20 Things That Really Happened On Little People, Big World

When the show first aired, no one would have expected that it would become as popular as it has become, since it has millions of viewers. Little People, Big World, is a TV reality series that focuses on the Roloff family. It first aired on TLC on March 4, 2006, and is currently on its 14th season, which started airing on April 2, 2019.

The Roloff family consists of Matt and Amy — who are currently going through separation but still live together on a 36-acre piece of farmland in Portland, Oregon. Here, they normally welcome outsiders and fans to join them during pumpkin season in order to do business and interact with them. Matt and Amy have four children together whose names are Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob. The couple and one of their children, Zach, all have dwarfism. Although Jeremy and Zach are twins, somehow Zack is the only one with dwarfism.

The show tries to depict the day-to-day life of people with dwarfism. The other kids who have normal height also appear on the show. This all began when TLC approached the former sweethearts, Matt and Amy, and asked them if they could document their lives. They quickly jumped on the chance and have since been educating the world about dwarfism and its challenges.

Here are 20 things that happened on the show fans should know.

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20 Jacob Roloff Never Got Paid Early On

Via: radaronline.com

Jacob, the youngest member of the Roloff family started appearing on the show at just 9 years old. The little boy was too young to decide whether he wanted to appear on the show, therefore, the parents made the decision for him. However, because he was underage, the producers put his accumulated earnings in the bank account.

According to Screenrant, when Jacob turned 18, he made a claim for his money. He later shared via social media that the production did not compensate him well for the role he had played since his childhood. He added that he was not going to get his accumulated salary since the first season. He eventually stopped appearing on the show because of contract disputes.

19 Matt Was In Trouble For DUI

Via: tlc.com

Matt Roloff got into problems with the authorities for driving under the influence back in 2003, but the judge dropped the charges after he completed a diversion program. However, after the show began airing, Matt found himself in trouble with the law a second time.

In 2007, a police officer pulled Matt over when he saw him driving recklessly after leaving a bar. Because of his dwarfism, he insisted that he was fine and was instead struggling with his wife's car, which he claimed was challenging. However, upon facing the judge, he pleaded guilty to DUI charges, according to Screenrant.

18 Audrey Was Slammed For Being Homophobic

Via: channel3000.com

After Audrey and Jeremy Roloff got married, together they attracted many fans. Since both of them were devoted Christians, Audrey openly expressed her views about the LGBT community, which disappointed many of her fans. According to RadarOnline, the couple had a blog, “Beating 50 Percent,” where they offered marriage advice to couples.

When a fan asked why they only concentrated on opposite gender marriages, Audrey responded by saying their blog was only intended for opposite gender marriages and not same-gender marriages or couples. The couple did not also advocate for same-gender unions. Their target audience was straight married couples who wanted more than average marriages.

17 A Visitor Sued The Roloffs For Negligence

Via: intouchweekly.com

According to RadarOnline, a visitor by the name Linda Farrall sued the Roloff family back in 2009 for negligence after she got hurt in their premises during a group tour. The woman said she had to incur a medical bill of $100,000 for treatment which she wanted compensation for.

She claimed that the Roloffs had no safety measures around their farm. According to Linda’s lawyer, “a guest bumped her from behind causing her to stumble forward and fall off the pavilion they were standing on.” She fractured her leg and tore some tissues. Nonetheless, the case did not fall through and they had to settle outside the court.

16 Matt And Amy’s Divorce Was A Long Time Coming

Via: hollywoodreporter.com

Back in 2015, LPBW loyal fans were surprised when Matt and Amy announced that they were getting a divorce after being married for nearly 30 years. According to fans, the couple seemed to be doing well; however, their divorce was a long time coming.

According to their book titled Against Tall Odds: Being a David In A Goliath World, the readers got to learn about Matt’s way of thinking. He was quoted saying, “while Amy puts commitment at the top of her list, he himself would put it further down,” showing that the two differed when it came to values. They also did not have a lot in common as stated by Cheatsheet.

15 Matt Started Dating An Employee After His Divorce

Via: youtube.com

According to the couple, Matt was responsible for ending the relationship. After finalizing their divorce, Matt did not have to look too far to find love again. It appeared right in front of him. He started dating their longtime farm manager, Caryn Chandler, who was a regular on the show and this did not sit right with some of the show’s fans.

