doesn't want Jon to get that money instead.

15 Jon Quit His IT Job


When the series ramped up, Jon was working in IT. He'd actually met Kate because he worked as an IT analyst at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center. Kate was a labor and delivery nurse at the same healthcare facility. After marrying Kate in 1999 and becoming a dad to Madelyn and Cara, who are twins, Kate talked him into trying for another baby. In 2004, Kate had sextuplets, according to Gazettereview.com.

Reality TV life soon followed, which has the tendency to change people. Jon eventually eased out of IT and has tried a lot of new things, such as working as a waiter and DJ'ing.

14 There Was A 19-Hour Road Trip To Walt Disney World


Nineteen hours on the road with eight kids sounds like a lot of hours. The pressures of traveling with children can be punishing, although there are usually joyful moments, too. Jon and Kate decided to do the family road trip thing, Griswold-style, by taking their kids to Walt Disney World, according to Imdb.com.

Jon and Kate made the experience really fun for their brood. For example, little child-sized mouse ears embroidered with the kid's names were waiting for them when they made it to their hotel. Jon and Kate wheeled the sextuplets around Walt Disney World in three double strollers while the twins walked.

13 Kate Had A Falling Out With Her Brother And Sister-In-Law

Dailymail.co.uk, Onecountry.com

If Kate has a problem with someone, she's going to let that person know, even if it's her own brother. Kate is very direct. Very. According to Hollywoodlife.com, Kate feels that her brother burned her and isn't worthy of her trust.

Her brother's name is Kevin Kreider. He and his wife, Jodi, have been pretty vocal in terms of criticizing Kate in the media. They received cold, hard cash from Star for a cover story that painted Kate as a poor mother who takes advantage of her kids. Kevin said that Jon and Kate once celebrated Christmas with the kids, with the cameras rolling, but it wasn't really Christmas Day.

12  The Family Had A Shoe Angel


Kate said that a "shoe angel" made sure that her children got new footwear when it was needed. Thehollywoodgossip.com website reported that Kate was more than willing to accept the generosity of this "shoe angel." For many seasons of Jon and Kate plus 8, the "shoe angel" kept delivering eight pairs of shoes to the family. That's pretty sweet.

Kate is known for her willingness to accept free swag, and the same was accepted when Kate was asked if she wanted any work to her postpartum body. After giving birth to so many kids, it's totally understandable that she'd want to tighten up her tummy area.

11 Jon And Kate Bought Half A Cow


When there are eight kids in the family, the phrase "buying in bulk" takes on new meaning. Buying in bulk becomes a necessity, rather than a choice. According to TV.com, Jon and Kate stepped up their usual bulk buying by purchasing half a cow.

To make sure that their children understood where food for the family comes from, Kate and Jon decided to take them to a farm. It was called Natural Acres.

If you're one of those people who shops for a few grocery items at a time, you'll need to change your tune if you have twins followed by sextuplets. You'll be buying half a cow, too, unless you're a vegan.

10 Kate Made A 'Ways To Help Mommy' Chore Chart


Kate is an organized woman, but there is only so much that even the most organized and energetic woman can do in one day. Sometimes, on Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate needed help and wanted her kids to act as her helpers. There's nothing wrong with getting kids doing chores. Kids need some structure and need to learn how to work hard. Chores may be resented, but they provide structure and instill a work ethic.

Anyway, Kate created a "ways to help mommy" chore chart. Unfortunately, a former nanny who spilled to the press reported that Kate used one chore (pulling weeds) to punish her kids, according to Thestir.cafemom.com.

9 Jon Admitted He Doesn't Like Kate's Clothes


Apparently, Jon wasn't too enamored of his wife's personal style during the Jon and Kate Plus 8 days...and didn't hesitate to tell her so. Well, they were married and it's not too unusual for married people to tell it like it is. If he didn't like her clothes, and her wardrobe choices bothered him, that's life. He shared the information, but no woman wants to hear that. He was surely smart enough to know that before he said something in the first place.

Overall, Jon and Kate almost always seemed at odds. In the early seasons, he seemed gentle and she was dominant, based on information from TV.com. They just seemed so different as people.