The relationship was very sudden and public that fans began speculating that probably Caryn had something to do with why the couple got divorced in the first place. There were both negative comments as well as positive ones that came with the news, according to Starcasm.

14 Camerino Gonzalez Fought Back On Bold Claims

Via: intouchweekly.com

Fans of the show were not pleased about Camerino’s deportation. Many them believed that the father of two—who was also the farm's farmhand—was deported because of appearing on the show, which was not the case. The Roloffs were close with their staff and treated them like family. This incident was just something beyond their control.

According to Inquisitr, Camerino was not just guilty of being an immigrant when the police questioned him on how he got into the US. On top of being illegally in the US, he was also guilty of reckless driving, driving under the influence, and possessing some pretty bad substances, which the police found when they searched his car after he crashed into a ditch.

13 Jeremy And Audrey Met On A Blind Date

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff probably had the most loyal fanbase before they decided to quit the show. However, some fans do not know that the couple first met on a blind date back in January 2010. Jeremy and Audrey were back home visiting their families when a mutual friend from their church set them up on a blind date, as claimed by TheRichest.

According to Audrey, it was not love at first sight, Good Housekeeping claims that she said “I fell in love with Jeremy by spending time with him and getting to know who he was, is and wanted to become.” They even endured a two-year long-distance relationship before getting married.

12 Jacob Felt That The Reality Show Was Too Scripted

Via: zig.com

Many of the fans on the show know that Jacob is no longer a cast member. In addition to not receiving compensation for all his years, Jacob also left because the show's script was too strict for a reality show. Fame Focus also states that he despised being in the spotlight.

Jacob claimed on his blogs that LPBW cast had to follow storylines crafted by the producers. It previously didn't occur to him how scripted the show was until his parents went through a public divorce and had to do it according to a script. This greatly affected him and he opted out of the show.

11 The Roloff’s Neighbors Are Probably Not Fans

Via: usmagazine.com

The Roloff’s had claimed that one of their business ventures was to open their 34-acre farm to the public during pumpkin season which they did and their business became a booming success because of the show’s popularity. Many visitors who were also fans of the show used to flood the farm during pumpkin season in an effort to meet the Roloffs.

However, a few neighbors were not too happy about this, as pointed out by Screenrant. Some of their neighbors who had probably moved to that location for some peace and quiet were not thrilled about having such big masses of people in their neighborhood.

10 Jeremy Had A Wild Bachelor Party

Via: youtube.com

Jeremy and Audrey have always portrayed themselves as conservative and devoted Christians even before they got married. They tried to live a life dedicated to God and avoided succumbing to worldly temptations. Therefore, fans were surprised when Jeremy had a wild bachelor party.

Jeremy, who is conservative about most things women, had a bachelor party similar to other normal bachelor parties. It had women who were explicitly dressed. As stated by Fame Focus, his twin brother, Zach, who had taken revealing photos of Jeremy also shared them as a prank in his bachelor party. Unbelievably, he gave his consent to take the photos.

9 Molly Roloff Is Rarely On The Show

Via: people.com

Molly has become a rare gem on the LPBW show of late. The only girl of the four siblings has appeared on the show since she was a teenage and fans have seen her grow before their eyes. Fans loved watching her beautiful wedding ceremony, which also took place on the farm just like both her brothers' weddings.

However, after she got married in August 2017 to Joel Silvius, Molly started a new life with her husband that did not include starring in the show, as claimed by Cheatsheet. She also moved to Washington, which is a bit far from her home in Portland. She only makes appearances when she goes to visit her family.

8 The Roloff’s Family Is In The Guinness Book Of World Records


Many people dream of having their names in the Guinness Book of World Records but very few accomplish this, the Roloff family is one of them. The show Little people, Big World premiered on March 2006 and is currently on its 14th season since April 2, 2019.

It appeared on the Guinness records for “most episodes of a Family-Focused Reality Television Show” when it clocked 298 episodes at the end of 2017, as claimed by Good Housekeeping. The show still has more upcoming episodes and a new season coming up. This was thrilling to the family and it has continued to celebrate this historic moment.