8 The Family Moved Into A New House


Jon and Kate made real progress in their lives when they moved into a bigger, fancier house, according to Popsugar.com. This happened back in 2009. One of the kids was scolded for jumping on the boxes that were intended for the move. Jon and Kate's new digs were more spacious and upscale. With eight kids, having enough space is important.

One interesting fact is that the houses had special and permanent TV studio lights added, so the kids wouldn't be at risk of tripping over wires from temporary lighting. There were also other set design elements built into the new and old houses.

7 Jon Got A Hair Transplant


Jon definitely went Hollywood when he decided to augment his thinning locks by having a hair transplant. I understand why guys want these procedures; it's not just famous men who get them, but they are more common in the showbiz world.

According to Newhair.com, Jon got really good results from his hair transplant. He needed 2087 grafts to get that full, thick hair look. A doctor in Los Angeles performed the procedure, so if someone wants to fix a perceived problem with the help of a doctor, that's their business. Kate did the same thing!

6 'Kate Plus 8' Eventually Got Cancelled


Eventually, there was a formal announcement that Kate Plus 8 wouldn't be returning, according to People.com. However, it wasn't really the end. Kate would make a comeback. She has a knack for extending her reality TV fame. After a hiatus, which included a special for TLC, she was back on the air, with her kids in tow, in 2014.

Her run on TLC has been a long one. Clearly, a lot of people are interested in her and her children. She's also written books. She's resourceful enough to take every opportunity. She has a lot of children to support.

5 Her Kids Called Her Dramatic


Kids will tend to criticize their parents when they get a little older. Kids start thinking for themselves, questioning the world around them, and developing their own personalities. Kate's kids have characterized her as "over-dramatic," according to Etonline.com.

These kids have grown up with cameras on them. Their homes have been filled with crew members and bright TV lights and they've really been subjected to a lot of Hollywood-style madness. Some people feel very sorry for these kids. Since Kate is always onstage, in a sense, it's no surprise that she gets really dramatic. She almost always has an audience.

4 Her Kids Also Called Her Competitive


Kate isn't just over-dramatic — she's competitive, too, or so her kids say, according to Etonline.com. Kate apparently takes competition a bit too seriously for the kid's tastes. In fact, the kids try not to be on her team when it's time to play games. They just don't want to have to deal with her competitive nature.

Kate's unique personality is part of the reason why she keeps popping up on reality TV. It's not just about her many kids. People want to watch her and make their own judgments about her. Viewers want a little drama. Kate brings a ton of drama.

3 The Family Went To Hawaii


Kate once dreamed of a Hawaiian wedding. So when she was offered the chance to renew her wedding vows in beautiful Hawaii, she went for it, according to Imdb.com. The whole family got to experience the wonders of Hawaii and Kate got her romantic vow renewal ceremony.

Kate had a truly staggering amount of packing to do before the family got on the plane. She also needed to find a dress for the renewal ceremony. Kate and Jon must feel strange when they think about these old episodes of their show now. So much has changed in their lives. It's a whole different ball game now.

2 The Babies Went Number Two On The Carpet


With a lot of very small kids running around, there will be accidents sometimes. The kids are older now, but, in the early seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8, they did go number two on the carpets sometimes.

According to Extratv.com, the kids are really grown up now. Their days of having little accidents are long gone. The sextuplets are now fourteen years old. The world has watched these kids grow up. Is this a good thing or a very bad thing? It's not been a normal childhood for them. Hollywood-style upbringings can be rough on children. The spotlight isn't always a good place to be.

1 Jon And Kate Had Drastically Different Parenting Styles


iHeart.com reports that Kate is very defensive about her "overzealous" parenting style. Jon always seemed more relaxed. Kate and Jon are very different people. Opposites attract, but it's sometimes difficult for opposites to make things work long-term when it comes to marriages or co-parenting.

Jon and Kate have had so many battles, during the show and afterward, when Jon would only appear on the show sporadically.

The kids have seen a lot over the years. Hopefully, they are all okay these days. Sometimes, children feel responsible for the problems in their parent's lives, when they shouldn't. These kids deserve sympathy and support from those around them.

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