7 Fans Bashed Jeremy For Not Helping Out His Wife 

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Being on a reality show has its own peaks and pits. After Jeremy and Audrey got married, they welcomed a baby girl, Ember Jean Roloff. Audrey did not have an easy birth but she pulled through. As stated by Cheatsheet, on one of the show's episode, Audrey was filmed complaining about lack of sleep caused by taking care of Ember for a whole day and night without the help of her husband.

Fans were quick to criticize Jeremy for not stepping in as the other parent. He was capable of taking care of their daughter while his wife took a much-deserved nap. At the time, Ember could feed from a bottle and there was no reason why Jeremy could not take night shifts to attend to her.

6 Exes Amy And Matt Roloff Still Live Together On The Farm

Via: oregonlive.com

Fans have been keeping up the stars of LPBW for years and while a lot has changed for the family since the show began, their viewers remain as loyal as ever. However, some fans have mixed reactions as to how exes Amy and Matt are still living together on the farm even while dating other people.

Amy is dating Chris Marek while Matt is in a relationship with Caryn Chandler. According to People, the two have confirmed that they live in separate houses on the farm and they have both good and bad days coexisting together. It is especially hard for them because Matt and Amy seem to be living in two different worlds.

5 Audrey Received Backlash For Calling Formula Feeding 'A Sin'

Via: intouchweekly.com

After giving birth to their daughter, Audrey revealed that she had struggled a lot with breastfeeding. She had a series of painful problems including blisters, clogged ducts, and mastitis. Her doctors finally suggested to her to supplement her milk with formula.

Audrey’s answer to this suggestion surprised fans. As stated by Parents, she felt that feeding a baby formula was sinning. She had always been very adamant about exclusive breastfeeding and she never thought she would be one of those moms who had to formula feed. Audrey received a lot of backlash about that comment. She later insisted that she supports other mothers in feeding their little ones with what they deem best for them.

4 There Is A Reason Behind Ember’s Name

Via: thestir.cafemom.com

Audrey’s plan was to give birth naturally but doctors had to induce her. During her labor, she had a phrase written on her hand “always more” as her mantra from Ephesians 3:20, which kept her going. Coincidently, her hospital room was also number 320.

After hours of labor, she finally gave birth to a bouncing baby girl whom they named Ember. According to Pop Culture, the name Ember has a connection to September, her birth month. The name is also special to Jeremy and Audrey because ember means a small piece of glowing coal or wood in a fire that's about to go off. Coincidentally, the two fell in love around campfires.

3 Jacob Is Not The 'Good Boy' He Appears To Be

Via: intouchweekly.com

Most people have always thought of Jacob as a good kid, but he has proven otherwise. After portraying a good boy image on the show, he went away and decided to unleash his troubling and controversial side on his social media platforms. He openly admitted his love for vices and found himself in the center of a firestorm with fans.

He even campaigned about the benefits of his favorite vice and posted photos of it. Even though the use of this particular vice was legal in the state where Jacob was in, he was still underage at the time and therefore, was breaking the law by using it, according to Screenrant.

2 Audrey Revealed Too Much

Via: abcnews.go.com

Christian bloggers Audrey and her husband have always been conservative; therefore, when they do anything unchristian-like, fans are very quick to criticize them. Some of their Christian following were not too pleased when Audrey posted a photo of herself in a bathtub. Although it was obvious that her husband, who is a professional photographer, had taken the photo, fans were still not too happy about this.

As claimed by Cheatsheet, the photo was not too obscene but based on what she is always preaching, fans were not too pleased, and they dubbed her a bad example. Nonetheless, a few loyal fans came to her defense and stated she was not revealing anything other than her legs.

1 Amy Had Some Rodent Problems

Via: entertainmentdaily.co.uk

After Amy divorced Matt, she decided she needed some financial freedom and opted to create an online bakery in collaboration with Beaverton Bakery. Unfortunately, the plan never bore fruits because the health inspectors closed down the bakery due to a rodent infestation.

According to RadarOnline, traces of rodent activity were evident on the top shelves, which only meant the closure of the premises. However, the bakery owner took it upon himself to clean the bakery thoroughly, and it reopened just in time for Mother’s Day. Despite this, we highly doubt business was back to usual after such an issue. The owner claimed that extreme weather was the root cause of her store's sanitation.

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